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Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

We have a one year old Chihuahua that is driving us crazy with house training. Chico continues to use our home as a bathroom. We take him and our other dog (a 7 year old chocolate Lab) outside on a regular basis and have favorable results. Still, Chico will pee on unusual things, like clothes hampers, comforters, dog beds, and we have even seen him pee in the other dog's water dish and on his back when he is sleeping. They otherwise get along fantastically and play very well together. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


By Jo

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March 1, 20110 found this helpful

Try putting a doggie wrap for incontinency on Chico and see if this helps cut down on the problem. Will not cure it, but keeps you from having to clean messes everywhere when it's contained and remove it when you take him outdoors to potty.

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March 2, 20110 found this helpful

I agree with Batwing. Kep the dog and find your guy a new girlfriend. If you did get married,and had children I feel you'll get very little help or support. which we all need. I would be very leary of anyone who didn't like pets. Think long and hard girl.

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December 30, 20140 found this helpful

Hi I have allways had big dos until my m.s. made me wheel chair bound. Always wanted a Chihuahua. My husband went and bought me my baby who has disabled himself. My husband and son never noticed because there litle girl wouldn't let him down. His front 2 legs are crocked. His chest comes to a point as he was squashed in her womb as there were too many. He was the runt when he came home.

I took him vet. so he tried to phone them and the vets didn't know them and they disconnected their phone. We tried to find them. Not to give him back. He is my little man year on year on clean for weeing mostly for pooing but hates going to phoo in the cold so has accidents. You won't get him clean the way you are doing it.

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February 28, 20110 found this helpful

Trouble House Training My Chihuahua
I have a Chihuahua that I rescued at about a year old. I have tried mercifully to housetrain him and much to my dismay, am failing miserably. He goes potty outside for me, but not for anyone else, like my fiance when I'm not home. He pees in strange places and I checked to see if he has a urinary tract infection and just recently got him neutered.

I crate him, I use puppy pads, I reward his good behavior, I have tried almost everything. He pees in the morning before I wake up and I have to have my carpets shampooed every other week because I find pee, and I can't reprimand him at that point.


What should I do? It's causing serious problems in my relationship because my fiance is "fed up" with his bad behavior.

Please help.

By SebastianBaby from Grand Island, NY


Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

I set down a pee pad in the bathroom and when it's used my Chi gets a reward. Her favorite spot became in the bedroom for which I showed disappointment. I now place a 2 foot high piece of plywood across the doorway when I have to leave the house as that's when she'd invariably go, even if I was just gone a few minutes. She has been using her pee pad quite well lately. I think the treats have made the difference. (01/26/2011)

By takelababy

Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

The key to house breaking any pet is a consistent schedule. Be sure that your puppy is getting outside at least twice a day. Three times if you can manage to get him outside during lunch and at the same times everyday. Also, make sure your partner is involved in the schedule and taking him out just as much as you are. When the dog does go outside reward him with treats and praise. If he goes inside, clean it up right away and avoid giving your dog attention. Eventually he will get the idea that going in the house= no attention and going outside= lots of love!


Make sure he's getting fed and watered the same times every day. If you give a small dog water, you know he's going to pee like ten minutes later so be prepared to take him out shortly after his meal.

Consider crate training your dog at night so he doesn't have that chance to go pee while you're still asleep. Or at least confining him to a smaller room without a carpeted floor. Be sure to take him out before bed every night too so that there's less chance of him going while you're asleep.

I hope that is helpful to you. I know how frustrating house training a pet can be. (01/26/2011)

By heather-harte

Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

Good advice from Heather. He should be crated until you get up in the morning. Also, if your fiance really cares about you, he will take the time to learn how to handle your dog. Get him out of the crate, carry him outside so there are no chances of accidents, say the same command each time when you want him to "go", praise him for going, and then when he comes back inside he'll be good for at least a few hours. Then he should take him outside again if you haven't come home. Hopefully you two can work it out. Good luck. (01/27/2011)


By Coniatthebeach

Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

It's not just your dog, but many small breeds seem to have this problem. With a dog, it basically comes down to, either you gave it your all in potty training or you didn't. The first few days of having a new puppy, I always tether it to me so it cannot run off and leave me little surprises. I do the potty hooray dance for the first month with generous rewards of hot dog pieces. When we first got our Parker my husband refused to go out in our apartment complex and tell Parker to go potty.

I agree that he should be crated at night and if possible have your fiance accompany you outside and have him be the one to give the dog a treat once he does his business. Have you ever given any thought that the dog is jealous of any time you spend with your fiance. Does your fiance like dogs, dislike little dogs? Dogs are really keen on picking up on humans emotions.

He is small enough to be litter trained and they do make doggy litter boxes, but once again you need to do the work. Are you spending less time with him over your fiance? There's no going to bed and waking up the next morning with a perfectly housebroken dog. My dogs go out first thing when I get up, then one hour for their breakfast and what they don't eat gets put away. We now have a huge yard and the dogs let me know when they have to go.

Did you have the dog first or the fiance? It seems sort of odd that with you he does everything he's suppose to do, but with your fiance he doesn't. How does the dog act around him? Does he hide from your fiance? There is a belt thing you can buy that will go under his stomach and keep his penis touching his stomach, that will stop him from urinating.

Also a little dog, needs just enough room to stand up and turn around in it's crate. If you have him in a really large crate you're giving him room to have an accident. You might want to get him checked by your vet as well. Our Rosie who is definitely housebroken started peeing on the floor in front of me and that was so unlike her. Turned out she had a bladder infection and with the right medication within a couple of days she was back to her normal self.

Also a word to the wise, if your fiance doesn't like dogs, he's not going to change after you all get married. If all else fails, find him a new home and adopt an older dog that is already housebroken and one that you and your fiance choose together. So the dog will belong to both of you. Schedules and timing is very, very important, do you really have the time to care for him properly? Can you go home for lunch and walk him? I did that for years.

Something just isn't right and I wish you well. (01/27/2011)

By CaroleeRose

Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

Or you could just keep the pooch and get a new fiance. (01/28/2011)

By Batwing

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January 25, 20110 found this helpful

Trouble House Training My Chihuahua
I have a year and a half old teacup Chihuahua/Min Pin mix. I got her when she was about 5 months old and was a kennel dog. I've tried outside pottying, litter pottying, and puppy pads.

Outside, she wants to do nothing, but eat rocks, mulch, bugs, everything, but use the bathroom. She wanted to eat the litter, but was scared to walk in the box. And the puppy pads are hit or miss. Sometimes she uses them and others she just wants to tear them up.

I'm at the point I just want to get rid of her, but then I think is there any hope for her. She doesn't even sniff when she does have to go she just drops where ever she is. She is ruining my brand new house! Any suggestions? Oh yes, we are not home, but about 4 hours a day.

By clh06


Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

Please don't take offense at what I am going to write here, but the fact is that since you only have four hours a day to spend with that little precious one, who is completely alone otherwise, says to me to say to you, "Please, find a suitable home for her with people who have the time, love and patience for her!"

She is a living, breathing being that needs companionship, just like you and I need, and even more so because she is at the mercy of you as her parent.
The fact that you wrote that you just want to get rid of her means she needs a loving home that is able to give her more care and attention than you are able to give! (06/01/2010)

By Deeli

Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

Please find her a more suitable home. It is apparent that you aren't willing to provide a good home for this little fur baby. She deserves to be with a family that will spend time with her. Please just don't "get rid of her". (06/01/2010)

By K9cats

Trouble House Training My Chihuahua

I agree with Deeli. A dog has to go out every few hours to train and you can't do that. Besides he needs company during the day to know he is loved and cared for. Please try to find him a good home (which you won't have any trouble doing). I'm sure you have good intentions, but he needs attention. (06/02/2010)

By carol101

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May 29, 20100 found this helpful

I have a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua and I have tried for all these years to house train him. He goes through the house hiking his leg on everything and pooping everywhere.

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