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Savings Bond

Cashing a Deceased Parent's Savings BondsIf the owner of a government savings bond dies without naming a beneficiary, there are specific steps that need to be taken for a relative to cash them in. This is a page about cashing a deceased parent's savings bonds.


Child support agreement

Child Support Payments and Social SecurityWhen a parent who has been required to pay child support also receives Social Security, one or both parents may be confused as to how this works. This is a page about child support payments and social security.


Power of Attorney

Responsibilities of a Power of AttorneyThis page is about the responsibilities of a power of attorney. Knowing when someone needs a power of attorney and exactly what authority it gives the bearer is important.


An upset mom burying her face in her hands.

Collecting Back Child Support if Parent is DeceasedThis is a page about collecting back child support if parent is deceased. When the obligated parent dies, there may still be ways that the parent with the child(ren) can collect some child support.


Social Security Survivor Benefits

Receiving Social Security Survivor BenefitsIf a spouse or parent dies, you may be eligible for Social Security survivor benefits. This is a page about receiving Social Security survivor benefits.


Photo of a document that says Medicaid on it.

Staying on Medicaid After MarriageMedicaid eligibility is based on income. Marriage and the resulting change in income may make someone ineligible. This is a page about staying on Medicaid after marriage.


Family law folder on desk

Can SSI Be Garnished for Child Support?This is a page about "Can SSI be garnished for child support?". Some state and federal assistance programs can be garnished to pay child support.


Garnishing Disability for Child Support

Garnishing Disability for Child SupportThis is a page about garnishing disability for child support. Depending on the type of disability benefits you receive your payments might be garnished to pay current and past child support.


Photo of letters spelling out child support.

Social Security and Back Child SupportThis is a page about Social Security and back child support. Certain types of government programs can have their disbursements garnished for child support.



Social Security Disability Form

Receiving Social Security Disability...This is a page about receiving Social Security disability benefits. Applying for social security disability can be a long involved process that you may need some help with.



Finding A Child Given Up for AdoptionThis is a page about finding a child given up for adoption. Locating a person who was given up for adoption varies from state to state. It can be costly and require an advocate.


legal documents

Rights of Person Holding Power of AttorneyA power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone the right to act for another in specific situations. This is a page about rights of person holding Power of Attorney.


Two lawyers looking at a legal document.

Understanding Inmate Information CodesIf you or a loved one has to deal with being incarcerated, it can be very helpful to be familiar with the inmate information codes in your area. This is a page about understanding inmate information codes.


A judge's gavel on top of hundred dollar bills.

Collecting Back Child SupportCollecting back child support from the noncustodial parent can many times be a challenge. This is a page about collecting back child support.


Power of Attorney

Duration of a Power of AttorneyThis is a page about duration of power of attorney. Understanding the duration of a power of attorney starts with determining which type you have.


A book that says family law.

Collecting Child Support Owed by a Deceased ParentEven if a child's non-custodial parent has died there is still a possibility that you may be able to collect support. This is a page about collecting child support owed by a deceased parent.


Filling out Social Security Benefits Form

Teen Eligibility for Social Security Survivor BenefitsChildren are typically eligible for Social Security survivor benefits while they are in school. A call to the Social Security office is one way to confirm if you meet the requirements. This is a page about teen eligibility for Social Security survivor benefits.


Paper art of stick figure man and woman with stick figure children separated by a torn dollar bill in the shape of a heart

Collecting Child Support Without a Separation...This is a page about collecting child support without a separation or divorce. Collecting child support without a legal separation or divorce may be handled voluntarily or sought through an attorney.


Legal document with magnifying glass highlighting the words "Last Will and Testament"

Does a Quit Claim Deed Supersede a Will?This is a page about "Does a Quit Claim Deed Supersede a Will?". The legalities involved with settling an estate after a death can be confusing to the rest of the family.


older blind woman sitting on a bench

Receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI)This is a page about receiving supplemental security income (SSI). The Social Security Supplemental Security Income program pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources.


Child Support Worksheet

Getting Remarried and Child SupportThis is a page about getting remarried and child support. Many parents, both custodial and non-custodial, have questions regarding the effects of remarriage on child support.


Torn Photo of Happy Couple

Divorce TipsThis page contains divorce tips. Life changes considerably when a partner wants a divorce. There are many private things to settle, and good legal advice can help you through it.


Power of Attorney documents on a desk.

Changing a Power of AttorneyThis is a page about changing a power of attorney. Generally consulting an attorney is your best course of action when you need legal advice.


A social security benefits document.

Social Security Survivor Benefits and Food StampsThe rules and regulations that apply to Social Security benefits may be confusing to some recipients, particularly regarding how a change of circumstance can affect them. The best way to get a valid answer is to contact the Social Security office near you. This is a page about Social Security surviver benefits and food stamps.



Mother and Daughter Hugging in Park

Dealing With a Dead-Beat DadThis term is typically used to refer to fathers who shirk their financial responsibility for their children. Moms can also fall into this category, but less frequently as they typically have custody. This page contains tips for using the legal system to help collect support and some advice on talking to your children.


Power of attorney documents.

Getting a Power of Attorney for a Deceased ParentAlthough it is not possible to secure a power of attorney after a person has died, there are other ways to take care of left over business. This is a page about getting a power of attorney for a deceased parent.


Brief case with a power of attorney in it.

Can I Get My Friend's POA Changed?Changing a Power of Attorney designation is sometimes necessary. Here is information to answer the question: "Can I get my friend's POA changed?"


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What Does RTOA Mean When Someone is Released From Custody?In Riverside California, when you are released from custody, what do the initials RTOA mean? Is it "being releases to another agency" maybe?


A lawyer discussing information with his client.

Information on Criminal ChargesIf you are looking for information on whether a crime has been committed and what can be done, it is best to talk with local law enforcement.


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Getting a Copy of Divorce PapersI went to court because my ex-wife wanted a divorce. The judge made me sign the divorce papers. It's been 3 years and I have received nothing. I want to remarry. How do, or what do I do to get a copy? I live in Ontario. She's a mean and stubborn girl, she doesn't care about anything but herself. Sadly Ive learned that the hard way.


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Collecting Back Child Support If Custodial Parent DiesI am 26 years old. My mother has stage 4 terminal cancer. My father owes over 18k in back child support. He currently pays monthly, but in the event that something happens to my mom, is there anything I can do so he does not get away scot-free with this child support? Can I take it over? What are my options?


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Collecting Back Child Support After Death of Custodial ParentMy mother passed away a couple years ago; it was a tremendous loss. I am searching for answers regarding me and my sister's father and his back child support. He claims it ends with our mother after she passed and it can't be paid. However he owes about 40k in back child support. Is there still a way to recover this as the remaining children?


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Disability Assistance for a Person Diagnosed with DepressionCan I get financial support since I was diagnosed with depression?


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Refund of Child Support Collected After Death of Custodial ParentHow can I get back child support paid to custodial parent after she was deceased? She passed away 5 months ago and child support has just ended. How do I get back the 5 months of child support taken while she was deceased? I am the primary (only) caregiver of the child.


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Are Coroner Reports a Public Record?My boyfriend with whom I previously lived for 3 years passed away suddenly. His family made all of the funeral arrangements plus cleaned his apartment out without letting me be part of the process.


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Receiving Deceased Parent's Social Security BenefitsMy mother passed away not too long ago and my brother and I are the last of kin. To my knowledge she was receiving benefits monthly and she just got back paid a bit of money as well, as her son, what do I do? Am I entitled? Am I in her will? I was never taught how to do this stuff.


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Purchasing a Home and Subsequent RepairsWe bought our house 10 months ago and are starting to find some major issues. The sellers said they installed new roof 10 years ago. We had a guy take a look with someone who does roofing for a living and they said that roof was done at least 20 years ago.


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Can Children of an Undocumented Immigrant Get Death Benefits?My husband and I got married in 2016 due to his deportation. He did not have documents to prove his identity and be put on our childrens' birth certificates. I am a legal resident and the three boys are citizens, but he was illegal. Would the boys be eligible to receive any help at all?


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Rights and Responsibilities of a POAMy husband is in a nursing home. My stepson wants POA for him. I have burial insurance on my husband. If my stepson gets POA on my husband can he take my burial insurance I have on my husband?



Cellphone screen with the letters "TSER??" on it.

What Does TSER Mean?TSER is a legal abbreviation that generally means "time served". This page is about What Does TSER Mean?.


Child Support agreement paperwork

Survivor Benefits and Child SupportThis is a page about survivor benefits and child support. All of the rules and exceptions for survivor benefits and child support can be quite confusing. It is best to go directly to the Social Security office for assistant with your questions and concerns.


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Reporting Neighbor's Unlicensed Cleaning BusinessMy neighbors are running a cleaning business without a license. They have cleaning products in the backyard shed without it being locked. We have kids playing outside and they can easily be accessed. Who can I contact to report this?


DNA test tube being held in gloved hand

Establishing Paternity When Child's Father is DeceasedThis is a page about establishing paternity when a child's father is deceased. Establishing paternity when one parent is deceased is not impossible. If there are living siblings DNA testing can be done that that way.


Couple carrying heavy box they have packed to move out

Responsibilities of the Renter When Moving OutThis is a page about responsibilities of the renter when moving out. Typically an apartment or home needs to be left in the same condition as when it was rented. Normal wear and tear are the exception. The rental agreement should spell out the specifics. Also a meeting with the landlord or rental agent can be helpful.


Paperwork for a healthcare power of attorney, living will and an estate plan.

Scope of a Medical Power of AttorneyFamily members are often given power of attorney in the case of a debilitating illness or other disability. This page has information about the scope of a medical power of attorney.


Closeup of a Social Security card.

Disabled Adult Child Social Security BenefitsThis is a page about disabled adult child social security benefits. Distribution of Social Security benefits is a complicated topic. It is best to consult your local office to get answers, specific to your personal situation.


Couple Speaking With Real Estate Lawyer

Finding a Low Cost Real Estate LawyerThis is a page about finding a low cost real estate lawyer. Lawyers can be very expensive. Here is some information about how to find a low cost real estate lawyer.


Social Security Administration

Collecting a Deceased Sibling's Social SecurityThere can be very rare situations where you could collect a dead brother or sister's Social Security benefits. This is a page about collecting a deceased sibling's Social Security.


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Rights of Person Holding a Medical Power of AttorneyMy older brother is divorced and now he has had brain surgery and he can't say anything. My ex-sister-in-law tells us that my brother gave her POA when he went into the hospital and that she does not have to give us any info about how my brother is doing. Not only that, but she also has told the nurses not to tell us anything.


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Child Support and MedicaidI'm receiving Medicaid and EBT benefits for three of my children and the father is already ordered to pay child support on one. Do I have to force child support on him for the other two or can I deny it and still receive benefits for all of them?


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When Is a Building Permit Required?Do I need a permit to build an awning on my porch if my porch is already there?


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Financial Outcome of Divorcing a Verbally Abusive HusbandI am blamed when something breaks in the house or goes wrong. Here is one thing that happened. I was down in the basement and I heard this explosion and it was the front picture window that shattered. It was shattering from the inside. I woke him up and he started calling me names. I want a divorce and the house.


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Inheritance Rights of Teen ChildrenMy mom passed away in May and I'm 19 with 2 other siblings. We were told that we could have whatever belongs to our mother, but her boyfriend is taking it. Can he do that? He also said we couldn't get her Social Security until my little brother turned 18.


A defendant standing in court.

Understanding Legal Disposition CodesLegal depositions are important to get accurate and understand completely. If you need help understanding legal disposition codes you may find an answer here.


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Obtaining a Power of AttorneyMy boyfriend is borderline mentally retarded and he does not know how to read or write. He can speak very well. I have a medical power of attorney. I was told since my boyfriend is on probation and it is unsupervised, that I can not go to the court house and fill out the form on his behalf and have him sign it.


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Notification to Neighbors Regarding Building PermitsI have some neighbors who are doing quite a bit of renovation to a large detached garage. I do know that at one time, four or five years back, they had applied for a permit to turn the garage into a day care center. At that time they were refused the permit.


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Eligibility for Survivor BenefitsI was 14 and 15 when my parents died. I started receiving survivor benefits as did my sisters. I turned 18 and a few months later they stopped before I even graduated. The same happened for one of my other sisters.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits EligibilityMy grandmother passed away a little over 2 months ago and my grandfather received the full death benefit check from the state. He has recently gotten a second check on his SS card for the exact amount my grandmother was drawing and on the same day she would have received it. Should he be getting this every month now?


Vacation homes at the beach.

Extra Cleaning Charges for Vacation Rental PropertyIf your rental property is damaged by a renter beyond what the cleaning deposit will cover, it may be necessary to bill additional cleaning charges. This is a page about extra cleaning charges for vacation rental property.


A disabled student studying in a wheelchair.

Child Support for a Child Receiving DisabilityReceiving child support can have unexpected effects on the disability you are receiving for that child. This is a page about child support for a child receiving disability.


Older man signing a legal document.

Power Of Attorney for an Elderly ParentThere are a variety of reasons that it makes sense to have an elderly parent assign power of attorney to an adult child. This is a page about power of attorney for elderly parent.


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Social Security Survivor Benefits and CollegeMy mother died when I was 13. I went to live with my father and stepmother and I received benefits. I went to college when I was 17 and lived on campus 2,000 miles away. Shouldn't I have received my benefits instead of my parents even though I was a minor?


Life Insurance

Does Emancipation Impact Life Insurance?This is about does emancipation impact life insurance? Consulting an attorney generally is your best course of action when you have a legal question.


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Receiving Back Child SupportI recently was diagnosed with cancer. My doctors suggest applying for permanent disability. I have been receiving back child support payments even though my kids are now grown adults. Can Social Security consider my back child support payment as income and disqualify me from receiving Social Security benefits?


Divorce decree document.

Will My Husband Remarrying Increase My Child Support?Generally child support is figured from the husband's income alone. This page is about will my husband remarrying increase my child support.


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor BenefitsI have been getting Social Security survivor benefits for a long time and I was trying to see how I can get it taken from my mom. I no longer live with her and she's still getting my check. I don't see any of it and her name is on the top of the check and mine is on the bottom. How can I get that changed?


A gavel and money.

Is Stepparent Responsible for Child Support?Typically child support is the responsibility of the parents. However, some states do allow the income of a stepparent to be considered in support cases. This is a page about, "Is stepparent responsible for child support?".


Child Support

Calculating Child SupportChild support payments are typically calculated based on the number of children and the income of the parents. This is a page about calculating child support.


A pencil and the word legal written.

Power of Attorney and HIPPA RightsThis is a page about Power of Attorney and HIPPA rights. Navigating through legal and medical issues can be complicated.


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Receiving Social Security Survivor BenefitsMy daughter had over $29,000 in back survivors Social Security benefits due to her. Even though she was less than 3 1/2 months away from turning 18, they still said she needed a payee. I was no longer able to because of some trouble I had gotten into a few years prior, so we picked a person we thought we could trust.


A child holding hands with a young adult.

Rights and Responsibilities of Unwed ParentsThere can be certain legal challenges that arise for unwed parents when it comes to issues of custody, visitation, support, and other concerns regarding their relationship with their children. This is a page about rights and responsibilities of unwed parents.


Last will and testament document.

Does Receiving Inheritance Affect SSI?SSI or Social Security Supplemental Insurance assistance is provided to aged, blind, and disabled people with low incomes. This is a page about, "Does receiving an inheritance affect SSI?".


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Power of Attorney for Someone in PrisonI have been with my boyfriend for 3 years, we started as roommates, and have lived together for 3 years. We even plan on marriage, but he is still legally married. It was a mutual agreement between my boyfriend and his wife that they go their seperate ways other than caring for the 2 children they have together (they are teenagers now).


A will disposing of personal property of a deceased person.

Personal Property Dispute After Death in the FamilyThis is a page about personal property dispute after death in the family. The death of a family member is quite stressful. Unfortunately, it is also, at times, the occasion for bitter disputes over personal property belonging to the deceased.


Young boy looking into empty fridge with sad expression

Food Stamp EligibilityThis is a page about food stamp eligibility. The Federal food stamp program was established to ensure that low and no income individuals and families had assistance for buying food.


Childs cupped hands holding coins

Will My Child Receive SSI?This is a page about "Will my child receive SSI?". Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) is typically awarded to children from low income families if they are blind or have disabilities.


Rolled up divorce decree with pen on legal pad

Spouse Won't Sign Divorce PapersThis is a page about spouse won't sign divorce papers. Getting a divorce is very stressful, having your spouse refuse to sign the papers only makes it worse.


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Social Security and Child SupportIf my daughter's dad received a lump sum from Social Security and child support filed a motion to collect back child support from that lump sum on top of Social Security money how long do you think it would be till I get it?


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Social Security Survivor BenefitsMy twins turned 18 on June 22nd this year and school did not get out til the 24th. Since they do not graduate til next year they both did the paper work to extend benefits til they graduate. They received a letter saying that their benefits would start in June, in their name.


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Social Security Survivor BenefitsCan my son claim anything if his dad has died? He's 16 and in full time education, but didn't live with him?


Lawyer and client in court

Finding a Pro Bono AttorneyThis is a page about finding a pro bono attorney. Some law firms allocate some time to taking on cases pro bono. Finding an attorney that will handle your case free of charge is worth the search.


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Can an Adult Child Collect Back Child Support?I'm 30. My parents divorced in 1991 or 1992 in Illinois where I currently reside. My father was ordered to pay child support and never did. He has since passed away back in 2007. Does a chance exist of me still trying to collect back child support? Is collecting through Social Security even a legit option?


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Texas Homestead and Senior Tax Exemption LawsI'm a senior and successor trustee to my former husband's trust. The home I live in is in his trust and states that I can live here till my death. I'm not claiming homestead or senior tax exemptions because the house is titled as his trust. This is costing me over $2,000 more in yearly taxes.


White paper with "LIFE INSURANCE POLICY" in bold typeface.  A folded pair of glasses and a pen rest on the paper.

Understanding Life Insurance BeneficiariesThis is a page about understanding life insurance beneficiaries. Family circumstances change over time and it can be a challenge to follow the directives of a life insurance policy.


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Transferring a POAMy mother currently has a POA for my brother who is incompetent. She can no longer handle the stress. How does she give me the POA for my brother so I can have legal rights to his medical records and information concerning him?


Contesting a Will

Contesting a WillThis is a page about contesting a will. The contesting of a will is actually a fairly uncommon event. However, sometimes there are legal reasons that this legal action is taken.


Estranged Parent

Legal Responsibility for Aging Estranged...This is a page about legal responsibility for aging estranged parents. Knowing your legal rights and responsibilities is important when dealing with estranged family members.


highlighed will and fountain pen

Dealing With an Estate Where There is No WillThis is a page about dealing with an estate where there is no will. When a person dies intestate, division of their finances and personal property can become a matter of dispute among relatives.


woman studying documents

Being the Executor of a WillThis is a page about being the executor of a will. It is a challenge to be the person who is responsible to carry out the terms of a will.


pen to paper titles "Last Will...."

Writing a Will Without a LawyerThis is a page about writing a will without a lawyer. As long as your will meets the laws of your state of residence, you do not necessarily need a lawyer to draft it for you.


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Landlord Rights to EvictMy husband is incarcerated and signed a rental agreement for $300. A month. The person whom he agreed to rent to has not paid nothing since this agreement was signed 6 months ago. The property is in my husbands name. My question is since we are legally married and my husband is in jail can I evict the person staying there?


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Responsibilities of POAMy sister in law has power of attorney over her mom, and I am the full time care giver of her mother and have been for the past four years. With me being the caregiver does she have to pay to me for caring for her mom 24/7 for four years?


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Collecting Back Child SupportMy ex-husband was court ordered to pay child support. He left the area and never paid. He returned when the children were over the age of 18. I am asking now because one of my children, who has cystic fibrosis is very sick and I could use the money to help her. He is now drawing Social Security.


Deceased Family Member's Debt

Responsibility for a Deceased Family...This is a page about responsibility for a deceased family member's debt. Handling the affairs of a lost loved one can seem overwhelming. You may need legal advice.


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Understanding Property Use LawsHow could an outsider place a store, a house, and a pipeline on someone's property without their knowledge and consent?


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Eligibility for Social Security Survivor BenefitsI have full custody of my son. His mother has never been in his life. She had no visitation rights; she left him with me on the 3rd day he was alive. I took her to court, but she didn't show because she is a alcoholic and has no home and no job.


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Cashing a Check Issued to a Deceased ParentMy mom is deceased and we didn't get a POA. She gave me her house. The question I have is that I received two checks from a bill creditor, but the problem is the check came in my mom's name. How can I cash the check?


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Eligibility for Military Survivor BenefitsIf a person wasn't married to the deceased, but he had two children how will benefits be distributed? Will they go to the children or to the mother of the children? Will she receive these benefits or will it go in a trust fund for the children until they get older?


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Child's Eligibility for Parent's Life InsuranceMy son was in a car accident. My question is, he had a daughter that he never got to see but maybe 10 times. The baby's mom told him she had 90 days to take him off the birth certificate and she changed the baby's name back to her maiden name.


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Getting Bonded in North CarolinaHow do I get bonded for a job delivering for a drug store?


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Orphan Charity Group NameWe plan to give things to orphans. What should we call ourselves? We need something catchy.


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Life Insurance MoneyMy father passed away when I was about a year old. I will be 18 in 2 months. When wil I get the insurance money that he has left behind for me?


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Meaning of Inmate Disposition Code CITEWhat does disp code CITE mean? The person is still in county jail.


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Understanding Inmate Information CodesWhat does Mcc/Rac/Emc/Ecc/ mean? Then it says, eligible. Yes this is on his paper work to go to the mainline.


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Collecting Back Child Support if Parent is DeceasesMy son is 9 years old and his real dad just passed away over a week ago. His father owes almost $1000 in back child support still. What happens with him owing that much and being dead? How can he pay what he owes if he isn't alive anymore?


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Collecting Back Child Support if Parent is DeceasedRecently the court made an order for back spousal support to be paid. Payments have been made, but a little more than half is due. My ex recently passed away and his current wife hired a lawyer the next day who sent me a letter stating I was not to talk about this matter to her though she was the one I've been speaking to about it for a year.


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Collecting Child Support Arrears from Deceased ParentThe father was paying the mother arrears in child support. He had been on SSDI and his SSDI check was garnished to pay the arrears of $527 per month. The child is in college. So far the father owes around 7500.00 in arrears. He recently passed away. What happens to the arrears now? Will the SSDI still pay the arrears till they are paid in full? Or does the father's passing dissolve the arrears?


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Collecting Back Child Support if Parent is DeceasedAlmost 8 years ago, I was given full custody of 2 young girls. I received child support for the first 2 years from 1 of the parents, but not the other (the bio parents were divorced and ordered to pay separate child support amounts). The girls' dad just passed this last September and I was able to apply for survivor benefits for 1 of the girls, the other is now 19 and does not qualify.


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