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Canning is a great way to preserve fruits vegetables and even some meats. This page has tips and guides for canning food.

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Sunshine Dill Pickles

Making Sunshine Dill PicklesSunshine pickles are actually processed by placing the jars in the sun for a number of days. This is a page about making sunshine dill pickles.


Green and purple kohlrabi.

Canning Kohlrabi?This is a page about canning kohlrabi. Kohlrabi or turnip cabbage can be canned to preserve a portion of you harvest. Pressure canning is not recommended for this veggie, however, there are a variety of recipes for pickling it.


Canning in the Oven

Canning in the Oven?This is a page about canning in the oven. There has been a lot of discussion about this alternative canning method.


Canned Soup in a Jar

Canning Leftover SoupThis is a page about canning your leftover soup. It is very important to properly can soup to avoid getting sick. A water bath is not sufficient for killing all of the bacteria that might be present. The safest way to can soups is with a pressure cooker.


Canning Harvard Beets

Canning Harvard BeetsThis page is about canning Harvard beets. A variety of recipes are available for canning beets.


Green beans from a can against a white background

Preventing Canned Green Beans from...This is a page about preventing canned green beans from getting mushy. After you have spent hours canning your garden produce it is very disappointing to find that the green beans are mushy.


Canning Summer Squash and Zucchini

Canning Summer Squash and ZucchiniThis page is about canning summer squash and zucchini. When the summer squash is ripe there is usually too much to eat it all fresh.


Canned green beans with other vegetables in background.

Canning Green BeansThis is a page about canning green beans. Canning fresh green beans from your garden or those you purchased on sale at the grocery is easy and inexpensive to do. Follow a few easy steps and you can become an expert at canning.


A jar of kiwifruit jam and half of a kiwi.

Canning KiwifruitThis is a page about canning kiwifruit. The next time you have ripe kiwifruit, try making kiwi jam. Canning kiwifruit as jam allows you to enjoy this wonderful fruit any time.


Jars being canned in a hot water bath

Canning Bath Not Long Enough?This is a page about canning bath not long enough. Following the proper steps for home canning helps ensure the safety and quality of your canned goods.


Homemade Jam and Jelly

Effects of Weather on Homemade Jam and...Is it an old wives tale that jams and jellies set up best in good weather? This page is about effects of weather on homemade jam and jelly.


green tomatoes

Canning Green TomatoesThis is a page about canning green tomatoes. Green tomatoes are great for canning, whether you can them for frying later or want to make a relish or pickled tomatoes.



Canning Homemade Soup

Canning Homemade SoupThis is a page about canning homemade soup. Canning your favorite homemade soups is a great alternative to buying commercial varieties.


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Canning October Beans?This is my first time growing October beans. I need to know the best way to can these, please. Any ideas?


Jar of soup

Canning Soup Containing Cabbage?This is a page about canning soup containing cabbage. Certain vegetables can well, while others do not.


Canning Plums, Storing Plums. Selecting Good Plums. Ripe Plums on White Background

Canning PlumsThis is a page about canning plums. If you have more plums than you can eat right away, canning them use later in the year is a great option.


Fried Chicken

Canning Fried Chicken?Many of us know that you can actually fry canned chicken, but what about canning fried chicken. This is a page about canning fried chicken.


Tomato Relish

Tomato Relish Using Wild's Ezy-SauceWild's Ezy-Sauce is a popular ingredient to use when making tomato relish. This page has information about how to make tomato relish using Wild's Ezy-Sauce.


Smooth Cooktop

Canning on a Smooth Cooktop?This is a page about canning on a smooth cooktop. There has been some controversy regarding the suitability of glass ceramic cooktops for canning foods.


Canning Okra

Canning OkraThis page is about canning okra. A low acid food generally is pickled when canned.


canning jar lids showing in canning pot

Water Bath Canning AdviceThis is a page about water bath canning advice. A popular and time tested canning method is the water bath. Following the process carefully helps to ensure the quality and safety of your canned foods.


Several jars of processed soups with lids covered in decorative burlap

Canning Soups Without a Pressure Canner?When canning you will want to determine the safest way to can certain foods, some require a pressure canner others a hot water bath. This is a page about canning soups without a pressure canner.


A Woman Canning

Reusing Canning JarsThis is a page about reusing canning jars. If you do a lot of canning you will want to reuse the jars next season.


Canning Eggplant

Canning Eggplant?This page is about canning eggplant. This vegetable is best when the bitter juice is drawn out before canning.


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Garlic in My Canned Pepper Rings Turned Blueish?A few weeks ago I canned banana pepper rings. As well as the banana pepper rings, I added fresh garlic and onion. My question is: Why did my crushed, fresh garlic turn blueish-looking?


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Canning Stuffed Peppers?I want to can stuffed sweet peppers. Why can't I put the cooked stuffing before I put into a raw sweet pepper and put the pepper in a jar? Pressure canning it at 10# for 90 minutes should be OK I would think.


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Canning Blackberry Salsa?Does anyone have a canning recipe for blackberry salsa? Is it possible to water bath can blackberry salsa?



Canning Cauliflower

Canning Cauliflower?This is a page about canning cauliflower. Canning fresh vegetables is one good method for preserving produce.


A jar of canned peaches.

Canning PeachesThis is a page about canning peaches. Canned peaches are a great way to preserve summer's sweet bounty.


Canning Zucchini

Canning Zucchini in Pineapple Juice?Sweeten up your canned zucchini by putting them in pineapple juice. Canning zucchini in pineapple juice will make them delectably sweet.


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Keeping Pickled Cucumbers and Okra Crunchy?How do I keep okra or cucumbers crunchy when pickling them? Thanks to all!


Jars of Freshly Canned Salsa

Canning Tomato SalsaThis is a page about canning tomato salsa. Store bought salsa is never as good as what you can make at home. By making a large batch and canning your salsa, you can store jars for later or give them as gifts.


Quart jars of pickle relish

Pickle Relish RecipesThis page contains pickle relish recipes. Making your own delicious cucumber relish can be a rewarding experience.


Grapefruit slices in a canning jar.

Canning GrapefruitThis is a page about canning grapefruit. If you are a grapefruit lover, you probably can't get enough of this tangy fruit. Canning is one way to enjoy them after the season ends.


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Use Dishwasher For Sealing JarsEditor's Note: This tip is considered not safe by the FDA and other sources. With canning season coming up soon, this idea is for making jams and jellies. When you make jams or jellies, the last process is a hot water bath. I even got a Master Canner to agree with this method.


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Reprocessing Canned Tomatoes?My jars sealed but they are only 1/3 full, can I reprocess? Can I empty jars and combine into new sterilized jars and reprocess? Any suggestions?


Pickled Spicy Peppers in jars.

Pickled Spicy PeppersThere are many recipes for pickled peppers. This recipe is different in that as a result, hot peppers will never lose their shape, and canned jars can be stored without a refrigerator.


Jars of pickled vegetables.

Pickled Vegetable RecipesPickling is a great way to preserve your garden produce. The fermentation process is simple and will add healthy probiotics to your diet.


A pot of cooked black eyed peas.

Canning Cooked Black Eyed Peas?When canning cooked black eyed peas, it is best to use a pressure cooker to seal the jars. Black eyed peas are a low acid food.


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Can I Reprocess Canned Tomato Sauce?I have experience with jellies. This is my first time canning tomatoes. I made sauce with fresh grown ripe plum tomatoes, a little oil, onion, and herbs, plus a dash of Parmesan cheese. I simmered the sauce for 1 hour. I hot-packed 12 sterilized pint jars and did a 185 degree water bath for 15 min. They sealed well. I did this one week ago.


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Under Processed Canned Spaghetti Sauce?I canned homemade spaghetti sauce in a hot water bath. I was to have them boil for 50 minutes, but I mistakenly boiled for 30 minutes. They are cooling now and I will check in the morning to see if the seals "popped" and I don't feel a "bubble" on the lid. If they sealed, are they OK? I'm afraid of botulism, but doesn't the lemon juice that I added help prevent botulism?


peppers in a canning jar

Canning PeppersOne simple way to preserve the abundance of peppers from your garden is to can them. Technically, peppers are usually pickled and stored for future use. This is a page about canning peppers.



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Shelf Life of Canned Green Beans?I canned my green beans in October 2016. I still have some jars left. Are they OK to eat?


Canning jar full of Meat.

Canning MeatUsing a pressure canner you can preserve chicken, beef, pork, and other meats. This page contains information and recipes about canning meat.


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Shelf Life of Home Canned Green Beans?What is the shelf life of green beans canned with vinegar?


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Canning Tomato Sauce?I want to/need to can tomato sauce and have never done it before.


Dry Beans Spilling out of Jar

Oven Canning Dry Beans?This is a page about oven canning dry beans. While some people try oven canning for dry ingredients, it is not the safest or best method for preserving these foods. Here is some information for safely canning dry beans and other dry goods.


A jar of Jalapeno peppers.

How to Can Jalapeño Peppers?Hot packing is the most popular method of preserving jalapeño peppers. A hot vinegar and water solution with a bit of salt is added to the jars of whole or sliced peppers. This is a page about how to can jalapeño peppers.


A photo of soy beans and soy milk.

Canning Soy Milk?Making your own soy milk can be pretty easy, however if you want to store it for long periods you may need to can it. Canning soy milk can be a good way to preserve it for later use.


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Canning Tomato Juice?I was canning tomato juice with the water bath canner. I was supposed to process them for 35 minutes. I made a mistake and got the processing time mixed up with pickles and I only processed them for 10 minutes. All the jars have sealed. So could you please tell me how to correct this?


Ripe Melon

Picking a Perfectly Ripe MelonVine ripened melons are typically sweeter than those you buy at the market. This is a page about picking a perfectly ripe melon.


Mason jar of canned soup

Why Did the Lids Pop on My Canned Soup?This is a page about, "Why did the lids pop on my canned soup?". Depending on where you are in the canning process popping lids can mean different things.


Jar of homemade barbecue sauce

Canning Homemade Barbecue Sauce?This is a page about canning homemade barbecue sauce. Having perfected your own special barbecue sauce, canning it would be a great way to have some on hand all of the time.


Cream soup in a jar

Canning Soups That Contain Milk?This is a page about canning soups that contain milk. Many home canners, especially new ones to this preservation method, ask if it is doable and safe to can soups containing milk.


Several jars of yellow and green beans with spices ready to be processed

Canning Pickled Green Beans?This is a page about canning pickled green beans. Home canned pickled green beans will be a special treat after the gardening season ends.


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Shelf Life of Home Canned Fruit?I canned nectarines last year in September. Some of the fruit in the jars I have left are darker, are they safe to eat?


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Recipe for Refrigerator Dilled Green Beans?Does anyone have a recipe for refrigerator dilled green beans, etc.? I am also looking for recipes for any dilled veggies (Brussels sprouts, carrots, sweet peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, jicama, English cukes, etc.) I want them made refrigerator style with no hot water bath, etc.. Thanks.


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Canning Tomatoes?We're going to do some canning this year. We used to can all the time. Our tomatoes are coming on pretty slow. I was wondering if I could can these as they come along? If so, could you tell me how to do this? I would really appreciate it.


A large pot of chili, ready for canning.

Canning Chili?This is a page about canning chili. Chili is an excellent meal to make a large portion of. Preserve the spicy goodness of your chili to enjoy and share later by canning it.


Mango Jam and vanilla beans.

Mango Jam Recipes?This page contains mango jam recipes. If you have access to lots of sweet mangoes, making some jam is a great way to enjoy them year round.


An apple press making apple juice.

Canning Apple Juice?This page is about canning apple juice. Juicing your own apples and canning it is very satisfying.


Pickled Okra

Pickled Okra RecipesThis page contains pickled okra recipes. Spicy, crunchy pickled okra is a great addition to your relish tray at a party or to serve with family meals.


Collard Greens

Canning Collard Greens?This is a page about canning collard greens. Start with fresh, young greens and ensure great tasting canned collard greens.



Canning RhubarbThis is a page about canning rhubarb. Excess rhubarb is easy to preserve by canning.


canning preserves

Substitution for Sugar When Canning?This page is about substitution for sugar when canning. If you need to can your fruit and vegetables without sugar, there are other sweeteners you can use.


Pinto Beans

Canning Pinto Beans?This page is about canning pinto beans. A pressure canner is necessary when canning any beans.


Canning Carrot Juice

Canning Carrot Juice?This is a page about canning carrot juice. Bright orange carrot juice is not only good tasting, but good for you.


Canning Ham

Canning Ham?This is a page about canning ham. Whether you have ham left over from the holidays or found a great price at the market, consider canning rather than freezing.


Ham and Bean Soup

Canning Ham and Bean Soup?This is a page about canning ham and bean soup. When making homemade soup it is often easy to make extra for canning.


Beef Stew

Canning Beef Stew?This is a page about canning beef stew. Save some of that large batch of beef stew by canning it for later use.



Canning Spinach?This is a page about canning spinach. Preserve your extra spinach harvest by canning.


Pickled Onions

Pickled Onion RecipesThis page contains pickled onion recipes. A delicious way to prepare onions that can reduce the heat of the raw bulb.


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Canning Vegetables from the Store?Do any of you can cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. from the grocery store and do you enjoy it? Is it really time consuming? I am about to buy a canner from and I want to know what you guys think who do the canning before I start doing it.


green tomatoes

Green Tomato Pickles RecipesIf you are left with a lot of green tomatoes from the garden, consider pickling them. This page contains green tomato pickles recipes.


Pickled Peaches

Pickled Peaches RecipesThis page contains pickled peaches recipes. Spicy pickled peaches are easy to make and delicious when served.


Canning Pumpkin

Canning Pumpkin?This is a page about canning pumpkin. Preserving the pumpkins from your garden usually involves canning.


Canning Peas

Canning Peas?This is a page about canning peas. If you don't have space to keep frozen vegetables from the garden, try canning.


Canning Potatoes

Canning Potatoes?This is a page about canning potatoes. Before freezing was an option, canning was the common way to store garden produce.


Sweet Potatoes

Canning Sweet Potatoes?This page is about canning sweet potatoes. These sugary tubers can be preserved to enjoy at a later time.


Canned Carrots

Canning Carrots?This is a page about canning carrots. Carrots like many other vegetables can be preserved by canning.


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Canning Fruits and Vegetables?Can anyone tell me how to can fruits and vegetables?


Canning Horseradish?I am needing a home canning recipe for home grown horseradish. I hope someone can help me. We preserve our garden veggies by home canning yet I can't find any directions on canning home grown horseradish.


Making Homemade Pickles

Making Homemade PicklesThis is a page about making homemade pickles. Homemade pickles are an easy to make family favorite.


Homemade Jelly

Making Homemade JellyThis is a page about making homemade jelly. Thinking of using that bumper crop of fruit, great prices on fruit at the market, or even fruit juice, to make homemade jelly. There are some questions that might arise.


Several slices of pickled watermelon in a white bowl

Watermelon Pickle RecipesThis page contains watermelon pickle recipes. Many vegetables and fruits can be preserved by pickling.


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"It Ain't Peaches" Canned Melon Recipe?I am looking for the "It Ain't Peaches" recipe. This recipe is melon canned so that it tastes like peaches. It is a southern recipe. I lost it and really need it! Anyone willing to share? Thanks.


Canned Apricots

Tips for Canning FruitThis page contains tips for canning fruit. Serving fruits that you have canned yourself is very satisfying and delicious.


Sauerkraut Recipes

Sauerkraut RecipesThis page contains sauerkraut recipes. If you love sauerkraut, perhaps you are thinking of making your own special style.


Canned Tomatoes on White Background

Canning TomatoesThis is a page about canning tomatoes. Tomatoes are a good choice when canning fresh produce.


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How Long Are Canned Green Beans Good For?How long can you keep and use green beans that were canned. I found a jar dated 8/20/08. They look good and have a sufficient amount of liquid around them.


Canning Pie Filling, Cherry Pie

Canning Pie FillingThis is a page about canning pie filling. When fresh fruit is ready for picking or in season at the market, it is a good time to can some pie filling for later use.


Jar of pickled tomatoes.

How to Pickle VegetablesThis is a page about how to pickle vegetables. Pickling your garden vegetables is a time honored method of putting them up.


canning beef

Canning BeefBy canning beef you can take advantage of sales and not have to use up as much of your freezer space. This is a page about canning beef.


Canning Applesauce

Canning ApplesauceThis is a page about canning applesauce. Canning applesauce is not only easy, but also a good way to use up extra apple from your tree.


Canning Boneless Chicken Breasts

Canning Boneless Chicken BreastsThis quick video will teach you how to save your excess chicken breasts by canning them.


Canning kettle, jars, lids, and tools

Saving Money on Canning SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on canning supplies. Besides a proper canning kettle, there are other tools and supplies that will make canning easier and save you time and money.


Jar of canned papaya balls in syrup.

Canning PapayasThis is a page about canning papayas. Canning is a common method of processing fruit for later usage. Tropical fruit such as papaya is a good choice for canning.


Fresh strawberries in a jar with a colander in the background.

Canning StrawberriesThis is a page about canning strawberries. Canning is a perfect way to preserve those deliciously sweet strawberries from your garden or the farmer's market. You can make a jam or jelly or can the whole fruit in a syrup.


Growing Quince, Canning Quince, Freezing Quince, Peeling Quince, Storing Quince. Selecting Good Quince. Holding Out a Ripe Quince

Canning QuinceThis is a page about canning quince. If you have more quince than you can use right away, canning it is a great way to preserve it's flavor.


Storing Oranges, Canning Oranges, A bunch of bright round oranges.

Canning OrangesThis is a page about canning oranges. Canning your oranges at their peak of freshness will give them the best possible flavor when you use them later.


Freezing Bell Peppers, Canning Bell Peppers, Peeling Bell Peppers, Drying Bell Peppers, Storing Bell Peppers, Growing Bell Peppers, Selecting Good Bell Peppers, Red, Green and Yellow Bell Peppers

Canning Bell Peppers?This is a page about canning bell peppers. Canning you bell peppers will keep their flavor and color for use later in the year.


Canning Beets, Drying Beets, Growing Beets, Selecting Good Beets, Peeling Beets, Freezing Beets, Fresh Whole and Sliced Beets

Canning BeetsThis is a page about canning beets. Store your beets for use later in the year by canning them.


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fresh mushrooms

Canning Mushrooms in a Pressure CannerMushroom are used in lots of casseroles and soups as well as fried with onions for some good toppings on meat and potatoes. Now if you want fresh, fried mushrooms, you need to find an experienced mushroom hunter and go hunting.


fresh green beans

Canning Green Beans in the Pressure CookerOnce green beans become ripe on the vine, they need picked and preserved. Picking goes on for days as a new crop appears. If you have your own garden, you can pick and can until you are sick of green beans and still have plenty to give away.


Homemade raspberry jam being spread on a piece of bread

Making Berry JamIt has become a tradition for my friend Stephanie and I to make jam during the height of summer heat. This year, we made three kinds: blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry. We also made a mixed berry syrup from the leftovers of each batch.


Canning Plums

Canning Plums in a Hot Water BathThis beautiful purple fruit is so refreshing on a hot summer day. Canning them means you can enjoy them all year long.


sliced mango

Canning Mangoes in a Hot Water BathThe mango should be firm but not rock hard. It should be ready to eat. Probably the best bet for finding mangoes would be the big outlets such as Costco, Sam's Clubs, or one like those.


fresh sliced pineapple

Canning Pineapple in Warm Water Bath CannerPineapple is a funny looking fruit that tastes wonderful but looks like it will take a war to get into the sweet fruit. However, it is worth it to learn how to handle this funny looking fruit.


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Canning Fried Squash?I want to dry can my fried squash, by frying it and sealing it in hot jars while the squash is still hot. Will this work?


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Canning Cooked Black Eyed Peas?I have some black eyed peas that are cooked. I wanted to can them. Can I water bath them?


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Under-Processed Tomatoes?I hot packed and processed tomato quarts for 40 instead of 45 by accident. Heavy boil the whole time and plenty of citric in the jars though. Think I'm good?


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Canning Cooked Black Eyed Peas?I understand the answer that if the peas are cooked I don't have to water bath them. But then how do I get the jars to seal?


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Canning Beef in the Oven?I canned beef several years ago in the oven in pint jars. I can't remember the degrees or time. The lady I got the recipe from died and I lost it. I can't remember if it was 250 degrees for 3 hours or what. I know she told me to keep the jars in the oven overnight and they would seal. She said not to open the oven till morning.


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Canning Harvard Beets?Do I put canning salt in the jar before I put in the product and process the Harvard beets?


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