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A casserole with beef and mushrooms.

Beef and Mushroom Casserole
Looks delicious!! I think we will give this a try later this week. Yum.


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Making Smaller Traditional Meals for the Holidays?
Great ideas folks. Thanks a bunch! I like the idea of asking folks what their favorites are and just doing those things.


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Making Smaller Traditional Meals for the Holidays?
Excellent! Sharing out with friends and neighbors sounds like a good idea. I also like leftovers! Hope the freezer has enough room. :) These are good tips even without the complications of a pandemic! Thank you.


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Making Smaller Traditional Meals for the Holidays?
Getting a small turkey is also a good idea. As is making smaller portions and only a few items. Thank you! We will definitely look for sale turkey!


Upcycled Halloween Book - peek inside the finished book

Upcycled Halloween Book
Cool! Happy Halloween!


A child wearing a witch hat next to a yarn spiderweb.

Halloween Spider Hunt
What a great idea! Having the kids help make the spiders should be lots of fun too!


A bowl of Halloween Chex party mix.

Halloween Chex Party Mix
Excellent treat idea.


Tea Cup Bird Feeder/Bird Bath - finished

Tea Cup Bird Feeder/Bird Bath
What a sweet idea. Gives me some other ideas.


Pom Pom Spider - glue on eyes

Pom Pom Spider
Super cute!


Farmhouse Style Signs - finished sign over the kitchen cabinets

Farmhouse Style Signs
Looks great! Way to go.


A baked apple and brie hand pie.

Apple and Brie Hand Pies
Oh. Yum. I love pies. That looks simple and quick!


A plate of pomegranate rosemary chicken.

Pomegranate Rosemary Chicken
Wow. I might have to give this a try.


A plate of star shaped apple cider vinegar gummies.

Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies
Great idea. I will have to try this.


A baked tomato served on salami topped cracker.

Baked Tomatoes with Mozzarella
Thus would make a tasty sandwich too. Yum.


Two slices of stuffed meatloaf on a plate.

Stuffed Meatloaf
Interesting. I think this sounds super tasty


No More Messy Bathroom Shelf - finished bathroom counter makeover

No More Messy Bathroom Shelf
Excellent. I am going to see if we can fit one in our bathroom!


An old clock with replacement hands and movement.

How to Replace a Clock Movement
Excellent instructions!


Ceramic Plate Flower Sculpture - ceramic flower bolted to the wrought iron

Ceramic Plate Flower Sculpture
This is great. I love these. Such a cute way to dress up the garden and maybe hold onto some cherished items.


Natural Paint Brushes - fir branch painting

Natural Paint Brushes
This is a great tactile activity for kiddos and adults alike- what fun!


Watermelon Salad n bowl

Watermelon Salad
Looks delicious!!


Two tween girls trick or treating.

Tween Halloween Costume Ideas
Great costume ideas!


A fully grown broad breasted bronze turkey.

Thankful for a Turkey's Life
Awww.Turkey Pie. Happy Thanksgiving.


Organizing My Outdoor Water Hose

Organizing My Outdoor Water Hose
What a good idea. Nicely executed too.


Graveyard Brownies on tray

Graveyard Brownies
So adorable!


cut Breakfast Bars on plate

Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bars
Quinoa is supposed to be an easy grow in the NW and is easy to pick up at the store. This looks good. Well try it. Thanks Attosa!!


Beef Stew in bowl

Instant Pot Beef Stew
This looks delicious. How does using wheat flour instead of tapioca flour impact this recipe?


Brownie Brittle

Brownie Brittle
Oh - I might have to try these when it gets cooler and I can turn our oven on!


A flower brooch made from a tape measure.

Tape Measure Flower Brooch
Super cute and easy.


Mummy Pizzas

Mummy Pizzas
Super cute and tasty looking too.


kayak hanging

DIY Kayak Hanger
Excellent idea. We are looking into a canoe and need a way to hang it off the ground. Perhaps a variation of this would work.


Toilet Paper Tube Confetti Launcher

Toilet Paper Tube Confetti Launcher
Love this idea. So resourceful.


Craft supplies in pasteboard packing material.

Organizing Craft Supplies
Way to upcycle the recycling! I could see this also being a good kids craft to decorate the outside and store some art supplies.


Tzatziki Dip With Veggies and Pi

Looks tasty! We just picked up some falafel mix. We will have to try it out!


Leaves and bee at the top of the tree.

Honeycomb Tree
Yay! Honeycombs!


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Plugged Garbage Disposal?
Try searching ThriftyFun. :)


Five cell phones propped up against a lattice background.

Recycling or Reusing Old Cell Phones?
Universities and community colleges often have electronic donation bins too. You can always call them up and ask them where their bins are and just drop them off.


a typical medium sized cache with our signature zilla figurine included

Geocaching: A Thrifty Adventurous New Hobby
Thank you all. :) GypsySwan, Maybe we will see that Santa figurine someday!


Great Pink Bed Shark

Photo: Great Pink Bed Shark
Robynfederspiel, Id certainly love to see a photo of your crochet bag. Can you post a photo or two of it? Thank you.


Photo of a Denim Dimetrodon Toy

Denim Dinosaurs
Super cute. Yay!


photo of sweet pea

Sweet Pea (White Quail)
So tiny and cute!


A picture of a tree made with a branch and bottles.

Garden: Bottle Tree
Nice welding! I like bottle trees.


Fluffy (Long Hair Domestic)

Fluffy (Long Hair Domestic)
Billie.. totally looks like fluffy. Long haired black cats are: uh-dorable.


Crocus peeking through snow.

Scenery: Crocus In Snow (Oregon)
Its a lovely photo. I know she would have been delighted. xo


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What Causes Bad Breath in Dogs?
Bonn777, Im so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this information with other members.


Photo: Sparkly Valentine's Gift
That is adorable and terribly sweet indeed. What a guy. :)


Polka dot owl Valentine card.

Easy Owl Valentine
Adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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How Do I Make a Whiteboard?
Im not sure the cost, but white/frosted glass works very nicely as a white board and looks great if mounted properly. Cheaper than White boards themselves and Im pretty sure a glass shop will cut it to size.


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Removing Soap Scum from Dishwasher?
We were having this problem too. I switched to the hot water option on the washer and now our dishes look great! No added chemicals on my dishes, just hot water. Yay.


A plate of Vietnamese caramelized pork.

Vietnamese Caramelized Pork
This looks so tasty. I cant wait to try it. Thanks Viet!


In Loving Memory of Hershey (Doodle)
Hershey was a sweet little puppy dog. Im so sorry. He will be missed. xo


In Loving Memory of Hershey (Doodle)
But Im really glad I got to know him just a little. You were all lucky to have each other.


eggs and bacon on plate

No Bones About It
Love it. Absolutely adorable. Thank you.


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Threading a Sewing Machine Needle?
I have a chunk of beeswax that I run most of my threads through before I try to thread any needle. Though, to be honest I have used an old piece of candle wax before too. I usually do this for hand sewing, but have done it on the machine as well.


Halloween Costume: Robot

Halloween Costume: Robot
Adorable. Thank you for sharing.


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Helping a Child Eat More Healthy Food?
My son is not only picky, but also on a very specific diet. So, getting him to eat a variety of foods an be challenging. His physical therapist suggested trying to introduce a new vegetable onto his plate for a couple of weeks consistently. She suggested sometimes...



Prepping for Winter
Still good tips!


Dark red dahlias.

Garden: Dahlias
Yay. These are beautiful. Thank you Jess!


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Plantable Wedding Invitations
What a wonderful thrifty idea. Yes. Please share the steps you took to make the finished product. Congratulations on your marriage. All the best.


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Storing an Ironing Board in a Small Apartment?
I picked up a mini iron from Ikea a long time ago. It has a hanger attached so it hangs in the closet when not in use and sits on a table top when in use. It was $5 and has served me pretty well.


A 70s family

Balancing Thrifty And Fun
Thank you for writing this. m


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Make Your Own Percussion Instruments
Id love to see photos! Homemade instruments are tons of fun, sometimes they look interesting too. Please share when you can.


How Gardeners Can Help Monarch Butterflies

How Gardeners Can Help Monarch Butterflies
Hatelitter, that is a beautiful photo. I really love it. Your son did a great job! Marz


My Frugal Life: Car Free
On the contrary, paulajeromeg, if you have farther than a mile or so to ride, change your clothes when you get to work. Ive done this for years in a number of different positions from customer service to working in an accounting office. Here are just a few...


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Gluten Free Recipes?
My son is on a gluten free diet. Pamelas makes some good stuff, and Bobs Red Mill has some GF flour. Amys makes a GF pizza thats not bad. Recently I picked up a package of GF Brownie mix at Trader Joes and added some extra yummy ingredients. De Boles makes...


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Cook With Coconut Oil
@ Flintmoonwitch: Canola oil is made from rapeseed.


Show Up REALLY Early at Garage Sales
HAHAHHAHA. You had me going until almost the end...April fools indeed.


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Diet Ideas for an Autistic Child?
My son has been on a Gluten Free Casein Free diet (GFCF=wheat free/dairy free and then some) for over 4 years now with pretty fantastic success. This website has some good information on dietary restrictions and autism http://gfcf-diet.talkaboutcuringautism...


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Do Asiatic Lilies Develop Seeds?
Most Hybrid lilies are sterile, but if the lilies you have can produce seeds, a pod will form where the flower was. Wait until this has dried out before harvesting. Upon splitting the pod open you will find hundreds of seeds.


Kid riding in a car.

Kids Car Games
A frugal wipe board for the car is a great idea.


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Autistic Son is a Picky Eater?
I am the mother of a 6 year old on the autism spectrum disorder. He was diagnosed at 24 month. For the longest time our boy would only eat a very limited amount of things. I think the OT has some fantastic suggestions. I can tell you what has worked so far...


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Recommendations for Platform Beds?
babbles5, Wed love to see photos of the furniture youve crafted. :) Marz


Tootsie Roll spider.

Spider Tootsie Roll Pops
What a great idea!



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