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Advice about legal matters as posted by our members, not legal experts. This page contains tips and ideas for dealing with legal matters related to paying or receiving child support.



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Social Security and Back Child SupportThis is a page about Social Security and back child support. Certain types of government programs can have their disbursements garnished for child support.


Child support agreement

Child Support Payments and Social SecurityWhen a parent who has been required to pay child support also receives Social Security, one or both parents may be confused as to how this works. This is a page about child support payments and social security.


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Collecting Back Child Support if Parent is DeceasedThis is a page about collecting back child support if parent is deceased. When the obligated parent dies, there may still be ways that the parent with the child(ren) can collect some child support.


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Can SSI Be Garnished for Child Support?This is a page about "Can SSI be garnished for child support?". Some state and federal assistance programs can be garnished to pay child support.


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Collecting Child Support Owed by a Deceased ParentEven if a child's non-custodial parent has died there is still a possibility that you may be able to collect support. This is a page about collecting child support owed by a deceased parent.


Child Support Worksheet

Getting Remarried and Child SupportThis is a page about getting remarried and child support. Many parents, both custodial and non-custodial, have questions regarding the effects of remarriage on child support.


Garnishing Disability for Child Support

Garnishing Disability for Child SupportThis is a page about garnishing disability for child support. Depending on the type of disability benefits you receive your payments might be garnished to pay current and past child support.


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Collecting Back Child Support After Death of Custodial ParentMy mother passed away a couple years ago; it was a tremendous loss. I am searching for answers regarding me and my sister's father and his back child support. He claims it ends with our mother after she passed and it can't be paid. However he owes about 40k in back child support. Is there still a way to recover this as the remaining children?


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Refund of Child Support Collected After Death of Custodial ParentHow can I get back child support paid to custodial parent after she was deceased? She passed away 5 months ago and child support has just ended. How do I get back the 5 months of child support taken while she was deceased? I am the primary (only) caregiver of the child.



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Survivor Benefits and Child SupportThis is a page about survivor benefits and child support. All of the rules and exceptions for survivor benefits and child support can be quite confusing. It is best to go directly to the Social Security office for assistant with your questions and concerns.


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Child Support and MedicaidI'm receiving Medicaid and EBT benefits for three of my children and the father is already ordered to pay child support on one. Do I have to force child support on him for the other two or can I deny it and still receive benefits for all of them?


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Dealing With a Dead-Beat DadThis term is typically used to refer to fathers who shirk their financial responsibility for their children. Moms can also fall into this category, but less frequently as they typically have custody. This page contains tips for using the legal system to help collect support and some advice on talking to your children.


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Child Support for a Child Receiving DisabilityReceiving child support can have unexpected effects on the disability you are receiving for that child. This is a page about child support for a child receiving disability.


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Receiving Back Child SupportI recently was diagnosed with cancer. My doctors suggest applying for permanent disability. I have been receiving back child support payments even though my kids are now grown adults. Can Social Security consider my back child support payment as income and disqualify me from receiving Social Security benefits?


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Will My Husband Remarrying Increase My Child Support?Generally child support is figured from the husband's income alone. This page is about will my husband remarrying increase my child support.


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Is Stepparent Responsible for Child Support?Typically child support is the responsibility of the parents. However, some states do allow the income of a stepparent to be considered in support cases. This is a page about, "Is stepparent responsible for child support?".


Child Support

Calculating Child SupportChild support payments are typically calculated based on the number of children and the income of the parents. This is a page about calculating child support.


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Collecting Back Child SupportCollecting back child support from the noncustodial parent can many times be a challenge. This is a page about collecting back child support.


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Collecting Child Support Without a Separation...This is a page about collecting child support without a separation or divorce. Collecting child support without a legal separation or divorce may be handled voluntarily or sought through an attorney.


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Social Security and Child SupportIf my daughter's dad received a lump sum from Social Security and child support filed a motion to collect back child support from that lump sum on top of Social Security money how long do you think it would be till I get it?


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Can an Adult Child Collect Back Child Support?I'm 30. My parents divorced in 1991 or 1992 in Illinois where I currently reside. My father was ordered to pay child support and never did. He has since passed away back in 2007. Does a chance exist of me still trying to collect back child support? Is collecting through Social Security even a legit option?


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Collecting Back Child SupportMy ex-husband was court ordered to pay child support. He left the area and never paid. He returned when the children were over the age of 18. I am asking now because one of my children, who has cystic fibrosis is very sick and I could use the money to help her. He is now drawing Social Security.


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Driver's License Suspended for Back SupportI am dating a man whose license got suspended due to back child support. He is now caught up, but his ex-wife says if she releases his license that it will cancel out her child support totally. Can that be true?


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Paying Back Child SupportThis is a page about paying back child support. Sometimes a non custodial parent will owe back child support, in addition to current support or unpaid arrears, and wonder the best way to clear this debt.



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Support for Children of Mentally Ill ParentMy kids' father has a mental illness and he can't provide for them. Can they receive any kind of help like SSI or something?


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Tax Refunds and Back Child SupportI was married to a man in 2006. He passed away in 2010 and I am now getting Social Security checks for myself and my 3 children who were his stepchildren.


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Garnishing Student Loans for Back Child SupportI was incarcerated a few years ago and my mother had applied for welfare for my children when I was locked up. I just started going to school and applied for some extra money through my student loans.


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Hiring a Lawyer for a Child Support CaseI need to hire a lawyer for a child support case. My daughter is in Missouri and I live in Oregon. Should I hire one here or in MO?


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Questions Regarding California Child Support OrderI married and divorced my wife in California. I had a child support order at that time. I remarried my wife in Nevada and was told that to remarry her in Nevada, she had to dismiss the California child support order from our previous marriage.



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Understanding Child Support in a Divorce DecreeOur divorce decree states that the father pays $2300 a month in child support of minor children until the youngest reaches age of 18. No where does it say it decreases as each child reaches 18. It only states he pays that amount until youngest is 18. As each child once 18 will spend 4-5 years in college and can't support themselves or pay their car insurance and car that I have pay for.


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Paying Back Child SupportI just discovered I may be the father of a 22 year old. Am I liable for back child support?


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Collecting Back Child Support if Parent is DeceasedRecently the court made an order for back spousal support to be paid. Payments have been made, but a little more than half is due. My ex recently passed away and his current wife hired a lawyer the next day who sent me a letter stating I was not to talk about this matter to her though she was the one I've been speaking to about it for a year.


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Child Support and SSII was wanting to know if my ex still needs to pay child support. He recently got approved for partial SSI benefits in the amount of 338.29. He receives PERA in the amount of 441.67. So child support closed my case because he is receiving this amount in SSI. Who can help me to enforce the order by the court? I was in a bad car accident and have had no pay check for almost 2 months.


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Collecting Back Child Support if Parent is DeceasesMy son is 9 years old and his real dad just passed away over a week ago. His father owes almost $1000 in back child support still. What happens with him owing that much and being dead? How can he pay what he owes if he isn't alive anymore?


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Collecting Child Support Arrears from Deceased ParentThe father was paying the mother arrears in child support. He had been on SSDI and his SSDI check was garnished to pay the arrears of $527 per month. The child is in college. So far the father owes around 7500.00 in arrears. He recently passed away. What happens to the arrears now? Will the SSDI still pay the arrears till they are paid in full? Or does the father's passing dissolve the arrears?


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