March 15, 2018

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Tabletop fountain next to a plant.

Adding Scent to a Tabletop FountainUse your peaceful water fountain to add a calming scent to the air. This is a page about adding scent to a tabletop fountain.


Freshly painted blue house with 1 white window.

How Long Does an Exterior House Paint Job Last?Home ownership means a lot of regular upkeep and maintenance. The exterior paint protects the siding from the elements. Neglect can cause moisture and insects to enter the home.


Parade float on a street.

How to Make a Parade Float SkirtParades floats disguise the vehicle or platform underneath, often using a skirt at the edge. This is a page about how to make a parade float skirt.


Black dress with deodorant stain.

How to Remove Underarm Odors on a Prom Dress?Prom and dancing can lead to sweating and, unfortunately, prom dresses are often difficult to clean. This is a page about how to remove underarm odors on a prom dress.


Mason jar wrapped with Jute rope filled with Babies Breath flowers on a table.

Using Mason Jars as Centerpieces?Glass Mason jars come in many different sizes and colors. They are perfect to use as vases, glassware or candleholders for any event. This is a page about using Mason jars as centerpieces.


Small nail file on white background

Uses for a Nail FileNail files are a useful tool to have on hand, having a sharp pointy end and a gently abrasive surface. This is a page about uses for a nail file.


Pair of crutches up against a cement wall.

How to Make Crutches More ComfortableUsing crutches is awkward enough without being uncomfortable too. This is a page about how to make crutches more comfortable.


Pregnant woman with leg cramp sitting on bed

Using Garlic, Ginger, and Vinegar for Leg Cramps?If you suffer from leg cramps, it could be due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. This is a page about using vinegar, garlic, and ginger for leg cramps.


Cat being treated for ear mites.

What Causes Ear Mites?Ear mites are a common issue for pets, especially if they have not had regular veterinary care. This is a page about. "What causes ear mites?".


Veterinarian holding guinea pig with little girl petting it

Remedies for a Constipated Guinea PigIf you have a guinea pig who is having trouble eliminating, this can be concerning. This is a page about remedies for a constipated guinea pig.


Blue faux leather sofa that is peeling.

Faux Leather Sofa Is Peeling?If you have furniture with vinyl or another material that resembles leather, you may find that it will crack over time. This page has solutions for a faux leather sofa is peeling.


Lawn fertilizer in spreader on grass

Applied Winterizer Instead of Fertilizer to Lawn?It can be easy to mix up different lawn applications. This page talks about what to do if you applied winterizer instead of fertilizer to lawn.


Person spraying the shower head into the tub.

Cleaning a SafeStep Tub?Walk-in tubs may require special cleaning processes. This is a page about cleaning a SafeStep tub.


Man replacing an exhaust fan.

Make Your Own Exhaust Fan FiltersFan filters can be expensive and need to be replaced regularly. This page contains information about making your own exhaust fan filters.


Boxer dog in a crate.

House Trained Dog Started Pooping in Kennel?This is a page about house trained dog started pooping in his kennel. It is unusual for a house trained dog to begin pooping in its crate. It could be due to physical or emotional issues for the dog. It is important to determine if there has been a significant change that has affected the dog or if they are ill.


Pop up camper at a campsite.

Replacing the Window Screen in a Popup Camper?A damaged window screen in your pop-up camper may prove a challenge to repair. This page contains some useful tips for repairing or replacing camper screens. This is a page about replacing the window screen in a popup camper.


Sliced pickled
jalapeno peppers

Where to Buy Faro Pickled Jalapeno Peppers?Shopping for unusual pickled vegetables? This is a page about where to buy faro pickled jalapeno peppers.


A pile of chocolate fudge squares.

Substituting Marshmallow Cream for Fondant in Fudge?Here is a yummy fudge recipe to try that uses marshmallow creme. This is a page about substituting marshmallow cream for fondant in fudge.


Friends and family celebrating retirement and birthday of older man

Planning a Combined Birthday and Retirement Party?When a birthday and a person's retirement occur close together it can be fun to celebrate both events at one party. This is a page about planning a combined birthday and retirement party.


Roasted Olives in a wood bowl.

Roasted Olives RecipeRoasted olives are excellent to serve with a plate of cheese and crackers. Try different varieties for a change of taste. This page contains a roasted olives recipe.


Blackberry Jam in jar with spoon and blackberries on wooden board

Making Blackberry Jam Without PectinSometimes, you want to be able to make jam without storebought pectin. This is a page about making blackberry jam without pectin.


Cleaning leather chair with cloth

Uses for Pledge Furniture PolishPledge has been used for decades to clean and polish wood furniture, but it can be used for so much more. This is a page about uses for Pledge furniture polish.


Completed address book project.

Homemade Address Book CraftIt can be so rewarding to make your own handmade books. An address book would be great for gift giving. This page has instructions for a homemade address book craft.


Wrinkled paper on wall.

Faux Stucco WallsImitate the Old World look of beautiful stucco walls with tissue paper. This is a page about making faux stucco walls.


Whole roasted chicken in a pan surrounded with garlic.

Making Chicken with Garlic Cloves?This flavorful roast chicken is made with many whole garlic cloves. This page is about making chicken with garlic cloves.


Pink and peach colored sweet pea blossoms.

Growing Sweet PeaThe sweet pea or Lathyrus odoratus is a native of the Mediterranean region. This sun loving annual with its bushy or climbing growth habit is known for its wonderful scent and pretty flowers. This is a page about growing sweet pea.


The Tualatin Valley Garden Club's booth at the farmer's market.

Buying Plants from Local GardenersIf you get plants from your local neighborhood, they are more likely to thrive in your garden. This is a page about buying plants from local gardeners.



Snow Peas With Soba noodles

Stir Fry Snow Peas With SobaAn easy, light and healthy meal as is, or can be served with your choice of protein.


3 Shamrock Pretzels on plate

Shamrock PretzelsThese shamrock pretzels are very easy to make, consisting of only two ingredients: pretzels and candy melts. They are a great sweet and savoury snack on their own, but also make great dessert toppers. Happy St. Patrick's Day!


stack of Tangerine Lime Bars

Tangerine Lime BarsThere are two reasons why I've made these scrumptious tangerine lime bars. First off, I love tangerine and lime flavours so much, I think they need to be stars of more foods. Secondly, my tangerine and lime trees really outdid my lemon tree this year, so when I went to pick fruit in my garden, this was the best idea for a sweet treat! This a very simplified recipe, so there is no egg separating or tempering necessary. The flavours aren't as tart as lemon bars, they're well rounded and velvety. I hope you give these a try. :)



Paper Plate Bunny Mask - finished purple bunny

Paper Plate Bunny MaskThis is a simple and easy project you can make at home with your kids. I am sure you have all of the supplies at home to recreate this craft. Afterwards the kids had fun running around playing with their masks together.


Yarn Chain St. Patty's Wreath - finished wreath hanging on an exterior wall

Yarn Chain St. Patty's WreathI love anything green. Being part Irish I too love the month of March. This wreath is super easy to make if you crochet. If you don't, you might find someone to do that for you.


Rex and Sox (Tuxedo Cats)

Rex and Sox (Tuxedo Cats)Our uncle gave them to us. We got them in January.


Cardboard Tube Bunnies - three finished bunnies

Cardboard Tube BunniesI find rabbits so adorable in every shape and form. Here is a super thrifty way to make cute little bunnies from the cardboard tubes in toilet paper rolls. I use hot glue to keep the rabbit structure together, then regular glue for the details. This would be a fun craft for kids to decorate and make their own.



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Keeping Fuzzy Fabric Jacket Fluffy and Soft?My daughter has a fluffy jacket that needs a good washing, but I am afraid of what the fluffy material will look like. Any way to fluff it back up so that it is soft and pretty if it looks matted together?


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Repairing a John Deere Riding Mower?When I sit on the seat of my D122 1/3, I feel a tingling sensation in my spine. I figure it may be some electrical short somewhere on the mower. When I insert the key, the mower makes this weird sound, like "ahhh"? I press the foot brake to its limit, I give the key a turn, and the JD fires up just fine. It does lope though.


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Determining the Age of a Porcelain Doll?I have a hand made bisque porcelain doll that was given to me and for the life of me I can't find out when she was made. It says the manufacturer is, Dan Dee international and her name is, Nicole. She has brown curly hair it's in pig tails, I don't know if she came with it like that.


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Choosing the Best Glue for a Craft Project?I have two great Styrofoam torso mannequins I want to turn into art pieces. My vision is cover them collage style with colored tissue and embellish with gems, beads, and found objects. What adhesive is best to use for tissue? What adhesives can I use for the embellishments?


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Wearing Corsages and Boutonnieres?What side of the body (chest or arm) do you wear a corsage or boutonniere?


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Ride-on Mower Shuts Down When Blades Engaged?My Husqvarna mower shuts down when I turn the blades on. I suspect a faulty safety switch. How can I over-ride the safety switch?


Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo - tri color puppy

Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy is 7 weeks old and was diagnosed with parvo 4 days ago. She was throwing up and had diarrhea, but no blood. She has not thrown up since the vet visit and I've been giving her an IV and medication from the vet. She started eating shredded chicken yesterday evening. How long do I have to wait to retest her for parvo?


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Value of Ashley Belle Doll?Does anyone know the value of an Ashley Belle Indian doll? It is in perfect condition, with certificate.


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Collecting Social Security Survivor Benefits?My kids' father just passed away. He worked, but Social Security is saying that he does not have enough credits for them to receive benefits. What can I do?


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Whitening Up a Fuzzy Jacket?Is there any way to whiten up a fuzzy jacket that's been washed/dried and never seen bleach of any kind?


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Finding an Inexpensive Dentist?I have MS and I need a lot of dental work, but I can't afford it. Where can I find a free or inexpensive dentist?


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