June 13, 2016

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Making Creamer Carton Pull Tab Rings

Making Creamer Carton Pull Tab RingsThis is a page about making creamer carton pull tab rings. The little plastic pull tabs on coffee creamer can be used to make cute costume jewelry rings.


Bowl of cheesy potato soup with shredded cheese on top in green bowl on a green plaid napkin

Cheesy Potato Soup RecipesThis creamy soup is easy to make, extremely delicious, and certain to become one of your favorite comfort foods. This page contains cheesy potato soup recipes.


Canned Tuna drained in a white dish

Making Tuna Salad Without MayoTuna salad is typically made using mayo, however you can substitute other ingredients including low fat alternatives. This is a page about making tuna salad without mayo.


Ramen with Tuna cherry tomatoes and spinich

Ramen Tuna Salad RecipeThis is a page about ramen tuna salad recipe. Add tuna to ramen noodles for a different tuna salad.


Hand placing basil leaves in pan of spaghettis sauce on stove

Making Spaghetti Sauce Less SweetThis is a page about making spaghetti sauce less sweet. Sometimes homemade spaghetti sauce can turn out too sweet.


Mock Potato Salad made from Cauliflower

Mock Potato Salad RecipeYou can make a tasty variation on potato salad using such substitutes as cauliflower, for a low carb version, or crackers for a retro taste.


Making a Crochet Waves Pattern Cowl

Making a Crochet Waves Pattern CowlThis is a page about making a crochet waves pattern cowl. Crochet cowls can be made using many different crochet stitches.


Cockroach on a wooden surface

Getting Rid of Cockroaches in an...Getting rid of roaches in an apartment can be difficult. There are many options from natural products to commercial pesticides. This is a page about getting rid of cockroaches in an apartment.


Senior man weaving a basket

Activities for an Assisted Living FacilityThis is a page about activities for an assisted living facility. Older citizens who can live independently, but could use some assistance may choose to move to an assisted living facility. Among the benefits of this living arrangement are planned activities.


How to Charge a Vortex Diatom Filter

How to Charge a Vortex Diatom FilterThis is a page about how to charge a vortex diatom filter. Recharging your aquarium water pump's diatom filter will help keep the water as clean and clear as possible.


Extreme closeup of potato salad.

Ruby Tuesday's Potato Salad Recipe (Copycat)?This is a page about Ruby Tuesday's potato salad recipe (copycat). Trying to replicate a favorite restaurant food can be hit and miss.


Three pieces of peanut butter fudge against a white background

Making Peanut Butter Fudge Using Vanilla...This is a page about making peanut butter fudge using vanilla frosting. A new twist on fudge making starts with packaged cake frosting.


Magazines fanned out against a white background

Subscribing to Kraft's Food and Family...The Kraft Food and Family magazine contains many delicious recipes, for all occasions, along with time and money saving ideas. This is a page about subscribing to Kraft's Food and Family magazine.


Cleaning Grapes

Cleaning GrapesBefore you eat a bunch of grapes or add some to a salad, you probably want to clean them. This is a page about cleaning grapes.


Woman in wheelchair painting

Activities for People at a Rehabilitation Facility?This page is about activities for people at a rehabilitation facility. Finding engaging things for people to do as they recover from an illness or injury can be a challenge.


Woman holding nose while standing in front of open refrigerator door

Cleaning Rotten Meat Odors from a...This is a page about cleaning rotten meat odors from a refrigerator. A power outage or a fridge that stops working can result in spoiled food.


Hands in rubber kitchen gloves cleaning sink with several cleaning products

Why Does My Water Smell Like Rotten Eggs?This is a page about why water smells like rotten eggs. Determining the cause is the first step in eliminating a foul odor coming from a home water supply.


Couple shopping for washing machines

Front Load Washer Vs. Top Load WasherThis is a page about front load washer vs. top load washer. When shopping for a new washer one consideration may be choosing between a top or front loading model.


Potato salad that does not have mayo in a white bowl

Making Potato Salad Without MayoAlthough potato salad is often made with mayonnaise you can substitute other ingredients. This is a page about making potato salad without mayo.


White pasta bowl with spaghetti pasta, marinara sauce and a sprig of basil

Basic Spaghetti Sauce RecipesHomemade spaghetti sauce can be tailored to suit your individual taste by the spices and additions you add or you can keep it simple. This is a page about basic spaghetti sauce recipes.


Open Front Load Washing Machine

Cleaning Stains from a Washer DrumThis is a page about removing stains from a washer drum. Clothing dyes and other products can leave stains on your washer drum.


Red Potato Salad in a white dish

Red Potato Salad RecipesFirm textured red potatoes are a good choice for making your next bowl of potato salad. This page contains red potato salad recipes.


Vintage wall paper design in brown tones

Using Wall Glaze on WallpaperThis is a page about using wall glaze on wallpaper. Glaze can be applied over wallpaper to give it an aged look.


Homemade Fruit Roll Up Recipes

Homemade Fruit Roll Up RecipesYou can save money and control the ingredients used by making your own fruit rollups. This page contains homemade fruit roll up recipes.



Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

Cream Cheese Thumbprint CookiesThese classic jam thumbprint cookies are even more delicious with the addition of cream cheese. Learn how to make them in this short video.


Felt Strip Flowers

Felt Strip FlowersThese cute little flowers can be made from small scraps of felt that is leftover from another project. Learn how to make them in this short video.



My Fruit Prep for a week

My Fruit Prep for a WeekOn shopping day I buy a whole watermelon, a cantaloupe and a honeydew melon. On Sundays I prepare them for my week's lunches.


closeup of a robin

The Ever Near RobinRobins follow me all day long. If I'm digging, they know I'll unearth worms. If I'm watering inground plants, they know the water will bring worms to the surface. With so many Robins around, one would think I had lots of opportunity to take some great shots. That's not the case.


sleeping black and tan dog

Lala (Mixed Breed)She is a rescue dog from a shelter. She loves to run and chew on her stuffed bear.


Squirrel on hummingbird feeder

Squirrel Loving Homemade NectarI guess our homemade hummingbird nectar is so good, this squirrel wanted some for dessert. It was so funny to watch him latched on, swinging around like it was a tire swing!


A coloring page with a hummingbird and flower.

Hummingbird on Flower Adult Coloring PageAdult coloring pages can be very easy, or very intricate. This is an easier version of a coloring page and is ideal for days when you do not have so much time to spend on coloring.


Logan (Thoroughbred)

Logan (Thoroughbred)I bought Logie about a year ago, mostly out of pity as he was skin and bone. Today he is the picture of health and the cuddliest horse I've owned!


bag of Fritos closed with a clothespin

Clothespin as Chip ClipperI use the little clip clothespins for clippers to hold bags closed. I use them when I open a bag of veggies to be put back in the freezer and I use them to close chip bags.



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Sewing Machine Running Without Using Foot Pedal?My Cooper Pro 6000 sewing machine has suddenly run away with itself! I switched it off and removed the clogged thread, switched it back on and it started racing off without me touching foot control or anything else. Any suggestions?


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Using Yeast to Get Rid of Fleas on Pets?I only just found out about the debittered (brewers) yeast that you can give to dogs and cats. Yippee, something natural to get rid of and keep fleas away. How long before it starts to work? Do they have any side effects at the beginning?


Value of Reel Mower

Value of Webb Reel Mower?I have this Webb reel mower. I am just looking for info on it, like age, origin, and value.


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Range Stopped Working After Electrical Outage?A squirrel was electrocuted at the pole last week. Then there were brownouts a couple of times with the electricity off and on at times. One day 1/2 of house had an outage. The range hasn't worked since. Everything else is fine. No blinking lights.


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Singer Machine Won't Sew in Reverse Reverse mode?My Singer 247 won't go into reverse stitching. I took off the knobs, but cannot see why it won't work. Nothing seems broken. I oiled it. Any ideas?


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Curtain Color Advice?I have a wooden sofa with walnut coloured polish. The walls and flooring are off-white in colour. Please suggest the colour of solid curtain and sheer both.


thick stemmed green plant with oval leaves

What Is This Houseplant?It is in my apartment complex and I want to know if it is toxic to dogs!


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Troubleshooting a Breaker Box?I have a breaker box where every third breaker is out. I tripped a breaker just before this happened.


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Curtain Color Advice?I have black leather couches, black table, black television unit, white walls, and white tiles. What color curtain should I buy and what color mat should I buy?


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