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Money saving food tips and information about food drying and dehydration.

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Onions and carrots dried in a food dehydrator.

Blanching Vegetables in an Instant Pot?I got a food dehydrator for Christmas and have been experimenting with it recently. I recently got an Instant Pot pressure cooker with a steamer basket. It seems like the perfect solution for blanching vegetables prior to dehydrating. Any recommendations on what to set my Instant Pot to in order to blanch vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes and carrots?


Vegetables in an Instapot pressure cooker.

Blanching Vegetables in an Instant Pot?Blanching vegetables in your Instant Pot is quick and easy. Here are some tips for how to do it. This is a page about blanching vegetables in an Instant Pot.


Dried figs in a wooden bowl.

Drying Figs?This is a page about drying figs. Figs are a delicious fruit to snack on. Why limit yourself to eating them only part of the year, when you can dry them and enjoy them more often.



Drying and Sweetening Coconut Meat?This page is about drying and sweetening coconut meat. Processing these large palm seeds can give you a delicious addition to many recipes.


Drying Celery Leaves

Drying Celery LeavesDried vegetables are a convenient, quick addition to many entrees. This page is about drying celery leaves.


Drying Chives

Drying ChivesThis page is about drying chives. Making your own dried chives from the market or your garden is thrifty and delicious.


Drying Apples in a Dehydrator

Drying Apples in a DehydratorDried apple slices make a delicious healthy snack. Rather that buy them at the market, if you have a dehydrator, they are easy to make at home. This is a page about drying apples in a dehydrator.


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Dry Your Own HerbsFresh herbs are great, and it is good to have some dried ones to preserve your summer bounty, or to prevent fresh ones from spoiling before they can be used up. Some people freeze herbs, but they may be ruined with a power outage. Dried herbs stay good for longer.


A woman harvesting basil from a garden planter.

Harvesting Garden HerbsWhen harvesting herbs, I reuse those moisture retaining capsules found in some medication bottles. I save the little capsules throughout the year and repurpose them after drying my summer harvest. They help to keep the herbs dry. Should there be a tiny bit of moisture left, that could cause spoilage.


A pile of dried carrot slices.

Drying CarrotsDrying your own veggies is easy and does not necessarily require a dehydrator. Carrots, for example, can be sun dried. You will need shredded carrots, lemon juice, and hot sunny weather. Or try your oven on a low temperature setting. Dried veggies are quite useful in many recipes.


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Dehydrating Liquids in the Kitchen?I weigh more now than I ever have in my life. That's about to change. My doctor told me to reduce my starch intake as it is converted to sugar by the body. I would like to still make my homemade biscuits occasionally with dehydrated buttermilk.


DIY Beetroot Powder - plate with beet root powder ready to use

DIY Beetroot PowderUse beets to make a healthy addition to smoothies and soups. This powdered beetroot is easy to make at home and adds a beautiful color to any food.



Dried Chamomile

How to Dry Chamomile for Tea?Chamomile is considered an excellent herb for making a calming tea. Freshly harvested herbs can be dried indoors in a warm dry place. You can tie the stems together loosely and hang upside down. This is a page about how to dry chamomile for tea.


Dried mango and kiwi fruit.

Drying and Storing FruitTo dry many types of fruit simply clean, slice thinly, and dip in ascorbic acid or lemon juice to prevent browning. Then you can dry outside, in the oven, or in a dehydrator. Store in an air tight container in a cool dry place, they can also be stored in the fridge or frozen. This is a page about drying and storing fruit.


Apple chips being dried in an oven.

Drying Fruit and Meat Without a DehydratorWe have been drying fruit and meat successfully long before the availability of dehydrators. Options include the oven and even outside in dry warm weather. This is a page about drying fruit and meat without a dehydrator.


Fresh oregano and bowl of dried oregano on wooden surface

Using a Microwave for Drying HerbsThis is a page about using a microwave for drying herbs. There are a number of ways you can make your own dried herbs.


piles of dried beans

Drying BeansThis is a page about drying beans. There are a few ways that you can easily dry your bean crop or farmer's market find at home.


Dehydrating Strawberries

Dehydrating Strawberries?This is a page about dehydrating strawberries. A wonderful way to preserve your fresh berries for snacks and an addition to many kinds of recipes.


Sun Drying Fruits

Sun Drying Fruits and VegetablesThis is a page about sun drying fruits and vegetables. If you live in the right environment, an easy, cost effective way to dry your fruits and vegetables is by using the sun on outside drying racks.


Dried tomatoes in a dehydrator tray.

Using a DehydratorThis page is about using a dehydrator. Many kinds of fruits and vegetables can be preserved by drying.


Drying Tomatoes

Drying TomatoesThis is a page about drying tomatoes. Sun dried tomatoes add their own delicious flavor to many dishes, but can be expensive to buy.


Drying Okra

Drying Okra?This page is about drying okra. Enjoy this southern vegetable as a great addition to soups all winter.


Drying Corn

Drying CornThis is a page about drying corn. One way to preserve corn is to dry it.


Drying Chili Peppers

Drying Chili PeppersThis is a page about drying chili peppers. Driving through the American southwest you will see the striking red ristras, or strings of dried chili peppers, for use in cooking or decoration.


Drying and Storing Herbs

Drying HerbsMany useful herbs to dry can be bought at the market, grown in your garden, and collected in the wild. This page is about drying herbs.


summer squash

Drying SquashThis page is about drying squash. Whether drying summer or winter squash, it can add color and texture to many dishes all year long.


Dried Carrots

Drying VegetablesThis is a page about drying vegetables. One excellent method of preserving fresh vegetables is drying.



Green onions on white background.

Drying Green OnionsThis is a page about drying green onions. Whether you grew your own bumper crop or found a great deal at the super market, you now have an abundance of green onions. One good method of storing them is by drying. Dried onions can be stored in a small space and used as needed.


Dried orange slices, bundle of cinnamon sticks, and cloves.

Drying OrangesThis is a page about drying oranges. Drying oranges allows you to store them for future use. Whether it is to add flavor to recipes, making potpourri, or for use in craft projects, dried oranges are great to have on hand.


Dried Bananas

Drying BananasThis is a page about drying bananas. Banana chips are a delicious healthy snack that both adults and children enjoy. Drying bananas is an easy process.


A whole dried lime.

Drying LimesThis is a page about drying limes. Dried limes are typically used in Middle Eastern and Persian cooking. They are used in a variety of dishes and are also used for tea. Limes are easy to dry at home.


Slices of dried lemon.

Drying LemonsThis is a page about drying lemons. Dried lemons are typically used in Middle Eastern and Persian dishes. They are easy to dry at home.


Dried Grapefruit Orange and Lime Slices

Drying GrapefruitThis is a page to drying grapefruit. Dried grapefruit is a tasty healthy snack. It also makes a nice spicy addition to some dishes when powdered.


A pile of dried apple slices.

Drying ApplesThis is a page about drying apples. Dried apples are a great healthy snack. Drying them will also allow you to enjoy your favorite apples when they are not in season.


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Dehydrate Tomatoes for Salads or SnacksFor a tasty salad addition or snack, buy Roma tomatoes on sale. Slice thinly and sprinkle with garlic salt or powder. Dry in a dehydrator until they are dry and the skins are no longer shiny.


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Drying Zucchini?Has anyone out there tried drying zucchini in wedges, so it will be pretty when reconstituted? I'm curious to see if it works.


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Drying Time Needed for Fruits and Vegetables?I am looking for information on the drying times needed to dehydrate fruits and vegetables.


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Dried Onions for Healthy SnackOn 99 cent day at our local Thrift store, I found a food dryer in great shape. I decided to try drying different fruits and veggies for nighttime snacking.


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Dehydrate Bargain Priced FruitWhen you find fresh fruits on sale, buy a big amount and dehydrate it. Your pantry can hold only so many jars. A dehydrated item can be stored in an air tight bag or in the freezer and uses a lot less space. By Gladys Hill


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Storing Dehydrated FoodI like to dehydrate food and find it bothersome to find something has re-hydrated from the air in the storage container. Vacuum sealed bags is the best solution.


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Drying Food at Home (PDF)People have been preserving food through drying for thousands of years. Because dried food yields maximum quantity for the least volume, it has always been popular among hikers and campers.


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How to Use Dried Foods (PDF)Dried vegetables and fruits provide convenient and delicious additions to family meals. They can be used alone, in combination with other foods, or served for an accent to add flavor. Most uses require that the food be rehydrated, usually referred to as refreshing.



Zucchini Chips

Zucchini ChipsSince I normally don't buy potato chips, I decided to dehydrate some zucchini slices. I tried a few other veggies/fruit from my overflowing garden as well. The BBQ zucchini flavor seemed the biggest hit in our house!


dried apples

Dehydrating Fruits and VegetablesThe next time you go to the grocery store and they are having a great sale or your garden is overproducing, try my friend Amy's trick for easy winter soups.


Hot peppers drying on the roof of a house.

Drying PeppersI'm from the south and this was new to me, here you learn to eat Mexican food. Hatch is the most popular place for growing chili peppers.


Banana slices on dehydrator tray.

Dehydrated BananasDuring the summer months, I enjoy eating frozen bananas, but now that it has turned cold, I have a new craving and it's for dehydrated bananas.



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Freezing or Drying Mint Leaves?I have a fresh mint plant growing in a flower pot that I only use for making my dog, dog treats. I would like to know how I can freeze or dry it. I'd rather dry it out for further use. I make dog treats maybe every 3 to 4 months and I don't want the plant to die.


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Making Sun Dried Tomatoes?How do I make sun dried tomatoes?


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Drying Strawberries in an Oven?I saw a hint on the internet which said that I could dry strawberries by putting them in an oven of 210 degrees F for two hours.


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Making Coconut Macaroons with Fresh Coconut?How do I shred, sweeten, and dry fresh coconut to use to make coconut macaroons?


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Dehydrating Food with a Convection Oven?Can I dehydrate food with the Galloping Gourmet Aire Convection oven?


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Drying Fordhook Butter Beans?We have freshly shelled Ford-hooks and want to know how to dry them (as in dry beans that are sold in stores). Can someone help me? Thanks much!


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