March 20, 2017

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Laminated pieces of paper that need to have permanent marker removed from them.

Erasing Permanent Marker from Laminated PaperNail polish remover is what you need to remove permanent marker from your laminated projects. This is a page about erasing permanent marker from laminated paper.


A woman cleaning a carpet in front of a door and couch.

Cleaning Carpet Dirty from Heavy Traffic?Some areas of your carpet are more heavily used that others. These heavy traffic areas are typically more soiled and may be harder to clean. This is a page about cleaning carpet dirty from heavy traffic.


Pineapple with cherries on top of pan.

Light and Fluffy Pineapple Dessert RecipePineapple can be a refreshing addition to a dessert recipe. This page contains light and fluffy pineapple dessert.


A person using a spray bottle on plants outdoors.

Spray-n-Grow Products Reviews?Spray and grow is a liquid fertilizer that can help provide necessary nutrients for your plants. This is a page about reviews of Spray-N-Grow products.


A woman reading books in the summer.

Starting a Summer Book Club and Book SwapKeep your kids entertained and reading over the summer by organizing a book club and book swap. Consider one for yourself as well. This is a page about starting a summer book club and book swap.


A deer outside in the woods.

Birthday Cake Decorations for a Hunter?If you have a hunter in your family they would love to have their birthday cake decorations be hunting themed. This is a page about birthday cake decorations for a hunter.


A shoot from a honeysuckle bush.

Honeysuckle Bush Shoots?Early fall side shoots on a honeysuckle bush are the result of an infestation by wooly aphids. This is a page about honeysuckle bush shoots.


A dog biting his coat.

Natural Remedies for Dog's DermatitisThere are alternatives to prescription medications for treating a dog's dermatitis. This is a page about natural remedies for dog's dermatitis.


Oats and yogurt on a white background.

Oats and Yogurt Face MaskMixing yogurt and oats to make a facial mask is a natural frugal and effective homemade face mask. This is a page about oats and yogurt face mask.


Four-Leaf Clover Collage - finished clover

Four-Leaf Clover Collage Craft for KidsHave your kids make these cute collages for St. Patrick's Day or anytime you need an activity to fight boredom. This is a page about four-leaf clover collage craft for kids.


A disabled student studying in a wheelchair.

Child Support for a Child Receiving Disability?Receiving child support can have unexpected effects on the disability you are receiving for that child. This is a page about child support for a child receiving disability.


A sheet cake in the pan with frosting.

Making Canned Frosting Taste More Homemade?While canned frosting may be convenient to use it does not always pass the taste test. This is a page about making canned frosting taste more homemade.


Chicken wrap on plate

Healthy Rotisserie Chicken WrapsChicken wraps are a delicious and healthy meal option and makes a great lunch any day of the week. This is a page about healthy rotisserie chicken wraps.


Older man signing a legal document.

Power Of Attorney for an Elderly ParentThere are a variety of reasons that it makes sense to have an elderly parent assign power of attorney to an adult child. This is a page about power of attorney for elderly parent.


A woman holding a blank coffee cup.

Removing Advertising Logos From a Coffee Cup?Sometimes a good mug has a logo printed on it that you may find undesirable. Removing the logo can really improve the look of the mug. This is a page about removing advertising logos from coffee cup.


Dog getting bath in the kitchen sink

Use Lemon Joy for FleasAny soap will break water tension to effectively drown and kill fleas when bathing your pet. Lemon joy is a mild soap recommended by some pet owners. This is a page about use joy for fleas.


A pair of dumbbell hand weights.

Other Uses for Hand WeightsDumbbells can have many uses other than just exercise and strength training. This is a page about other uses for hand weights.


Spring is here card - Finished spring card.

Handmade 'Spring is Here!' CardSend a friend or family member a lovely greeting card heralding the arrival of spring. This is a page about handmade "Spring is Here!" card.


Sunset Silhouette Card - Finished Card

Handmade Sunset Silhouette CardThere are so many motifs you can incorporate into your homemade cards. In this one we see an African sunset. This is a page about handmade sunset silhouette card.


Finished cookies on a plate.

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Walnut CookiesThe tasty goodness of banana bread in the convenience of an oatmeal cookie. Make some tonight. This is a page about making banana oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookies.


Power of attorney documents.

Getting a Power of Attorney for a Deceased Parent?Although it is not possible to secure a power of attorney after a person has died, there are other ways to take care of left over business. This is a page about getting a power of attorney for a deceased parent.


A printer printing out a color page.

Using Waterproof Printer InkMost inkjet printers use ink that smears when it gets wet. However, some manufactures make inks that are water resistant. Printers are This is a page about waterproof printer ink.


Clear glass jars inside of a pantry.

Keep Pests Out of Your PantryPantry pests can ruin your food stores very quickly. Keeping your pantry space and storage containers clean and dry is the best way to prevent pests from infesting. This is a page about keeping pests out of the pantry.



Shoes on a rack and in plastic shoe boxes.

Storing Shoes Without DustDisplaying a shoe rack in your closet, home or garage is a lovely way to display your collection but it is not practical. If you have several pairs of shoes and do not wear them all on a daily basis, your shoes will sit and collect dust.


A Moonflower Vine Is Born - seedling  emerging

A Moonflower Vine Is BornMan, this ain't easy. It feels like there's a mountain on my shoulder. There is a mountain on my shoulder!


A plate of chicken nuggets with ketchup in a recycled scoop.

Slimfast Shake Scoops as Sauce HoldersI go through a lot of Slimfast and other shake mixes. I love to keep some of the scoops for serving ketchup or sweet and sour sauce when serving chicken nuggets or fries. They are the perfect size!


Bucky (Shetland Sheepdog/Staffordshire Terrier)

Bucky (Shetland Sheepdog/Staffordshire Terrier)We found our sweet bundle of joy at a shelter in December of 2014. He loves to play, go for walks, and be held. He's about 34 pounds, but continues to be a lovable lap dog.


Hose Wreath for Your Deck or Balcony

Hose Wreath for Your Deck or BalconyI saw so many of these in Pinterest I decided to make my own. It was about an hour of work and $6.00 total.


A bowl of evaporated milk for use on a woman's skin.

Evaporated Milk for Younger Looking SkinFor younger looking skin, just grab evaporated milk from your fridge or pantry. Put in a small bowl, and just use your fingertip to apply to your face. Leave it for 5 minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water. This will help you to achieve the younger look you want if you apply at least 3 times week.


Puzzle pieces in ziptop bags.

How to Work Jigsaw PuzzlesMany people would like to work jigsaw puzzles but are not sure what to do once the pieces are all in a pile in front of them. The key is to sort out the straight-edged pieces, which form the border first. I like to keep these straight pieces apart from the others.


A small serving sized container of applesauce.

Using Small Containers of ApplesauceEven the small jars of applesauce go bad before I can use all of it. I like to use it in baking as a substitute for part of the oil. Whenever I can stack my coupons with a sale, I will buy the individually packed cups of applesauce. Each one is 1/4 cup, so it is easy to use just what I need.


Recycled bottles with a receipt.

Recycle Your Own Bottles and CansI love taking bottles and cans to my local recycling center because it's good for the environment, I get some additional exercise, and I make extra pocket money. Some states have a bottle bill, allowing you to get 5 to 10 cents for every empty can or bottle you return. The place I take mine to do it by weight. Check out what I made on the receipt. This was for a few weeks of picking up at my house and at my studio.


Accepting Gardening's Disappointments - Crinum

Accepting Gardening's DisappointmentsI took some pictures before the last cold snap. I shared some of them with you. Things were looking pretty good. A week long warm spell had done its magic, forcing the juices of sleepy head plants to rise up to the promise of spring. Here are some after pictures, hopefully the damage is not too severe.


Shredded Paper Nest - egg sitting in the center of the nest. Some of the shreds are painted gold.

Shredded Paper Easter Egg NestThis project is perfect for making an egg nest for Easter Sunday.



Cooking Frozen Chicken Breasts - bag of sliced chicken breasts

Cooking Frozen Chicken Breasts?How long do you bake frozen chicken breasts for and at what temperature?


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Re-dyeing Hair?I used the platinum blonde Feria hair dye and I ended up needing two boxes, but only had one! My hair doesn't look too bad, but my roots really need to be fixed and it's brassy in certain spots. Anyways, when could I dye my hair again?


Value of a Wurlitzer Model 123 - old jukebox

Value of a Wurlitzer Model 123?I have a rare Wurlitzer model 123 Stroller. I would like to know the value of it? Research shows only about 200 were made. It is all original.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black and brown puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?His papers from the shelter say hound mix, but idk. He looks a lot like a Lab Doberman mix to me and maybe Beagle too. Any ideas?


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Keeping Roly Polies as Pets?Do roly polies have to be in a big terrarium or a box or something? I know that they eat paper, cardboard, carrots, lettuce, and squash, but does a habitat need to be bigger in order to have roly babies?


Value of Leonardo Collectable Ornament - mother mouse at sewing machine

Value of Leonardo Collectable Ornament?I am not sure if this has any value at all, but I found it in my late nan's old things.


Value of Asian Motif Vase

Value of Asian Motif Vase?Can any one tell me about this lovely old vase? It has been in the family for years. Does anyone know if it has value?


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Value of Old Webster's Dictionary?I am trying to find value of a dictionary I own. It is a Webster's - An American Dictionary of the English Language, published in 1900. It is a revised edition of the original dictionary first published in 1828.


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Wallpaper Won't Stick to Drywall?I have tried everything to get the paper to stick. Can anyone help?


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Stopping Nail Biting Habit?I am a teenager and I have been a nail biter for about 9 years now and it's terrible. I just can't stop no matter what I do. I am so self conscious about my nails. I don't want people to see them so I try to pull my hoodie over my hands.


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Repairing a Loveseat?I stepped on my loveseat cushion and felt a string or something catch. Now the cushion won't come back into the original position. What can I do? This is on a leather loveseat.


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15th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm turning 15 on November the 20th this year. I want to have a birthday party for once. But the down side is that most of my friends have church on the weekends, but I want all my friends to be there so I need help. What should I do for my birthday? And when?


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Homemade Anti-bacterial for Wickless Humidifier?What house hold items can be used in the water of my wickless humidifier?


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Value of Brittanica Macropaedia/Encyclopaedia?I have a set of Brittanica Macropaedia/Encyclopaedia, Volume 5. I need to know what to do with it.


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House Trained Dog Pooping on Floor?I have a 3 year old male Shih Tzu that has started popping in the floor everyday, most of the time in the mornings. I need any advice on how to get him to stop. We have not had any changes.


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Value of Old World Book Encyclopedias?I have a set of World Book encyclopedias from around 1959 and a set from around 1980. What would be their value to sell?


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Intermittent Warning Lights on Fiat for Light Bulbs?I have a Fiat Stilo Estate and every so often my car says check side light. So I checked the bulb and all is OK and then the light goes off. Then a day later it comes back on again.


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Keeping Cat from Scratching a Wound?My cat discovered scratching her wound on her tummy with her cone. How can I keep her from doing that? Removing the cone will make her lick the wound.


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Cat Peeing on My Couch?I have had my cat for years and now he is peeing on my couch. I don't know what to do to make him stop.


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Real Estate Business Name Needed?I'm a real estate agent starting a virtual assistant transaction service and need a name. I'm thinking something along the lines with "365" in the title. I had Real Estate Assistant 365 however I think it's too long and not a catchy title. Real Estate Agent 365?


Value of Old Silver Plate Spoon - old long handle, toothed silver plate spoon

Value of Old Silver Plate Spoon?Can anyone help me with the value of this piece?


Dye Ran on Wool Scarf - scarf with words on it

Dye Ran on Wool Scarf?I've got this 100% woolen scarf. My bf washed it in the washing machine while I was away. He used the hand washing program and with cold water 20C and the black got mixed with orange, not everywhere.


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Making a Memorial Project with Father's Clothing?My daddy passed away on the first of this month and his birthday was yesterday he would have been 80. He was my everything. I do not know how to make a quilt, but he has ties, shirts, and suits. I want to do a project where my mom, my daughter (his first granddaughter), and I can make something.


Value and Age of Japanese Motif Covered Jar - jar with led removed on glass shelf

Value and Age of Japanese Motif Covered Jar?I've inherited this and am not sure of age or value.


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