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A painted milk jug to resemble a sugar skull, with a candle at the top.

Day of the Dead Milk Gallon Skull
Thanks so much littergitter, I appreciate it ! :)


Two socks made into octopus dolls.

Octopus Socks
Thank you Stella !


The completed canning jar pumpkin.

Canning Ring Pumpkin
Beautiful and clever ! :)


A bunch of weeds with white flowers.

Wedding Weed Bouquet
Thank you so much Marg ! :) How cool to get a message from England ! :D


A mini banjo made from recycled materials.

Mini Love Banjo
Thank you so much Linda ! I appreciate it :D


A plastic orange juice container being used as a vase.

Orange Juice Bottle Vase
Alicia, you must not be much of a recycler nor do any repurposing. The only cheap thing I see is your comment. My idea was so bad I saved a dollar and was rewarded $5 for repurposing. :) Be sweet not sour !


Red leaves with snow.

Vibrant Reds
What a beautiful picture. The contrast of cold white and bold red is incredible.


A sky full of clouds that resemble cotton balls.

Weird Looking Clouds
Wow, those are amazing ! First time I see those too. Thank you for sharing.


Chocolate Cowboy Hats - edible cowboy hats

Chocolate Cowboy Hats
How clever and so cute !!


Pumpkinscape - decoupaged pumpkin

What a Great idea !! Thanks for sharing. :)



Tea Cup Bird Feeder/Bird Bath - finished

Tea Cup Bird Feeder/Bird Bath
Great idea ! Very cute and whimsical ! :)


Bogart (Cairn Terrier) - silky haired Cairn lying down looking to his left

Bogart (Cairn Terrier)
Bogart is Precious !! :)


Remaking 'The Scream''- montage of the painting and the recreation

Remaking 'The Scream''
Wow ! That is super creative ! Good job ! :D


Teacup Party Favor Holder - closeup of finished cup and saucer

Teacup Party Favor Holder
This is beautiful ! :)


Tame Turtle - turtle on the bank of a pond or lake

Tame Turtle
Thats interesting to know. Thank you! :)


DIY Foosball Game Shoebox - ready to play

DIY Foosball Game Shoebox
What an Awesome idea ! :)


Flowers Made from Nespresso Cups

Flowers Made from Nespresso Cups
I really like this ! How clever and cool ! :)


Faux Egg Faces - two cartons of egg faces

Faux Egg Faces
This is so adorable and clever ! Great idea to add cuteness to the day ! '


A piece of masking tape on a container of food.

Masking Tape Tupperware Labels
Hello littergitter, Thank you for your input. That s a good idea to write in big letters ! Enjoy your yummy soup :)


DIY Over the Counter Dish Rack - over the sink rack

DIY Over the Counter Dish Rack
Love it !! It looks great !!


DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue Box

DIY Paper Towel Sheet Saver Using a Tissue Box
Hello Debush, It took such little time actually.Thats for us that already have the other kind.Plus, pulling out the pre-cut ones makes it even easier. A good project for little ones as well so they think twice about waste.'



Iced Feeder for the Hummingbirds - closeup of hummingbird at feeder

Iced Feeder for the Hummingbirds
What a Cool idea ! Good thinking ! :)


Making Rainbow Lollipops - lollies on sticks stuck into a piece of white foam packaging

Making Rainbow Lollipops
Thats a sweet idea !


Temporary Crate for My New Cat Conner - kitty in the crate

Temporary Crate for My New Cat Conner
What a cute idea for kitty to enjoy the outdoors !


Our New Girls - flock of young backyard hens

Our New Girls
I am sorry to hear about the loss of your chickens. That is so sad. It is good to hear though, that you have welcomed more to love. That is a nice picture of the girls enjoying the fresh and green grass.:)


Heart Tree Mother's Day Card - finished card

Heart Tree Mother's Day Card
Very adorable hand and arm tree ! Nice work !


Crab Handprint Card - add message

Crab Handprint Card
What a clever card ! '


Duke  (Husky Pit Bull Cross) - outside carrying a toy

Duke (Husky Pit Bull Cross)
Thank you so much ! :)


Cauliflower Sheep Centerpiece - cauliflower sheep centerpiece before the feast

Cauliflower Sheep Centerpiece
What an adorable idea ! Perfect for a Baaanquett Party ;)


In Memory of Buster (Hanoverian Mix) - beautiful brown horse with someone holding up a small black and brown dog next to his head

In Memory of Buster (Hanoverian Mix)
Thank you for sharing your Buster with us. He seemed like a sweet and precious Horse. May he be enjoying the green pastures in Horse Heaven. What a great picture with his doggie friend ! :)


An orange cup of Jello with a Jack-o'-Lantern face.

Jello Jack-O'-Lantern Cups
These are so cute and yummy looking ! :)


Drinking Straw Statement Necklace - artist wearing the finished necklace

Drinking Straw Statement Necklace
Very pretty and clever Attosa ! :) Thanks for keeping our earth clean as well. ;)


A flower brooch made from a tape measure.

Tape Measure Flower Brooch
Great fashion accessory ! :)



A felt pocket resembling a carrot with money poking out of the top.

Felt Carrot Money Pocket
That makes a cute gift ! :)


Teddy (Mixed Breed Cat)

Teddy (Mixed Breed Cat)
Thank you for sharing. What a precious cat Teddy is ! :) He looks very confident too. ;) Sure hope the other kitties found a home after the storm.


Air Plant Trolls - trolls with plants added

Air Plant Trolls
Cute idea ! :)


Pandora (Boxer Mix) - black dog with white on chest and feet

Pandora (Boxer Mix)
Great story ! Wonderful dog. :)


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Name for a Dementia Adult Family Home Business?
How about Live in the Moment. People get too caught up in the past and the future is not guaranteed to anyone. Living in the moment like stopping to smell the roses. Memories do not have to be forgotten. Simply stored in our heart treasure chest. :)


Recycled Yarn Afghan - side view of day bed with afghan

Recycled Yarn Afghan
Beautiful work ! :)


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14th Birthday Ideas for Small Apartment?
I have learned that the cozier a place is, the more fun people actually have. Large spaces actually separate people. That being said, games always produce good results. Also, make a theme party where you ask guests to wear a certain something if they can. Have...


What Breed Is My Dog? - white dog with red collar

What Breed Is My Dog?
Looks like my brothers pit bull. They both look like Albino pit bulls.White and pink. :)


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Removing Stamps from Envelopes?
You can try putting it in the freezer overnight. The next day use a knife to slide them off.


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Dog Started Peeing Inside at Night?
If there doesnt seemed to be anything odd with the urine itself or your dog in pain when peeing, you can try this. I tried it on my senior dog Pickles (RIP) and he learned right away actually. I was so proud of him. :) Get a large cookie pan (just enough edging...


Identifying a Houseplant - segmented stems with green and whitish leaves

Identifying a Houseplant?
Here are also 23 Common Plants that are poisonous to pets. Aloe vera, Amaryllis, Azalea, Babys Breath,Begonia, Carnations, Castor Bean, Chrysanthemum,Cyclamen,Daffodil,Gladiola, Hosta, Ivy, Lillies, Milkweed, Morning Glory,Oleander, Poinsetta, Pothos, Sago...


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Training a Puppy Not to Chew?
My suggestion is to put away her toys until it is play time. Try to make the same time every day. Something special she can look forward to. When she needs to chew have one item you call Chewie and no to other things. That way she understand what is for playing...


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Cleaning Up Dog Pee on Floors?
I think the stronger the clean up chemical is, it makes it smell worse. Here are three suggestions #1 After initial wipe, one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts water. Let it sit on the spot for five to ten minutes before wiping. #2 Undiluted white vinegar...


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Products for Hair Damaged by a Perm?
I once had a terrible perm that fried my hair. I cut off the most I could then used Mane n Tail Shampoo. After that there is Olive Oil spray for hair at Walgreens. Makes hair silky and shiny without the greasy feeling. Continue slight trimming to cut off all...


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Living Room Paint Color Advice?
You can keep the cream curtains and maybe add a colored valence so it doesnt just blend into the wall. :)


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Using Fabric to Knit on a Round Loom?
You can try cutting strips from a t-shirt. Depending on the size of the loom you can know what size t-shirt. Look up Hula Hoop loom for ideas. :)


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My Bullmastiff Is Scared of Husband's Sneezing?
Maybe your husband and anyone else can try sneezing in their arm to lessen the sound. Its all about habit. I asked my Mom to do this because the high pitch would hurt my eardrum too.


Removing Candle Wax Dye from Fabric

Removing Candle Wax Dye from Fabric?
You can try using wax paper and an iron on low heat and it might lift it up. Good luck ! :)


Spoon Flower - competed flower

Spoon Flower
Thank you ! ;)


Colored Salt Decor - cut glass style decanter with layered colored salt

Colored Salt Decor
Thank you Darla ! :)


Bashful (German Shepherd Mix) - wearing monkey hat

Bashful (German Shepherd Mix)
Thank you Lewissan :)


Bashful (German Shepherd Mix) - wearing monkey hat

Bashful (German Shepherd Mix)
You are right it sure was ! :)


A skeleton made from white Q-Tips.

Halloween Q-Tip Skeleton
What a super clever idea ! :)


larger white and black bird with longer beak sitting on a blue sign

Good Morning, Bird!
It does look like one doesnt it ? :) I wonder too. Have not been able to find out. Hmmm.


larger white and black bird with longer beak sitting on a blue sign

Good Morning, Bird!
Yes cybergrannie :) Cant imagine a world without birds. Thank you for taking the time to see and read !


larger white and black bird with longer beak sitting on a blue sign

Good Morning, Bird!
Thank you Robyn. :) It was special as you say. That bird took all my stress away in those moments. Animals can be so comforting. :)


larger white and black bird with longer beak sitting on a blue sign

Good Morning, Bird!
Thanks Anne ! Mystery solved. :)


larger white and black bird with longer beak sitting on a blue sign

Good Morning, Bird!
Great information likekinds ! :) You definitely know your birds. ;) I had searched and searched but could not find any information. Thats very interesting and educational to finally know where its from and its habits. Appreciate it, thanks !


larger white and black bird with longer beak sitting on a blue sign

Good Morning, Bird!
You were right likekinds ! :) You know your birds. ;) I had searched and searched and could not find anything. Its great to finally know. Thats very interesting and educational where its from and its habits. Appreciate it, thanks !


A man painting and wearing paint spattered jeans.

Removing Latex Paint Stains on Jeans
You can also try WD-40. Let it sit a little then was rub and use a toothbrush. Suggested for darker colored material.


large tire snowman in desert yard

Tire Snowman
Thanks Attosa and Happy Holidays ! :)


large tire snowman in desert yard

Tire Snowman
Yes ! So many things can be made from them. Thank you likekinds :)


kittens on hammock

3 Week Old Kitten Hammock Activity
So Precious ! Good idea to strengthen their bodies. :)


Soap Scented Perfume Basket

Soap Scented Perfume Basket
Thats beautiful and a great idea ! :)


floral pattern in bright colors

Thrifty Gift Wrap with Food Coloring
I love all the colors ! :)


dish of grapefruit potpourri with slices for hanging on the side

Grapefruit Potpourri
Thank you so much ! :) Sorry for the late reply. I have not tried other citrus fruits but I would imagine they would dry the same time. I say a few weeks makes the colors still bright and the scent pleasant. No foul smell they just simply lose their scent with...


Birthday Candy Poster

Birthday Candy Poster
Super cute idea ! :) I will make one too.


red impatiens in front of house

Photos of My Garden
Gorgeous !! :)


Domino Clock

Domino Clock
Thank you so much Judy :)


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