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This page has tips and guides about how to groom dogs.

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A white dog being groomed with clippers.

Treating a Dog for Skin Irritation from Grooming?Pet grooming, particularly shaving, can leave your dog with irritated skin. Luckily there are some remedies to make your pet more comfortable and clear up the irritation. This is a page about treating a dog for skin irritation from grooming.


Dog laying on a couch.

Remedies for Stinky DogsThis is a page containing remedies for stinky dogs. There are some home remedies you can use to help eliminate doggie odor.


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What Can I Use as a Substitute for a Flea Comb?I have a 2 year old Shih tzu and she has fleas that I can't get rid of. I've tried flea shampoos, flea sprays, and flea collars, but no results.


A bottle of Dawn dish soap.

Will Bathing a Dog With Dawn Help With Dry Skin?There are a variety of products that will work well to treat your dog's dry skin. While Dawn may not be the best choice, this page contains some other alternatives. This is a page about, "Will bathing a dog with Dawn help with dry skin?".


Picture of a black lab.

Cleaning My Labs Ears?My black lab has dirty ears! She does not have mites or an infection, just lots of dirt. Does anyone know any good ideas to get her ears clean and keep them clean?


Dog Nails Being Trimmed

How to Stop the Bleeding of a Dog's NailInjury or clipping a dog's nails too short can result in bleeding. Styptic powder or a styptic pencil are handy to keep around. You can also use a dry bar of soap or baking soda. This is a page about how to stop the bleeding of a dog's nail.



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Yorkie Smells Really Bad?I have a Yorkie dog that emits a terrible odor even after bathing her. Please tell me what I can get for her?


Removing Dead Animal Smells from a Dog

Removing Dead Animal Smells from a Dog?This is a page about removing dead animal smell from a dog. When your fourlegged friends are out playing they can get into some situations that result in them coming home reeking.


A dog with beautiful long fur.

Cleaning Feces Caught in Dog's Fur?If your dog is very furry on it's backside, feces can easily become caught in it's fur. This is a page about cleaning feces caught in dog's fur.


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Trimming a Yorkiepoo's Hair?I would like to know how to trim a Yorkiepoo's hair at home. He's half Miniature Yorkie and half Miniature Poodle. Please show me pictures of how.


A skunk getting ready to spray.

Removing Skunk Smell from a DogThis is a page about removing skunk smell from a dog. Skunk spray is oily and can be tough to remove from your dog's fur. Luckily there are ways to remove the odor without harming your pet.


Dog laying in the back of an old open bed  truck

Cleaning Diesel Smell on a Dog?This is a page about removing diesel smell on a dog. If you dog accidentally gets diesel fuel on their fur or paws, finding a safe way to remove it and any lingering odor is important.


A bottle of conditioning spray for dogs.

Conditioning Spray for DogsDepending on your dog's coat, you may need to spray conditioner to be able to brush or comb it out. This is a page about conditioning spray for dogs.


A rotary tool with an attachment.

Using Dremel Tool for Dog Nail TrimmingA Dremel sanding tool can be a good alternative to clippers for trimming your dogs nails. This is a page about using Dremel tool for dog nail trimming.


Woman giving a white dog a bath

Cleaning Tree Sap on a DogThis is a page about cleaning tree sap on a dog. When removing tree sap from your dog's fur you want to use products and methods that are safe for your pet.


Poodle Ready for Bath

Dealing With Poodle OdorsProper and timely bathing should take care of most dogs' odors. Poodles have dense curly hair, so more attention to the lathering and bathing may be required with this breed. This is a page about dealing with Poodle odors.


A yorkie with a top knot.

Keeping a Yorkie's Hair Out of Face?If you are looking for suggestions for keeping the hair back off your Yorkie's face this page offers several. Two popular methods include using a child's clip or hair band.


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Puppy Recovering from Parvo Can't Walk?I have a pup with parvo. I took her to vet and got her IVs and injectable meds. 6 days passed and she recovered, slowly drinking by her own, eating little by little and now she's on oral supportive medication. She is also on meds for deworming, but I notice she has trouble walking. She can stand, but not walk. Is she still on her recovery phase?


Woman Cleaning a Dog's Paws.

Cleaning a Dog's PawsSince our dogs don't typically wear shoes, their paws are often dusty or muddy, depending on the season. This page offers some helpful suggestions for cleaning your dog's paws.


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ASPCA Nail Trimming Service?Where can I take my dog to have his nails trimmed in the Bronx 10454?


Hand combing dog.

Removing Candle Wax from a Dog?If candle wax has accidentally gotten spilled on your dog's fur, it will take some patience from you and your dog to get it out. This is a page about candle wax on dog.



Dry Dog Shampoo Recipes

Dry Dog Shampoo Recipes?This is a page about dry dog shampoo recipes. Using a dry shampoo on your dog is a great way to keep them clean between regular baths.


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Shaved Dog's Hair Not Growing Back?I have a mini Aussie that I had shaved and some of the hair is not growing back, in spots.


dog with hair covering its eyes and messy coat

Removing Mats and Tangles from a Dog's...This is a page about removing mats and tangles from a dog's coat. A long haired dog requires regular grooming. Keeping knots out of their hair can be a challenge.


A dog after a bath.

Homemade Dog Shampoo Recipes?This is a page about homemade dog shampoo recipes. Purchasing dog shampoo at the pet store can be expensive especially if you are looking for a specialty blend.


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Inexpensive Dog Nail Clippers?Can anyone recommend a good pair of inexpensive dog nail clippers? I am needing to trim my dog's nails and any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for any and all responses


dog with shiny coat

Keeping Your Dog's Coat ShinyThis is a page about keeping your dog's coat shiny. A dog with a shiny coat looks good and it is a sign of good health. Keep your dog's coat looking great with these helpful tips.


Wet dog wrapped in a blue towel.

Grooming Difficult DogsThis is a page about grooming difficult dogs. Some dogs are terrified of grooming activities, especially baths. They may also resist clipping, brushing, etc. If you have such a dog it can be very frustrating.


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Shih Tzu is Afraid of Baths and Grooming?I have a Shih Tzu that doesn't like to be brushed, bathed, or groomed. She bites when you try. Any suggestions as to how to overcome her fear? Now I have to have the vet give a shot to put her to sleep and then take her to the groomer to be groomed.


Grooming Your Dog, Cocker puppy in a tub with a rubber duckie.

Grooming Your DogThis is a page about grooming your dog. Grooming your dog can save you money and keep your dog looking great.


Trimming Your Dog's Nails, A person using dog nail trimmers.

Trimming Your Dog's NailsThis is a page about trimming your dog's nails. Trimming your dogs nails should be a regular part of your dog's grooming. If you choose to do it yourself, it is important to learn the proper way to trim them.


Bathing the Family Dog

Giving a Dog a BathThis is a page about giving a dog a bath. Dog owners love to have their favorite pets looking and smelling good. Bathing your dog at home is an excellent way to save money on pet grooming.


Cute terrier being combed.

Saving Money on Dog GroomingThis is a page about saving money on dog grooming. Grooming can be a major continual expense for the dog owner. Whether you wash your dog at home or take him in to a professional, it is essential for his health and well-being to be bathed and brushed regularly.


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How Do I Remove Diesel Fuel from a Dog's Coat?How do I remove diesel fuel from a dog's coat?


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Should I Trim the Hair Out of My Pomeranian's Eyes?Should I clean the hair out of my Pomeranian's eyes?


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Cleaning Snow Off PawsHere's a tip for snowy doggie paws! My three little long haired dogs do love to romp in the snow during their potty breaks. Before I let them back in the house, I dust the loose snow off their paws with a foxtail brush.



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Using Pedi Paws?Is Pedi Paws safe?


Dry Dog's Belly with Sheet After WalkWith 2 feet of snow on the ground, my collie gets pretty wet on his walks. Rub his under side with a fabric sheet to keep him from smelling like wet dog.


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Can I Shave My Yorkie?Is it OK to shave my mini Yorkie?


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Dog Biting Hair Off ?After having my Chow cut for the summer, she now bites the hair off her back legs and tail also around her back area. She has almost no hair left.


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Treating a Dog With Dander?I need help getting rid of dog dander on an older rescued dog.


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Hartz Tooth Scrubber?I have looked everywhere for the Hartz Tooth Scrubber in medium for my dog with no luck at all. Can anybody help me?


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Dog Shampoo Question?Has anyone heard anything bad about Hartz shampoo for dogs?


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Dog Smells Like Urine?My Japanese Chin toy dog smells of urine even after a good bath and grooming session. How do I get rid of the stink?


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Doing Your Own Dog Grooming?I have 3 toy poodles that I spend too much money getting groomed. Can anyone tell me how I can learn to do this myself? I really need some help with this. Thanks.


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Best Shampoo for Bathing Dachshunds?What shampoo should I use to bathe Dachshunds?


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Shaving a Dog?I want to shave my dog's hair since its summer here and its really hot but I don't have the money to take her to a groomer. Can I use our clippers instead?


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Teddy Bear Cut for a Yorkie?Does anyone have a picture of a teddy bear cut on a yorkie?


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Dogs Are Always Smelly?I have 2 mastiffs and I can't get rid of the stink. They both have allergies. They are on a vet approved diet, bathed once a week with a vet approved shampoo and still come out with a wet dog smell. It just gets worse as the week goes by. I can't get rid of it. What can I do. Any suggestions.


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How Do You Bathe an Old Dog?How do you bathe an old dog? I have a 12 year old Siberian Husky who has joint problems. The weather has been extremely cold lately and I need to bring her in where it is warm. My problem is that she weighs close to 70 lbs and I just got my bathtubs re-done recently so I can't give her a bath in them. She would scratch the sprayed on finish. And, it's too cold to do it outside. Other than take her to PetSmart, what could I do to bathe her where it is warm?


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Grease on My Dog?I have a white poodle mix dog that got into some tractor grease. Any ideas on what to bathe her in to remove the grease and won't be toxic to her?


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Calming a Dog for Grooming?My old dog has a difficult time going to the vet and groomer. She needs to be muzzled and even then has bit herself during grooming in distress. Besides getting tranquilizers from the vet, how else can I calm her down?


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Candle Wax on Dog?I just spilt wax on my dog! Any tips other than the iron or spirits? Poor thing Dan


Brushing Pet's Teeth

How To Brush Your Dog or Cat's TeethYou don't need to be a professional to help your pet keep their teeth in good shape! With a little patience, brushing your dog or cat's teeth can be a breeze!


wet white dog

Bathing Your DogTips for giving your a dog a bath. It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. Two factors make giving your dog a bath a huge undertaking: The size of your dog and how much your dog likes (or hates) water.


Maltese being clipped

Grooming Your DogGrooming your dog can actually be a great bonding experience, if you decide to do it yourself rather than taking your pup to a professional. And unless you've got a show dog on your hands, you don't really need to use a groomer; grooming your dog at home is easy!



Getting a Puppy Groomed

Getting a Puppy Groomed?This is my baby, Bella. Is she ready for a haircut? She will be 6 months old tomorrow!


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Remedy for Dog's Irritated Skin from Grooming?Today was my dog's first haircut. I want to ask what is the best thing that we need to do if our dog is irritated? And also her eyes are irritated they have red. We put on some clothes to cover up her paws for her to stop scratching.


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Remedy for Smelly Dog?Where can I find a cure for my smelly male Bichon Frise?


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Encouraging a Dog's Coat to Grow Back After Shaving?My son's girlfriend shaved his 10 year old Chow's hair down to the skin. How can I get it to grow fast? I put vitamin E on it and give her salmon oil, but doesn't really look like it growing!


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Recovery Time for a Dog with Parvo?My Lab is suffering from parvovirus. I have been treating him from the very first day. He was vomiting and having severe diarrhea for the first 5 days. Later he stopped vomiting and was having only diarrhea. Today is his 8th day and again he started vomiting. What is the cause for this? Is he in danger?


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Recovery Time for a Puppy with Parvo?My puppy is about 3 months old, I got her from someone and they said she has had her 5 in 1 shot. About 3 days ago she started vomiting, not eating, and having diarrhea, but it wasn't bloody.


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