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This page contains information and tips about owning and caring for pet fish.

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A tank of bright orange goldfish.

What Can I Feed a Goldfish Other Than Fish Food?This is a page about what can I feed a goldfish other than fish food? Regular goldfish food is best for a fish in a bowl or tank.


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How long does it take for the baby goldfish to grow into full grown fish?I have two goldfish who laid eggs and 1 of them hatched. How long does it take for the baby goldfish to grow into full grown? I already put the older fish into a new tank but I want to know how long it will be.


A blue betta or Siamese fighting Fish.

Caring for Betta FishThis page is about caring for betta fish. Some of the prettiest fresh water fish, Bettas don't require as much special treatment as you may think.


A young boy looking at an orange fish in an aquarium.

Caring for Pet FishAn aquarium is a wonderful addition to your home. Although pet fish are not very cuddly, they are soothing to watch and most are very easy to care for. Just regular feeding and tank cleaning is generally required for a healthy biosystem.


Two tropical fish swimming in a tank.

Caring for Platy Fish?Learning the best way to care for your Platy fish will require some research. The tank temperature and fish population needs to be monitored for healthy fish.


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Best Plants for a Vase Fish Tank?What are the best plants for a vase fish tank?


Empty fish tank.

Removing Comet Residue from a Fish Tank?To remove the residue left after cleaning a fish tank with a powdered cleanser, such as Comet, use a mixture of vinegar and water and aquarium scrubbing pads. This page explains how to remove Comet residue from a fish tank.


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Feeding Fish Bread?Can fish eat bread?


Separating a Molly and Her Babies

Separating a Molly and Her Babies?I have a red Molly. The babies hatched a couple of days ago. When do you know when to separate mom from the babies?


Fish in an aquarium

Treating a Fish with Pop-Eye?This is a page about treating a fish with pop-eye. A number of things can cause pop-eye in fish. It can be caused by poor water quality, injury to the eye, or even a bacterial infection. There are antibiotics available at the pet store for treating it. It can also be helpful to do more frequent water changes and use aquarium salt along with the antibiotics.


Aquarium with rocks and Angelfish

Gluing Rocks to the Inside of an Aquarium?This is a page about gluing rocks to the inside of an aquarium. When gluing rocks to the bottom of an aquarium, it is important to use a glue that holds the rocks in place but is also safe for the fish. Here are some adhesive suggestions.


Aquarium Syphon

Organizing Aquarium SuppliesKeeping your aquarium supplies organized and easy to get to makes caring for your fish and other aquarium dwellers easy. This is a page about organizing aquarium supplies.



Fish food at night.

Keeping Track of Fish FeedingThis is a page about keeping track of fish feeding. Fish will often eat as much as you feed them so it is important for the fish, and the health of your tank, to not overfeed them.


How to Charge a Vortex Diatom Filter

How to Charge a Vortex Diatom FilterThis is a page about how to charge a vortex diatom filter. Recharging your aquarium water pump's diatom filter will help keep the water as clean and clear as possible.


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Caring for a Pregnant Fish?My fish is pregnant; how do I take care of it? What do I feed it? Will my fish eat its babies? Will it die after it gives birth? I have 2 pregnant fish. I can't wait to find out!


Adult and juvenile guppy with aquatic plants against black background

Caring for a Baby FishThis is a page about caring for baby fish. Caring for baby fish is part of the joy of raising fish as pets, but sometimes they come as a surprise and you must act quickly.


Close up of freshwater aquarium with plants and several kinds of fish including angle fish and red tail sharks

Silver Shark Not Eating?This is a page about silver shark not eating. It can be a serious problem when one of your fish stops eating.


Fish food in the morning

Keeping Track of Fish FeedingI have grandkids that love to feed my fish- and a husband that does too- problem is the fish will eat as many times as you feed them!! The water dirties very quickly too from non eaten food. What I came up with is a piece of paper with 2 circles on it when you feed the fish if it's in the morning you cover that up. Exposing the feed me at night time circle- and at night you do the same re exposing the morning circle see no more wasted food and the fish get fed 2x a day in stead of 4 or 5


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Caring for a Silver Shark?I bought 2 silver sharks 2 weeks ago. The last couple of days 1 isn't eating and its fins are cracking. The other one is fine. Any ideas why?


fish in aquarium

Setting Up An AquariumThis is a page about setting up an aquarium. Putting a fish tank in your home, means you need to learn some basics to keep your fish thriving.


Fish tank on a table.

Protecting Furniture Under a Fish TankThis is a page about protecting furniture under a fish tank. Placing a fish tank on a piece of furniture, rather than an aquarium stand, can be very attractive. However, you will probably want to protect your furniture from accidental spills or splashes.


Small bala sharks from the aquarium department at Wal-Mart.

Sharks At Wal-MartThese are the little sharks at Wal-Mart. I snapped about 6 or seven shots before I was happy with this one, and then edited it even again. They are so amazing!


Gold Fish Tank

Saving Money on Aquarium SuppliesThis page is about saving money on aquarium supplies. A home aquarium can be a rewarding hobby, but expensive to maintain.


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Best Fish for Keeping an Aquarium Clean?What fish can clean the aquarium floor and coexist with large cichlids?



Caring For GoldfishThis is a page about caring for goldfish. Goldfish make great pets, they are beautiful and fun to watch. Whether you're planning on getting a goldfish or you already have one, it is important to understand the proper way to care for them.


Fancy goldfish swimming in a tank.

Saving Money on Aquarium FiltersThis is a page about saving money on aquarium filters. Filters are a critical part of keeping an aquarium clean. Because you need to change them out when they are dirty, it is helpful to find ways to save money on them.


Small fish tank with fish and plants inside.

Preventing Algae In Your AquariumThis is a page about preventing algae in your aquarium. It is a lot of fun to have a fish tank in your home. Preventing algae will make aquarium maintenance easier and insure you can see your fish.



Cleaning an Aquarium, Pleco in Aquarium

Cleaning an AquariumThis is a page about cleaning an aquarium. If you keep fish then you know how important it is to keep your tank clean. Cleaning your aquarium doesn't have to be huge chore.


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Caring for Baby Oscars?I bought 2 oscars about 3 weeks ago. They have finally come up to the top to feed. Do I need to buy more hiding places for them? They are babies, about 3 inches. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Will Humidity from an Aquarium Harm a TV on a Shelf Above It?I have a nice heavy wooden TV stand with a bottom shelf. I was wondering if I could put an aquarium on the bottom under my TV? I know the shelf will support the weight, but will the moisture (if any should escape) harm the TV on the shelf above?Thanks for any replies.


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Controlling Algae in Fish Tanks?I have a 10 gallon fish tank and it is growing algae. What can I do to keep this from happening? I have 3 catfish, 2 danios, and 5 other fish. Please help. Thank you.


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Guppies Dying?What causes my guppies to die and disintegrate overnight?


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Brown Algae in Freshwater Fish Tank?We have a 55-gallon fresh water fish tank. We are experiencing brown algae. Can anyone suggest how to keep the algae under control? Thank you.


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Goldfish Tank Gets Very Dirty?We have our goldfish in a 37 gallon water tank. Every three weeks the tank gets very dirty. Is this normal? What is the best water for them?


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Using Sand Dune Sand In Fish Tank?Can I use sand from local sand dunes for my fish tank?


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Baby Fish Are Dying?I bought 6 fish for my 10 gallon tank. Two died and apparently one gave birth! I now have had these babies for about 2 days and they are dying! I checked my Ammonia levels and they are under control now. What should I do? Should I move the babies into another tank?


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Cloudy Aquarium Water?How can I keep the water in my aquarium clear? I have tried everything from using the clear water capsules for aquariums to snails to fish that clean the tank to new filter, etc.. Finally I gave up and started over from scratch.


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Bamboo Plants In Fish Tank?Can I put a bamboo plant in my fish tank?


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Life Cycle of Convict Fish?How long for baby convict fish to grow into adult convicts?


Removing Water Spots from Empty Fish Tank?Does anyone know how to remove water spots from the inside of a fish tank? The fish died and I got really disgusted with the tank so I let the tank just dry up. Now it looks ugly!


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Murky Aquarium Water?What causes murky water in aquariums?


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How do you care for fish?How do you care for fish?



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Pacu That Have Outgrown Their Tank?I have 3 very large pacu that have outgrown their tank. Any advice on what to do? Does anyone buy large fish? I have 6 aquariums but not a single one with room enough to seperate them.


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Salt Water Fish With Ick?We suspect that our salt water fish have ick. We got some guppy's for them to eat from the pet store and then 2 days later some of our fish have came up with white spots and acting very strange. looks like they are shaking their heads and acting very strange. we really need help asap I would hate to lose any of our fish so please help.


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Carpet Anemone Stuck To the Side of the Tank?We have a Carpet Anemone and it has decided to fasten itself to the class of our salt water tank. We don't get to see the beauty of the carpet, only it's rear end. (Yes, it is very funny when we tell family and friends).


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Brown Algae in Saltwater Fish Tanks?I would like to know how to treat brown algae in my salt water fish tanks? The tank is 2 months old.


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Keeping Algae Out of a Fountain With Fish In It?I have a small fountain with gold fish, I put a filter in it thinking it would keep the clear slime off the sides but after I cleaned the fountain it came back. Does anyone know what I can do oe use to stop it? The fountain is in full shade.


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Do I Remove the Fish When Siphoning Tank?I need help, I just brought a fish tank and now it is time to clean the tank. I have read everything but I can't find where it says to take out the fish before siphon. Do I take them out and put them in a bowl then when I am finish put them back? Please help Grace


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Algae on a Acrylic Fish TankWe have tried everything we know of to try to get green algae off of our acrylic tank. It looks horrible. If felt doesnt work, what else can we try without killing our fish or scratching our tank?


Vortex Running

How to Charge a Vortex Diatom FilterIf you have an aquarium and you are like me, you want your water to be as clean and clear as possible. Diatom filters are a great way get your water sparkling clear without affecting the water chemistry.


A blue betta or Siamese fighting Fish.

Caring for BettasI have to mention what good pets Bettas make. They are the fighting fish you buy in the little jars at the pet store. Of course, they need bigger bowls to be happy, like a goldfish bowl or a little bitty tank you can buy for a couple of bucks at Walmart.


A home freshwater aquarium with lots of fish.

Thrifty Aquarium TipsAs an avid aquarium hobbyist, I am always trying to find ways to save money while making a great home for my fish. I have several tips that I would love to use here:


tank on furniture

Protecting Furniture Under a Fish TankWe have a few small fish tanks at our house. I have them sitting on top of wooden furniture, so I needed to find a way to protect the wood from any splashes or dribbles that might happen.


Colorful Environment for Betta Fish

Colorful Environment for Betta FishI have a pet betTa fish, named Nemo, who loves to look at colorful things. His food jar has a picture of a betta fish which he loves. He will get mad and swim frantically if the fish food jar is not put back just right. Just recently I put a frozen dinner cardboard empty container where he could see it.



A cat watching a goldfish in a tank.

Caring For a Goldfish?I won a goldfish today at a fair and bought a little tank there for it to go in when home. I filled half way with tap water then the water it was in in the bag I transferred to the tank with the fish. Problem is I can't treat water till tomorrow as no where was open but I ordered of Amazon some tap water cleaner and stones. Posted pic and a very interested kitty watching it.


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Feeding a Goldfish?I am getting a goldfish tomorrow and I really don't know what to feed it. Could you please tell me something that doesn't cost a lot of money and is not hard to find.


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Can I Feed My Fish Bread Crumbs?I just won a goldfish at a fair and it is very late and everything is closed. Is it okay to feed it little pieces of bread crumbs just until we are able to go to the store tomorrow?


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Male Platy is Not Swimming Like the Other Fish?Okay so I have a 15 gallon tank with a common goldfish and five platy. When I went to feed them I couldn't find one of the males. I found him and he's not swimming like the others. He can still swim up to the surface and will eat, but he's kinda just staying on the bottom of the tank.


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Caring for a Pregnant Platy?I'm freaking out my platy is pregnant and might have babies soon. I don't know if I should put her in a fish trap thing, but I want all the babies to survive.


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Raising Mollies?I have baby mollies, they are quite big, and they are eating the mother. What should I do?


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