May 5, 2020

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Two bags of groceries delivered on the front porch of a house.

Shopping During Coronavirus QuarantineThe Covid-19 pandemic has caused shortages on certain items; medical supplies, cleaning supplies, groceries and toilet paper. Some stores are requiring social distancing, masks or are even closed during the crisis. Here are tips to help you reduce your risk while still getting essential supplies.


An older woman calling for help on a bill.

Mention Coronavirus When Asking For HelpThere are many programs available to help with financial issues related to COVID-19. When asking for assistance for your bills, be sure to mention the coronavirus to be sure you are eligible.


Gender Reveal Surprise in a Box - outside of the box tied shut with cord

Making a Gender Reveal Surprise in a BoxIf you know the gender of a friend or family member's baby, you can use the project below to make a cute gender reveal gift. Let us show you how.


Hot Glue Necklace - thread elastic cord through the loop on the pendant, done

Making a Hot Glue NecklaceThis cute glittery hot glue pendant was made by a child for his younger sister. It is an easy project that may require some adult supervision. The supplies list and steps follow.


An African violet leaf with new sprouts coming up.

Propagating African Violets from Leaf CuttingsAfrican violets are relatively easy to propagate from a leaf cutting. Follow the steps defined below and start new plants now.


Egg Carton Magic Mushrooms - repeat making as many as you like

Making Egg Carton Magic MushroomsMushrooms are a favorite art and crafts theme. These cuties are made from a paper egg carton. Find out how below.


A cedar hope chest.

Value of a Cedar Hope ChestThe popularity of cedar chests comes and goes. As a result they are often passed down to younger family members or offered for sale. Determining their value can help you decide whether to sell, refinish, or cherish.


Gender Reveal Door Sign - finished hanging

Making a Gender Reveal Door SignThis project will help you make this cute decoration for a gender reveal party. The sign is easy to assemble using inexpensive supplies.


Broken Tree Branch Tea Light Holder - tree branch with 4 spaces

Broken Tree Branch Tea Light HolderUsing a speedbor bit on a fallen branch you can make a tea light holder for your table or fireplace. The project below will show you how.


A grey cat sitting on someone's lap.

Graycie (Russian Blue Mix)Meet Gracie! She is an adorable gray cat with some Russian Blue ancestry and a penchant for high places.


Tea with limes and ginger.

Making Lime Ginger TeaTake fresh limes and ginger root to make this soothing tea. It's perfect to help with cold and flu symptoms. It can be served hot or cold.


Colored Paper Triangle Wall Decor

Making Colored Paper Triangle Wall DecorSome fishing line, colored paper, and Scotch tape are all that you need to create these fun hanging triangles. Hang on the wall, in a doorway or window and enjoy!


A watercolor wash of purple and peach.

Watercolor Art IdeasLooking to give watercolors a try. This page offers several tips, techniques, and projects to help you get started.


New Retaining Wall and Early Plantings - stacked wall above the original poured wall

Building a Retaining WallAdding a retaining wall to a steeply sloping yard can not only make landscaping easier, but also increase the plantable garden space. Here are some photos of the new stacked retaining wall and early plantings.


Sun Goddess Headdress - paint the reverse side and allow to dry

Making a Sun Goddess HeaddressThis sun goddess headdress is quite easy to make. You will need a headband, zip ties, and gold paint. It is perfect for Halloween or any occasion calling for a costume.


An imported sewing machine.

Identifying an Imported Sewing Machine?Imported sewing machines may be difficult to identify as to manufacturer, etc. Some advice for conducting research in this area follows.


Standing CD Picture Frame - frame with blue paper heart in photo space

Making a Standing CD Picture FrameCreate a unique picture frame from an old advertising or damaged CD. You will want to choose a piece of decorative paper or kraft paper to cover it and then get down to adding the embellishments. Binder clips allow it to stand. The project included on this page can help get you started.


Paper Bowl Sunflower

Making a Paper Bowl SunflowerThis fun wall decor project is easily done with your children. A painted paper bowl has paper petals attached. The center can have sunflower seeds glued in place to finish the theme. The instructions and photos can be seen below.



dipped Doughnuts

Coroughnuts (Corona Doughnuts)I was thinking of making doughnuts formed like corona virus to make our snack time fun. It was actually an experiment but surprisingly, it turned out really good and my boys loved it. I named it coroughnuts.


Sour Gummy Brownie on plate

Sour Gummy BrowniesI decided to make sour gummy brownies because my sour gummy cookies were such a hit. This ended up disappearing from the kitchen way faster than the cookies. The texture of the gummy candy turns into some kind of luxurious heaven when baked in the gooey chocolate brownies. The rainbow cuteness on top is also very pleasing to the eye. We love these!


Easy Stuffed Green Peppers

Easy Stuffed Green PeppersThese days with the stores not carrying every product we need to cook with, we have to improvise with items we have in the house. So these stuffed peppers came out better than my original, and I had to use box mixes and canned products!


Easy Beef and Broccoli on rice in bowl

Easy Beef and BroccoliWe wanted Chinese food but didn't have too many ingredients on hand. I was able to make this beef and broccoli dish with what I could find in the fridge. It was really good!



Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak - tall poison ivy plant

Beware of Poison Ivy and Poison OakI learned something new. My daughter and I took a stroll on a farm path down by the woods. As we were walking, I noticed a tree that had a limb, about head high, that was filled with pretty leaves with small white clusters of flowers.


Simple Paint Chip Mother's Day Cards - two different styles of Mother's Day cards

Simple Paint Chip Mother's Day CardsHere is a simple tutorial on how you could use sample paint chips (that you may have from previous painting projects) and incorporate them into Mother's Day cards. Here are 2 cards I made - one for my mother and one for my mother-in-law.


Making an Emoji Cup Toy - collage of 5 different emoji faces labeled: smile, wow, angry, sad, and love

Making an Emoji Cup ToyIt's not that bad staying at home as long as we have plenty of fun things to do. It even helps strengthen our bonds with family members. And since I have kids at home, most activities are more kid friendly.



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Value of Franklin Mint 13 Colonies Dolls?I have the complete set of Franklin Mint 13 colonies dolls with 4 still on their boxes and still in original wrapping. All still have their tags on and all still in Alaric wrap.


Value of Conant Ball Side Tables - two matching stepped end tables

Value of Conant Ball Side Tables?I am just wondering what these might be worth. I would also appreciate any other information on them (age/place of manufacture/designer, etc.) and where is the best to sell them. We are in Australia.


What Kind of Husky Do I Have? - montage photos of light brown and white Husky

What Kind of Husky Do I Have?I just got her a week ago; she is 6 months old. The previous owner said she was a Husky, but wasn't sure.


Identifying an Insect Egg - small round orange objects

Identifying an Insect Egg?Is this an insect egg? It is small and hard if tried to break it. I found two of these in my carpet. I find some of these at times in different spots around my room.


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Breadman TR 444 Stops Mid Process?My Breadman Tr444 works most of the time OK. But it seems to be shutting down mid processing more often. It goes thru kneading and then just stops. The panel just displays as if it was preselection. There is no heat error message.


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Removing Permanent Marker from an Inflatable Bounce Castle?A five year old wrote on the back of my inflatable castle with permanent marker. We have tried alcohol, peroxide, bug spray, grease lightning, everything that we could think of. What is the best, but cheap way to get it off? Any suggestions help.


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New Kitten Trying to Nurse on Older Cat?I have a 1 year old cat who's never been a mother. She also isn't fixed and I just recently got a kitten from somebody online. The kitten is almost 3 months old. She's also not fixed and today she tried nursing on my older cat. My older cat's reaction was giving the kitten a light bite on the top of her ear which scared the kitten.


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Coloring Hair After Lightening?I just lightened my hair, it's white, light blonde, a touch of yellow with a small amount of orange. I want to put pastel blue on it now. I've already put a toner in. How long do I have to wait?


Value of an Ornate Wooden Chair - ornate wooden chair with embossed metal inserts and buttons

Value of an Ornate Wooden Chair?I received this chair as a gift some time ago and I always though it's very special. It's very heavy, solid wood, and metal or iron.


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Name Ideas a Bath Scrub and Body Products Business?I am trying to incorporate "Hot Spots" into the name for my bath and body business. I am making sugar and salt scrubs and will be venturing out to lotions, butter, etc. It will be a fun name, but need help with motto/logo using Hot Spots.


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