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A white shelf with a coffee center and some condiments.

Shopping with Less Money
It always seems so great that when push comes to shove, one can accomplish so much. You definitely have something to be proud about, and I would venture to say that someone who bought things to serve the same purposes as your neat little coffee niche at a cost...


A Christmas box with a selection of summer sausage, cheese and jams.

Christmas Gifts: It's The Thought That Counts
Sandy, my impression is that he once understood things from a different perspective, but with age and wisdom he has come to understand what really matters in life. Many people live their lives not having to worry about money and receiving more elaborate presents...


Coffee Container for Collecting Dryer Lint

Coffee Container for Collecting Dryer Lint
Good idea! Id like to do this but then empty it into the backyard so birds can use it to build their nests.


Toothbrush Rag Rug - pink and purple rug

Toothbrush Rag Rug
Beautiful! So creative!


A group of people cleaning up litter on the side of a road.

Recycling Plastic Bottles
I strongly agree with your concerns. I watched the video, and I was familiar with this, but I think many people arent, or they havent realized the impact humans are having and what we can do to change this. I watched a film on Netflix called Plastic Ocean, which...


Painted Rocks in the Garden - three black painted rocks that combine to make a tree with cherry blooms

Painted Rocks in the Garden
He must be very talented to paint something that pretty! Great job!


Dirty dishes in a kitchen sink.

An Ounce of Prevention
Yes, I have had a similar experience with someone close to me, and it is heartbreaking in many ways. The people I know were well-educated, wonderful people, but they didnt ever clean up anything. They were very active with other things, but they didnt take...


A plastic bag of crushed egg shells and a rolling pin.

Crush Egg Shells With a Rolling Pin
Okay, as simple as this sounds, I hadnt thought of this, and it will be very useful for me, as my Weimeraner loves to eat the egg shells I put out for plants. Ive stopped putting them out because its such a problem to keep her out of them- Im always afraid...


A pink rosebud growing outside.

Roses to Honor Your Mother on Mother's Day
Yes, that was a tradition in our home and in our church when I was young, also. A very nice one, in my opinion. Thanks for sharing this.


Picking Up Roadside Litter - litter on the side of the road

Picking Up Roadside Litter
I applaud you for your actions! This is constructive on so many levels. Obviously, its beneficial to your community, as things simply look better. But there is the fresh air aspect for you, the exercise aspect, the example you are setting for others, etc. Around...


A hand dyed blouse.

Resourcefully Thoughtful
Very sweet and kind family. Thanks for sharing.


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Encyclopedia Side Table
What a cool idea! I just love it when people use their noggins to reinvent the wheel using what they have on hand. Thanks for the idea!



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Soothing a Sore Throat
Yep, good advice; I eat original Lays potato chips. They are salty and go down easily and soothe all the way down.


shredded paper

Shredded Paper for Filling Gift Bags or...
Great idea. I use shredded paper for cat litter, also. I can change it often with no expense to me, and it has a positive impact on the environment. Even though its a small one, its a positive instead of a negative.


A tube with too much cream pushed out.

Too Much Cream Pushed out of Tube
Thats just what I thought. Maybe there is a step left out here or something? Just not following...


putting insole into show3

DIY Yoga Mat Insoles
Brilliant idea! The only thing wrong with this idea is that I didnt think of it. I have a yoga mat to cut out right now...thanks!


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Free Yarn of Charity Project?
You could try your local Free Use online community. Also, most local newspapers run a kind of Community Happenings column, and will let you get the word out that this is for the benefit of others and youd like some help. This is usually a great way to help...


black and white puppy

What Breed Is My Dog?
I have to agree that most people arent experts at identifying dog breeds. Also, many breeds are going to look alike until the puppy is older, AT LEAST 6 months or more. At that time more specific identifying characteristics are becoming distinctive. May seem...


A bowl of popcorn.

Healthy Microwave Popcorn
Thanks for this tip! Didnt know how to do popcorn in microwave without using the pre-bagged stuff. Glad to know this and will start buying regular popcorn kernels now.


A big pile of milfoil

Unemployment Blues are "Green"
I cant say how much I admire your decision to find something constructive to do for yourselves while unemployed. I had that same experience 2 yrs. ago after a 3 mos. stay in the hospital. I couldnt work anymore and disability hadnt been approved yet. I was...


montage of dog photos

What Breed Is My Puppy?
Youll be able to tell more when the puppy is older, but she looks to me like she might have some Weimeraner in her. Shes very pretty!


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Use Coffee or Tea for Gray Hair
This is an awesome and timely tip for me! I had lung cancer last year (never smoked) and had a lobe and a half removed from my left lung. I went through chemo and am just getting my hair back, and I just refuse to color my hair and expose myself to those harsh...


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Gift Ideas for Boyfriend?
Some kind of art supplies sounds good to me. Im assuming he likes to create art, not just look at it? Something like a sketch book and charcoal pencils or whatever medium he likes to use. Maybe pay attention to whether he likes muted colors or bright and bold...


A jar full of bills and coins.

Painless Ways to Save
My husband and I are also on the lower end of the income totem pole, and are now nearing retirement age. Add to that the fact that for about the last 1 1/2 years I have been battling some health issues, and we had to make some drastic changes to stay afloat...



grey and white dog with stand up ears

What Breed Is My Dog?
Definitely looks like a pit bull puppy. Very cute dog. Dont know what else could be in the dog. I once had a pit bull that looked like he had some yellow lab in him. I asked the vet, but he wasnt much help. He just said, He just looks like a great example of...


Paper clip holding tape end.

Paper Clip as Masking Tape Marker
I started using a milk jug cap, since we get so many and they are hard to reuse or recycle. Paper clips and bread wrappers are good ideas, too!


egg shells in aluminum pan on top of toaster

Egg Shell Uses
These are great ideas, and I would be interested in others if someone else has some ideas. Good topic. I do have to relate a problem that I had recently. I crushed my egg shells and placed them around my rose bushes. My dog kept making a beeline for them, and...


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Selling Pop Can Tabs?
Check on earth911. com. You can just put in your city and it will give you information for recycling in your community.


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Soda Bottle Fly Traps
Sounds brilliant. What about the lid to the soda bottle. Did you leave that on and cut a hole in it for the flies to get in, or did you just leave that off? I have done the same thing you did, and just like you, the homemade fly traps have not been working...


Several pads together.

Uses for 250 Hot Pads?
Well, as a dog lover the first thing that comes to mind may bother you some, but they could be put together to form a mat for dogs. Also, you could use them as coasters, maybe needing something added to make them water resistant. Or, they are so colorful and...


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Daycare/Preschool Slogan or Motto?
Helping little acorns grow into majestic oaks!


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Safety Pin to Eliminate Static Cling
What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing this.


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Arm Covers From Cutoff Skinny Jeans
Way to reuse! A little thinking and you have come up with some great ways to put these things to good use instead of sending them to the landfill. I salute you. Every little bit helps!


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Ideas for Reusing Old Christmas Cards?
I saw a neat idea that I plan to use next Christmas. They had cut all the cards in the pattern of a little dress and used it for garland. I plan to cut them in a bell shape instead. There is also an address that you can send them to for children to make new...


card dresses

Christmas Card Paper Dresses
Adorable idea! Thanks for the tip!


Cracked Porcelain Doll Costume

Cracked Porcelain Doll Costume
This idea rocks! Looks great and done on the cheap, too? Cant beat it. Thanks for sharing!



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Getting the Most Celery for Your Money
I did realize this, but its good to be reminded of it. Thanks!


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Reusing Egg Cartons
I use egg cartons to keep pairs of earrings separated.


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Keeping Cool in the Car
Great idea! I have tried this before when just sitting outside, but not in my car. Will have to try it tomorrow. Thanks!


Solar Hand-cranked Radio

Product Review: Voyager Solar Crank KA500 Radio
Good product review. With hurricane season upon us, this is very useful information. Thanks!


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End of the Year Teacher Gift Ideas?
One other thing you might consider would be something they can use during the summer months, like a beach bag or beach towel, or even go in with someone else and put together a beach bag full of goodies - a towel, sunscreen, paperback book, even an expensive...


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Use Washer for Cleaning Vegetables
Yes, I do this with mustard greens. I just make sure that I run the washer empty at least once before I load in the greens, and then when I feel that it is clean enough, I put them in and run them through. Works great! It takes a little time to clean the washer...


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Cold Key On Spine To Stop A Nosebleed
Now thats a cool tip. Thanks, never heard of that!


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Cajun Pepper For Organic Pest Control
Is it Cayenne pepper you are using? Im from Louisiana, and thats the main pepper I can think of that you must be speaking of. I guess its the same thing, just referred to by a different name in different parts of the country. At any rate, sounds like a great...


A curtain made of strung bottle caps.

Bottle Cap Screen Door
Ingenious! Theres a lady who makes welcome mats out of these plastic bottle caps, but I dont know how she attaches them or what she attaches them to. I save them and have plenty, but dont know what exactly to do with them. Thanks so much for the idea!


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Reusing Dry Dog Food Bags?
Sew several bags together to make a sheet to go under a dogs bed clothes. Often animals lay on blankets that can get wet from the ground, etc. Just put this under the blankets and keep them dry.


A cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and a candy cane.

Help Out Your Grocery List
Very well thought out advice. More and more of us are going to need to know how to stretch a dollar the best way we can, and these are good tips. Sweet touch, the cup of cocoa!


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Keeping Cool on Car Trips
Amazing what we can think of in a time of necessity, isnt it? This is such a good example of how we all need to begin to use our noggins to cut down on costs, use what we have at hand or can get our hands on and still get the job done. Well done, mom!


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Safe Bathing for Babies
What a great using what you have on hand idea! As a grandmother, I like this idea for taking care of a small child who needs an extra feeling of security while Grammy gives them a bath at my house. Thanks for sharing!


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Potpourri Packing Peanuts Scent Jar
What a great idea! I hate getting fast food drinks in styrofoam just because I know they will be with us forever, so this would be something I could do to use those cups up. Way to go!


Tableware set: white with red flowers and leaf spray around half of outside edge. The edges appear to be ruffled.

Determining the Value of a 1940s Tableware Set?
Go to If you cant find it immediately because you dont have much information, you can call them or download this picture for them to go by.


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Recycle Bubble Wrap And Packing Materials
Kudos to you for thinking of your friend and for recycling the bubble wrap also. Another thing that I saw recently to pack with is empty soda bottles. Im sure it wont work for everything, but if it worked for some items it might be worth it to consider this...


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Homemade Laundry Detergent
Thanks, Linda. This was the most helpful post yet. Very clear. Cant wait to try this.


Container of batteries with label "Dead Batteries"

Proper Disposal of Unwanted Things
Wow! Good to know about Office Depot and the dead batteries. Thanks for the tip!


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Freeze Food Waste Until Garbage Day
This is a great idea, one that really cuts down on flies, etc. My mother-in-law puts her discarded food remains in milk cartons, the paper type (cardboard-like?) ones with the spout. She just fills it up and then tapes down the top so that it fits in the freezer...


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Store Earrings in Ice Cube Trays
Cool idea. I have a friend whose hubby buys her Godiva chocolates every so often, and she saves the boxes for pretty little jewelry boxes. They have built in compartments and look so rich, with the beautiful gold wrapping. When they wear out, she just hints...


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Glowsticks Instead Of Fireworks For The Fourth Of July
I agree with this idea- lots of fun for kids, parents and grandparents alike. I would like to add a note of caution- just last night our grown kids provided these for all of our grandkids to play with, and they all loved them. But later on that night several...


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Staying Hydrated
I must agree about what using the plastic bottles does to our environment, but i admire your attempts to stay hydrated. One thing that helps me is the use of a pretty glass. Its just one simple special thing to do for yourself during the day. I have seen people...


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Planting a Hyacinth?
Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out. This is exactly what I needed to know. Many grins!


Tulips blooming under a magnolia tree.

Tulips Beneath Magnolia
Good grief, that is beautiful!


One Birthday Cake for Two Birthdays
My daughter does this for her boy and girl twins. Last year one side was Cars theme and the other one was Tinkerbell. They both love this, just like your husband and granddaughter. Great picture, thanks for sharing this with everyone!


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Rubber Wine Cork Eraser
Thanks for this tip! I dont drink wine, but the place that I work serves it. I have wondered what those could possibly be used for, and now I know!


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Help Making Perfect Southern Fried Chicken?
My fried chicken is really good, by what my husband says, and hes painfully honest, so Id know if it wasnt. I start off by salting and peppering each piece of chicken separately. At the same time as you are preparing the chicken, you will be heating your cooking...


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Stain Remover for Soap Scum
Fantastic idea! Ill try anything on the bathroom. Thanks for the tip!


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Getting Free Empty Shoe Boxes?
My daughter ran in a marathon to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. She had to raise a lot of money, so she had garage sales. We put it in the paper requesting anything anyone might want to donate for a garage sale, and let me tell you... we didnt have enough...


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Make Box Building Blocks
Yes, this idea will work great for me, as my grandchildren always drink those Capri-Sun Roaring Waters drinks. As I was opening a box of them one day, my 3 year old grandson told me, Gwammy, this is weally just water with ingweediants added. Hell love these...


Wildlife: Bees
Beautiful picture! What kind of plant is this?


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Get a Second Opinion For Dental Work
I had a similar experience, but it involved my childrens mouths. Twenty years ago, when my husband and I were busy raising children and having a hard time financially, a dentist in town offered to check out local children for free one Saturday. He looked at...


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Uses for Fan Parts
WoooHooo! Thanks for sharing these great ideas. Imagine what all we could keep from going into the landfills if we gave more thought to reusing everyday items.


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Make Your Own Panty Liners
Yes, this is what women used to do before disposables were invented. My suggestion to those who would be interested in this if it were not so time-consuming is to simply use the rags without sewing them up. And as for the sock-on-the-foot thing, one bleaching...


candles in bowl of water

Selling Used Wedding Decorations?
Put them on ebay. Theyll probably be picked up right away. The picture is great and should help you sell them quickly. Good luck and Congrats!


My Frugal Life: Relearning "Waste Not, Want Not"
Well stated; you are so right, we cannot continue to squander our earths resources, our hard earned money or the time it takes to earn that money. We must be good, vigilant stewards in all areas of our lives.


Photo of river with evergreen trees in background reflecting on the surface.

Scenery: Minum River (Eastern Oregon)
Note to self- visit Oregon! Thanks for sharing this magnificent picture.


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Finding Sponsor for Child on Cheer Squad?
When my daughters were in high school, 2 of them were on the dance team at the same time. I didnt work outside the home, so with 4 kids at home, this was a real strain. But my daughters took it on as a challenge and were able to raise the money to pay for the...


Antique Curtain Rod End
Wow, what a cool idea, and the fact that its handmade makes it all the more interesting. Thanks for sharing your find with everyone!


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Use Carpet Padding as Shoe Inserts
Fantastic tip! Thanks!


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Roles for Children in a Wedding?
Wow! Thanks to all for the great ideas. I think the couple settled on having 2 ring bearers, the 4 year old boys. The 6 year old boy will carry a Bible down the aisle. Once again, thanks to all for the help!


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Recycle TV Dinner Boxes for Organizing Mail
Cool idea! Just a suggestion - keep your decorations biodegradable so that even when its ready to make another set of storage boxes, the ones you have used will be easily degraded. Kudos to you for thinking thriftily and greenly!


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Manual for Pillsbury Bread Machine #1016?
Ive gotten manuals off of ebay several times. Of course, the drawback to this is that you have to buy the manual. Good luck!


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Use Address Book for New Neighborhood Directory
Yes, a great tip. It sounds like a good idea to do for a newcomer to the neighborhood, also!


Craft: Pink Ribbon Log
What a cool and beautiful idea! God bless!


Van Organizer

Van Cargo Organizing
I think this is a great idea, and a neat way to recycle those store displays. Good thinking!


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Free Denim for Short Folks
Awesome idea, awesome comments!


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Is There a Difference Between the Rehearsal and Groom's Dinner?
Same here. Never heard of a grooms dinner. She is probably referring to the rehearsal dinner, which the grooms family is responsible for. This can be done any way you, your family and the couple want to do it. Some people choose to take everyone in the wedding...


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Making Junk Mail Useful
I too save junk mail and reuse the blank space for everything. I make grocery lists, scrap paper stacks for beside my phone, daily lists, etc. My latest use for the influx of paper that comes into our home, including newspapers, finished crossword puzzle books...


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How Many Hours Of Work Does It Cost?
Yes! I always tend to think how long I worked to buy that purse, etc. Also, I used to point out to my kids that the local doctor worked an hour and their dad worked an hour, but the difference in what they earned was very significant. I let them know that they...


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Use It Up, Wear It Out, Fix It or Do Without
I agree with Deeli, youve done such a marvelous job of reusing all of your sofa, why not come up with a way to use that material? If nothing else, make a dog or cat pallet out of it. If theres an upholstery place in your town, maybe they could use the springs...


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Soften Line Dried Towels With A Brush
Good idea! Stiff towels dont bother me as my mother always dried towels on the line when I was growing up. But they do bother my husband, he likes them soft and fluffy. Thanks for the idea! Jackie


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Ask Hardware Store To Special Order Washing Soda
Yes, thanks, Joanie. i have wondered where you get those products. I always hear about them, but never see them. And by the way, greetings from Walker, LA!


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Uses for Old Shoes?
Sometimes I take old shoes to the shoe repair place and have them resoled or fixed in whatever way they can. Then I either take them home or give them to the Veterans place around here that runs a resale shop. The planter idea is good, and Ive seen that done...


Wedding Pen Holder

Refurbished Wedding Pen Holders
I love it when someone finds a new way to save on weddings! Kudos to you for recycling someones old stuff to be your new treasure. Smart and classy!


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Ideas for Raising Money?
A few years back my daughter ran in a Honalulu marathon for arthritis. They had to raise a certain amount of money (sorry, dont remember the exact amount) in order to be sent to Hawaii to compete. We not only had a spaghetti dinner, we had everything donated...


Upcycle What You Have

Upcycle What You Have
Both of your ideas are so cute and clever! You rock, and thanks for sharing.


Burnt Cookie Sheet

Burnt Cookie Sheet?
Another thing to help out with this in the future is to cover the pan with aluminum foil before each use. I usually do this and theres little clean up.


Moses (Lab/Retriever)
What a great story! Thanks for sharing this with everyone. You should polish this up, lengthen it a little and send it to a pet magazine. Everyone loves a feel good story!


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No Cruise Control, Not in the Rain
Thank you for this information. I think I had heard this a long time ago, but had forgotten about it and have been riding with my cruise on all the time. I wont make that mistake again!


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