Decorating a Red Bedroom?

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I'm a male university student currently renting a house with a few other guys. I'm stuck with a bedroom with blood red walls which I can't paint over. What can I do to my room so it doesn't seem so weird? I currently have a pine desk, double futon, navy blue sheets. Advice on how to decorate this room would be greatly appreciated.


Ray from Canada

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By Melna (Guest Post)
July 6, 20040 found this helpful

How about hanging full length curtains on one or more walls? You could leave one red wall visible and use it to help co-ordinate with your navy blue sheets and pine furniture.Your room will just look like you have a LOT of windows but keep the curtains "closed". As the curtain rods would be mounted near the ceiling, the small holes used to hold up the curtain rods would be less noticeable.

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By Jamie (Guest Post)
July 6, 20040 found this helpful

maybe you could wallpaper over it.... or you could make you like patriot themed and put navy blue and white stars and the red wall (same color blue as your bedspread)

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By Nayno (Guest Post)
July 6, 20040 found this helpful

I imagine if you can't paint, wallpapering is out also, so try pinning up bedsheets on the walls. These are easy to hang and afterwards you can use them elsewhere. It gives the look of wallpaper.

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By Rickied (Guest Post)
July 7, 20040 found this helpful

The curtains and/or wallpaper sound great. If you cannot afford the curtain rods try lathe strips(thin,long strips of of wood,inexpensive at Lowes or Home Depot). You can use staples, tiny nails or a glue gun to install after you put the fabric on them. Buy Yards and Yards of mark down fabric (usually $1 per yard).Measure the length you need add extra for the sleeve you will make for the lathe strip to fit in. Look at a curtain that has a sleeve to put a rod in to get the idea how to do it. Cant sew. Use iron on tape very inexpensive.You can make the fabric straight panels or gather the fabric and make the panels fuller.


Don't want to do that? Buy light weight fabric and really cheap liquid starch (grocery store). Cut your fabric the length you need dip it in a container where you have poured the starch. Squeeze out most of the liquid and put it on the wall. Use a flat object or your hands and press the fabric on the wall. When you graduate with honers just pull the fabric off the wall and wash with TSP (Lowes). You cn buy inexpensive items at the fabric store to put over the seams or use lathe strips painted and hot glued over the seams. Be creative about what to put over the seams. Have fun

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By Linda (Guest Post)
July 7, 20040 found this helpful

I would think having a red room repainted a more livable color would be a blessing to your landlord!

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By Tina (Guest Post)
July 8, 20040 found this helpful

With red walls and blue sheets, maybe consider a patriotic red/white/blue room. Look for discounted 4th of July sales, use cream or white accents and any flag or patriotic items.


Maybe that'll help tone down the RED.

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By (Guest Post)
July 9, 20040 found this helpful

Find fabric you like(enough to cover the wall or a portion of it) and moisten it with liquid fabric starch then smooth it on the wall. It will stay put until you remove it and neither the wall or the fabric will be harmed.

Good luck getting your education!

Warmest Wishes,
Denise McCall
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"Your future will become what you make of it. If you choose to plan nothing, then nothing is what you'll receive. However, if you choose success and plan for it.. success is what you'll receive." - Mel Atwood

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By Becki in Indiana (Guest Post)
July 13, 20040 found this helpful

I was going to say red-white-and-blue patriotic, too, until I realized you said you are from Canada! Isn't their flag white with a red maple leaf? Maybe you could go with a patriotic CANADIAN theme!


Or is red a color in your school colors, or a favorite sports team? Otherwise, I would cover as much as possible, even if it's just with a bedsheet pinned to the wall to give you a "blank" surface!

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July 24, 20040 found this helpful

Get a lot of light colors posters to mostly cover the walls. It will help cover the red.
- Susan

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By Patty (Guest Post)
June 20, 20050 found this helpful

The room we are going to redecorate is a long room above our garage, right now it is a room with mumble jumble furniture, different kinds of wood and different colors everywhere, i just need a comfy space to be in, also with a low budget, i like to study and watch tv, talk and sew in this room. so what color and everything should i do

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By Janan (Guest Post)
July 1, 20050 found this helpful

My daughter has red curtains that she HAS to have in her room. What main color can I use for the walls. I'm at a loss.

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By Theme Decor (my business) (Guest Post)
July 19, 20050 found this helpful


Psychology of Color:
First of all, do you like the shade of red? If so, let's consider utilizing it. Red is a stimulant...if you need to work hard, studying in this room, then red is a good color to keep you awake and alert. Cheerful. Otherwise, they recommend a cool blue or green for a more soothing environment. (If you are prone to anger or hyperactivity, then no red at all.)


You know what might be easiest for a guy to do to transform such a wall?

Consider buying a roll of white heavier art supply store paper or a roll of white vinyl fabric to cut out a repetitive design so the red shows through a mostly-white cover. Do it yourself or bring the size design you want and inquire at art stores or hobby stores or even an art-framing store to see if they will prepare the fabric or paper for you.

You can choose the type of design you enjoy and either cut it out in repetitions yourself or have an art store do it for you. With the red showing through the white, it could make quite an art statement.

Consider choosing one image from your hobbies or interests in life, draw the shape on cardboard in the size to be repeated on the wall covering overlay, and then trace around it as you work your way across the overlay in a balanced layout.


Try a piece of red paper under your sample cut-out first, to be sure it looks good in the red color.

Now, carefully cut out the traced designs with sharp scissors.

a. My son knows of a double-sided adhesive tape that does NOT take off paint or harm walls. He used it while in college. He says it can hold weight.
It might be more expensive but it sounds like quite a time saver.

b. Otherwise, if you are in an apartment that requires "thin" nails, then just nail or tack the white overlay in all four corners and a few across the top and sides to keep it flat against the wall.

(If you need to find studs behind the dry wall, buy a stud finder device at the big home supply stores--really neat with its signal and bright red flashing line to show you where you can safely pound nails in. (Otherwise, you have to use a plastic holder and molly bolt so dry wall does not tear out; most apts. do not like those thicker screws that fit inside.)

Let me know what you choose. E-address below. Everyone had good ideas; it just depends on how much time you have to invest in it, how creative you want to be and how much money you have to buy whichever wall covering you choose.

4. Smile: you can also buy an inexpensive cotton design quilt and just hang that on the wall, reminiscent of the huge tapestry coverings of centuries ago on cold castle walls. THAT might be a good idea if you live in a cold climate--any quilted fabric makes a terrific insulator even on walls but it also is great on windows, keeping hot sun out in the summer and cold air out in the winter. You can have someone turn over the top edge of the quilt and make a "curtain rod pocket" wide enough for the type of rod you choose...or try the double-sided special adhesive tape or nails mentioned above.

6. Oh, and one last thing. You can install a plain or decorative curtain rod that is the width of the wall (or join two together with bracket supports at intervals to hold the weight) and simply purchase ready-made long curtains on the wall--just cover the wall and make the room look relaxed and more home-like as if a big window is behind it. Choose fabric curtains that you really like and in a lighter color if the room is small...light enlarges a room, dark makes it smaller if it is already too large.

I have to go. I am looking for red curtain rods myself tonight! That is how I found your post. My husband and I just moved into a new house and I am trying to decorate each room with a different decor style. I need something in Abstract/Modern/90's for my big sliding glass door at one end of my kitchen. I have a terrific international abstract design in heavier white and black washable material, so introducing two other colors is the next step to tie it in with decorative accessories.


You will have fun, whatever you decide.

Mrs. K.
P.S. Theme Decor is one of my businesses; for just $25 per room, I analyze digital photos with the client's permission, provide a binder with initial suggestions for decorating plus supplier names and some basic training in interior design. The goal is to train people how to do it themselves or to educate them until they are ready to go to the next level and hire a certified interior designer. Being creative with what you have on hand is a focus; I also ask survey questions to help you determine your decor style, then we choose a theme for the room. It is a lot easier to decorate once you know what you want the room to do for you each time you walk into it.


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By Theme Decor (my business) (Guest Post)
July 19, 20050 found this helpful


What age is she? And are the red curtains in a solid color or design print? For a solid red color, would any of these ideas work?

Would she like a Disney princess theme on the walls that has red in it? Disney has their own catalog with children's bedroom decor curtains, bedspreads, bedside lamps and accessories. There are also Disney stores at the larger malls.

Choose a theme for her room; what is her favorite activity or interest in life? Try to choose something that will not be too babyish so she can use it for a number of years or modify it as she gets older...unless you enjoy redecorating every few years!

If you want to keep it simple, I would just paint the walls off-white. You can accessorize with design toss pillows that have the same shade of red as the curtains. You could also add a border design of a matching red print up high along the ceiling-walls and paint a nightstand to match the curtains unless you need more white in the room.

Another idea is using "gemstones" in one way or another...ruby red, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, green emerald. A very dainty way to border a mirror or a framed picture. Go to a bead store, perhaps, to find hobby "gemstones" in the jewelry-making section.

1. Wallpaper in a design she likes that has small but visible amounts of the same shade red.

2. If you would like to stencil red designs on a white wall, that would look nice. Red and pink also go together, if in complementary tones. Have her choose a design she likes.

3. If she is into bold multicolors and patterns like stripes or dots or swirls, try a wall design pattern with red, cobalt blue (if it is the same tone as her red shade) and white...or red, white, lime green....or red, pink, white....or red, yellow and black (that is more European, seen in full-skirted ethnic dresses)...or red, purple, royal blue with white borders.

Good luck! Sketch your overall room design out first, so you keep it all coordinated. Take it with you when shopping.

Mrs. K.
Theme Decor (my business...$25 per room to find your decor style via surveys, analyze digital photos with your signed permission, train you in the basics of interior design, provide supplier info and provide initial suggestions in a binder. It includes networking you with certified interior designers if you want to go to the next level and have others do the purchasing and installation work for you.)

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By Sandy (Guest Post)
July 20, 20050 found this helpful

Go Oriental! Get or spray paint black accesories, ie small table, baskets, etc. Futon is perfect for decor.

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By Judi (Guest Post)
January 10, 20060 found this helpful

Hi Ray from Canada :)
Well.. a red room can work for you - it's pretty sexy!. I painted my bedroom red, and my guy just loves it! I would suggest you go with bold tones - black for sure! You'd be amazed at what you can find at Ikea or Pier One, in terms of bedding or accessories. I would suggest you use cream, with black accents.. that would look awesome! Hang some prints up - framed in black (B/W photos would look great!).
I'm going to try to add a pic of MY room. That pine dresser you see, has since gone, but you can see how your white pine furniture can work as well.
Red rooms are great - good luck!

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By sam (Guest Post)
January 18, 20060 found this helpful

ok, i think im gunna paint my ceiling pink and red diagonal stripes, and my bedroom walls black. then i'm gunna get red and pink chrome spraypaint and a stencil with a bunch of stars on it, and do the top border of it in that. then im getting a red futon bad that's really cool. also i'm getting a red and pink rug and fuzzy lamps, and a tinted red light for my cieling light. its gunna be awesome. do you think that sounds cool? Please give me your comments. thanks.

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By Sally (Guest Post)
February 18, 20060 found this helpful

I wanted to paint my room back about 3 years back. But my parents prefered not. So I chose to do bold red on the bottom half of my room. Then a light grey on the top half. I chose a paint on border to separate the two colors and painted it black. It looks amazing. I added black blinds, black sheets, a red Papasan Chair from pier one, a black rug, and pictures I had taken from photography. It looks beautiful.

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By Marilyn (Guest Post)
February 26, 20060 found this helpful

I am decorating a room for my children with primary colors, red being the dominant. I need to find a red curtain rod, any suggestions?

Msmarilyn01 at aol dot com...

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February 26, 20060 found this helpful

Hi Marilyn,
This is the only link I can find:

They are red pine but not a true red like you probably want. My best advise is to find a wood one and paint it red.
Susan from ThriftyFun

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February 26, 20060 found this helpful


What about painting a regular rod? Depending on your curtains, either matte or gloss. We painted a regular pine dowel with primer and a pink color that matched my daughters room! It looks great and was easy and inexpensive!

Good Luck!

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By Heather (Guest Post)
April 17, 20060 found this helpful

I have a very sensual red room....dark wood furniture, lots of chocolate, warm vanilla, cream tones...........

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By Connie (Guest Post)
July 27, 20060 found this helpful

I just redid my son's room. He is 14. We have the old hard plaster walls in his room. He wanted to redo his room in black and red. Him and his father made a new bed from scratch. Twin bed with posts and rod iron between for the head board. Then they made a 7 foot bookcase that the end of his bed fits in. His bed is painted red and black. There are shelves for his TV, stereo, games, etc. So he can lay in his bed and all his stuff is at the foot of the bed. We painted two walls red and two walls black. The closet door was on the red wall so we painted it black with chalkboard paint. One window (already painted white from previous owner) on the red wall we painted black and the window on the black wall we painted red. We hung red drapes in each window and then hung the new curtains that look like thread hanging from the top. They are in black. So the thread curtains show through against the red curtains behind. Actually it looks pretty good and he is quite proud of his "new" teenage room.

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By Connie (Guest Post)
July 27, 20060 found this helpful

You can paint over red walls. Just go and get some primer and put a few good coats of primer over the red. I have used primer to cover up black paint and works like a charm!

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By kathrine (Guest Post)
August 30, 20060 found this helpful

you could go with sailor decor, a large mirrow will cover walls, knot framed pictures , red pillows scarred around room, american flag on wall, go to fleamarkets and look for boating stuff. get one odd item to get the interest of the lady wanting to know what it is , good conversation piece. hope this helps

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By Rachelle (Guest Post)
October 3, 20070 found this helpful

RE: Decorating a Red Bedroom

Hey Ray,

Red can actually be an great bedroom color. Many women find red to be an extremely sensual color, so depending on how much "studying" you will be doing in your room, it can work for you;)

Personally, I like dark chocolate brown with red, being that students typically are a bit short on cash you could simply lightly sand and paint yur existing furniture. (1 coat latex primer, 2 coats latex semi-closs.....Benjamin Moore has a color called Grandfather Clock that looks great with many colors of red).

I would say that with my tastes the navy sheets would have to go, opt for brown as well. If they are 100% cotton you can dye them. The Rit dark brown dye works really well. Follow manufactures directions, it takes 5 boxes to do one sheet set. And be sure to run two cycles with just hot water, detergent & 1 cup of bleach through your washer afterward.

Because red rooms are so dark, sometimes if you change the color of your light bulbs it helps to change the look of the room. Choose blush, amber or red (depending again on the "studying factor")

One last suggestion, get as large a mirror as you can afford and place it on the dominant wall to help break up the solidarity of the red color.

Good luck and have fun with this school year!

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February 8, 20080 found this helpful

How to decorate the bed and room. I has one small room, not big like my mom room.

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By Cherlynn (Guest Post)
December 16, 20080 found this helpful

What I think best, red with black and grey. Isn't it great? Why not get an interior designer to help you get along? I'll bet you'll love the room.

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By Hawaii Lover (Guest Post)
January 3, 20090 found this helpful

My bedroom is a redish color. I want to keep it that color, but I want a Hawaiian theme. Where do I start?

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