September 20, 2018

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Certificates of Deposit  on a desk.

Investing in Certificates of Deposit (CDs)Unlike a savings account, certificate of deposit funds are invested for a set time period and set interest rate. There can be a stiff penalty when the funds are withdrawn early. This is a page about investing in certificates of deposit (CDs).


Number 2 party decoration covered in pink flowers.

Game Ideas for a Second Birthday PartyRag mops have been used for generations to keep wooden and linoleum floors clean. This page contains instructions for making a rag mop.


Woman applying moisturizer.

Anti Aging MoisturizersA good moisturizer can help make your skin soft and young looking. This is a page about anti aging moisturizers.


Plastic Pill Organizer

Uses for Plastic Pill OrganizersPlastic pill organizers have small sections and tight-fitting lids, perfect for storing all sorts of small items. This page contains uses for plastic pill organizers.


Close up of a bra on a white table.

Homemade "No Show" Bra InsertsUse a recycled or thrift store padded bra to make these handy inserts. This is a page about homemade no show bra inserts.


Salmon patties on a plate with spinach.

Salmon Patties Tips and TricksA great way to stretch salmon meat to feed more people is by making salmon patties. This page contains salmon patties tips and tricks.


Cathay Collection Porcelain Doll

Finding the Value of Cathay Collection Porcelain Dolls?This popular doll manufacturer makes many different styles and nationalities of porcelain dolls. This is a page about finding the value of Cathay Collection porcelain dolls.


Woman looking at a dishwasher in a store.

Buying a DishwasherDishwashers are a great timesaver but you want to make sure you get one that will truly get your dishes clean. This is a page about buying a dishwasher.


Rag mop on a wood floor.

Making a Rag Mop?Rag mops have been used for generations to keep wooden and linoleum floors clean. This page contains instructions for making a rag mop.


Kids happy playing in the snow.

Keeping Kids Warm While Playing in the SnowChildren love playing in the snow, but need to be dressed well to protect them from both the cold and moisture. This is a page about keeping kids warm while playing in the snow.


Blue sponge with soap foam on top.

How to Make Dawn Dishwashing FoamFoaming dish soap is very convenient for handwashing dishes but it can be very expensive. This is a page about how to make Dawn dishwashing foam.


Apartment wall with shelf and desk.

Decorating Apartment Walls Without PaintingIf you are renting, it can be challenging to put your own personality on the blank walls without forfeiting your damage deposit. This is a page about decorating apartment walls without painting.


Styrofoam Ice Chest

Uses for Small Styrofoam Ice ChestsThis manmade material lasts forever. There are a number of ways to use these containers for crafts and even making furniture. This is a page about uses for small styrofoam ice chests.


Fountain pen on a paper with writing.

Giving Poems as a GiftIf you have a gift for language, consider writing personal poems for a special friend. Or take a beloved poem and share it with those you love in gift form. This is a page about giving poems as a gift.


Cooking hard boiled eggs in a rice cooker.

Cook Hard Boiled Eggs in the Rice CookerIt's easy to add a couple of eggs to any batch of rice, for lunch the next day. This is a page about cook hard boiled eggs in the rice cooker.


Bowl of syrup with a spoon.

Maple Flavored Syrup RecipesMake inexpensive maple flavored syrup at home with a few simple ingredients. This page contains maple flavored syrup recipes.



Roasted Red Pepper and Habanero Hummus in bowl

Roasted Red Pepper and Habanero HummusThis hummus has some sweet heat. Roasting the peppers before pureeing them give them a nice caramelization, and the habanero gives it some kick. Use as much of the habanero as you like; I used two-thirds of one in this recipe.


Coconut Bread on wire rack

Coconut BreadA delicious quick bread for coconut lovers. I will write the recipe as written. I made the substitution of whole wheat flour and 5 packets of Splenda instead of the sugar.



A selection of toiletries that have been earned by playing an online game.

Rewards for Playing GamesGood day Thrifty Fun, I am here in hopes to share a few things. Let's begin. I play a game called Very Dice. I will say this if you have children you don't want to be without this on each phone. They will be able to roll and have so much fun.


Cookie (Yorkshire Terrier)

Cookie (Yorkshire Terrier)We got Cookie when she was 6 years old from someone who was buying a house and did not want to ruin their new carpet so they were getting rid of her. We happily took her home with us, and she has been very happy ever since.


Table Top Mini Christmas Tree - paper tree

Table Top Mini Christmas TreeA tissue core can amazingly be made into different things. Now, that the "-ber" months have started, as part of our family tradition, we have also started decorating our homes for the holiday season. This season's theme may involve a lot of paper rolls and tissue core crafts. Here's one.


Tulle Masquerade Mask - woman wearing the mask

Tulle Masquerade MaskYou can make a beautiful sheer masquerade mask using tulle, puffy paint, and some glitter. Use the mask template I've provided and get creative with your design. This is a fun craft for all ages.


Fall Themed Kitchen Tea Invitation - finished card with metallic pen patterns in blank spaces

Fall Themed Kitchen Tea InvitationI have a pack of napkins that was left over after a garden party. I decided to turn them into invitations for a kitchen tea. The kitchen tea was a brunch, so the mushrooms printed on the napkins were ideal for the occasion.


Ace (Miniature Schnauzer) - Ace  the couch

Ace (Miniature Schnauzer)My grandkids got him for me last November when he was 8 weeks old. I had recently retired and they felt I needed him.



Logo for ThriftyFun Questions

Finding Free Furniture?I'm need help getting furniture for me and my kids. I do have income, but right now I'm in a bit of a situation and I need help badly. The place that my kids and I are living in isn't fit for my kids plus it's infected with bugs. We have found a new place, but don't have any furniture at all to take with us.


Information on a Vintage Vinyl Covered Cedar Chest - vinyl covered chest

Information on a Vintage Vinyl Covered Cedar Chest?Does anyone have any info on this type of cedar chest? It's vintage vinyl studded. The woman I bought it from said it was her great grandma's. The figures appear to be Greek.


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Homemake Gift Ideas Using Cinnamon?I accidentally bought a 2nd large bottle of cinnamon from Costco. I'm wondering if there are gifts I can make that use quite a bit of cinnamon. I'd like to give them to about 60 people. The only idea I came across is cinnamon ornaments, but I'm not excited about that idea.


Value of a Porcelain Doll - doll wearing a pink lace and satin dress

Value of a Porcelain Doll?What does the cursive writing on her neck say? I'd like to know her value and maker if anyone has the information.


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Horror Film Title?The film has a scene in it that is filmed at night and all I remember is the people or creatures in silhouette throwing people in a open pit that I presume is the opening to hell! I know it's vague, but it's been in my head for 40 years now.


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Riding Mower Won't Start?I was mowing and stopped to move something and I killed it. When I got back on it wouldn't even turn over.


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?I just purchased a condo. The counter tops are an ugly orange from the 80s. I want to paint my kitchen, but have no idea where to start. The kitchen has more cupboards and less walls to paint. The cupboards are brown.


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Getting Rid of Tiny Black Bugs?What can I do with tiny black bugs on the counter top?


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Using Oatmeal for Arthritis Pain in Hands?I read that you can mix 2 cups oatmeal with 1 cup water and then put it into the microwave for 1 minute. My question is after application to the hand how long do I leave it on.


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Wearing and Cleaning New Dentures?I got my dentures today after having 5 visits. When should I take them out for cleaning?


Leaves on Avocado Tree Have Brown Spots and are Dying - leaf with brown spots

Leaves on Avocado Tree Have Brown Spots and are Dying?I've had my avocado tree for a long tine, it was growing great, tall and wide. It was in a small pot before I replanted it into a bigger one, where it had more space. It has been doing great since then. It was growing bigger and bigger, in about 8 months I've decided to replant it into a bigger one.


Finding Information on an Old Steamer Trunk - old wooden trunk

Finding Information on an Old Steamer Trunk?I have this old steamer trunk and want to learn its history. Can anyone tell me anything about it? We have put the time frame at 1877. It has a Patton stamp on the hardware that says Patton 77. That's all we can see.


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What Dessert Can I Make With These Ingredients?What kind of dessert can I make with these ingredients: chocolate covered cherries, kimci, lime tortilla chips, Mexican papaya, Fundelina, purple tortillas, and applewood bacon?


Value of a Dining Table and Chairs - table with two 3 legged pedestals and decorative back chairs

Value of a Dining Table and Chairs?Who made table? What kind of table is it? What's it worth?


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Name Ideas for a Non-medical Home Care Agency?I am starting my non-medical home care agency. I am looking for names suggestions. I would like something with the word "diamond".


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Receiving Deceased Parent's Social Security Benefits?My mother passed away not too long ago and my brother and I are the last of kin. To my knowledge she was receiving benefits monthly and she just got back paid a bit of money as well, as her son, what do I do? Am I entitled? Am I in her will? I was never taught how to do this stuff.


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Changing a Black T-shirt to Another Color?I have a black, cotton T-shirt with a red and blue logo printed on it. I would love to change the black to literally any other color. Is this possible, and if so, how?


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