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September 10, 2007

eBay LogoJust a word of advice: I see a lot of articles and feedback on many thrifty websites suggesting that a great way to make extra money is to sell on Ebay. PLEASE PLEASE be careful that you are actually MAKING money in the long run! I have sold and bought off Ebay for quite a while now and there are times when the cost of driving to the post office, or the packing materials, or even the time involved in listing an item negates the earnings.


And PLEASE watch out for Ebay's fees. They can mount quickly and then you discover that after selling a ton and cheering for your windfall, half of it goes right back out the door to Ebay. I think Ebay is a great sales tool but some things are really better sold on craigslist (no fees), private chat boards (like Diaperswappers for us cloth diapering moms) or at a yard sale. By all means, use Ebay but please be careful.

Victoria from Carpentersville, IL

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Kelly Ann Butterbaugh
August 11, 2006

An avid fan of eBay, I often wondered about the opportunity that eBay stores offer. For those who are new to eBay, a store is just like what it sounds. Rather than post random items on the site for sale, one opens a "store" and posts all the items there.


January 13, 2006

Let us know if you have ever sold items on Ebay. Also, feel free to share you ebay selling tips.


July 3, 2007

July and August is the time to get your things ready to sell on Ebay. Ebay shoppers shop during these two months for school clothes and they might purchase some things for Christmas too!


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November 11, 2005

I am interested in selling Gymboree Clothing on Ebay. Does anybody know where I can find out free information for buying the clothing wholesale? Everywhere I seem to look, it costs money for an e-book download. Also, can anybody tell me where I can find out the "lines" that Gymboree has sold over the years. Same as above, everywhere I look, it costs money to subscribe. Thanks in advance :-)

Julie C. from Park River, ND


By Cathy (Guest Post)
December 10, 20050 found this helpful

Try for line identification that is free!

By Nancy (Guest Post)
December 18, 20050 found this helpful

Hi Julie, I was trying to find the same info. If you find out anything, can you share with me as I will do the same for you.

By Julie (Guest Post)
December 19, 20050 found this helpful

I will certainly post any updates I hear...Thanks!

By sumi (Guest Post)
May 18, 20060 found this helpful

Yes is the ultimate source for line id! the older lines they do not have listed but dont sell well anyway. when i was in sacramento california (not anymore and missing gymbo) they sold gymbo at ROSS. The lines would show up after about a year. Prices as follows: Dresses 9.99 pants 6.99 tops/shorts 4.99 accessories .99 i never found any outerwear but sweaters were 7.99. they allow for returns in 60 days i believe. No ross here :( and i have never found it at marshals :( They have outlets, but no new lines there, i hear they are remaking the old ones there.


i have never been to one though. The actual stores do clearance but not the greatest deal unless you start getting into gymbucks. (i never have) subscribe on the gymboree website to the newsletter. they give coupon codes, you can get some good buys that way. Be aware though that gymboree stores and online do limit quantities of same items... to help deter reselling. i have yet to find an authentic wholesale source for it. i wish i could too but i hope this info helps someone out there!


Gold Feedback Medal for All Time! 696 Feedbacks
May 31, 20060 found this helpful

I have always wondered where some of the sellers of new gymbo items on ebay get their merchandise but have decided that they are probably Gymboree employees!

By (Guest Post)
December 26, 20070 found this helpful

Gymboree told me that they are cracking down on people who are selling their clothing online. It is something they do not allow.

By SUSAN (Guest Post)
January 25, 20080 found this helpful

Selling all my brand new children's clothing. I have every brand you can think of . A lot of gymboree, osh gosh b'gosh, carters, youngland, seseme street and many many other brands. Please contact me if interested. You can check out my lines of stuff and my whole store of stuff that I have on ebay my store name is "babes-boys-n-toys" I have a lot more than I have listed on my store.


I do not have time to get it all listed due to my bad health and the reason why I'm trying to sell it all. Please contact me at babysnus AT

February 5, 20080 found this helpful

What ever you do, don't buy from people in wholesale forums. It is very dangerous. Here is a video to watch:

Here is an article to read:

By Tiffany P. (Guest Post)
April 6, 20080 found this helpful

I LOVE Gymbo Clothes. I only buy mine online. Lately, I have been buying them on Mommy Auctions, but I used to get them on ebay.

By tash (Guest Post)
July 23, 20080 found this helpful

Another gymbo addict here! Love it! Here's another great resource for finding new and older gymboree lines:

October 16, 20080 found this helpful

There is no gymboree wholesaler. E bay sellers buy items on clearance at the stores and online ( and use gymbucks) and resell it. It is against Gymboree policy for employess to sell clothes they buy, on Ebay.


if you want more advice GOOGLE selling clothes on E bay, or go to ebay and search articles. They are now selling kits on how to sell on Ebay but, you can research good info yourself on the web.

By freebiemom (Guest Post)
January 14, 20090 found this helpful

I sell gymbo on ebay and here's how I do it: only shop at your local gymbo store when they are offering that you earn gymbucks. Go to the CLEARANCE rack. Purchase mainly girls clothing in sizes 2T-6, these are the most profitable. List them at 30% of the retail value as start bid and 60% retail value as buy it now. Then when you are eligible to use the gymbucks, shop again, on the clearance rack. Same pricing strategy as above. Hope this helps! :)

By Kristi (Guest Post)
February 12, 20090 found this helpful

There is no such thing as gymbo wholesalers. As previous people mentioned most seller purchase past season clothing w/ coupons or with gymbucks. I sell all different brands of children's clothing on ebay

By Michelle (Guest Post)
February 28, 20090 found this helpful

I found this site , it tells you what people are doing on ebay and how she is doing it. I have learned a lot from her and its 100% FREE I cant believe it. It's not an ebook or a download its just her blog.



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Bronze Post Medal for All Time! 109 Posts
March 27, 2013

I have about 10 gift cards that I am going to be selling on eBay. I have the value of each card and I will list that in the auction. How do I know that the person who buys it from me wouldn't come back and say that the amount stated in the auction is different on the card. In other words, they could easily say I gave them the wrong amount.


By Cindy


March 28, 20130 found this helpful

It would be a bit of trouble (but worth it to avoid trouble), but you can go to each of the gift card 'stores or shops' and get a print-out of what is on the card. Make them a copy and mail with the card and keep a copy (you keep original.) Also keep your receipts for mailing, a good many buyers claim "never got it".


(I have sold on ebay many years.)

March 29, 20130 found this helpful

Most of the stores have websites or 800 numbers that you can go to or call to access the amount left on your gift cards. It will take a little time, but it will be well worth it. Good luck!

March 31, 20130 found this helpful

Why dont you give them as gifts to friends or to senior citizens. I mean lots of senior citizens live on a strict budget and would probably like to get a card to use somewhere. You could also volunteer to take them to that store. I am like you people could say you said there was more on it, personally I would not go to all that trouble for gift cards especially when there are people around you that could use it. Ask around!


Silver Feedback Medal for All Time! 270 Feedbacks
April 1, 20130 found this helpful

A few of the suggestions I also had. You can't expect alot from ebay buyers. Maybe 75% at best. As suggested, use them as gifts. Donate to a silent auction for charity. Get tax credit.

Instead of gifts for long distanced relatives, I do gift cards that are good in their area. For kids, I ask parents if such and such is good. All kids like their own fast food card I have found. Easter bunnies and Halloween ghosts sending them in the grandchildren have not figured that out yet.

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July 27, 2015

I only have a very few items to sell, but would like to sell them on eBay. Do I need to have a web site and a store to do this?

I do not want to go that far just sell a few individual items. Can someone help me with this?


Gold Post Medal for All Time! 969 Posts
July 28, 20151 found this helpful

No. Anyone can sell on eBay without the bells and whistles. As long as you have an email address and it's good to have a paypal account, you can sell. Keep in mind though that sometimes, Craigslist is easier. You get cash, it's local and if the photo is good, usually sells quicker. Be careful however...if you have smaller things that can be moved quickly you should meet people in a public place. Good luck!


Bronze Post Medal for All Time! 114 Posts
October 1, 20151 found this helpful

If your items are collectibles I would recommend ebay to have a large amount of viewers/auction bidders. You can also put a Buy it Now option for your desired price. Remember there are possible fees for listing, selling, and shipping. Craigslist has zero fees. It all depends on what you are selling. You don't need a store but I would recommend you get a good Feedback score first by buying something. That way you will be trusted as a seller to potential buyers. Good luck ! :)

August 30, 20170 found this helpful

Anyone can make a free ebay account and get a certain number of free listings a month. Try that than sometimes they have special promotional deals and you'll get more free listings for a certain time. After that if you need more listings you sign up for a ebay store, 3 different levels, that you pay for. You don't need your own website.

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October 13, 2009

I keep hearing that if you want to sell successfully, you need to find your "niche" on what to sell on eBay. For those of you that do sell on eBay, how did you find your niche? I'm trying to sell and I seem to be floundering. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

By karen from Charleston, SC


October 13, 20090 found this helpful

Forget Ebay or at least give Craig's list a try and sell local. I've successfully sold a mountain bike, a bunch of Legos sets, and a set of golf clubs. Each time I met the potential buyer at a business parking lot and never got turned down (or even asked to lower my price.)


Gold Post Medal for All Time! 846 Posts
October 15, 20090 found this helpful

Unless you're wanting to be a serious seller with money to burn then forget eBay! You have to pay complicated fees to post up front and if the item doesn't sell you're out that money and you'll have to pay to post it again if you really even want to post it again. It could cost you a lot of money to find your niche in the first place and there's no set formula to find a niche. Sorry, just being realistic.

Yes, try Craigslist but be careful and meet during normal business hours in a very public place to sell your items if someone is interested.

September 28, 20100 found this helpful

I can't really help with finding your niche. You may find it very difficult to find something unique anyway, but it can help if you have a hobby that produces sale-able items. Otherwise, I don't know. I would advise you against electronics if you're just starting out. Have you ever tried to find something on eBay that you expected to be there and wasn't? If so, look into that, see if there's a demand. Then see if you can track down a wholesale outlet that can supply you with it.

(For research into what's generally available, you could look at, sorry about the huge URL. Then if not, you can look at specialist suppliers.)

And for general advice, as other people have said, make sure your returns policy is rock solid and very clearly visible. Don't try to make money on the postage, work out a business model and take it seriously. If you view it as a hobby, it's unlikely to go anywhere.

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August 18, 2009

As the only child of only children, all the family heirlooms have passed down to me, and I'm buried. I want to list items on eBay, but I'm concerned about knowing the value of an item before I set a starting bid or reserve for any of it.

A great deal of it is porcelain figurines and china, not stoneware, real china. What sources can I refer to to make sure I'm in the ballpark? Most particularly, is there a really big book of porcelain and china marks that will let me look things up easily?

By Polly Levesque


August 19, 20090 found this helpful

You could go to ebay and search for items similar to what you want to sell, and see what other sellers are charging for their items.


Bronze Feedback Medal for All Time! 168 Feedbacks
August 19, 20090 found this helpful

Oh, there's lots of things you can do to find out what you have and its pricing in today's market value.

You can take it to a reputable antique dealer to have it appraised or browse through antique shops and see if there's anything like your china pieces. You can do your own internet research and check out library books on china. Usually if they don't have it on their shelves, you can request certain books. By doing the internet first, you can get some leads as to what books to look request or buy.

If there's a mark on the bottom of the porcelain or china, do research on such. Learn about marks and what they mean. This will help you find out the circa or period of manufacture. Browse antique websites for china too. Perhaps you'll come across the exact photo as your item is. I've done this and was very successful. Learn about "Occupied China" too. You may have some of that in your collection.

You may also want to ask some elderly people who have been glass collectors or know about time frames on some of your china. Don't sell until you are sure of its worth. Many people have let unknowingly expensive items slip out of their hands for little to nothing.


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August 27, 20090 found this helpful

Hi - you can go to eBay help center or site map and go to the discussion boards. They will let you post pictures in different categories and experts will tell you about it. You can get a lot of info.

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May 1, 2019

If you are purging things from your closets and garage, you need to decide whether or not to try to sell before donating. This page disucsses donating vs selling.

A box of clothing to be sold or given away.

March 6, 2017

If your home kitchen passes an inspection by the Health Department, you can become eligible to sell your homemade food products to the public. This is a page about selling homemade food on eBay.

A jar of homemade vegetable relish.


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October 13, 2009

Are there any eBay sellers on here? I am trying to begin selling on eBay, but I am wondering about setting the price for shipping.


August 7, 2009

I am new to eBay and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best time of day or night to target buyers by age, gender, and sex? I am so new that I haven't even sold anything yet. Thanks.


February 20, 2009
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