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This page contains a variety of tips and advice about composting.

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Shredded Paper

How to Compost Shredded PaperOnce shredded, unglossy paper is a great addition to a compost pile, where moisture and worms will turn it into a rich soil addition. This is a page about how to compost shredded paper.


Making a Compost Bin

Making a Compost BinThis is a page about making a compost bin. You can easily and inexpensively make your own backyard compost bin, it need not be an expensive commercial model.


Trash Can Composter

Making a Trash Can ComposterThis is a page about making a trash can composter. You don't have to spend a lot of money to purchase a composter. Make an inexpensive one from a trash can.


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Hiding a Compost Pile?My new neighbors just cut down 3 pine trees that were on the border of my property. I kept my compost pile there. There was just enough sun and shade for good breakdown and it was nicely hidden. Well to say the least, we are exposed to the world now. And I am not too happy I might add.


Chickens on top of a pile of manure.

Composting Chicken ManureChicken manure and that of other animals such as horses and cows can be composted and used in the garden. You don't want to use the manure while it is fresh or "hot" as it can damage your plant's roots. This is a page about composting chicken manure.


Compost bin made from pallets with door open

Making a Wood Pallet Compost BinPallets are often available for free and can be used for many wood building projects. This is a page about making a wood pallet compost bin.


Straw on top of a compost pile.

Composting Straw?Adding straw to your compost is fine as long as it does not contain pesticides. This is a page about composting straw.


Hand holding cured Cow Manure

Curing Cow Manure?If the cow manure is fresh it is considered hot, as it is still releasing nitrogen and ammonia that can damage plant roots. To cure, it needs to be hot composted for 6 months. This is a page about curing cow manure.


Wooden compost bin

Composting Dog WasteThis is a page about composting dog waste. If composted properly, dog waste can be added to your garden.


Can full of compostables labelled "For Composting"

Composting Cat LitterThis is a page about composting cat litter. Despite controversy some cat owners choose to compost their pets' used litter.


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Staining a Compost Bin?Is there a stain that I can use on my compost bin to protect it that won't contaminate the soil?


Worm Bin

Making a Worm BinThis is a page about making a worm bin. Rather than buying a worm composting bin at your local nursery or online, try making one. It is a fun and easy to accomplish project that you can do with readily available supplies.



Worm Composting (Vermicomposting)

Worm Composting (Vermicomposting)This is a page about worm composting (vermicomposting). Using your kitchen scraps you can create your own rich garden compost with the help of some wiggly worms and a bit of time.


Compost bin full of vegetable waste from a kitchen.

Removing Odors From a Compost Bin?This is a page about removing odors from a compost bin. A compost pile or bin that is composting properly will produce minimal odor. However, for those times when the process is not working perfectly, you will want to find ways to reduce the odor.


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Store Used Grounds for CompostWe use the empty coffee containers, without the lid, to store our used grounds from the coffee maker each morning. When yard clippings and leaves begin to build up, the grounds are mixed in.



Composting Potatoes?This is a page about composting potatoes. There are varying opinions on whether you should add potatoes and their skins to your compost bin. One sure thing is that you may find a viable plant in the bin as the eyes will often sprout.


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Choosing a Compost Bin Size?i have a small town garden and have been looking to buy a compost bin. I am confused as to which size I need, they seem to be 80 litres and 220 litres plus, with no size in between. Would the 80 litre be enough? (I'll be using kitchen scraps, leaves, and grass cuttings.)



Composting in an Apartment?This is a page about composting in an apartment. Living in an apartment does not mean that you can not compost.


Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

Composting Biodegradable Packing Peanuts?This is a page about composting biodegradable packing peanuts. Water soluble packing peanuts can be added to your compost pile.


Composting Citrus Peels

Composting Citrus PeelsThis page is about composting citrus peels. All kinds of vegetable and fruit peels are a great addition to your compost pile.


Woman using a composter

Composting Tips and TricksThis page is about composting tips and tricks. Having the right combination of waste materials, moisture and air can make for a faster compost pile.


Composting Seaweed

Composting SeaweedThis page is about composting seaweed. When you live near the beach, plenty of this greenery may be available for your garden.


Composting Grapes

Composting GrapesThis page is about composting grapes. When preparing grape juice you can be left with a lot of fruit waste.


Compost Bucket Ideas

Compost Bucket IdeasThis is a page about compost bucket ideas. You can buy or use a recycled container to compost kitchen scraps and other compostable household waste.


Keeping Pests Out of Your Compost Pile

Keeping Pests Out of Your Compost Pile?This page is about keeping pests out of your compost pile. A variety of insects can find your compost pile a great place to find a meal.


Composting Indoors

Composting IndoorsThis is a page about composting indoors. You don't have to set up a backyard compost bin or pile to begin composting. It is easy to compost on a small scale indoors, for example in a garage or basement.


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Reusing a Charcoal Filter for Composter?My filter in the lid of a composting bin is good for around 3 months before it expires. I don't know who manufactured this model so I need to make my own replacements or re-charcoal the existing pad.



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What to Put in a Compost Pile?Can you put tomatoes in the compost pile?


Compost Pile

Starting a Compost PileThis is a page on starting a compost pile. Starting your own compost pile can save you money on your garbage bill, reduce the waste you send to the landfill, and will give you your own organic compost that you can use to amend the soil in your garden beds.


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Composting in a Plastic Bin?Why do you cut the bottom out of a plastic bin when using it for compost?


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Uses for Fruit and Vegetable Peels?I saw a list of all the things fruit and veggie peels are good for on one of these sites, but I have lost it. Does anyone know where I can find the list again?


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Will Tomato Leaves from Plants With Blight Ruin Compost?If our tomato plants have been infected with a blight disease and we have put leaves from them in our composter, is the compost ruined?


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Why Are Coffee Grounds Good For Plants?What is in coffee grounds that helps house plants?


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Sow Bugs in My Compost Pile?I have Pill bugs (Sow bugs) and Ear Wigs in my compost pile, good or bad? If I need to get rid of them, how?


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Compost Pile Smells Bad?I recently started composting. I like the idea of not being so wasteful but the smell of the pile is starting to get to me. Not to mention the bugs!


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Creating Quality Compost Through The Winter?My husband and I recently purchased 3 acres, and I hope to grow plenty of fruits and vegetables next spring. I'm hoping to create quality compost throughout the winter. Besides kitchen scraps, we also have a small horse and goat for, um, fertilizer.


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Making Compost With Pet Waste?How do you make compost from cat and dog manure?


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Bugs In Compost Pile?I started composting a year ago. I'm not regular about turning, nor consistent about my mix of greens and browns. From what I have read I'm Cold Composting, although my bin got pretty hot when I started adding grass clippings.


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Burying Kitchen Scraps Instead of Composting?Can you bury kitchen scraps without necessarily 'composting'? For instance, when I have potato peals, can I bury them under the dirt?


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Breads and Pasta in Compost?I am learning how to compost. I read about what should go in it and what should be kept out. But I didn't find anywhere about bread, pizzas, pasta, cookies? Can they go in a compost?


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Seaweed Fertilizer?Can I get the content of seaweed compost fertilizer?


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Composting Clay?I have pure layered tan clay and access to a lot of horse manure that I compost a hundred yards at a time. My question is how much compost should I mix with the clay to get a pretty loose soil. The clay is like concrete when dry.



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Maintaining a Compost Pile in the Winter?I want to start a compost pile but am not sure how it is cared for over winter. Is there any special things I must do? I have Fibromyalgia and I don't do cold weather well, so if it must be worked in winter I may have to pass on this idea. Any help would be appreciated.


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Making a Compost Tumbler?Anyone have building plans for a Compost Tumbler they would like to share?


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What is the best way to use compost?I started composting my kitchen waste and yard clippings about a year ago, probably something I read here. It's basically just a pile that my husband rotates from time to time but it has made some very nice dirt at this point. What is the best way to make use of it now? I have quite a few house plants, a flower garden, a hedge and a small vegetable garden.


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Composting Pine Needles?Please share your thoughts and "Do's and Don'ts" for composting pine needles. I have to circle the wagons and the troops and rake up all of them. I want to fill up the new 'wiz-bang' recycled plastics composter I purchased from the local landfill district office (It's about 42" high, and 4' across). Thank you! ~Ooo~ Bill in SE Mass.


worm bin

Worm Composting (Vermicomposting)There are many ways to compost. One of the most beneficial is vermicomposting or worm composting with a worm farm composting tower. There are many prefab worm composters on the market.


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My Frugal Life: Composting IndoorsWith all new ideas, I make a point to weigh the amount my time that they will cost against the benefits. Here is just one thing that I have been trying around my house this year: I started an indoor composting worm bin, which I keep in our basement.


Free Houseplant Soil - hand holding dark leaf compost

Free Houseplant SoilTechnically, this would be a 'medium' rather than soil, but some people haven't caught on to that word, yet. And too, if you have access to enough, it would be great for the garden as well as your houseplants.


Plastic Storage Tub Worm Bin

Plastic Storage Tub Worm BinMaking your own vermicomposting tub is fun and easy. It reduces waste that would otherwise go to the landfills. It is also very educational for both children and adults alike. You can make a worm compost bin out of a plastic moving tub, so why not start one today!


Picture of a woman using a composter.

Composting Tools You Don't Need to BuyMany garden tools are designed to make the job faster and easier, but an alternative usually exists that can accomplish the same task for a lot less money. Here's a rundown of six handy composting tools - what they do, why they are helpful, and the cost-saving alternatives.


Homemade Compost - The Natural Way To Green Gardening - mixing materials with a rake

Homemade Compost - The Natural Way To Green GardeningOur neighbors think we are very odd people when we save grass clippings, leaves, discarded fruit and veggie peels, and now shredded newspaper clippings.


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Can I Compost Pine Needles?Will pine needles break down in my compost bin to useable compost, or are they too tough?


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Adding Cat Litter to a Compost Pile?Is it safe to use, used cat litter after it has been outside in the weather for over 6 years? We have 6 rescued cats we keep inside our home, they go thru a lot of cat litter each year approximately 1,400 to 1,500 pounds. I hope to use it in a compost pile along with grass clippings, kitchen waste, etc.


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Growing Fruit Trees Near a Dog Poop Septic Tank?I have to dig a 1x 3ft deep hole for my 3 large dogs' pooh as dog "septic tank" that is full after 3mos. It is covered and worms linger. After the worms consume the feces it is all broken like sand. Now I have grown a small tree called malunggay and a banana which is 10ft away from the "septic tank". Will the tree be affected as we always consume this malunggay vegetables everyday.


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Composting Chicken Feed Used as Cat Litter?I didn't think used cat litter was good compost material especially for food crops. If I use chicken feed, will other animals like squirrels and mice, or birds eat it?


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Composting Horse Manure?What's the best way to compost horse manure?


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Using Spanish Moss in a Worm Bin?We live in Florida with many southern oaks and they have Spanish moss hanging from them. Can it be used for our worm container?


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