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There is an art to knowing when and how to prune your trees and other plants. This page contains tips and advice about pruning the plants and trees in your garden.

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Pruning a Rhododendron

Pruning a Rhododendron?This is a page about pruning a rhododendron. Like many flowering shrubs, care must be taken when pruning a rhododendron so as not to remove next season's buds.


Lilac blossoms on an overgrown bush.

Pruning and Rejuvenating Overgrown LilacsCareful pruning can, not only keep your lilac well shaped and of a size that fits your space, but it can also encourage new growth and blooming. This is a page about pruning and rejuvenating overgrown lilacs.


Hand deadheading hibiscus blossoms from a mature plant.

Pruning a HibiscusThis is a page about pruning a hibiscus. Knowing the best time to prune your flowering shrubs can not only improve their shape, but will not disrupt their blooming.


Avocado Plant leaves on white

Pruning an Avocado PlantKeeping the height of a potted avocado tree under control requires careful pruning to increase fullness and reduce overall height. This is a page about pruning an avocado plant.


Dracaena Tree

Pruning a Dracaena or Dragon Tree?This is a page about pruning a dracaena or dragon tree. These easy to grow large succulents are a favorite houseplant. Proper pruning can help create the grow patterns you want.


Maintenance Pruning For Wisteria Standard - standard wisteria

Pruning a Wisteria StandardWisteria are often pruned to a standard tree shape instead of being allowed to vine. This is a page about pruning a wisteria standard.


Shaping a Weeping Pussy Willow Tree - tree in pot inside

Shaping a Weeping Pussy Willow Tree?When pruning a weeping pussy willow tree, use garden pruning shears. They are a member of the group of plants that can best be defined as those that, you prune after they bloom. This pruning cycle ensures that you don't cut off the new grow that will produce the fuzzy catkins the following spring. This page offers ideas for shaping a weeping pussy willow tree.


A butterfly on a lilac bush.

Best Time to Prune Flowering ShrubsThis is a page about the best time to prune flowering shrubs. Flowering shrubs like azaleas, lilacs, butterfly bush, hydrangea, and many more can provide beauty for years to come, but look best if they are pruned at the right time.


Pruning a tree

Pruning Times: What and When to PruneProper pruning is a good way to help your trees and shrubs stay healthy and strong. This page is about pruning times: what and when to prune.


A lilac bush being pruned at flowering time.

Revitalize Your Flowering Shrubs Through PruningProper pruning of your flowering shrubs can not only keep the plant tidy and well shaped it can also improve the flowering energy of the shrub. This is a page about how to revitalize your flowering shrubs through pruning.


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How to Keep Branches from Growing Back?I need to know how to keep branches from growing back after I trim them.


A huckleberry bush with berries.

Pruning Huckleberry Plants?Evergreen huckleberry plants may not require pruning, but if you want to encourage growth and increase berry production, the best time to prune is late winter or early spring. Learn more about pruning your huckleberry below.



A blooming lilac bush.

Pruning a Lilac BushAs with many flowering shrubs the best time to prune a lilac is right after they finish flowering. This is a page about pruning a lilac bush.


Woman with curly red hair trimming a Japanese Maple Tree.

When Should We Trim Our Japanese Maple?Late fall or early spring are generally considered the best times to prune these trees; when the sap is down. Fall is probably preferable. Leaf drop is usually indicative of a good time in the fall. This is a page about, "When should we trim our Japanese maple?".


Large Purple Clematis Flower

Pruning a ClematisThis is a page about pruning a clematis. The clematis is a superb floral addition to your yard. With it's bright large flowers and hearty vine like growth, this flower is as much fin to grow as it is to admire.


Blue Spruce Tree Branches

Pruning a Blue Spruce Tree?This is a page about pruning a blue spruce tree. Keep your blue spruce tree looking beautiful in every season with proper pruning.


Woman in green dress deadheading a rose.

Pinching Off Dead BloomsMany flowering plants will continue to flower if you remove spent blossoms. This page is about pinching off dead blooms.


Gloved hands pruning a shrub.

Pruning ShrubsMost books describe pruning as an art. Depending on the type of shrub, you will be shaping the plant or encouraging blooming. This is a page about pruning shrubs (pdf).


Two hummingbirds visiting the blooms of a hummingbird vine

Pruning a Hummingbird VineThis is a page about pruning a hummingbird vine. A variety of perennial vines invite hummingbirds to visit their flowers, and need to be pruned back before their next growing season.


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Pruning an Indoor Avocado Tree?I have been told to cut the plant after it's about 12" tall down to 6" to make it fuller. Is this a good idea?


Man holding pruning sheers surrounded by cherry trees in bloom

Pruning Cherry Trees?This is a page about pruning cherry trees. Pruning your fruit trees is important for their health and fruit production.


Blooming Spirea

Pruning Spirea?This is a page about pruning spirea. Pruning spirea is actually fairly easy to do, whether you are pruning for shape or to rejuvenate a mature plant.


An older man trimming a bush with garden shears.

Cleaning Up After Trimming BushesThis page is about cleaning up after trimming bushes. Keeping your shrub prunings controlled can make tidying up faster and much easier.


Topiary Landscaping

Topiary Landscaping IdeasThis is a page about topiary landscaping ideas. Topiary is the practice of creating artful designs with plants, particularly those typically used for hedges.


Forsythia Hedge

Pruning a Forsythia Hedge?This page is about pruning a forsythia hedge. A hardy, perennial shrub that with proper pruning produces an abundance of yellow flowers in the spring.


Frangipani Tree with pink blossoms.

Pruning a Frangipani Tree?This page is about pruning a frangipani tree. The beautiful frangipani (plumeria) also known as the Lei flower, is native to warm tropical areas of the Pacific, especially Hawaii.


Pear Tree

Pruning a Pear TreeThis is a page about pruning a pear tree. Proper pruning requires a thoughtful approach and the right timing.



Pruning Hydrangeas

Pruning HydrangeasThis is a page about pruning hydrangeas. As with many plants timing is important when pruning, especially with flowering plants.


Pruning A Tree

Pruning A TreeThis is a page about pruning a tree. Pruning your trees is a recurring garden task; doing it well will maintain the health and beauty of your trees.


Pruning a Crepe Myrtle Tree

Pruning a Crepe Myrtle TreeThis page is about pruning a crepe mrytle tree. Unless damaged by frost, a crepe myrtle generally doesn't require much pruning.


Pruning a Hedge

Pruning a HedgeThis is a page about pruning a hedge. Properly pruning your hedge will ensure a pleasing shape and allow for blooming on flowering shrubs.


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Pruning a Passionflower?Do I cut back or prune my passionflower plants? They have flowered lovely for their first year and still are, as a matter of interest.


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Pruning Kiwi Vines?Do I need to prune a Kiwi that has yet to fruit?


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Pruning a Variegated Sedge?I have numerous variegated sedges planted in my yard. Our lawn maintenance service pruned them almost to the ground in the Fall. I know it is still a little early in year, but they don't seem to be coming back. Did he kill them?


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Pruning Camellias?When should I prune my spring flowering camellias? Thanks.


Pruning a Dewberry Vine?I wanted to find out if I cut the dewberry "stem", not the vine on which the berries are, would it harm dewberry growth. They are in the way when I try to pick the berries and didn't want to cause harm to the plant.


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When Do I Prune My Hydrangea?What is the proper time to prune a hydrangea?


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Pruning a Cherry Tree?I have a cherry tree that is about 16 years old (or older) and has never been trimmed. It is about 2 stories high. The cherries are good, but unreachable. What is the best way to prune and what time of year should it be done?Thank you so much for your time.


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Trimming Ivy Runners?When cutting ivy runners, is there a certain area to cut to allow the plant to keep growing the runners?


Pruning a Baptisia Plant?When does one prune a Baptisia? I have looked it up online and cannot find a definitive answer. I know that I would not do it in the spring because I would have no flowers. Also, how far back can I prune it?


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Preventing Pine Sap Leakage After Pruning?Is there something that can be used to put on a pine tree to stop the sap from getting on everything after pruning? It would need to be something that will not stick to everything that touches it?


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Pruning a Scheflera Shrub?How do I prune a scheflera that is not a dwarf?



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Pruning Annual Flowers?Has anybody ever pruned African daisies or other annuals? My African daisies were looking pretty scraggly this morning. So, I cut them back to about 4 inches tall rather than take out the plants.


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Where Can I Find a Pruning Guide for All My Garden Plants? I was after a simple calendar or guide that could tell me when to prune all the different types of roses, shrubs, trees, etc. in my garden


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Pruning a Schefflera Plant?I have a large schefflera plant that needs to be cut back before I bring it back into the house. Does anyone know how do this?


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Pruning Maple Trees?I just pruned my 4 year old maple trees that looked like bushes, because of the deer. I am halfway through, I'm wondering if this is the wrong time of year and did I prune off too many branches.


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Pruning a Plum Tree?I want to prune a Plum tree in winter. How much can I trim without killing it?


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Pruning an Umbrella Plant?How do you prune an umbrella plant?


Can I prune old myrtle tree flowers?Can I prune old myrtle tree flowers? Is it safe to prune anytime from August through May? The flower portion is dead already and breaks off readily. There is no life in the cambium. Will this encourage more flowers if done before the cold season arrives?


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Pruning A Japanese Holly Bush?When is it the best time to prune a Japanese Holly bush?


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Will a Lilac Bloom After Pruning?My lilacs grew so high and blooming into next door's yard, that I pruned the main stems (trunks) way down. Now all these suckers are growing very green, but can they ever bloom? Thanks.


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Trimming A Maple Tree?We need to trim a maple tree which is three years old. We want to keep it from getting too tall because of nearby wires. Where can we find instructions? Thank you for your help.


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Can You Trim A Bush In Hot Weather?I live in Phoenix, Arizona and the high temp here has been around 100 lately. I've got a rose bush that is falling over my walkway to my front door. If I trim the bush in this hot weather, will it harm it?


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Pruning Tomato Plants?I'm not sure about our hardiness zone, but I keep reading here and there about a way to prune a tomato plant to help it produce twice as many fruit, something to do with only three leaves, or three branches. Also, I was wondering about whether or not this would work with a bell pepper plant?


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Advice For Pruning Trumpet Vines?I need advice on pruning Trumpet Vines (Humming Bird Vines). I have already cut the vine back to about an inch or two above ground, after it's first year of growth, last fall and mulched it. We had excessive snow this past winter. Will it come back, or have I killed it? I thought it was like my clematis, which I cut down each year.


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Pruning Gabriel's Trumpet Plant?I need to prune a Gabriel's trumpet plant/tree to a canopy instead of straight up and down. Any advice?


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Pruning Potentillas?I have Potentillas growing up both sides of my laneway and I would like to know, if you can prune Potentillas.


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Pruning a Root Stock Branch on a Weeping Cherry?We have a weeping cherry tree with a huge root stock branch shooting straight up, starting from below the canopy. We did not realize that it should be cut off and now it's draining the life out of the weeping branches, which barely have any leaves.


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Pineapple Pruning?I need help with my pineapple plant. I grew a pineapple and just removed it to eat. But what do I do with the stalk it grew on? Do i cut it out of the center of plant or just leave it?


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Cutting Back a Fuschia Plant?Can you trim back a Fuschia plant? I want to bring it in for the winter, but would like to cut it back and let it grow back out this winter.


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Pruning a Brunfelsia?What is the best way and when do you prune a Brunfelsia. Mine is in a large pot, about 7 years old and is in need of pruning.


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Will a hummingbird vine die if I cut it back?Will a hummingbird vine die if I cut it back?


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Pruning a Weeping Cherry Tree?I have a newly planted weeping cherry tree, last year. It is at least 3 years old. This year it has shoots growing on the bottom of the trunk. Do I keep them on it or do I cut them off.


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New Shoots Around the Base of Trees?I've read about new shoots coming up around the base of trees, (i.e. Dogwoods), but, what about the shoots that come up around the base/lower trunk of my Cherry tree and Crepe Myrtles? The bases of these trees are approximately 8-12" in diameter. Do I lope them off? Is it possible to transplant these "sprouts?"


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Cutting Back a Chinese Hibiscus?I have a Chinese Hibiscus, I have been bringing in the house for the winter, but it has gotton so tall. Is it alright to cut back some so it can fit in house? i hate to cut it, it's so pretty. i need to know if it would hurt it by cutting it down.


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How to Prune Trees (PDF)The objective of pruning is to produce strong, healthy, attractive plants. By understanding how, when and why to prune, and by following a few simple principles, this objective can be achieved.


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Pruning Black Raspberries (PDF)The black raspberry always produces fruit buds in great numbers, flowers freely and "sets" a large percentage of the blossoms.


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Pruning Grapevines (PDF)Pruning grapes is easier when you understand the growth and fruiting characteristics of the grapevine.


Pruning Hydrangeas

Pruning HydrangeasAdvice on how and when to prune hydrangeas from the ThriftyFun community.


When Should We Trim Our Japanese Maple?We have a 30 year old beautiful Japanese Red Maple tree in our front yard that is getting way too tall and wide. It is getting near wires and hitting the house. When is the best time to cut it back and give it a good trim and shaping? Thanks.


Late Winter Pruning

Late Winter PruningProper pruning is a good way to help your plants and shrubs stay healthy while preparing them for budding. It's best to prune shrubs that bloom in the summer and fall in the late winter or early spring prior to bud development.


Pruning Sheers

Gardening Pruning Primer: What and...Knowing what and when to prune is essential to maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing garden. Here are some general guidelines on what to prune and when to prune it.


Easy Tree Limb Clean Up - off they go

Easy Tree Limb Clean UpI decided to do a little tree trimming in my yard and once I got finished I had a whole lot of limbs in several areas of my yard. It was going to take several trips to get them all moved to my dump pile. In the past I would have dragged a handful of limbs (all that I could get in one hand) to my dump site.


man pruning shrub

Revitalize Your Flowering Shrubs Through PruningWithout maintenance, most flowering shrubs eventually get overgrown and leggy or they start to lose their flower power. As tempting as it is to yank them out and start over - don't do it! Many can be revitalized with a couple of cost saving pruning techniques.


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Shaping a Weeping Pussy Willow Tree - tree in pot inside

Shaping a Weeping Pussy Willow Tree?I bought a hand grafted weeping pussy willow. Should I break off the branches that are growing with leaves to keep its shape?


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Pruning a Mum?I live in Western Pennsylvania. I never trimmed my mums since their last bloom in the fall. Is this the right time of year to cut them back? And how far down to the ground should I cut them? As of now, they are tall and completely brown with dead flowers on them.


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Pruning Huckleberry Plants?How do you trim huckleberry plants?


Pruning a Weeping Cherry Tree - trunk with no branches

Pruning a Weeping Cherry Tree?This mini weeping cherry tree was not so mini so I cut air branches off. Will it grow and if not can I use tree hormones?


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Pruning a Lilac?How and when should I prune my old fashioned lilac? It is maybe 10 years old or more. I don't think it has ever been pruned. It blooms on the south side of the bush. This year the blooms are very small.


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Pruning a Hibiscus Plant?When and how do you prune a hibiscus plant?


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