February 12, 2020

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smashing tomatoes through colander

Making Homemade Tomato PasteWhen you have access to an abundance of fresh tomatoes either from your home garden or a market sale, try making your own tomato paste. The process is easy, but a bit time consuming. The resulting paste can be frozen or stored in the refrigerator for a several months. This page contains a detailed process for making your own tomato paste.


An industrial strength gift can.

Industrial Strength Gift CanGive large food cans new life by decorating them and using them for "wrapping" gifts. Their durability is perfect for protecting fragile gifts and they can easily be used for many years.


A hanging pocket shaped like a corner.

Corner PocketA wrapping paper covered corner from a gift box, becomes a storage container in this craft project. It is perfect for storing note cards, as well as, craft or hair supplies. The instructions follow.


A doll sitting on a chair made from Advair inhalers.

Advair Doll ChairWith some creative recycling, empty Advair inhalers can easily be converted into the perfect chairs for Barbie dolls, with a little bit of glue.


Tabbouli on plate

Making TabbouliTabouli is a Mediterranean salad made with bulgar wheat, finely chopped parsley, cucumber, and tomatoes. Mint leaves are often added. The dressing is traditionally olive oil and lemon juice. The addition of other veggies varies this recipe and makes it one you can play with for different occasions. Serve as a summer salad or side.


A decorative orb made form thumbtacks.

Thumbtack OrbDecorative balls make for an interesting centerpiece when grouped together in a large bowl or vase. Here is a neat ball that you can make with thumbtacks and a Styrofoam ball.


A flower vase made from a recycled jar.

Recycled Flower VaseTransform a clean pickle jar or other type of glass jar into a pretty vase to display real or faux flowers. The two layer sponge painting process produces very pleasing results. The supplies list and step by step instructions can be found on this page.


A taco made with chorizo and flour tortillas.

Spicy Chorizo TacosTraditional chorizo originated in Spain and Portugal and is a pork sausage seasoned with paprika. Some current versions are significantly more spicy than the original sausages. Use a spicy chorizo blend when making tacos instead of ground beef.


A pocket tag that says "love" with little hearts sticking out of the pocket.

Scrapbook Pocket TagThis fun to make pocketed tag is a great addition to your scrapbook. The step by step instructions follow. It could also be used as a gift tag.


A sink with a clogged drain.

Use Boiling Water With Liquid Plumbr GelAccording to the Liquid Plumbr web site the hot water is used to flush the drain after the clog has been cleared. Boiling water can be used with vinegar as an alternative method of unclogging a drain instead of chemical drain cleaners.


Vertical blinds hanging in a window.

Steam Cleaning Vertical Blinds?Steam cleaning is possible for many types of vertical blinds. This page contains some very specific points to consider before you attempt this cleaning process yourself.


Whipped Chocolate Truffle Candy Bars

Whipped Chocolate Truffle Candy BarsSimilar to a Three Musketeers bar, this delicious candy bar has a whipped chocolatey filling. They are easy to make, using only a few simple ingredients.


The finished luggage tag.

Fabric Luggage TagThe tutorial found on this page makes it easy to create your own fabric luggage tags in a variety of colors and prints.


decorated plastic bottles

Making Recycled BottheadsEmpty pop and water bottles can be turned into fun characters or even crazy piggy banks. These are a great way to use up leftover craft supplies and recycle at the same time.


A plastic holder for soda bottles.

Craft Project Ideas Using Soda Bottle Holders?Recycled crafts are an excellent way to reuse items and packaging that might otherwise find their way into the landfill. These plastic soda bottle holders are and example of such a product. If you have some, read on for some ideas for craft and storage uses.


A close up of two wine glasses in a window filled with colored water

Decorating with Colored WaterColored water added to glasses, vases, and bottles makes for a beautiful bit of decor. Use it to accent your home or as a centerpiece for a wedding or party.


A flower growing through the fence.

From Freezer's Floor to Garden's DoorTransform wooden freezer floor grates into an integral part of your garden. They make excellent fencing and trellises. Learn how with this step by step tutorial.


Card, tag, and gift bag.

Making a Flower Gift Card SetMake your own gift card set, including a bag, tag, and card. This one was made using purple cardstock, patterned paper, flower stickers, and ribbons. The complete supplies list and instructions follow.


Bratwurst sausages on a grill.

Recipes Using BratwurstThese German style sausages are typically made from beef, veal, or pork, with pork being the most common ingredient. They are delicious grilled, pan fried, baked, or included in a cabbage stew. Sauerkraut is an excellent addition to a brat sandwich or casserole. Try one of the recipes found below.


clouds with sauce

Making Meatball CloudsPackaged biscuits stuffed with meatballs, chopped string cheese, and garlic powder and then baked are a delicious snack. Offer a side of tomato or other sauce for dipping. Let the party begin.


A handmade pink card that resembles a purse.

Making a Daisy Purse CardUse floral paper to make this cute little greeting card in the shape of a purse. The instructions can be found below.


A cultured marble sink with gold fixtures.

Repairing a Cultured Marble SinkDepending on the level of the damage to your cultured marble sink, such as cracks, there may be some methods you can try. Checking with a home improvement store is a good place to start. This page contains some suggestions for the do-it-yourselfer.


An upcycled table with a wooden top.

Upcycled Storage TableThe frame from a broken glass topped table can be fitted with a wooden lower shelf and top for its second run. This page offers instructions for salvaging an old table and adding some storage space.


A potato cut in half with potato flakes on the table surface.

Recipes Using Instant PotatoesInstant mashed potatoes don't always appeal to everyone when cooked per their directions. They can however to dressed up or used in other ways, such as in breading, as a thickener, or in recipes such as the potato onion puffs included on this page.


A dress made from a metallic mesh fabric.

How to Sew Metallic Mesh?Metallic mesh fabric presents a unique issue when deciding how to make sewn items with it. This page offers some very helpful tips for working with metallic mesh fabric.


A pot of peanut stew.

Making Peanut StewThis simple chicken stew is given a unique flavor from the addition of peanut butter. With a few simple ingredients and your own blend of seasonings, you can customize this to your liking.


Two decorated door hangers.

Making a Door HangerDoor hangers are a quick and easy way to decorate for almost any occasion. You can customize them for any holiday and to your own decorating style.


Scarecrows made with toddler clothing and balloon heads.

Making Mini ScarecrowsStuff toddler clothing with newspaper or other stuffing material and add balloon heads to make these fun mini scarecrows. Kids will love creating this project. It is perfect for after school programs or daycare centers.



baked Beef and Spinach Lasagna

Beef and Spinach LasagnaLasagna is one of my favorite foods to eat. It is perfect to make when you have a busy week ahead. You can refrigerate cooked lasagna for up to 5 days, and it is easy to re-heat.


baked German Hot Pockets

Krautburgers (German Hot Pocket)I grew up in northern Colorado among many people of German descent. This was a popular dish served at my school cafeteria. Krautburgers are a traditional food eaten by people of German Russian descent. Germans who had emigrated to Russia from Germany and then, at the turn of the 20th century, emigrated to Colorado's sugar beet fields are the inventors of this German "hot pocket." Working hard all day in the fields meant lunch was eaten on the job, and the humble Krautburger wrapped up all the necessary food groups to keep a worker on his or her feet. It has become a family favorite!



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Schedule Home Maintenance Using Electronic CalendarWe all have things in our homes that require maintenance. Keep on top of things by scheduling periodic tasks on your phone (or laptop/tablet) electronic calendar. Most have a repeat feature, so setup is easy.


A tall slender round tip with a picture of a ginger cat on the front.

Start Your Financial Year Off RightI am 65 and on SSD. That means money is always tight. Hence the name Poor But Proud. Most of you know me on here and if you think of my tips, they are all based on saving money.


Ground beef, spices and chopped onion.

Prep Ground Beef for Quick MealsI mixed some of my favorite spices into a 2 lb. package of ground beef and formed it into one big meat patty that I then cut into equal sized 1/4 lb. meatballs. Then I froze them separated and bagged them up once they are totally frozen and won't stick to each other. You can freeze them on the Styrofoam tray they were sold in if you want.


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Finding My SisterAfter the death of my dad, my mother invited me over for dinner, it was then she told me the story of how I was adopted and how they couldn't adopt my sister too because they had only planned to have one child, so they left my sister behind.


Transform any Vase into a One with a Valentine's Theme - clear bottle and red vase decorated with paper doily hearts

Transforming a Vase for Valentine's DayHere is an easy and inexpensive hack you could do to transform your vases into Valentine's themed ones "temporarily". You don't have to pay the high price of Valentine's Day decorated vases. After the season, you can still resume using your vases for any occasion!


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Help for Biting BugsPeople, even firewood sitting in a garage can contaminate furniture with microscopic mites - I believe they're everywhere in the outdoors. I got a loveseat from my sister and slept on it, the next morning woke up and had been slimed, covered heat to toe with - nothing I could see, but boy could I feel them.


Chopped vegetables in small glass bowls.

Prep Vegetables and Store in FridgeI hear that much our the fresh produce that people buy goes bad before they ever eat it! What a waste of resources and money!


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Cooking for OneI live alone, after having raised a family and losing my husband, so I am used to cooking for more than one. Also, a couple years ago I decided to give up processed foods, such as frozen dinners and convenience foods, as I am not a big fan of additives and preservatives. Plus, those foods are expensive for what you get. Most frozen meals are tiny and leave you looking for more.



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Making Banana Bread in a GT Xpress 101 Cooker?Can I make banana bread in my GT XPRESS 101 cooker?


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Removing Bleach Smell from a House?I was mopping and spilled some bleach. Now my entire house smells of bleach and I need to know how to remove this smell from all rooms of my house?


Value and Information on a Vintage Bassett Desk - 9 drawer desk

Value and Information on a Vintage Bassett Desk?I found this beautiful vintage Bassett desk and a vintage chair by B.L. Marble. I have already sent more pictures of the chair to a museum in Ohio who is working on that, but I'm curious if anyone could tell me anything about the desk?


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Dog Pees and Poops in the House?My Jack Russell (10) keeps on urinating and pooing in the house, in spite of the door being open all the time. I got her two years ago and was told she is house trained, but obviously that is not the case. One of the carpets is so stained, I can not get it clean.


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Smith Corona Wordsmith Only Displays Exclamation Marks?My Smith Corona Wordsmith 250 LCD display will only show exclamation marks. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Cleaning Brass - dog bookends

Cleaning Brass?I bought these bookends at a thrift store and want to know if anyone can tell me how to clean them. The tarnished area is a gray/green color and feels gritty. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Dating a Homer Laughlin Deep Plate - white hotel ware

Dating a Homer Laughlin Deep Plate?I have this one piece that has no letter or number associated with the potters mark. The glazing is still intact, so I don't believe it was washed or worn off. I'm having a heck of a time figuring out it's age or if it's even an actual plate and not a shallow bowl. Its dimensions are: 9 3/4 x 1 1/4 inches. The outer rim is about 1 3/4" wide.


Identifying Small Brown Bugs - hand holding a small brown bug

Identifying Small Brown Bugs?I found it crawling on my arm, then again across a pillow. It crawls really fast.


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