February 18, 2016

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Making Tunisian Crocheted Sponges

Making Tunisian Crocheted SpongesThis is a page about making Tunisian crocheted sponges. Using the Tunisian or afghan stitch you can make up a variety of these useful crochet sponges.


Homemade Recipe Book Holder

DIY Cookbook HolderKeeping your cookbook open and accessible while making your meal is easier with a cookbook holder. This page has tips and ideas for making your own DIY cookbook holder.


Brazilian French Toast

Brazilian French ToastThis is a page about Brazilian french toast. This cinnamon sugar coated, crispy french toast is sure to become a favorite.


Buying Pruning Tools

Buying Pruning ToolsThis is a page about buying pruning tools. When buying pruning tools there are a number of things to keep in mind, first of which is getting the right tool for the job. You may need to have a variety of pruners if you have a large landscaped yard or garden.


Felt Recyclables for Toy Truck

Making Felt Recyclables for a Toy TruckThis is a page about making felt recyclables for a toy truck. Use some bits of felt to make a variety of recyclables for your little one's toy truck.


Power Outage Safety Plan for People on Oxygen

Power Outage Safety Plan for People on...This is a page about power outage safety plan for people on oxygen. A power outage can become a dangerous situation for someone on oxygen, unless they have planned ahead.


Upcycled Bottle Cap Whistle

Making a Bottle Cap WhistleThis is a page about making a bottle cap whistle. These easy to make whistles are an excellent recycling craft. They make great toys or maybe even party favors.


Selecting the Right Sized Containers for Growing Vegetables

Selecting the Right Sized Containers for...This is a page about selecting the right sized containers for growing vegetables. Choosing the right sized container for growing your veggies is important to the overall success of your harvest.


bunny sitting next to basket with plastic Easter eggs

Making Faux Chocolate BunniesCreate a "chocolate" Easter bunny for decoration by recycling ceramic figurines. This is a page about making faux chocolate bunnies.


Peppermint Candy Bowls - edge view of larger crimped bowl

Making a Peppermint Candy BowlThis is a page about making a peppermint candy bowl. Hard peppermint candies are first on your supply list for making these pretty edible candy bowls.


Dealing With a Broken Arm

Dealing With a Broken ArmThis is a page about dealing with a broken arm. First there is the pain and then comes a lot of frustration, especially when it comes to washing up, doing work if it is your dominant hand, and more.


Yarn Wrapped Carrot

Making a Yarn Wrapped CarrotA cute decoration for Easter can be made with foam as the core wrapped in yarn. This is a page about making a yarn wrapped carrot.


dipped bunnies with sprinkles

Making Chocolate Dipped PeepsFor those of us who love Peeps, try adding a chocolate coating for a special treat. This is a page about making chocolate dipped peeps.


Two dogs looking out the door of a wooden doghouse.

Training a Dog to Use a Dog HouseThis is a page about training a dog to use a dog house. Many dogs will not just automatically move into that new dog house you set up in the yard, they may need to be coaxed.


Granny Square Crochet Dishcloth

Granny Square Crochet Dishcloth PatternYou can use any one of many granny square patterns and make a pretty and functional crochet dishcloth. This page has a pattern for making a granny square crochet dishcloth.


Baked Salmon Cakes

Muffin Tin Salmon CakesThis is a page about muffin tin salmon cakes. Preparing a recipe in a muffin tin allows you to make nicely sized single servings.


Tie Fathers Day Card

Making a Necktie Father's Day CardThis is a page about making a necktie Father's Day card. Homemade cards can often be a gift in themselves.


items in box 2

Making a S'mores for Two Gift BoxMake this fun little gift box for you and your valentine. This is a page about making a s'mores for two gift box.


rock hide a key

Making a Pill Bottle Hide-a-KeyThis is a page about making a pill bottle hide-a-key. It is easy to have a weather proof hidden key outside your home to make sure you can always get inside.


Gluing into heart.

Making a Heart Shaped Wall HangingThis is a page about making a heart shaped wall hanging. A heart shaped wall hanging will make a nice addition to your holiday or everyday decor.


Homemade Carpet Shampoo Recipes

Homemade Carpet Shampoo RecipesCleaning your carpets will keep them looking nice. Carpet cleaning services and even store bought shampoos can be quite expensive. You can save money by making your own carpet shampoo. This page contains homemade carpet shampoo recipes.


Deadheading a Hydrangea

Deadheading a HydrangeaThis is a page about deadheading a hydrangea. Deadheading, unlike pruning, involves just removing the faded, withered blooms on your hydrangea plant.


Making Doo Doo Drop Diapers

Making Doo Doo Drop DiapersThis is a page about making doo doo drop diapers. These funky, chocolatey oatmeal treats are perfect for a baby shower when tucked into napkin diapers.


carrot pen in pen holder

Bunny Bottom Pen HolderThis cute Easter themed pen holder makes a great gift to decorate a desk or other workspace. This is a page about bunny bottom pen holder.


Pipe Cleaner Bracelets

Making Pipe Cleaner BraceletsThis is a page about making pipe cleaner bracelets. This easy craft is perfect for the kids. Using pipe cleaners also keeps the cost of this jewelry craft down.


finished reindeer 1

Rudolph Craft IdeasThis is a page about Rudolph craft ideas. Rudolph is one of the icons of Christmas. Include a reindeer craft on your holiday craft project list.


A bowl of leftover turkey.

How to Keep Turkey from Drying Out When Reheating?Roasted turkey can easily dry out if not stored properly. This is a page about keeping turkey from drying out when reheating.


Green Tomatoes

Freezing Green TomatoesAt the end of the season don't waste those unripe tomatoes. Freeze them for future use. This is a page about freezing green tomatoes.


Square version of tree top.

Making Recycled Paper Mini TreesThis is a page about making recycled paper mini trees. Use leftover, wrapping paper, scrapbook paper, or other decorative paper to make cute mini tree decorations for the holidays.


Baking Eggs in the Oven

Baking Eggs in the OvenOne easy way to prepare your morning egg is to bake it. This is a page about baking eggs in the oven.


Felt Easter Bunny Pin

Making a Felt Easter Bunny PinThis is a page about making a felt Easter bunny pin. With felt, a few supplies and a glue gun, you can easily make a festive bunny pin.


Felt Shamrock 9

Making a Felt Shamrock PinYou and the kids can have fun making these cute felt shamrock pins for St. Patrick's Day. This is a page about making a felt shamrock pin.


Growing Vegetables in Hanging Baskets

Growing Vegetables in Hanging BasketsWhether you are patio gardening or simply trying to add even more gardening space, hanging baskets may be the answer. This is a page about growing vegetables in hanging baskets.


Textured Half Shell Cowl

Making a Textured Half Shell CowlThis is a page about making a textured half shell cowl. Use the nicely textured half shell stitch to create a warm, comfy cowl.


Mediterranean Beetroot Dip (Vegan)

Vegan Mediterranean Beetroot Dip RecipesThis page contains vegan mediterranean beetroot dip recipes. Making this delicious and pretty beet dip is so easy to do you will want to make it often.



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Rotate Linens for Even WearWhen there's a pile of sheets or towels in the cupboard, it's easy to overuse the few top ones. The way to avoid this is to put freshly laundered stock underneath the rest of the pile each time - just lift the pile out onto a convenient surface, put in the new stuff, and replace the rest of the pile.


make-up brush on palette

DIY Brush Cleansing PaletteSave yourself upwards of $15 buying a brush cleansing palette and make your own. I used a durable plastic lid and hot glue to make this version. It works brilliantly on my delicate makeup brushes! You can substitute the lid with a dollar shop cutting board, a clipboard, or several other similar items.


labeled bottles of seeds

Prescription Bottles for Storing Flower SeedsI love to collect flower seeds from my own flowers to plant the next season or to share with others. I also like to collect from other places, but often found myself using napkins, or scrap paper as an impromptu container. Then it hit me - prescription bottles!


braiding the three stockings

Upcycled Stocking ScrubbyRuns and tears in stockings may cause you to throw them in the trash. Why not use them to clean hard to reach spots like behind faucets, shower heads, or even your own back? To make them durable, take a few of them, tie a knot at the top, and braid together.



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Finding Free Furniture?I'm trying to get free mattresses, two king size and two twin size. I just moved in and I'm sleeping on the floor every night. Any suggestions?


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Classroom Carpet Color Advice?What color carpet will suit a classroom with very pale pink walls and maroon banquet chairs?


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Value of Eclipse Push Mower?What is approximate value of a circa 1939 Eclipse push lawn mower? It is in good, usable shape. The tires were replaced years ago and the roller covering needs repair. Is there a market for these old fellows?


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Name Idea for an Interior Design Business?I am an interior designer and I would like to start my own business. I need a nice name for my interior design firm.


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Using Coffee Grounds to Repel Cats?Can you use fresh coffee grounds instead of brewed?


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Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe?If you use ground up soap bars as laundry soap, will it leave a soap scum residue on the clothes? You can grind them in a small baby food chopper or any food chopper.


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Training a Puppy Not to Chew?I have a German Shepherd that is 6 months old and I have flowers that he ate, solar lights that he chewed up, and rocks and wood everything he sees!


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Understanding Life Insurance Beneficiaries?Mom and Dad bought insurance policies on us, their 3 sons, and on themselves. On all policies, Mom and Dad were the owners and the beneficiaries.


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Dog Urine Odor on Concrete Subfloor?When I moved into my new house the prior residents had both cats and dogs that urinated on the carpet. So when we moved in my little dogs peed all over the carpet also. We had to pull up the carpet and when we did we found out that there was rough concrete underneath.


white dog

Dog Pooping and Peeing in House Since...Our 3 year old Yorkie/Bichon mix was completely housetrained since we got him a 8 months old. He's never gone in the house. We moved 3 months ago to a new house, and he remained house trained. 6 weeks ago, our son got a guinea pig.


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House Training a Puppy?I have a 7 week old blue Pit Bull, and it only took me 3 days to paper train him, and then house train him. Is it that they are smarter than most dogs, or do I have a strange dog? He still nips, but I expected that, but when I tell him to stop he does.


tiny brown and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?Does anyone know the breed of my puppy? Supposedly he's a long haired terrier, but he doesn't look like one at all! Please let me know.


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Value of C. Cummins Doll?I found a C. Cummins doll signed and dated and the back of the head stamped, but I can't find anything about the artist online. Does anyone know anything about the artist or her dolls? Any info would be appreciated.


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My Brother and I Both Have POA?My father had a stroke in November of 2015. Since then my brother, who lives in the same state, Florida (I reside in N.C.) has taken a ton of the responsibility for everything concerning Dad.


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