May 6, 2019

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Blackberry bushes with ripening berries.

Rooting a Blackberry Cutting?If you want to grow a blackberry cutting, it is best to allow it to grow roots before planting. A common way is simply to dip the cutting in rooting horemone and place it in a bottle or glass of water in a sunny window. Plant it when the roots are well grown.


Cleaning mold from a tiled wall in a bathroom.

Preventing Mold in BathroomsMany older homes can have problems with mold and mildew in the bathroom. Preventing it can be difficult because dealing with the excess moisture must be dealt with before any mold can be eradicated.


assembling Tostada on plate

Making Seafood TostadasThese seafood tostadas are a fresh and delicious meal you and your family will love.


Value of a Set of Pizza Hut Glasses - drinking glasses with pizza topping on each

Value of a Set of Pizza Hut Glasses?Many types of glasses made by fast food chains can be collectible. A full set of glasses from Pizza Hut may be valuable to the right person.


Creatively Store Kitchen Hand Towels

Storing Kitchen Towels in a BasketFinding a way to creatively store kitchen hand towels can make them easy to access and decorative at the same time. Try storing your kitchen towels in a basket to keep them handy.


Value of Seeburg Jukebox

Determining the Value of a Seeburg Jukebox?The Seeburg Corporation manufactured jukeboxes for over 30 years, introducing the first jukebox to store and play 50 records. They went out of business in the 80s. Some jukeboxes have retained value, depending on their condition.


A sponge with dish soap.

Alternative to Dawn Dish Soap in the UK?Dawn dish soap is commonly suggested for all sorts of cleaning and household tips but it isn't available worldwide. It is a basic dishwashing liquid manufactured by Proctor and Gamble, who also make Fairy washing-up liquid in the U.K


Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Cookies

Gluten Free Snickerdoodle CookiesEnjoy some delicious snickerdoodle cookies even if you are avoiding gluten. This page has a recipe for gluten free snickerdoodle cookies.


A collection of eye makeup.

Name Ideas for a Beauty and Cosmetics Business?Finding the right name for your makeup business will help make it successful. This page has ideas to help you name your new business.


An old worn out leather handbag.

Fixing Up a Worn-Out Leather HandbagIf you have a beloved leather handbag that has worn-out parts, it's often possible to fix or refurbish them for more years of use. Look for leather bags with minor problems at thrift stores and garage sales.


A dog with his tongue out next to a full water bowl.

Dog Refuses to Drink WaterIf your dog refuses to drink water, it is very important to find out why. A dog that goes too long without water is in danger of a serious illness or even death. A trip to the vet will diagnose any health issues that may be causing this.


Balsamic Steak and Veggie Rolls

Balsamic Steak and Veggie RollsBalsamic vinegar adds a wonderful flavor to these steak rolls. Add some aromatic veggies and this makes a wonderful meal, perhaps served with rice.


Bucket Garden Storage - 2 pails hanging on the side of a garden storage building

Using Buckets as Garden Storage ContainersOrganizing your garden implements can be made easier with buckets. This page is about using buckets as garden storage containers.


Spring Hat and Butterfly Door Hanging - hat door hanging

Making a Spring Hat and Butterfly Door HangingAn inexpensive spring straw hat can be used as the base for making a pretty hanging for your door or wall. Follow the instructions in this page for making a spring hat and butterfly door hanging.


Volcano Potatoes ready to bake

Making Volcano PotatoesMake these fun volcano potatoes for your cheese loving family. The hollowed potatoes are stuffed with cheese and then wrapped in bacon. When baked, the potatoes will create a lava flow of delicous cheese.


finished cookies

Baking from the Discount Grocery ShelfBaking can get very expensive, especially if you are using unusual ingredients. You can often find many products in the markdown section of your local grocery store. Check after holidays for steep discounts on seasonal items.


Value and Info of a Scott's Electric Lawn Mower - aluminum colored vintage electric mower

Value of Scott's Electric Lawn Mower?Finding information on an older electric lawnmower may a challenge. This is a page about value of a Scott's electric lawn mower.



Using Flower Trays As Seedling Planters - seedlings in multipack nursery trays

Using Flower Trays As Seedling PlantersAt your garden center they often have discarded flower trays and pots that are free for the asking.These trays are great for seed starting for all season long plantings. They have sections that are perfect for keeping them separate, without extra cost.


Apple Pie Banana Bread on plate

Apple Pie Banana BreadThis is a delicious cross between a nutty banana bread and a silky apple pie that contains no eggs. I came up with this because I went away for several days and came back to extra ripe bananas, apples, and a fridge with no eggs. I added the walnuts to the top instead of mixing it in the batter so it was more of a crust layer that added to the apple pie qualities. If you use a nut or coconut milk, this will be vegan. Enjoy!


How to Make a Paper Office Supplies Container - paper office supply container

How to Make a Paper Office Supplies ContainerAn office inspection is announced to be held tomorrow. This is an urgent matter as the administrator is late of relaying the information to us. I need to clean up and arrange my table since pens, markers, and pencils are messing up my drawer. Here I made a paper box to put them all together.



Identifying the Manufacturer of This Coffee Table - glass topped, metal based table

Identifying the Manufacturer of This Coffee Table?This furniture does not have any markings. Can anyone identify the manufacturer of this coffee table?


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Killing Weeds in an Ivy Bed?What can I use to kill the weeds in a bed of ivy?


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Recipe for Beef Tacos for 40 + Sides?I need a beef taco bar for 40 recipe. Also, what would be good for sides?


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Craftsman LT 2000 Mower Won't Start?I have got a Craftsman LT 2000. I tried to start it, but it won't even turn over. Is it a blade engagement issue?


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Value of a Miniature Webster's Dictionary?I have a miniature leather-bound Webster's dictionary from the 1800s. It has about 3 x 3 proportions with a snap closure. How much is it worth?


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Value of The Book of Knowledge Children's Encyclopedia?I have a set of The Book of Knowledge, volumes 1- 20, with blue covers, in pristine condition. The Children's Encyclopedia Copyright 1937, 1938 by The Grolier Society Inc. The first volume on the inside cover states "World's Fairs of 1939" I would be very interested in knowing the value of this set.


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15th Birthday Suggestions?I'm a guy turning 15 in June and I'm not sure what to do for my birthday. Any suggestions?


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Covering Roots While Allowing Hair Dye to Grow Out?I have been using permanent hair dye to colour my hair a light blonde for many years. My natural hair colour is grey/brown. I want to grow out the dye and wondered if I could use a semi/demi hair dye on root regrowth?


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Donating Campbell's Soup Labels?Does anyone know where I can donate Campbell soup labels?


Reattaching Peel & Stick Wallpaper - pile of wall paper slumped on a crib

Reattaching Peel & Stick Wallpaper?My peel and stick wallpaper fell off the wall after a year. It's been very humid and unseasonably rainy. Can I put the wallpaper back on and with what kind of adhesive?


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll sitting on a wicker style chair

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Can anyone help me to identify this doll? There is no mark or number on her body.


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Frigidaire Front Load Washer Will Not Spin Heavy Loads?My front loader washing machine spins all clothes well. But when loaded with towels it will only spin five towels at a time. If there are any more than that it will not spin.


Value of a Mersman 8068 Two-Tier Side Table - light wood table

Value of a Mersman 8068 Two-Tier Side Table?I had purchased this at a yard sale for $5 and noticied the Mersman mark with 8068 on it.


Value of Leonardo Collection Porcelain Dolls - doll wearing a red coat trimmed in white - still in box

Value of Leonardo Collection Porcelain Dolls?I do not now the history of these. Can someone help me please?


What Breed Is My Dog?  - small brown puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?I am trying to figure out if this pup is a Chiweenie or a Dachshund?


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Removing Ink from Uniball Pen on My Hands?What can I use to remove Uniball ink stains from my hands. The pens leaked all over them.


Identifying a Bug Bite

Identifying a Bug Bite?I live in Las Vegas Nevada. Last week I was doing yard work, raking sticks, etc. and I felt a pinch on my right leg above my ankle, but ignored it. About 45 minutes later I looked under my sock and saw the redness. I'm so curious to know what the heck is out there. It looks like two little fang marks, but I don't think it's a spider.


What Is This Tiny Orange Biting Bug?

What Is This Tiny Orange Biting Bug?It crawls and has tiny bites, but they don't leave a mark. They were all over my car and clothes.


Identifying a Rotary Tiller - old farm tiller

Identifying a Rotary Tiller?I am trying to identify the make and model of this tiller. It has been on the farm since 1975, probably earlier. I need info for necessary repairs to bring it back to usable condition.


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Inexpensive 15th Birthday Ideas?I don't know what to do for my 15th, which is soon. My mum let me choose and I'm all out of ideas as we have already done everything. What should I do? Any cheap inexpensive ideas are suitable.


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Perm Not Curly Enough?I did a curly perm yesterday. The rods used were larger because of my hair length and it came out wavy. That's not what I wanted so she did it over with smaller rods and it came out fine, but the front was more curly than the back. Then after a while the ends got straight and now it's wavy.


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Club Cadet Mower Won't Start After Getting Rained On?My small engine is a 640 Honda engine on my Club Cadet Zero Turn. It was working great then got caught in a thunder storm. It will not turn over; it just clicks. Will it dry out or will it need to be serviced?


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Removing Diesel from Coveralls?What can I use to wash diesel out of black Carhartt coveralls? I've tried everything except adding lemon juice to my wash when I washed them. Does anybody have a solution that truly works and not just run me around trying this or that as I may have already used it.


Finches Not Sitting on Their Eggs - two finches in a cage

Finches Not Sitting on Their Eggs?I have a flock of finches and the five females have laid 18-20 eggs. It has been over 2 weeks for some of them. I don't see them sitting on the eggs. When can I just take them out? There are eggs in all 5 nests.


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Thrifty Ideas for a Garden Hose Container Cover?I have bought a 100 ft water hose and have it stored in an open container similar to a large planter. I need it to be covered and protected from the weather and debris. Any ideas on what to use for some sort of lid that would stay in place and not look extremely tacky?


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Treating Genital Gaulding?I had a yeast infection and used an over the counter remedy as I was very busy caring for my mother. The yeast infection has cleared up, however I now am extremely gaulded (chafed) on my clitoris and vaginal lips. I saw a practitioner and Dermablast was recommended which is helping with the burning. I am washing daily as recommended with a good soap.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?Do you know who the producer/maker of this doll? I recently saw her on Facebook Marketplace and unfortunately she sold and I was unable to find out any information about her.


Value of a Mersman Waldron Coffee Table

Value of a Mersman Waldron Coffee Table?I have a coffee table stamped Mersman Waldron and I'm wondering what it's worth? It is very sturdy, but it needs to be refinished. It measures 56" x 21" x 16".


Growing Sweetgum Trees

Growing Sweetgum Trees?I have several sweet gum trees in my yard. Prior to the leaves forming a green thing is dropped from the bud, they are about 2 inches long and are a pain to clean up. What are they called and what is their purpose?


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Value of Encyclopaedia Britannica?I have the 11th edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica printed in 1910-1911. What would be its value?


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Removing Stains on Formica?I'm not worried about restoring the shine, I just want a way to get the stains out from my cooking. I tried bleach and it worked somewhat OK, but I had to leave it on for hours, and I think that took whatever finish there is off.


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Cleaning Rate for Deep Cleaning of Apartment Stairwells?I am cleaning a 3 story apartment building, stairwells only. What should I charge? It takes me 4 hours; I am deep cleaning.


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Age and Value of a Goldenvale Porcelain Doll?What year was the doll named Phoenix made? She is 1-2000. How much is she worth? She's in good condition without the box.


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Value of 1891 Encyclopedia Britannica?I have a full set of 1891 Encyclopedia Brittanica. I was curious of the value if there is any. They are in decent shape, could be better. Are they worth anything?


Removing Black Stains on a Red Suede Skirt

Removing Black Stains on a Red Suede Skirt?How do I get a dry black stain off my suede skirt?


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