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Frugal vegetable canning recipes and tips submitted by the ThriftyFun community.

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Canning Harvard Beets

Canning Harvard BeetsThis page is about canning Harvard beets. A variety of recipes are available for canning beets.


Canning Carrot Juice

Canning Carrot Juice?This is a page about canning carrot juice. Bright orange carrot juice is not only good tasting, but good for you.


Canning Okra

Canning OkraThis page is about canning okra. A low acid food generally is pickled when canned.


Green and purple kohlrabi.

Canning Kohlrabi?This is a page about canning kohlrabi. Kohlrabi or turnip cabbage can be canned to preserve a portion of you harvest. Pressure canning is not recommended for this veggie, however, there are a variety of recipes for pickling it.


Canning Cauliflower

Canning Cauliflower?This is a page about canning cauliflower. Canning fresh vegetables is one good method for preserving produce.


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How Long Are Canned Green Beans Good For?How long can you keep and use green beans that were canned. I found a jar dated 8/20/08. They look good and have a sufficient amount of liquid around them.



A pot of cooked black eyed peas.

Canning Cooked Black Eyed Peas?When canning cooked black eyed peas, it is best to use a pressure cooker to seal the jars. Black eyed peas are a low acid food.


Pickled Spicy Peppers in jars.

Pickled Spicy PeppersThere are many recipes for pickled peppers. This recipe is different in that as a result, hot peppers will never lose their shape, and canned jars can be stored without a refrigerator.


peppers in a canning jar

Canning PeppersOne simple way to preserve the abundance of peppers from your garden is to can them. Technically, peppers are usually pickled and stored for future use. This is a page about canning peppers.


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Shelf Life of Canned Green Beans?I canned my green beans in October 2016. I still have some jars left. Are they OK to eat?


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Shelf Life of Home Canned Green Beans?What is the shelf life of green beans canned with vinegar?


Canning Zucchini

Canning Zucchini in Pineapple Juice?Sweeten up your canned zucchini by putting them in pineapple juice. Canning zucchini in pineapple juice will make them delectably sweet.


Several jars of yellow and green beans with spices ready to be processed

Canning Pickled Green Beans?This is a page about canning pickled green beans. Home canned pickled green beans will be a special treat after the gardening season ends.


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Recipe for Refrigerator Dilled Green Beans?Does anyone have a recipe for refrigerator dilled green beans, etc.? I am also looking for recipes for any dilled veggies (Brussels sprouts, carrots, sweet peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, jicama, English cukes, etc.) I want them made refrigerator style with no hot water bath, etc.. Thanks.


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Canning Tomatoes?We're going to do some canning this year. We used to can all the time. Our tomatoes are coming on pretty slow. I was wondering if I could can these as they come along? If so, could you tell me how to do this? I would really appreciate it.


Pickled Okra

Pickled Okra RecipesThis page contains pickled okra recipes. Spicy, crunchy pickled okra is a great addition to your relish tray at a party or to serve with family meals.


Collard Greens

Canning Collard Greens?This is a page about canning collard greens. Start with fresh, young greens and ensure great tasting canned collard greens.



Canning RhubarbThis is a page about canning rhubarb. Excess rhubarb is easy to preserve by canning.


Pinto Beans

Canning Pinto Beans?This page is about canning pinto beans. A pressure canner is necessary when canning any beans.


Canning Eggplant

Canning Eggplant?This page is about canning eggplant. This vegetable is best when the bitter juice is drawn out before canning.



Canning Spinach?This is a page about canning spinach. Preserve your extra spinach harvest by canning.



Pickled Onions

Pickled Onion RecipesThis page contains pickled onion recipes. A delicious way to prepare onions that can reduce the heat of the raw bulb.


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Canning Vegetables from the Store?Do any of you can cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. from the grocery store and do you enjoy it? Is it really time consuming? I am about to buy a canner from and I want to know what you guys think who do the canning before I start doing it.


Canning Peas

Canning Peas?This is a page about canning peas. If you don't have space to keep frozen vegetables from the garden, try canning.


Canning Pumpkin

Canning Pumpkin?This is a page about canning pumpkin. Preserving the pumpkins from your garden usually involves canning.


Sweet Potatoes

Canning Sweet Potatoes?This page is about canning sweet potatoes. These sugary tubers can be preserved to enjoy at a later time.


Canned Carrots

Canning Carrots?This is a page about canning carrots. Carrots like many other vegetables can be preserved by canning.


Canning Horseradish?I am needing a home canning recipe for home grown horseradish. I hope someone can help me. We preserve our garden veggies by home canning yet I can't find any directions on canning home grown horseradish.


Canning Summer Squash and Zucchini

Canning Summer Squash and ZucchiniThis page is about canning summer squash and zucchini. When the summer squash is ripe there is usually too much to eat it all fresh.


Sauerkraut Recipes

Sauerkraut RecipesThis page contains sauerkraut recipes. If you love sauerkraut, perhaps you are thinking of making your own special style.


Jar of pickled tomatoes.

How to Pickle VegetablesThis is a page about how to pickle vegetables. Pickling your garden vegetables is a time honored method of putting them up.


Preserved Asparagus

Canning AsparagusThis is a page about canning asparagus. Asparagus can grow in quite a bounty in your garden. Save the freshness of your asparagus by canning it.


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Canning Red Cabbage?I would like to know how to can red cabbage.


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Canning Cabbage?I would like information on canning cabbage.


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Canning Squash?Can you can squash in quart jars, if so how?


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Canning Squash and Cabbage?I'm interested in canning cabbage, as well as, zucchini and small squash. Any info would be appreciated.



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How Do I Can Vegetables?I'm wanting to can some Florida red potatoes, corn off the cob, and cranberry beans. How do I start?


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End of the Garden PicklesSoak cucumbers, peppers, cabbage, onions, celery, and tomatoes in salt water (1/2 cup salt to 2 quarts water) over night. Drain. Cook carrots and string beans in boiling water until tender.


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Recipe for 7 Day Pickles?Does anyone have a recipe for 7 day pickles?


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Recipe for Canning Sauerkraut?I need a recipe for canning sauerkraut.


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Dilly BeansPack beans lengthwise into hot pint jars, leaving 1/4 inch head space. Add to each pint, 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper, 1 clove garlic and 1 head of dill. Combine rest of ingredients and bring to a boil.


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Crispy Sweet PicklesSlice cucumbers and chop onions and peppers. Sprinkle salt over mixture and let stand for 3 hours in non-aluminum container. For syrup, combine vinegar, sugar and seasoning and bring to a boil.


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Pickling Banana Peppers?I need a simple recipe for pickling banana peppers.


Canning jars of preserved vegetables

Planning A Canning And Preserve GardenCanning and preserving fruits and vegetables is an economical way to enjoy the foods you love, and a great way to fill your pantry. With a little forethought and planning, you can move from a "weekly produce" to a garden that yields enough food to eat in season, and to get you through the winter.


fresh mushrooms

Canning Mushrooms in a Pressure CannerMushroom are used in lots of casseroles and soups as well as fried with onions for some good toppings on meat and potatoes. Now if you want fresh, fried mushrooms, you need to find an experienced mushroom hunter and go hunting.


fresh green beans

Canning Green Beans in the Pressure CookerOnce green beans become ripe on the vine, they need picked and preserved. Picking goes on for days as a new crop appears. If you have your own garden, you can pick and can until you are sick of green beans and still have plenty to give away.



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Canning Harvard Beets?Do I put canning salt in the jar before I put in the product and process the Harvard beets?


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Moisture in Jars of Oven Canned Dry Beans?When I am oven canning dry beans I get moisture in the top of the jars. I've put them back in the oven for more time up to 10 hours and I still get a small bit of moisture in the top of the jars once they seal. What am I doing wrong?


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Canning Cooked Black Eyed Peas?I have some black eyed peas that are cooked. I wanted to can them. Can I water bath them?


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Under-Processed Tomatoes?I hot packed and processed tomato quarts for 40 instead of 45 by accident. Heavy boil the whole time and plenty of citric in the jars though. Think I'm good?


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Canning Cooked Black Eyed Peas?I understand the answer that if the peas are cooked I don't have to water bath them. But then how do I get the jars to seal?


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Reprocessing Canned Pickled Beets?I canned pickled beets last week. I opened one today and they're slightly more crunchy than I like. They all sealed properly. Can I reprocess them to cook them a bit more? And if so, how would I do that?


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