February 3, 2017

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Storm clouds over green farmland with blue sky in the distance.

Predicting Weather Based On Cloud PatternsThe pattern or shape of clouds can be used to make general predictions of oncoming weather. This is a page about predicting weather based on cloud patterns.


Liquid Non-Dairy

Make Liquid Non-Dairy Creamer from PowderedSave money by making your own coffee creamer. Learn how to make liquid non-dairy creamer from powdered in this page.


Honey Wheat Bread

Honey Wheat Bread RecipeThis honey wheat bread recipe is delicious, fluffy and moist. Make your own bread at home with great results with this recipe.


A man putting a frozen dinner in the microwave.

Microwave Safety TipsChanges in how you use your microwave can help reduce burned food and containers as well as ensure a more safe cooking experience. This is a page about microwave safety tips.


A bill from the veterinarian.

Getting Help to Pay Vet BillsLow income pet owners are often faced with the dilemma of the high cost of vet bills versus their pet's health. This is a page about getting help to pay vet bills.


Slow Cooker Creamy ChickenThis slow cooker chicken with an onion and mushroom sauce is creamy and delicious. Put the ingredients in your crockpot for a delicious chicken dinner.


Small Bell Peppers

Why Are My Bell Peppers So Small?There are a number of reasons your peppers may not grow to their full size. Trial and error may help you discover the steps to take to improve your harvest. This is a page about, "Why are my bell peppers so small?".


A close up of a pet bird's foot and nails.

Trimming a Bird's Nails?The thought of trimming your bird's nails may be scary. There are some products that can help keep them short or you can seek a professional to groom them. This is a page about trimming a bird's nails.


The famous Las Vegas welcome sign.

Frank Sinatra TriviaNearly 20 years after his death Frank Sinatra is still known as one of the most popular and influential singers of the 20th century. This is a page about Frank Sinatra trivia.


Love and Arrow Finger Paintings - both finished paintings

Valentine's Day Love and Arrow Finger PaintingsThese fun paintings will keep your children busy creating and result in works of art to display and save. This is a page about Valentine's Day love and arrow finger paintings.


An open microwave oven, with a mug inside.

Adjusting Microwave Door Hinges?Adjusting the hinges on small appliances such as a microwave may occasionally be necessary. This is a page about adjusting microwave door hinges.


Acorn Squash

Growing Acorn Squash from Supermarket Squash?While you can certainly plant the seeds from your supermarket produce, don't be surprised if the fruit or veggies are not the same as the parent produce. This is a page about growing acorn squash from supermarket squash.


Powdered Milk

Save Money Using Powdered MilkOne way to save money on milk is to either use powdered milk instead or to at least substitute it in recipes where the different taste is not detectable. This is a page about save money using powdered milk.



Do You Need to Plant Strawberries in a Strawberry Pot?Strawberries don't need to be planted in a strawberry pot. They can be planted in the ground, in hanging baskets or a terra cotta pots.


A case full of trophies.

Finding Used Trophies?Recycled trophies of all types can be reused by organizations and artists. This is a page about finding used trophies.


A dog who is wary at the veterinarian's office.

Helping Your Pet's Vet PhobiaMany pets can become very agitated when they realize that they are heading to the vet's office. This is a page about helping your pet's vet phobia.


A zucchini plant in the garden with flower and a young zucchini squash.

Why Is Zucchini Falling Off the Vine Early?There are two common reasons that zucchini fall off the vine without maturing. One is lack of pollination and the other is a calcium deficiency. This is a page about, "Why is zucchini falling off the vine early?".


A finger pushing a start button on a microwave.

Microwave Start Button Does Not WorkSometimes the reason for the start button on your microwave not working can be detected though some careful examination of the latch. Otherwise the choice comes down to repairing it or buying a new one. This is a page about microwave start button does not work.


Growing Sweet Bay

Growing Sweet BayBay is a tender perennial shrub know for its culinary use, as well as, for the ability to train and shape it into a lovely garden plant with some careful pruning. This is a page about growing sweet bay.



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Kindergarten Scrapbook OrganizationI am an educational assistant for senior Kindergarten. My teacher had been scrapbooking for the students all year. All the events that took place in the classroom, field trips, birthdays, academics, holidays, and funny antics of the children were put in this scrapbook.


Marble-Painted Heart - finished heart

Marble-Painted HeartThere are numerous items that kids can paint with to make the experience even more fun. A favorite object for my pre-students was marbles! I think it was because the whole process tended to get quite messy! The result is beautifully unique each time and reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting.


Valentine's Day Banner - two banners hanging against wall

Valentine's Day BannerI volunteer at a daycare for mentally challenged individuals and plan simple art projects with inexpensive supplies to make together. I thought I'd share them since they can be used in classrooms or even at home!


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Free Phone Calls through FacebookWe have a child who lives overseas. We have discovered, we can call each other for free through Facebook. To do so, go to Facebook Messenger, as if you were going to send them a message but click on the telephone icon to call them. You can talk from computer to phone, phone to phone or phone to computer.


A baggie dryer with clips to hold sandwich bags.

Baggie DryerI have been washing and reusing baggies for years. I just don't see the reason to throw one out after its been used, unless it contained meat. Washing baggies out is easy, but drying them can take up space.


A pill keeper containing different spices.

Use Pill Minder for Camping SpicesWhile keeping the other 6 days closed, spoon in the spice of your choice. Once filled, making sure they are snapped closed, turn it over and mark your spice with a felt tip marker.


Metal valve caps for automobile tires.

Don't Use Metal Valve Caps on TiresI learned my lesson the hard way. Don't use the metal valve caps on your tires. It can end up costing you a lot of money! The tire shop told me that they see a lot of metal valve caps that corrode during the winter due to the salt on the roads.


Using a lint roller on a scratch off lottery ticket.

Lint Roller For No Mess Scratch Lottery TicketsEverybody loves scratch offs but the silver shavings that come off are very messy and hard to remove from fabric. Today, that changes! Roll a lint roller over the scratched ticket and it will pick up every last bit of that mess.


Fingers dipped in honey.

Honey to Minimize ScarDid you know that honey can prevent scar appearance, and it also lightens your scar. If you have a healing wounds, you can put a honey on top of it or overlap it with honey. It is much better if you do it overnight. It really works.


bowl of soup

Macaroni Egg SoupFor the rainy season, making your favorite soup is heaven! Make your tummy happy with this thrifty meal.


A package of sliced bacon.

Keeping Bacon FreshAir is the worst thing for turning bacon to an unappetizing color. Even if I had a bacon keeper, I couldn't squeeze all the air out. A bread wrapper is all I need. I can press all the air out and the bacon will keep its nice hoggy pink until I use it all. I like that.



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Preventing Condensation Under My Mobile Home?What can I do to stop and get rid of condensation under my mobile home. The windows, walls, and floors get damp and I'm worried about mold building up and the wood starting to rot.


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Using Rubber Cement on Fabric Before Painting?In 2009 someone posted here that you can use rubber cement as a base coat on fabric followed by acrylic paint. It sounds crazy, but would be great. Anyone ever tried this? Surely it wouldn't wash.


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Is Ocean Pine Oil a Solvent?Is Ocean pine oil a solvent or non solvent based cleaner?


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Mini Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?I don't know what else to do because I've followed all of the fixing procedures. I'm frustrated coz my new mini sewing machine is refusing to catch thread from the lower bobbin. Please what else can I do? I just bought the machine.


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Cat Peeing Everywhere?My 9mth old male cat always used the litterbox up to about a month ago. Then he started peeing on everything. The vet checked him out (everything OK). I had him fixed while he was there. It has now been a week since getting fixed and he uses the litter pan, but he also pees on whatever he can.


What Breed Is My Cat? - white short hair kitten with black tail and spot over left eye and forehead

What Breed Is My Cat?I adopted this kitten back in October from the SSPCA after he had been abandoned. He has been put down as a Domestic Short Hair, but I think he has the look of a Siamese and wonder if he could be a mix? What do you think?


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Storing Paint Thinner in a Plastic Bottle?Can you store paint thinner in a soap dispenser bottle for easy painting/crafting?


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Disability and Back Child Support?My ex-wife owes me 15k in back child support. She hired a lawyer so that she would be approved for disability. When she is awarded disability they will owe her a good bit of back pay. Will the back child support she owes be paid? I am not sure what type of disability she will be awarded.


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 15 in four months and I haven't even started planning. I'm a girl and I want a huge party, but still suitable and safe. I want boys and girls to come, but I'm shy at talking to guys. Please help me plan.


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