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Pit Bulls - What did you expect?

I am surprised to see three requests in the first three pages of topics about the nature of pit bulls. Dog lovers, be aware, pit bulls are bred to fight. So if you are seeing agressive behavior or biting, this is natural for them.


I've known incredibly sweet pitbulls but they are very strong and will defned themselves in a way that can harm others.

My daughter, at three years old, was bitten on the forehead by a pitbull that only meant to snap at her - very young children spooked him a bit and we didn't know someone had let him in the house. We were visiting the friend who owned him. Now she has a scar across her forehead and it hurts her as she grows.

We certainly did not demand that the animal be put down, but we all did learn something. This was a docile animal but he simply didn't know his own strength.

Again - they are bred to fight. It's their nature. They are not bred to be Lassie. Please love them but be careful.


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By v.Kelly (Guest Post)
June 15, 20050 found this helpful

This is not true. Pit Bulls are the same as any other dog. They become vicious because of their owners who train them to be aggressive.

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By Jannie (Guest Post)
June 15, 20050 found this helpful

I have a 17 month old, 75 lb. red nose pit bull, and she can be very aggressive at times, she was not raised that way. There is just some people that she does not like and she will let you know it..I don't believe in raising animals that way..I just wish she wasn't that way. She is supposed to be my husband's dog, but she turned out to be mine. Sometimes when my husband gets to close to me, she growls at him, I didn't teach her to be like that.


She has 2 cats that are her babies. I have been around all kinds of bull dogs and YES they are a more aggressive breed of dogs. I've been around some that would tear your arm off and some that were so sweet. I also have 2 part red nose brothers in the back yard. One is very aggressive and the other is so sweet and lovable. Some dogs do become vicious because of their owners and some are born that way.

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By sandy (Guest Post)
June 15, 20050 found this helpful

be careful jannie, if for some reason your dog doesnt like something your husband does or etc she could attack with no warning.

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June 16, 20050 found this helpful

I live in Ontario and there is now a ban on pit bulls. Being a dog lover I have mixed feelings about this. One side is that some people do own and raise pit bulls to be violent. But it isn't just this breed of dog that is raised this way.


The other side is that any dog will attack if pushed. Even my little yorkshire terrier has snapped a few times over the years. This is how dogs communicate if you have accidently hurt them or bugged them too much.
There is a movement here to "ban the deed, not the breed". It states that we should not allow people who use dogs for violence to own dogs.

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June 17, 20050 found this helpful

It is true that animals are bred for certain purposes. Pointers are bred to seek out prey for hunters and then "point" to that prey (like game birds). If it were not true, then all dogs would know how to do that instinctively. Or no dog would. Pit bulls are bred to fight. That doesn't mean they are bred to be aggressive. But their musculature and strength and power are bred into them for the purpose of fighting.

I didn't say all pit bulls are aggressive. I said they are bred to fight, meaning that if they were trained to be agressive, they would have the strength and mass to be good at it. Therefore if provoked or misunderstand some danger, they can easily cause more damage than some other dogs.

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By Jessi (Guest Post)
June 18, 20050 found this helpful

I learned two important things when I had my pit bull (who was a big baby). First, their necks are as big around as their heads and if on a chain or leash, they can back out of their collars. Once they figure out how, they can get loose whenever they please. The second thing was how to handle such a strong dog on a leash. My dog could drag a 200+ pound man around like a rag doll when he got excited, but at a little over a hundred pounds, I figured out how to control him. I kept a close eye on him and saw how his muscles tensed just before he lunged.


When I saw this, I would immediately pull backward. It took a few tries to get it right, but once I got the timing right, I was the only person that could handle him on a leash. I hope that the first serves as a reminder to be cautious even around a restrained pit bull and the second helps anyone who has trouble controlling their dog. I feel bad for pit bulls, they did not ask to have such a bad reputation, people caused it. I am also aware that they have become status pets and some people pride themselves on how mean their dog is.
It really is a lose-lose situation.

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By Karen (Guest Post)
June 26, 20050 found this helpful

You are right on the mark Jessi, regarding learning to watch for the signs of your dogs aggressiveness. This goes with all breeds. Pit Bulls were bred to fight but that doesn't mean they can't make good pets. BUT - the owner has to be more dominant than the pit bull. Too many owners don't have a clue about how to handle any dog let alone a dominant breed.


It takes a lot of work and training but they are fiercely loyal to their humans and will provide years of loving companionship. I have read statistics that Cocker Spaniels bite more humans than any other breed. Can you imagine if they were as big and muscular as a pit?

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By lindsey (Guest Post)
June 28, 20050 found this helpful

Actually, if you follow pit bulls history back. They were bred to be a family dog. They have been used much more recently at fighting dogs doing to their extreme eagerness to please their masters and easy trainability. Also their size and strength allowed people to use them for fighting. Not too long ago there was a study done and I wish I could find it now. It was something like out of a large group of dogs that were temperment tested 98% of pit bulls passed, whereas approx 75% of all other breeds of dogs passed. Having owned a pit bull myself and knowing many others that do, I love the breed.


If properly trained they make wonderful pets. Ours did well with children and adults of all ages. While she was extremely high energy, she was a wonderful pet. Unfortunatly people tend to focus on the pit bull because of their size and pure strength. When I was young, I was severly bitten in the face by a sheltie and hospitalized for 4 days. That didn't make the new because the dog was cute and little. Had it been a pit bull it would have been brodcast nationwide. Unfortunately, the breed has been given a bad name due to unfair media attention and a small number of people that treat their dogs poorly.

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By Stephanie (Guest Post)
July 2, 20050 found this helpful

I have a 6 month old red nose/ blue nose pit bull mix who is 40 pounds now, and such a big baby who loves to be held, and carried. I have a 2 lb Chihuahua, and another pit/bulldog mix who is 12 years old. They all get along great. They all live inside the house. I agree with the people who said it is the owners who teach their dogs the behavior to be aggressive and such. I got my 6 month old from a man in a car, and I have never seen his parents, and many people told me to be careful when he gets older, because he will be dangerous. I have had him since he was 5 weeks old, and he has always been a sweet dog. He is still the same as when I first got him. Anyway, it gets me so angry that people immediately think all pitbulls are aggressive because they were born like that or whatever the case may be. It is indeed the owners, and how they treat them. Being stuck chained up all day and night is no way to teach them to be "good" dogs. Also, keeping them away from other people and isolating them is not good either. Pit Bulls are oen of the smartest and loyal breeds I have ever had in my life, and my whole family will tell the same. Since I first got him, I have let him play with other dogs, and lots of people because he loves to go for walks, really long ones, and he couldn't be happier. I know I taught him to be the good dog he is. People should learn the real reason why dogs are on this earth. To be a companion, and love you no matter what. That's it.

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By ed (Guest Post)
August 26, 20050 found this helpful

i got a bluenose 10months 45lbs female. pitts where made for fighting yes but mine will not fight another dog are bit a person unless my dog think im in trouble. trust me she know me mom told me the minute that dog look at my 4 year old sister the wrong way the dogs out my sister drags the dog around by it tails and won't do nothing but when you go pick up my sister she will bit you so what im sayin is it all on how you raise your pitt (quote) she would die for me and i would for her

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By kim (Guest Post)
August 31, 20050 found this helpful

I have a red nose pitbull that is about 2 months old,she was given to me because the person that had her had 2 pits of her own,she told me this puppy was going to need alot of tender loving care,i was up to taking care of this puppy and give it all it needed as the 2 others that had her never took the time to get to know this puppy,i find that she is very smart and all she wants to do is fit in with people that love her,i could not ever give her away to anyone she has my heart and i realize all she wants is to be respected and loyal to me ,she loves kids and i see no problem with her at all she is more human than a dog and only want's to please me and my family ,she loves to be cuddled and carried around ..loves walks and is very alert to what is around her ..she had a rough life already ,i plan on making her forget what she went through by giving her all the love she needs ...yes she nibbles on your hand and barks alot but hell i wouldn't want it any other way she is a great puppy that deserves the best in life .all breeds can be mean and bite doesn't mean the word pitbull that they are all bad ,because i believe it is how you raise them and treat them...they will be loyal to the very end and i can say that she will be with me for a life time...there is not any breed that bad just dumb owers.

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By Nicole Green (Guest Post)
March 2, 20060 found this helpful

I am thinking about getting my 8 year old son a pitt for his 9th b-day and i do have worries about it, but to me this is a beautiful dog. I just want to be sure i am making the right decission. I will care for the dog in the day while my son is school, he will care for it afterwards- can anyone tell me if this would be safe for my child?

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April 30, 20060 found this helpful

It isn't that ANY breed of dog is naturally agressive.
When people leave their animals in the backyard w/no time or attention... YES alot of dogs become extremely territorial and can and may attack any person , animal's, or whatever set the dogs temper off.
Peace out

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By brittany (Guest Post)
November 10, 20060 found this helpful

pit bulls are not bad dogs but i can tell you one thing if your pit bull would do any thing 4 you, let me tell you, you got a good dog it just wants to do anything to please you no matter what. Now days people is trying to get rid of pit bulls. it not the dogs its the owner. now im tring to keep the breed and pit bulls are not made for fighting. the owners train them for fighting. All i can say is DONT TRAIN YOUR DOG FOR FIGHTING cause your hurting the breed or TRAIN YOUR DOG TO LOVE NOT TO FIGHT PLEASE AND THANK YOU

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By ben (Guest Post)
December 3, 20060 found this helpful

NO such thing as bad dog's.only bad dog owners.

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By Underbosspits (Guest Post)
January 6, 20070 found this helpful

OK..to who ever wrote this topic that I just came and read, "Pit Bulls - What did you expect." First of don't talk about and assume things you obviously know nothing about! I quote, "if you are seeing aggressive behavior or biting, this is natural for them." What! That is totally false! That is not in there nature! I'm sorry that happened to your 3yr old daughter, that is too bad and I'm glad that all that she got was a scar. You say the pit bull "only meant to SNAP at her" and you admit that the dog got spooked by very young children. Your daughter is 3 that's pretty young to me knowing the dog was spooked by kids. You also say you didn't know that some one let the dog inside, As a responsible parent knowing that this dog was already spooked by young children, knowing that I had a 3yr old daughter (in my opinion that's a child) Maybe I would've....um, I don't know, asked the owner of the "VICIOUS" dog to maybe keep him in a kennel, or maybe a bedroom, bathroom, those are just some quick ideas that come to my mind.

The 1st pits ever were they bred for fighting or aggressiveness. The 1st pits were found to be very loyal to there master, which is one of the great traits they still have bred into them today.

They are just like little kids when they're pup's no matter how there parents were raised. They need to be socialized with lot's of people and lot's of other dogs from a very early age. I have 4 pit bulls 2 male 2 female, there all different ages from my youngest male who is 13 mnths to the boss dog my oldest male witch is 4 and 3 mnths. Got each one from a pup, the older dogs would always let the pup know they were there 1st. Never one time in my 4yr ownership of these wonderful animals that I am proud to call my friends have they ever got into a bloodbath with each other! They've gotten into little squabbles but tell me what animal doesn't.

I bring all 4 to the dog park 3 times a week and yes at 1st the other dog owners were real scared, but you know what before we left the park for the 1st time all the dogs were playing with each other and the owners were just as stunned as the next on how friendly they all were toward them the other dogs and how well they listened. I've seen many dog fights break out at the dog park but you know what not one of my dogs were every involved.

Why would they want to fight? They're at the park with acres and acres to roam freely with all there knew buddies. Sound like a dog bred to fight and be aggressive? I am not a breeder but I do know breeders. I also know trainer's as well as behavioralists that work at the humane society pet co and petsmart. I know a thing or two about this breed and many others and you sir are wrong with your accusations!

If anybody else happens to come across this post like I did...don't believe a single thing that this guy says! PLEASE!

The rest of you that posted and knew what you were saying thank you for saying positive and true things for people to read. Rosco, Deaga, Cheeba, and the boss The Don Dotta thank you as well as myself. I am the voice for the ones without a voice. There are bad breeders out there that do breed for those other purposes But with a little research and networking you find they are more easily identifiable. Thats a must in a purchase of a pit bull is do your research on the breed 1st. if you're purchasing or adopting, and then research the different kennels before purchase. I also wouldn't buy a pit that only cost you $200. They could and probably can be good dogs. But what I've seen is that the ones selling pits that cheap have way too many dogs breed way too often which is the biggest problem with over population. Real breeders know there dogs family tree better than they know there own family tree.

Real pit bulls with papers temperment clause is well worth the $$$ you know then what you're getting and trace pedigrees and so forth. Any dog or any animal for that matter can be mean or vicious.


underbosspits ya hoo com

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By someone who cares (Guest Post)
January 7, 20070 found this helpful

I have a one year old pit and she is the best dog i have yet. She is great with kids and great with other people but she knows her limit on who to trust. She is very protective when she needs to be. She is very loyal to us i can't see why people like u would say they are breed for fighting because they aren't

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By Stacia Singleton (Guest Post)
January 31, 20070 found this helpful

It makes me so mad when people think pit bulls are so bad....i have 2 pit bulls and they are sweetest and most lovely dogs i ever had. Its the owner who makes the dog....the dog dont make itself.

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February 13, 20070 found this helpful

They only fight if their environment teaches them that. They are a very loving breed and I wouldn't have any other. They are very hard headed and you have to disipline them differently because most people think that you inflick pain to disipline and that does NOT work on a pit. Pain just turns them on and they think you are playing. I have had many and the only time my 4 year old daughter was ever "bitten" was when her dog pinched her while trying to pull the blanket off her while they were playing. they take lots of love and time, but they repay you 10 fold.

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By jeymendez (Guest Post)
August 11, 20080 found this helpful

My husband just got a bluenose pit. He's not even a month old he's really tiny but I am a lil scared. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old baby. I'm afraid of having this dog around ma kids when it gets big. My son is friendly so his always just all over the dog and I'm afraid thats gonna make it not like kids. I don't know, I'm very afraid that it will turn on ma kids and that I wont be able to control the dog because of his strength. Please I need advise. Is this a good family dog? Is there a way for it to be trained to be good? Should I feel comfortable with this dog around my kids?

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May 8, 20140 found this helpful

I got Tiny when he was just six weeks old or so from the local Animal Welfare kill shelter and raised him properly even read all the books. He was out of control from the start. He would sit and eat walls. He snapped at my baby grandson's face and constantly fought with my female mix. He lunged at anyone who came to the door. He tore down a kennel and a screen door.

I believe that this dog had a mental problem not a pit bull problem. I could not keep him so I gave him to a more experienced pit person and she could not control him either. He was only about 9 months old at the time and he would have been a 100 pound pit. Some dogs as with people, just have mental problems and that includes any breed. Whether it be caused by over or inbreeding, abuse or just defect, it happens with all breeds.

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