April 22, 2018

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A dish of tamale pie, topped with salsa, sour cream and avocado.

Hearty Tamale PieInfluenced by the Mexican tamale, this casserole is a wonderful complete meal.This is a page about hearty tamale pie.


Italian Sausage and Pea Pasta Salad

Italian Sausage and Pea Pasta SaladEnjoy a simple pasta salad for a quick meal. This page contains Italian sausage and pea pasta salad.


Healthy Kale Chips in bowl

Healthy Kale Chips RecipeA nutritious flavor filled snack that is simple to make with fresh kale leaves. This is a page about healthy kale chips recipe.


Abusive wife pointing at a man with a paper bag on his head with a sad face.

Dealing With a Mean Wife?Determining the cause of a partner's cruelness and seeking solutions is all you can do to change the situation. This is a page about dealing with a mean wife.


Vegetarian spring rolls on a white plate

Spring Roll RecipesSimple light and delicious ingredients wrapped up in rice rolls and served with dipping sauces. These are very popular in Vietnamese and Thai restaurants but are easy to make at home.


Use Tarp to Keep Snowy Grass Clear

Use a Tarp to Keep Snowy Grass Clear for PetsWhen the snow is coming down you can keep an area of the yard clear for your dog by covering it with a tarp. This is a page about use tarp to keep snowy grass clear for pets.


A pitcher of fruity sangria.

Fruity SangriaThis adult party drink can be made with a combination of fresh fruit and red wine. This is a page about fruit sangria.


Stuffed Red Peppers

Red Pepper Valentine BoatsA fun holiday food for your sweethearts can be these red stuffed peppers.This is a page about making red pepper Valentine boats.


Dirty hands holding a cardboard cutout house.

Transitioning from HomelessnessIf you can look at possibilities without preconceived ideas, you can have a comfortable life without spending a lot of money. This is a page about transitioning from homelessness.


Cardboard Tube Christmas Wreath Wreath - finished wreath

Cardboard Tube Christmas WreathWith recycled empty paper rolls, you can create a simple craft with the kids. This is a page about cardboard tube Christmas ring wreath.



round Queso Fresco

Homemade Queso FrescoQueso fresco is a lovely, fresh and springy Mexican cheese. It's awesome sprinkled on top of a salad or crumbled into a taco. It's very easy to make at home with just a few ingredients. No special tools needed.


wrapped Chicken and pasta on plate

Bacon Wrapped Pesto ChickenHere is another quick and easy toaster oven meal paired with farfelle tossed with pesto. This is actually my first attempt of baked bacon wrapped pesto chicken and I love how it tasted. Wrapping the bacon makes the chicken very moist and juicy.



What? It's cold and I'm old!

Oolong - What? It's Cold and I'm Old!We got Oolong from my parents almost 12 years ago now. He is getting up there in age, but he still loves to dart under beds in rooms he isn't allowed to go in. Much of his time is spent sleeping on his heating pad with his buddy Zero or hovering over the floor vent to stay warm.



Moving Zebra Finch's Egg - finches on nest box

Moving Zebra Finch's Egg?I have two lovely zebra finches that have laid an egg in their seed bowl. I wasn't sure what to do so I used tongs to move it into a straw nest filled with hay. After researching I realised that it would of been best to not interfere with their eggs and nest. Will they abandon the eggs?


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Value of a Murphy 4018 Cedar Chest?I am looking for the value and age of a Murphy cedar chest with 2 hearts on it.


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Name Ideas for a Remodeling and Deck Business?I'm starting a remodeling and deck building business. And I can't think of what I should name it. I would like something catchy.


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Selling Porcelain Dolls?I have a lot of porcelain dolls I'm looking to sell, but where do I start? I would like it to be near to me.


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Finding Cat Urine Spots Using iPhone?My cat has started peeing in corners of my house. We have placed litter boxes in the vicinity, but want to make sure that we have cleaned up all of the pee. I was wondering if I could use my iPhone as a UV blacklight to check for any spots we might have missed.


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Value of Knightsbridge Porcelain Doll?I am trying to find out what this doll is worth. The serial number is JWD196. Her name is Charlotte and is she is a part of the Knightsbridge collection.


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Thread Breaks When Sewing a Zig Zag Stitch?My thread keeps breaking when I use the zigzag stitch, but is fine when I use a straight stitch.


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Replacing the Tension Stud and Thread Guide on a Pfaff Sewing Machine?The bobbin tension stud and thread guiding hook on my Pfaff Hobbymatic 806 sewing machine has fallen apart and I don't know how to put it together. Can anyone help me please? The stud has a tiny spring and I'm not sure where it fits!


Easily Removing Cat Hair from Bedding  - tabby cat on the bed

Easily Removing Cat Hair from Bedding?I've had several surgeries on my back and shoulders. I have two cats that sleep with me. My bedding, especially my comforter, is always covered with tons of cat hair. Every other day I try to use the hair/lint remover brush on the comforter. By the time I'm done, my back is killing me.


What Breed Is My Dog? - tan dog with darker markings

What Breed Is My Dog?What type of dog do we have?


Identifying a Concrete Thin Walled Form

Identifying a Concrete Thin Walled Form?Many years ago I acquired this concrete form from my neighbor's trash. I use it on my porch to put various plants in their own pot, it covers up the pot. I would like to get two more as it has been an inexpensive and easy way to change out plants each year, but I don't know what it is called and can't locate it.


What Breed Is My Dog? - black dog's face

What Breed Is My Dog?Is my dog a Pit Bull cross? I think she's a Pit Bull lurcher. Can someone help me?


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Cat Is Not Feeding All of Her Kittens?This morning my cat had a litter of 4 kittens. I made her a bed in a box and she was fine with it. I went to sleep and woke up at 4:30am to the sound of shuffling and meowing, and saw that she was putting the kittens under the bed. I grabbed them and put them all back in the box! Then she brought 2 back.


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Making Foaming Hand Soap?Can you make foaming hand soap from the regular bar soap?


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Value of Dynasty Alexis Doll?Why is the Dynasty doll Alexis, in the blue dress, so expensive when others are worth next to nothing? I can't seem to find out why the huge price difference between that one and all the rest.


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Living Room Curtain and Carpet Colour Advice?I bought a new house and I'm not a decorator. The living room furniture is brown and dark beige. The walls are light beige. What do you think the curtain colour should be and also the carpet?


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Dog Is a Fussy Eater?I have a 10 month old Cockapoo. He is a very fussy eater when it comes to dog food and has even gone without food for up to 2/3 days as he just will not eat it! He loves chicken with broccoli and carrots (sometimes rice included). Can I substitute this food for his dog food? I need to get him to put on some weight!


Identifying a Porcelain Bride Doll - doll in stand

Identifying a Porcelain Bride Doll?I wonder if anyone can tell me something about this doll? She is a 45 inch tall bride doll.


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Hotpoint Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser Not Opening?I have a Hotpoint Aquarius FDF784 dishwasher. Lately, during the wash, the detergent door doesn't open. The spring is good (it releases manually) and the container is clean (no gunked up powder etc.).


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Roof Repair Assistance for Low Income Homeowners?I am an 81 year old with a leaking roof and shingles falling off. I am on Social Security. Is there any help that I can get?


Finding Graham and Brown   Discontinued Wallpaper - pinkish cream paper with irregular dots

Finding Graham and Brown Discontinued Wallpaper?Does anyone know where I can get a couple of rolls of this wallpaper? I only have a picture and I probably got it about 8-10 years ago.


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Moving Duck Eggs?My duck laid 2 eggs on my neighbor's pouch. It has now laid one egg on my balcony. Which I think was because she didn't have a way off of the balcony where I her wanted to lay her egg. What do I do? Which should I move to add to the other?


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Breaker Keeps Tripping After Changing a Light Bulb?Pretty much all I did was change a light bulb in a recessed outlet in a bedroom and now that switch is throwing the breaker. If I leave the light off, but have the TV/Xbox on it throws after a couple of minutes.


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Fee for a Move Out Cleaning?I've been paid upfront $100.00 for broom cleaning a 4,000 ft sq. home that I normally was getting $120 for while they lived there. It has 3.5 baths, 3 bedrooms, an office, a play room, full basement, and a 3 car garage. I've put in approximately 18 hours and wondering if I should ask for more?


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Value of a 1929 Set of Encyclopedia Britannica?What is the 1929 Encyclopedia Britannica worth?


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Selling a Collection of Precious Moments Figurines?I have a collection of 158 Precious Moments figures that my mother collected in the 1970s and 1980s. How is the best way to announce this to folks who may be collectors? I wish to sell them as a total collection, not individually. I have a list, including marks, and all are in their original boxes.


Identifying Ornate Upholstered Chairs - ornate gold floral upholstered chairs

Identifying Ornate Upholstered Chairs?I have 2 chairs that I cannot identify the era or find any information on. I am no expert, but I have been fumbling around on the internet and am no closer than when I started.


Value of 1952 Edition of the  Encyclopedia Britannica  - cover page

Value of 1952 Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica?I have the 1952 edition, in very good condition, 28 volumes in all, including the atlas, a two volume dictionary, and book of the year 1952. Does anyone have an idea of its worth or who might be interested in it?


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I'm planning to invite about 6 girls to my birthday party this year, but I don't know what to do. I want the activities to be not too babyish, but also not too grown up-ish. I'm just afraid that they won't find my choice of games fun. I can't go anywhere like a theatre, pool, etc. It will just be at home.


Identifying a Garden Flower - tall stalk with white and dark pink edged flowers blooming up the height of the stem

Identifying a Garden Flower?It is growing in north Texas among other flowers?


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