October 1, 2019

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A pair of pink Converse high tops.

Bleaching Colored Converse Shoes?Bleaching colored fabric shoes often does not work as intended, especially if you are trying to remove all of the color. This page contains some ideas and tips regarding bleaching colored Converse shoes.


A free couch left on the curb.

Curb Shopping Tips and TricksSometimes you run across discarded items on the side of the street that may be useful for you. This page contains curb shopping tips and tricks.


Red and white dish towel folded to resemble an angel.

How to Make a Dish Towel AngelDish towel angels are fun and easy to make. They are nice to display in your kitchen or to give as gifts. Find projects offering variations of this craft on this page, along with supplies lists, instructions, and photos.


A man in a dirty shirt, checking the oil in his car's engine.

GoJo Hand Cleaner For StainsThere are many products on the market that are used for removing clothing stains. Additionally some commercial products can be successfully used for tasks other than their intended purpose. Some people have had success using GoJo hand cleaner for stains.


A vintage wooden dresser on display in a store.

Finding the Value of a Vintage Dresser?Finding the value of a a vintage dresser can depend on several things. Knowing the era and manufacturer definitely can help. Then the condition of the piece and its appeal will also play a part.


A business card holder being used as a cell phone stand.

DIY Cell Phone StandsYou can buy a cell phone stand at a retail shop or on-line, but if you get your creative mind engaged you can repurpose something your already have or make an inexpensive stand yourself. This page contains DIY cell phone stand ideas.


Fresh mint leaves, ready for preserving.

Freezing or Drying Mint Leaves?Fresh mint leaves can be preserved either by freezing or drying. Both methods work quite well for many herbs. Instructions for both methods are offered on this page.


Autumn Leaves Centerpiece - finished leaf bowl

Making an Autumn Leaves CenterpieceCreate a lovely autumn leaves centerpiece by molding faux leaves around a bowl and applying Mod Podge to hold them together. The instructions and photos of the steps can be found on this page.


A person handwashing dishes in the sink.

Adding Vinegar to Dish SoapAdding a bit of white vinegar to your dish water along with your regular dish soap will help cut grease and leave your glassware sparkling.


DIY Macrame Plant Hangers - pot hanging

DIY Macrame Plant HangersMacrame crafts come and go, but the plant hangers seem to retain their popularity. You can make these easy DIY plant hangers and save money over buying them retail. Detailed instructions follow.


A woman closing curtains in a large window.

Keeping Curtains ClosedIf curtains that won't stayed closed or breezes that cause them to flutter open bothers you, try using a clothespin or a clip of any sort to keep them closed.


A pan of turkey bacon cooked in the oven.

Cooking Turkey Bacon in the OvenAlthough turkey bacon is a lot less messy to cook than pork bacon, you can still save time and avoid any stovetop messes by preparing it in the oven. Learn how to easily and quickly cook turkey bacon in the oven.


Bread maker on a counter.

Finding a Manual for a WestBend Bread Machine?Manuals for our small appliances sometimes get lost or we purchase a used one without a manual. Finding a manual for such appliances may require a bit of online research. Links to online WestBend bread machine manuals and related tips can be found on this page.


A whole turkey breast being carved.

Turkey Breast RecipesIf you choose to prepare a turkey breast rather than the entire bird, there are a lot of great recipes to choose from. This page contains several delicious turkey breast recipes.


Cranberry Orange Marmalade in instant pot

Instant Pot Cranberry Orange MarmaladeMake a batch of delicious cranberry orange marmalade in a jiffy using your Instant Pot. Try the recipe found on this page and enjoy!


power cord

Replacement Power Cord for Back2Life Massager?When you want to find a replacement power cord for back2life massager, you may need to look online when the store it was purchased at is no longer in business. The company that made the machine may still be in operation.



Three balls of yarn that are in different containers to avoid tangling.

Crocheting with Three Strands of YarnI love to mix yarns for projects, but they can get tangled and who needs that? So, I found a flat basket from the Dollar Tree, and using three mushroom containers, I came up with this.


Halloween Hand Puppet - a witch and a vampire paper hand puppet

Halloween Hand PuppetLet's include this project in your Halloween party plans. Make hand puppets to enjoy during your family gathering as you celebrate Spooky night. These are not really that scary, but are fun to play with kids around.


A colander of herbs in a car window.

Quickly Dry Herbs in Your CarMy car sits in an open sunny spot and frequently is quite warm when I go to use it. Since I had lots of basil to dry, I thought I'd try to dry it in the car and it worked perfectly!


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Button SwapI collect and save buttons. I look for garments with pretty, or different buttons at yard sales and thrift stores, and buy them for the buttons, alone. I remove buttons from my worn clothing.


Fall/Halloween Candy Bouquet

Fall/Halloween Candy BouquetI just loved this craft when searching for crafts for the Fall Festival I am working on. This is the easiest craft I have ever made! And it is fun! Kids can certainly do this craft with ease. Watch and see. Everything for this craft was purchased at The Dollar Tree Store. It is my first place to shop.


Bradley (Persian) - very fluffy white Persian cat

Bradley (Persian)I got him 2 years ago from a breeder. I usually only get rescue animals, but Bradley was a special case. His breeder was trying to breed a specific color of Persian, white fur with silver tips. Bradley was a dud and the breeder obviously didn't like him. He kept him locked in a room by himself and wouldn't let him around the other kitties.


A spray bottle containing oil for cooking.

Making a Cheap Oil MisterI recently made some fried green tomatoes and needed an oil mister for an air fryer. Yes, they do need a little bit, especially for things with a batter. But the misters are out of my budget. So, I took a chance and got a Dollar Tree spray bottle.


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Quick "Baked" PotatoWant a quick baked potato? I use this when I am in a hurry. Take potato and wash. Dry, then put in microwave for 4 minutes. Press to see if cooked soft, (if not, then MW for about 2-3 mins more. then drop into a cup or bowl of cold water (skin will shrink) Let set for about 5 mins, then peel and mash. It will still be very hot inside, so use care.



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Value of a Signed and Highlighted Thomas Kinkade Print?I have a s/n canvas 18x36 of his Salt Lake City of Lights print, number 12/995. It is highlighted by a master highlighter, highlighted by Thomas Kinkade and hand signed on the back. We saw him sign it at an event in Salt Lake City in 2005 when the painting was released. It is framed.


Identifying a Flying Insect - side by side photos of what appears to be a yellowjacket next to a pen

Identifying a Flying Insect?My friend was inquiring about what type of insect this would be. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know what it could possibly be.


Identifying Porcelain Dolls - old man and old lady dolls

Identifying Porcelain Dolls?I just wanted to know if anyone can tell me what type of dolls I have. Their names, etc. Any info would be appreciated.


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Reprocessing Canned Pickled Beets?I canned pickled beets last week. I opened one today and they're slightly more crunchy than I like. They all sealed properly. Can I reprocess them to cook them a bit more? And if so, how would I do that?


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Finding the Name of an Old Horror Movie?I need the name of the scariest horror I have ever watched, and to make things worse I was a kid and watched it in a hospital. I remember a man in a black suit and hat walking up a path to a house (think he was the devil) chainsaws in a garage goin off, and I think someone was locked in the car.


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Removing Bag of Food Frozen to the Bottom of a Deep Freezer?I have a deep freezer. I need to pull out chicken, unfortunately, the chicken is frozen to the bottom of the deep freezer and also has bags of chicken frozen to the sides. When I pulled on the bag to get it out, I ripped the top of it off. I tried grabbing the chicken out of the bag, since there are bags frozen to the sides, this did not work. I tried a boiling hot rag.


Pomeranian Puppies' Hair Seems Too Short  Hair - tri-colored Pom on the carpet

Pomeranian Puppies' Hair Seems Too Short?I have a 5 month the old Pomeranian and a 6 month old Pomeranian and both have short hair. I have seen poms around the same age as mine and they have the long beautiful fur. They are both healthy.


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Cat Keeps Peeing in the Same Place?My family has 2 indoor/outdoor cats who are trained to use a litter box and are several years old. The younger of the two is a 6 year old cat that we found as a kitten and was mostly feral. She has been litter trained and used to go outside more often than she does now, however she has started to pee on towels that are specifically on the bathroom floor in one specific bathroom.


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Cause of Sudden Death in a Healthy Dog?We are devastated beyond belief at the sudden death of our 5 year old Shepherd wolf mix, Missy. She was fine in the morning, came to me for her usual pre breakfast pets, ate her breakfast, and went out the doggy door to play with our other dog. I got ready for work and went to get them inside and when she didn't come I found her lying on her side with her tongue hanging out.


Identifying an Old Chair - old chair with ornate back and perhaps originally had a caned seat

Identifying an Old Chair?I have been looking all over for this chair, but can't find any info on it. I am trying to figure out what era it came from. Hopefully you can give me some info.


Identifying a Yellow and Brown Bug - very out of focus photo of a small insect

Identifying a Yellow and Brown Bug?In the night, I found a weird looking bug. I found it on the desk, then I put it in my small magnet container. It looked like the size of the ladybug. It looks like a weird yellow and brown color at the back. I saw that it has wings, but it doesn't fly. My dad says "Maybe it's at its old age", I kind of agreed to that.


Value of a Cabbage Patch Doll - undressed red haired Cabbage Patch doll

Value of a Cabbage Patch Doll?I have the red haired green eyed girl with the green signature on her rear. The date is 1978, 1982. There are no clothes or box. She has a very clean soft body. Does it have any value?


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Naming My Online Paparazzi Jewelry Store?I am selling Paparazzi jewelry and accessories. I am trying to come up with a catchy name using my name which is Nell. It cannot have Paparazzi in the store name.


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Kenmore Machine Stops Sewing with Pedal Down?I have Sears Kenmore Sewing Machine Model 385. 1884180. How do I fix the speed control? It'll start sewing then it would stop when I still have the pedal down. This is the second pedal that I have bought for this sewing machine. I have oiled what needed oiling and it still doesn't work properly.


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Chipmunk Leaving Babies On Floor In My Home?I found four chipmunk babies inside of my home. One was left on my kitchen floor, washroom floor, hallway floor, and one was left in my master bedroom floor. This happen in a span of 4 days. It looks like they were left there on purpose. Any idea what is going on? Bad chipmunk parents? lol!!


Problems with Great Value K Cups - K cup

Problems with Great Value K Cups?I am having trouble with the Great Value 100% Arabica Donut Shop K cups as they are not letting the water flow through and causing a huge mess. I have tried 2 different machines both brand new. How can I contact them to resolve the problem. I have a whole box I can't use!


Identifying Flying Bugs

Identifying Flying Bugs?Bugs like the one in the photo just started coming around and I wanna know what they are and how to get rid of them? They are very annoying and are in almost every room.


Value of a Paradise Porcelain Doll - doll in stand, wearing a blue satin dress with lace trim

Value of a Paradise Porcelain Doll?This doll is like new, it has never been used for play, only as a display.


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McCormicks All Natural Greek Seasoning Copycat Recipe?Does anyone have the recipe for McCormick's All Natural Greek Seasoning?


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