June 10, 2019

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Chicken Piccata, rice and vegetables on plate

Pressure Cooker Chicken Piccata RecipeThe classic Italian recipe of chicken piccata is simplified by using a pressure cooker. This version serves the savory lemon and caper chicken with rice.


bowl of Cuban black bean soup with rice

Week 23: Cuban Black Bean SoupGive black beans a Cuban flair with this savory soup. Top it with sour cream and some shredded cheese for a easy weeknight dinner.


removing burnt spray starch

Removing Burnt Spray Starch on Clothing?If you are using spray starch, always start with a clean iron to avoid burn marks. If you manage to get burnt marks on your clothing, try scrubbing it out with an abrasive detergent or baking soda.


Sushi Plush Toy - two sushi rolls on mat

How to Make a Sushi Plush ToyBrightly colored felt is used to make all the ingredients for a hand rolled sushi plush toy. Depending on the age of the child, the roll can be permanently sewn together or can be closed with velcro to allow for different ingredients in the future.


Corned Beef Hash and Egg Breakfast

Corned Beef Hash and Egg Breakfast RecipeUse leftover corned beef, potato and onion to make this delicious hash. Served with eggs, it makes a perfect breakfast.


A plate of chicken piccata served over noodles.

Chicken Piccata RecipeThis delicious Italian recipe combines chicken with lemons and capers to create a flavorful main dish. It's generally served with noodles but any starch would work.


Mini Yogurt Cake with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting on plate

Mini Yogurt Cake with Vanilla Buttercream FrostingYogurt adds a delicious dimension to an ordinary cake. These mini cakes are frosted with buttercream and make the perfect finishing touch for parties or date nights.


Finished Tin Can Frog

Frog Craft IdeasFrog crafts are popular with children and adults alike, especially as bathroom decor. Containers, decorated soap and greeting cards all can be made for gifts.


Bejeweled Jewelry Box - finished empty box

Making a Bejeweled Jewelry BoxThese little bejeweled tins are perfect for Valentine's Day or for wedding favors. It would also be a wonderful way to present a present of jewlelry inside.


cleaning embroidered pillow cases

Cleaning Embroidered Pillowcases That Have Yellowed?If you have a linen closet that contains beautiful vintage embroidered pillowcases that have yellowed with age, bleach is not recommended as it will affect colored embroidery. Try gentler remedies such as borax, baking soda, lemon juice and sunlight to help restore them to white.


Magical Summer Birthday Card - glue washi tape across the bottom of the card

Magical Summer Birthday CardHave a child fill in the artwork on this coloring page with whatever ice cream flavors they can create. Use the colored page to make a magical summer birthday card.



Making Egg Carton Flowers - an array of finished egg tray flowers

Making Egg Carton FlowersIt's pretty amazing to see crafts made from unusual materials. Just like this craft I am showing today. I thought egg cartons are intended just for eggs, but I was able to create a thrifty masterpiece out of it.


Pansies After the Rain - raindrops on colorful pansies

Pansies After the RainI planted these pansies in early springtime, they grew and grew after each rain. After one of the rains I was popping off the dead heads and they were so beautiful with the rain drops still glistening on there petals.


A large piece of cardboard, making a clean place for kids to craft.

Use a Cardboard Place Mat for Kids' Painting CraftsPainting could get messy especially if it's your dinner table the kid's paint on.



Value of a Mersman Table - round pedestal table with three legs and a drawer

Value of a Mersman Table?I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the estimated value of this table, if any?


Value of an Aseptible Furniture Company Vintage Medical Cabinet - white metal cabinet with glass door and pull out bin

Value of an Aseptible Furniture Company Vintage Medical Cabinet?I have a beautiful Aseptible Furniture Company metal medical cabinet. It is in very good condition for its age. It has one cabinet door with beveled glass door and then a hamper type pull out drawer. I am thinking about selling it. Can you tell me its value?


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Names for Bath Bomb Business?I need some names for an online bath bomb product.


Identifying a Kelly RuBert Porcelain Doll

Identifying a Kelly RuBert Porcelain Doll?This is a Kelly J RuBert 2002 #c233 porcelain doll. I would like to find out her name and value.


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Cleaning Business Name Ideas?I am a 26 year old professional girl starting my own cleaning business. My last name starts with "R" so I am thinking something using that. I have done customer service all of my working career up to this point and have extreme pride in my work.


What Breed Is My German Shepherd Mixed With? - Shepherd mix puppy

What Breed Is My German Shepherd Mixed With?This is my dog Rosie, I got her in September 2018 from an ad on Craigslist at 9 weeks old. I know that she is part German Shepherd, but she is mixed with something else. What?


Female Duck Doesn't Stay on Her Eggs

Female Duck Doesn't Stay on Her Eggs?We have 1 male and 2 female ducks that we got from a friend. One of the females laid a nest of at least 15 eggs. She doesn't sit on the nest all the time, but she does every few hours.


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Selling a Doll Collection?I have a lot of mint dolls and am downsizing and need to find them a home to someone that would appreciate them. I have box and certificates that go with them. I would like to know how to sell them.


Value of 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica - volumes in bookcase

Value of 1768 Encyclopedia Britannica?After scrolling through all other questions I'm still lost. Does anyone know anything about our set? What I got on line is that it's a Revised 14th edition. We have all 24 books. I am just needing some help pricing.


Identifying a Metal Ball with a Threaded Base  - hand holding the metal piece which resembles a light bulb with a hole through it

Identifying a Metal Ball with a Threaded Base?I found this piece of metal while planting. It is a 6 inch x 3.5 inch ball with a threaded base. There is a buried junk hole on the edge of the field that used to be a farmstead years ago. It intrigued me and I am dying to know what it is. Can any one give to an idea or even a shot in the dark in the right direction.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - doll with two faces and conical hat

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?What is the name of this doll? I purchased it at a yard sale. It is approximately 30 years or older, approximately over 12 inches tall with hat. It has two faces, but no markings.


Value of a Goldenvale Porcelain Doll - old man doll

Value of a Goldenvale doll?I can't find anything on my doll. His name is Tony and he is 33 inches tall.


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Uses for Pork in Juices?I have some canned pork. Can I use this for egg rolls?


Identifying the Maker of a Porcelain Doll - lettering on the back of a doll

Identifying the Maker of a Porcelain Doll?I have a porcelain bride doll and can't figure out the maker. Any idea?


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Name Ideas for a Jewelry Business?I am opening a small business with my two daughters selling jewelry through a direct sales company. Could you please send me your ideas for business names where the suggestion is made that this is a family, as well as a jewelry business.


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Value of Kinkade Lamplight Manor Print?I have a framed print of Lamplight Manor, limited edition 5 /990 I/p on canvas. I have the certificate of authenticity and receipt from when I bought it. I would like to know how much I can sell it for.


Finding the Value of an Ashley Belle Doll - doll as described

Finding the Value of an Ashley Belle Doll?I have an Ashley Belle doll that I found at a thrift shop. She's in perfect condition with her original tag and stand. She has curly brown hair, brown eyes, and light pink lips. Her face is about 1.5" wide. She's about 16" tall.


Value of a Marie Osmond Doll - Catherine of Wuthering Heights

Value of a Marie Osmond Doll?I have a Marie Osmond doll, Catherine of Wuthering Heights # 58 of 500. I have the certificate of authenticity and receipt. The bracelet is included. I have several types of dolls including Betty Jane Carter, but she's my favorite. I am wondering what she's worth!


Value of a Wal-Mart Memories Porcelain Doll - doll in the box

Value of a Wal-Mart Memories Porcelain Doll?How do I find out if she has any value?


Identifying Vintage Childhood Dolls - soft bodied doll with molded plastic face

Identifying Vintage Childhood Dolls?The toys I'm looking to identify are dolls, bought around the late 90s to early 2000s, and have plastic faces with fabric/plush bodies. Both dolls that I'm photographing are boys, but the doll that I don't have access to right now was a girl, and is pink. The darker colored doll has some marks drawn on its forehead that are not original.


Value of a RCA Victrola High Fidelity Player Cabinet - turntable and radio in cabinet

Value of a RCA Victrola High Fidelity Player Cabinet?I am looking for the value of this RCA Victor Victrola high fidelity record/radio player. It is in full working order and I would say good shape.


Value of a Regulator Wall Clock - wall clock with a pendulum

Value of a Regulator Wall Clock?I was wondering about the value of this Regulator wall clock.


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What Can I Make with These Ingredients?I have hash browns, onions, hamburger, green pepper, and eggs. What can I make with these ingredients?


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John Deere LT190 Won't Start?The plug electrical connector for my PTO on my John Deere lt190 came unplugged. I shut off the engine and when I reconnected the plug and got back on the machine it won't start. I turn on the ignition and the dash lights come on, but nothing happens.


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Resolving a Dispute with Apartment Manager?I am a disabled 60 year old woman. There was a fire in my apt. caused by the hot water heater. I just started over buying everything new. I had no insurance, but I feel that my personal belongings were just thrown around. Well I have been out for 6 months and all my furniture, rugs, and other items were left sitting in water from the water damage. What can I do legally?


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Murray Riding Mower Stops When Lowering the Deck?I hit a stump with my Murray Performance 21 hp 46 inch cut riding lawn mower. Now the tractor starts, but when I lower the deck to cut it shuts off. Any ideas as to what may have happened?


Value of a Homer Laughlin Large Serving Bowl - bowl with lovely rose pattern in middle

Value of a Homer Laughlin Large Serving Bowl?I am wanting to know the age or approximately the age and the value of a Homer Laughlin piece. It is one that you obviously would not use and it looks to have been hand-painted and has the crackle effect.


Value of a Circle of Friends Doll - large doll wearing a dark blue dress with lace at cuffs and hem

Value of a Circle of Friends Doll?I found this doll in a house I bought. I'm just wondering if it's worth anything, or should I just give it to a niece? It's a little under 3 feet tall.


Identifying Small Tan Balls in Furniture Box - balls under tape in  shipped furniture box

Identifying Small Tan Balls in Furniture Box?I ordered some furniture online and when I opened it up it had lots of these small tan balls, and I am curious if anyone knows what they are? Insect eggs? They remind me of coriander seeds, but they are perfectly round.


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Cause of Sudden Death of Rednose Pit Bull?Unfortunately 2 nights ago when I got home from work my heart broke when I found my dog dead in my backyard. I have no idea what has caused his death. He was a very lively and active rednose Pit Bull and was 7 and a half years old. He was stiff and cold when I found him and he appeared to be swollen around the stomach and rib area. I also noticed a small amount of blood coming from his mouth.


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Husqvarna YTH1542XP Mower Cranks But Won't Start?I have a YTH1542XP mower with a Kawasaki FH430V engine. I have cleaned the carb twice. The float bowl is getting gas. The engine cranks, but will not fire unless spray into carb. The carb is removed for disassembly each time. Now I see there is a fuel shutoff solenoid. Could that cause it not to start? Next step was to replace the carburetor if not the solenoid.


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Painting Each Room a Different Color?I am in the process of painting the interior of my house. I have chosen a lovely yellow for the hallway, and had originally planned to paint the living room and kitchen the same color. I am now rethinking this plan.


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Highlighting Hair at Home?Can I pull my hair thru a cap and use Revlon Colorsilk to highlight my hair?


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Agencies That Help After a House Fire?My sister had a house fire and lost everything. Where can she go for help? She has nothing.


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Repairing a Leaking Refrigerator Water Valve?I shut off the water valve behind the fridge due to a possible leak. Will my pipes possibly burst due to a pressure problem?


Dog Not Eating After Being Sick - small brown dog

Dog Not Eating After Being Sick?My dog's been very sick and throwing up badly for about a week. He's a small dog and he's better except now, I can not get him to eat anything at all. He's now only drinking water. He needs to eat. What can I do? How long do I have before he dies of malnutrition? I love my dog and he's only a year old. I do not want him dying.


Identifying Upholstered Chairs - upholstered chairs with wood trim

Identifying Upholstered Chairs?Can anyone help identify these chairs? I bought them at a garage sale and always get tons of compliments on them, but I know nothing about them. If there is a maker's mark, it has been covered by upholstery.


Repairing the Finish on a Table - finished removed on oak table by acetone

Repairing the Finish on a Table?I got acetone on my table and it striped off the finish and discolored it. How can I fix this?


Identifying Household Bugs - striped bug

Identifying Household Bugs?This bug is a little bigger than a grain of rice. It was on the wall in my house near a lamp.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - old style doll

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I found a porcelain doll that is 19" long and has an E.M. on the back. Can anyone tell me about it or when it was made and where? I know it is at least 25 years old.


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Name for a Traveling Companion Care Aide Business?I'm a companion care aide who travels from house to house. Please help me find a name for a traveling companion aide.


Value of a Soft Expressions Porcelain Doll

Value of a Soft Expressions Porcelain Doll?I have this 12 inch tall porcelain doll from Soft Expressions - Spring Victorian Collection. What is its current value?


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Village Wallpaper Border Pattern # 5801943 and Matching Wallpaper?I'm looking for Village Wallpaper Border pattern # 5801943 and matching wallpaper.


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14th Birthday Party Ideas?I like to plan ahead for things, including my birthday party. I am turning 14 in September and am trying to think of fun things to do with my friends. I live in northern Colorado, so finding things to do is somewhat difficult for me. I plan on inviting 4-6 people, but my parents don't want to spend any more than $150. Ideas, anybody?


Identifying the Maker of a Porcelain Doll - back of doll's head and neck

Identifying the Maker of a Porcelain Doll?Anyone know what doll maker this is?


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Identifying a Baby Doll from the 1950s?My sister and I each got a newborn looking baby doll in the early 1950s. They had rubber heads and limbs, cloth body, and came with a little sterilizer with bottles, brush, etc. The eyes did not open and close, the hair was molded, and they had the slight look of the Grace Putnam dolls, but they weren't.


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Getting Rid of Tiny Black Flying Insects?I have black flying insects they look like tiny gnats. There are 100s of them mainly in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room. My partner can't see them?What are they and how do I get rid of them?


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Value of a Rare 50 Pence Beatrix Potter Coin?I have a 50 pence piece. It's rare; it has a bunny on it from Beatrice Potter. I am trying to find out what's it really worth?


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Food Products Business Name Ideas?Padmasri is our brand name and and we are launching a food product division like masala products like MTR's powdered spices. Please suggest a fancy name starting with our brand name, Padmasri.


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Pfaff Sewing Machine Will Not Change Stitch Types?I am unable to get my Hobby 1020 to switch stitch types. Is this an easy fix or should I take to to a professional?


Value of a Granite State Reel Mower - looks like a reel edger/mower

Value of a Granite State Reel Mower?I have a antique push mower would like to know the value. It is a Granite State M.M CO mower.


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Kenmore Sewing Machine Not Stitching?I have a Kenmore 385, it runs, and moves material, but doesn't stitch. What can I do please?


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Homemade Food Business Name Ideas?I am looking to start making money on the side and maybe it will grow into something more. I'm wanting to sell foods like buffalo chicken dip, Butterfinger cake, so a mix of food types (salty and sweet), mainly like either game day type food or gatherings.


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Puppy Sick After Getting Shots?My 8 week Chihuahua just had her first round of shots. Two days later she has no energy, lethargy, and is trying to vomit and clear liquid came up but very little. It's like dry heaving. She finally had a bowel movement 24 hours later and it was solid. She finally took sips of water. She got ahold of some table food. What could the problem be?


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Computer Locked on the Windows Screen?My computer is locked up on the Windows screen. My son tried making himself the administrator and forgot the password to get past the Windows screen. Is there anything I can do to get past the Windows screen and set a new password?


Value of a Vintage Rattan Backed Couch - vintage couch with peach colored cushions

Value of a Vintage Rattan Backed Couch?I was wondering about the value of this rattan backed couch. I believe it is from the early 1960s. I'm not sure, but would love to find out the history and value.


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Getting Rid of Gnats?We are overrun by gnats every day.


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Crafting Ideas for Working With the Homeless?I work with a ministry that has a resource center for the homeless in our city. At this place, the homeless can get information on resources available to them, receive mail, get a snack, fellowship with each other, take part in art therapy, anger management, or other classes, etc. I was asked to do crafts with them once a month.


Value of Porcelain Dolls - Dolly Dingle doll

Value of Porcelain Dolls?I just came across two beautiful porcelain dolls that my mom currently owns and we're trying to find their value. If anyone could help me find out more info don't hesitate to leave a comment! The Bette porcelain doll is a musical doll. Her name is Maxine Twinkle and her music box plays "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star".


Is My Dog a Pit Bull? - dog lying on kitchen floor

Is My Dog a Pit Bull?We adopted Mars from the shelter and they had him down as a Boxer, but he has a Pit Bull face to me. He's almost 7 months old and still looks pretty small to me. Is he supposed to be this small? He's been to our vet, but we didn't think to ask. He's eating puppy food and eating well.


Dog Throwing Up After Getting Shots

Dog Throwing Up After Getting Shots?My Chi is almost 8 months had her DHPP & rabies shot 11 hours ago. She has gotten sick twice within this hour. Is this normal? She has never thrown up like this.


Identifying a Porcelain Doll - male doll wearing a plaid shirt and brown sweater

Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I came across this doll, but has no markings on it anywhere.


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Treating Feral Kittens With Severe Eye Discharge?I have been looking after a feral cat that has had 4 kittens. They're about 4-6 weeks old. 3 out of the 4 have severe eye discharge. The runt's eyes are completely crusted shut and it hasn't been eating much. Previous posts on the subject suggest Trifluridine which can be purchased from a vet without an examination. What's the best way to go about getting drops in and cleaning around their eyes?


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