May 7, 2020

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A piece of bread in a pot of mushy rice.

Fixing Mushy Rice with BreadIf you have ever had the rice in your cooker come out mushy or soupy then this quick and easy fix is for you. You will need a piece of bread and the tip below.


Spilling Wheelbarrow Garden Planter - rock lined narrow planter with a tipped yellow wheelbarrow cascading soil and coleus into the coleus planted bed

Spilling Wheelbarrow Garden PlanterSpilling wheelbarrow yard decor and planters are quite popular. The attached photo shows one example of this landscape project using coleus.


Construction Themed Birthday Cake

Construction Themed Birthday CakeEven if you local bakery does not typically decorate a cake to match up with your child's chosen birthday theme you might be able to special order what you want; it doesn't have to be too intricate. The construction themed cake spotlighted on this page was decorated at a local supermarket bakery based on very detailed instructions for the look desired. You can then add additional embellishments to complete the concept.


A potted fern on a white background.

Growing FernsThere are numerous varieties of ferns, each have its own growing requirements. Identifying your fern is the first step. Then you can provide the right growing medium, exposure, and planting site. Some will only do well as indoor plants others are more hardy, depending on their native climate conditions and can be planted outdoors or rotated in and out depending on season.


Bags of vegetables in the freezer.

Using Frozen VegetablesMany vegetables can be frozen for future use. Often freezing will change the texture of the veggie, even if it is blanched, resulting in choosing other uses for them than those favored if served fresh. Some such as peas, beans, and corn whether freezing better than squash, as an example.


Rose Stems Started Sprouting in My Vase - cut roses starting to sprout in a vase

Rose Stems Started Sprouting?Roses can be grown from cuttings. That being said it is possible for the beautiful roses in your vase to begin to sprout and grow new leaves. If you would like to start plants for your garden this page provides some helpful tips.


Nine Layer No Sew Face Mask

Nine Layer No Sew Face MaskThe folding is the key to creating this no-sew fabric mask. The steps are fully explained and illustrated below.


Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot Sign - garland hanging on the front of and empty crate

Felt Carrot Garland and Paper Carrot SignThis project was designed to decorate for a co-worker who routinely brought a pet rabbit to work. The cute felt carrots can also be used in other projects. Let us show you how to make the carrots and the paper sign advising when the bunny had remained at home.


A container of frozen tomato sauce.

Freezing Tomato SauceExtra tomato sauce can easily be frozen for later use. Popular methods include freezing it in ice cube trays or plastic zipper storage bags.


Mail Wedged in the Letterbox - wads of mail

Mail Wedged in the Letterbox?The solutions to this rather unique mailbox issue are discussed below. Hopefully you never need to deal with a similar concern.


Kids DIY Cardboard Lantern - finished lantern

Kids DIY Cardboard LanternTransform a compact tissue box into a kids' cardboard lantern. The project uses inexpensive supplies you might already have. Once compete add a small flashlight or LED tea candle and it is ready to hang.


Value of a Vintage Silvertone Recorder

Value of a Vintage Silvertone Recorder?This vintage Silverstone record player and recorder combination was likely sold by Sears. Establishing a value will be dependent on condition of the exterior and whether it still works. On-line research, including sites that offer this type of item for sale will help in you task.


A couple irritated with each other.

Relationship AdviceYou need to be honest with yourself and take a good look at what you really want in your relationships with others. Good communication and respect go a long way for developing a healthy relationship.


A selection of translucent curtains.

Using Curtains as TableclothsCurtains can be a great inexpensive substitute for more expensive tablecloths. They can frequently be found on sale and may not require a lot of altering for a one time use.


A woman with foundation on her hand.

Thinning Foundation Make-up?Over time liquid foundation make-up can thicken. It may be possible to thin it down a bit and make it more easy to apply. This page contains some suggestions for thinning your foundation.


baked Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Banana Oatmeal MuffinsMake these delicious healthier muffins using ripe bananas and rolled oats. Dried fruit or seeds can add flavor and texture. You can make them more of a snack by adding chocolate chips.



bowl of soup broth

Free Leftover SoupEven before the quarantine, I have always had two bags in my freezer; one for vegetable scraps and the other for bones. When the bags are full, it is time to make soup.


Buttermilk Muffin on plate

Buttermilk MuffinsI found this in a very old Southern cookbook because I had some leftover buttermilk from another project. They are really delicious and soft and rise very well. I highly recommend this recipe.


baked Crispy Stuffed Mushrooms on plate

Crispy Stuffed MushroomsUsing crushed saltine crackers in the mix of your stuffed mushrooms makes for a lovely crispy bite. You can use any types of veggies to stuff your mushrooms with. I used baby potatoes and sun dried tomatoes, along with the stems of the mushrooms themselves.


Egg Filled Tuna Croquettes on plate

Egg Filled Tuna CroquettesPotatoes and tuna - these are just two of the many foods that my eldest son loves to have on his plate. Today I tried another recipe and luckily, he liked it so much that he wanted me to make more.



A woman relaxing with head and legs raised.

Coping Skills with Depression and AnxietyA few years ago, I needed help with coping with depression and anxiety. I went to classes to learn. I don't usually tell people this, but it helped me learn so much. It helped me then and it is helping me greatly now! A lot!



An older sewing machine.

Machine Only Sews Forward When Pushing Reverse Button?I bought a vintage Japanese badged Singer zigzag machine. It sewed beautifully, but I couldn't get it in reverse. So I removed the stitch regulator button as this is part of it, to see if the reverse button was frozen. When I put it back together, now it won't sew forward unless I hold the reverse button. The feed dogs don't move unless I hold it in.


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Sanyo Bread Maker Doesn't Start?At this time of COVID, I decided to get out my Sanyo bread maker. It had not been used for several years. I put all the ingredients in pan and clicked it in place. The numbers lit up once it was plugged in. I pressed my bread number and start, but nothing happens. The time shows in the lighted window, but no action.


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Removing Dark Wax Stains on Light Coloured Clothing?I got dark green wax on a blue, purple, and neon yellow hoodie. The worst of it is on the neon yellow and I have no clue how to fix it. I scraped the wax off and blotted the remaining wax out, but there's very large stains of the green colour still. I tried OxiClean and a baking one - Dawn - peroxide mix, but it didn't eliminate the stains. Is there a way to fix it?


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Finding Parts for a New Home sx2122 Sewing Machine?I have a New Home sx2122 sewing machine. Can anyone help me find out when it was manufactured? I have had it since it was new, but I've had it that long and I can't put a date on it. Also are parts still available for my beloved machine?


Tension Issues with a Kenmore Sewing Machine - underside of fabric with loopy stitches

Tension Issues with a Kenmore Sewing Machine?Bought a Kenmore 385.16324 sewing machine new 16 yrs ago. It has been a work horse. I use it all the time. The tension is now a problem, see photos: #1 is top and #2 is bottom. I have cleaned the bobbin case, feed dogs, replaced the needle, rethreaded it numerous times, and worked on tension settings after each sample row. I am still getting the weird stitches on the back side.


Identifying a Lump on Dog's Leg - large lump on dog's inner right front leg

Identifying a Lump on Dog's Leg?My dog has had this since we got him and he is now 9, however it has only started to grow to this size in the last year. He doesn't appear to be in pain and doesn't take much notice of it either. I have booked an appointment at the vet's, however I would like to hear your opinions on what this might be as it is very concerning.


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