July 6, 2016

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Framing Embroidery Projects

Framing Embroidery ProjectsThis is a page about framing embroidery projects. Embroidery projects whether vintage or new can be framed creating a unique wall hanging.


Bissell Little Green Machine Reviews

Bissell Little Green Machine ReviewsThis is a page about Bissell Little Green Machine reviews. This Bissell carpet cleaner is designed to be used as a spot cleaner.


Red Crock Pot

Slow Cooker "Baked" BeansYou can use your crockpot to make a delicious version of true baked beans. This is a page about slower cooker "baked" beans.


Two deer mice isolated on white

Deer Mouse PhotosThis is a page about deer mouse photos. Also known as a white footed mouse, the deer mouse is thought to be the most abundant and widely spread mammal in North America.


Soup and Bread Mix Christmas Gifts

Making Soup and Bread Mix Christmas GiftsThis is a page about making soup and bread mix Christmas gifts. Giving homemade soup and companion bread mixes, is a fun way to share favorite recipes with friends and family.


Crocheted Doll holding a heart

Crochet Baby Doll PatternsThis is a page about crochet baby doll patterns. Crochet dolls are a fun project to make for your children or to give as gifts.


Making a Tissue Paper Bowl

Making a Tissue Paper BowlThis is a page about making a tissue paper bowl. Torn pieces of, new or recycled, colored tissue paper can easily be fashioned into a beautiful decorative bowl.


Dental mold biting down on several large note dollar bills

Paying a Large Dental BillThis is a page about paying a large dental bill. Having to pay a large dental bill can be very frustrating and stressful for many people on a lower or fixed income.


Chicken walking along side a flower bed

Keeping Chickens Out of Flower BedsThis is a page about keeping chickens out of flower beds. Despite the benefit of chickens eating garden pests, they can do some damage to your garden themselves.


Cucumber growing on plant

Choosing a Cucumber VarietyThis is a page about choosing a cucumber variety. Cucumbers are not all alike. Each variety has its own special flavor and growing needs.


Garter snake peeking out from under a strawberry plant leaf

Keeping Snakes Out of a GardenThis is a page about keeping snakes out of a garden. While snakes can actually be beneficial in your garden, many of us do not enjoy the surprise of spotting one while weeding and planting.


Old apple isolated against a white background

Uses for Old ApplesEven after an apple has passed its prime for munching on, it can still be used in lots of ways. This is a page about uses for old apples.


Counter top on sawhorses outside

Crackle Painting CountertopsThis is a page about crackle painting countertops. The crackle painting technique allows the base coat to show through a crazed top coat finish giving an aged cracked paint effect.


Clothespin and Popsicle Stick Plane

Making a Clothespin and Popsicle Stick PlaneThis is a page about making a clothespin and Popsicle stick plane. Use clip style clothes pins and Popsicle sticks to create a cute little wooden toy plane.


Home rotisserie oven with chicken on spin

Cleaning a RotisserieThis is a page about cleaning a rotisserie. A rotisserie may seem difficult to clean, but if done soon after use and with the right cleaner it is easier.


Decoupage a Flower Vase

Decoupage a Flower VaseThis is a page about decoupage a flower vase. Liven up a plain flower vase by decoupaging it with your favorite theme.


Salad with Ranch Dressing drizzled over it

Making a Salad Dressing PumpThis is a page about making a salad dressing pump. You can control the amount of dressing you put on your salad more easily by using a pump.


Candy Wrapper Covered Can

Making a Candy Wrapper Covered CanThis is a page about making a candy wrapper covered can. Create a unique decoupage can using saved candy wrappers.


Close up of green lima beans

Lima Bean Casserole RecipesThis page contains lima bean casserole recipes. Although not as commonly served as other beans, these delicious beans, alone or in combination with other varieties, can be made into a wonderful casserole.


Man talking to paint store employee

Painting CountertopsThis is a page about painting countertops. One DIY project that can save you money and brighten up a kitchen or bath is painting the old countertops.


Antique cabinet with drawer open

Removing Odors From Dresser DrawersThis is a page about removing odors from dresser drawers. Older furniture can have a musty odor which in the case of a dresser can transfer to your clothing.


Woman with disgusted expression holding her nose and holding her other hand up in front of her

My Husband Has Bad BreathThis is a page about my husband has bad breath. Telling a spouse that they have bad breath can seem difficult or even hurtful, but in the long run is a good idea from both a social and health standpoint.


Woman in tank top applying deodorant

Deodorant Makes My Underarms ItchyThis is a page about deodorant makes my underarms itchy. Some consumers find that certain deodorants make the skin under their arms itchy.


Couple looking at crafts at an outdoor market

What Are the Best Selling Crafts This Year?This is a page about "What are the best selling crafts this year?". Every year certain handmade crafts will become popular at shows and fairs. If you are a crafter, knowing what is selling well can help you improve your sales.


Hens and Chicks plant

Transplanting Hens and Chicks?This is a page about transplanting hens and chicks. It is very easy to divide and transplant these succulents.


Smiling little boy with red ice pop and red coloring all around his mouth, dripping down his next and onto his white shirt

Cleaning Food Coloring Stains on ClothingThis is a page about cleaning food coloring stains on clothing. Food coloring is a common and sometimes difficult to remove clothing stain.


close of label

Buying Grandma Brown's Baked BeansYour favorite regional brand foods can be very difficult to find if you move out of the area. This is a page about buying Grandma Brown's baked beans.


DIY Matte/Shiny Nail Art

DIY Matte/Shiny Nail ArtThis is a page about DIY matte/shiny nail art. You can save lots of money and have elegant nails if you do them yourself.



closeup of green berries

Blueberry or Grape?My blueberry plant has stayed true to the adage, of how plants grow. The first year, it slept, I hardly even saw a leaf. The second and third year, it crept, grew about five feet and started spreading out and produced a few blueberries. The fourth year, the blueberry plant leaped into life.


Clown Party Invitation

Clown Party InvitationAdult coloring pages are the latest craze, but the focus is shifting from coloring the page, to incorporating the colored page into a craft. If you are looking for an idea of what to do with the completed page, this craft is ideal. The clown will make a sweet party invitation for a circus themed party.



Identifying a Porcelain Doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Does anyone know anything about them?


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Replacing Belt on Yard Machine Riding Mower?I have a Special Edition 18 HP Yard Machine riding mower Model # MTDC3BQ695H352 and need to replace a 90 inch belt. I have a new belt and need a diagram to help with the replacement. Do know where I can find a diagram?


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Finding Source of Smell in Kitchen?The odor we have in our kitchen seems to smell like old lettuce. We have cleaned the fridge, inside and outside and find nothing to indicate anything. We have cleaned everything else and can not find the source.


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Removing Rust-Oleum Paint from Clothing?My husband came home with his work pants covered in Rust-Oleum! It had already dried so I'm not sure if there's anything that I've seen on your site I should try. As you suggest several things for paint, which do I try first on this?


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Identifying Tiny Invisible Bugs?I need help identifying what's going on. I feel bugs on me at all times, and no matter how much I clean or shower, they won't go away. I thought it was gnats, but I shaved my whole body and they're worse!


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Ice Dispenser Door Flap on Kenmore Elite Won't Open?The in door flap does not open to let the ice drop into your glass. The grinder will turn in the correct direction, but the flap don't open to let the ice out. I had this problem before and the repair man had to reconnect something with his hand (not electrical).


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Roof Repair for Low Income Homeowners?I live in Illinois and am unemployed. I have been experiencing leaking issues with my roof. It's so bad it's raining in my dining room. I can't find any programs or funding programs. I need suggestions for help in the suburban area of Illinois.


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Removing Cat Spray Odor from Garden Shed?I have stray cats that visit my yard. They have gotten into my garden shed and sprayed on just about everything. Any suggestions how I can remove the odor?


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Cleaning Skunk Spray in Garage?A skunk just sprayed in my garage and I have 2 cars in there and a lot of other stuff. My cars won't start so I can't get them out of the house and I can't tell if the skunk is gone or not! It was a baby skunk. What do I do?


aerial view of trees

Selling Poplar Trees for Lumber?I have 32 acres of poplar trees, about 25 to 29 years old. Can I sell poplar trees? I'm in Timmins Ontario Canada. If yes, who buys them and for how much? I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who knows anything about it.


Information on Ashley Belle Doll

Information on Ashley Belle Doll?I am looking for information on an Ashley Belle Bride Doll, Diana. She is about 32" tall, but has no number. The certificate states 1 of 5000. She is porcelain and her dress is handmade and she is wearing a pearl necklace.


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Removing Waterproofing from Suede Boots?I have a pair of suede boots with Olenauf's waterproofing on them. I would like to remove the waterproofing. I've tried a wire brush, but it doesn't seem to be getting rid of the layer of waterproofing. Any suggestions?


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Covering a Styrofoam Ball with Sequins?How many sequins do you need to cover a 63 mm Styrofoam ball with 10 mm sequins?


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