The Benefits of Wearing Uniforms to School

Here 'down under' we are in the middle of the school year so the tips will have to be kept for January. LOL

Just a point here - so many of these tips seem to refer to clothing. In Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and I know other countries the school children wear uniforms. This is so much easier for everyone - the mums when shopping, the dads when dressing the children (as per one hint today), and especially the children as they know what to wear each day and there is no peer pressure to wear a particular type of clothing.


The big plus is that the children always look tidy (well mostly, LOL), and if they are misbehaving out of school then people know which school they go to because of the colour, etc. of the uniform. We find it amazing that your children don't wear uniforms. Is there a reason for that? This applies to infants, primary and high school. Of course, once they leave school and go to university, they do not wear uniforms.

Lorraine K. - Queensland. Australia

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By GrammySheila (Guest Post)
September 1, 20060 found this helpful

Hello Lorraine! I'm Sheila from the East Central Coast of Florida in the U.S. I have 3 granddaughters, 2 of which attend a Charter School. The girls are in Kindergarten and Third Grade. The school they attend has a uniform for dress code and I couldn't agree more with what you said! Not all of the schools in our county have a uniform dress code...and I think that is a shame!


My Third Grade granddaughter attended a regular public school here in the county for the last 2 years and was miserable because she was teased for the lack of designer clothing she wore!

I'm glad they are attending a school where the emphasis is on learning and not on what designer little Susie is wearing today!

September 1, 20060 found this helpful

I wore uniforms from kindergarten to 8th grade because I attended a private school and I think that children behave better when they were them. Also some public schools in the US are starting to require them including a junior high near my home area in my hometown of Salt Lake City.

By (Guest Post)
September 1, 20060 found this helpful

we just started public school after 4 years of private with uniforms. I told my kids they would miss uniforms because if was so easy and what do you know they agreed. a 3rd and 5th grader with good sense.


If you never wore uniforms you dont know how easy it makes your life. And they are cheaper than regular clothes, I would vote in a minute for uniforms given the chance

September 1, 20060 found this helpful

Hi, Lorraine, I think the kids here in the U.S. should wear uniforms too. Like GrammySheila says, kids that age already place too much emphasis on "designer" or "cool" clothing and not enough on learning.

September 1, 20060 found this helpful

I echo all of the points-- I voted for uniforms for my grandchildren that were living with me-- and it passed. You are correct about less cost-- and better behavior. There are more schools with uiniforms now than I can remember.


So folks-- start bringing it up with your PTA!!

By Ellie. (Guest Post)
September 1, 20060 found this helpful

Hi Lorraine, nice to hear from another Aussie. I agree. My kids are all adults now, when they were in primary school there was no uniforn policy, but by the time they got to high (secondary) school, there was and it did make life simpler.
However, the original designer of the uniform for the school my boys went to forgot to take in consideration the savage summer heat!
One of my boys started the new school year(february) on a day when the temp was 40C (over 100 f) and in part his uniform was long, grey, flannel pants!
Thank goodness modification and changes came in later.
Ellie.. in Melbourne.

By Memere (Guest Post)
September 1, 20060 found this helpful

Here in NW Louisiana Public School children do wear uniforms. It's purpose was to help keep peer pressure down and improve behavior. It is now in it's 9th year here. I asked a teacher if she saw any difference. Her comment was that she had just had the best behaved class that year. I think, especially for Middle & High School students, it does help with the status that they think clothes brings. It helps even the playing field.

September 1, 20060 found this helpful

Hello! My son went to a small Christian school for kindergarten thru 8th grade and wore uniforms for all those years. I loved it!!!! The kids all looked so neat and clean. Also, it was a point of pride because when they went on field trips, their uniform, which had their school name on them, told people where they were from. They could get matching sweaters, jackets, and sweatshirts to wear for the cooler weather.


I am totally in favor of uniforms. Easier on the parents and there aren't any "fashionistas". My son, who is now 20 and in college, finally agrees that wearing uniforms for all those years wasn't such a bad thing. I still have the jacket that we bought for our son when he was in the 6th grade - - - I wear it now!!!!!! It's still in great shape.

September 2, 20060 found this helpful

I think for many years kids (in public school) in this country weren't required to wear uniforms because it would impose a hardship on parents who didn't have a lot of money (If they had to buy the uniforms from the schools, and couldn't afford them, the kids would suffer). Now the schools here in my part of Florida have designated "uniforms" as a certain style of pants and shirts that parents can buy from regular stores. This is much more fair than the old days (at least with parochial schools) when parents had to order from the schools.

September 2, 20060 found this helpful

I`m a Canadian who was educated at a parochial school. Our uniforms were rather blue sleeveless "jumpers" over white blouses. The boys wore navy or black pants and white shirts. Nobody ever thought about what the latest fad or style was for clothes. We had many other things to concern ourselves with (and not necessarily schoolwork) I think ALL schools should adopt uniforms.


Someone wrote that it might be a financial burden to parents but REALLY...have you checked prices of the "barely there" designer jeans, skirts and tops lately??

By Julia from UK (Guest Post)
September 3, 20060 found this helpful

I live in the UK. When I was a child a parent had to buy school uniforms from expensive outfitters, usually tailors shops, linked to the school. Further back, before World War Two, I believe that parents had to pay so much for uniforms for "good" grammar schools that some children had to refuse the school places they were offered. They just could not afford the uniforms. Today, every chain store sells basic school clothes in all colours at minimum prices and it is so much cheaper than not having a uniform.

September 4, 20060 found this helpful

i personally wore a uniform from first grade to senior year in high school. at the time i didn't appreciate it, but on my first day of college i stood in front of my closet longing for my uniform, i had no idea what to wear! it took forever to get dressed. "getting dressed for school" was an alian concept to me. a uniform reduces the fight about clothes and shortens the length of time it takes getting ready in the morning. i went to private catholic schools that scholarshiped less fortunate kids and you couldn't tell them apart from the kids whose parents were doctors. i believe it levels the playing field and offers everyone an equal chance. GO UNIFORMS!!!!

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)
September 5, 20060 found this helpful

i have often wished our school would require uniforms. yes, it does take away some of the creative choices. honestly though, how creative do we have to let them get! the goths dressed in black and with skulls and crossbones, the almost hookers with everything hanging out (boys AND girls) and then there is the battle of the class status according to how expensive your clothes are. the $80 jeans group as opposed to the wal-mart $10 specials. school is vicious enough without having to compete in dressing. to be compartmentalized the first day of school by the clothes you wear is so unfair. more power to the school uniform!!!

September 16, 20060 found this helpful

I think it's an absolutely wonderful idea! I mean I remember in school thinking "I'm so glad I don't have to wear a uniform." But, nowadays the girls dress so inappropriately it takes the focus off learning. Now it's about who's wearing (or NOT wearing) what. It would be alot easier all the way around!!!

By sweettangerine (Guest Post)
September 19, 20060 found this helpful

I think uniforms are debatable. I think in some ways they are good and bad. You can't express your individuality and you can't be your own person. You have to wear what other people say and you look exactly like evryone else. Where is the fun in that? On the other hand, uniforms are a great idea. They eliminate innapropriate clothing and indecent exposure. I couldn't really imagine wearing a uniform because I never have before but I dont think my school would really care if we got uniforms so either way I guess it really dosen't matter

By Holley (Guest Post)
October 11, 20060 found this helpful

Finally, some people with sense. As a public school teacher, I could write pages of dialog on how many hours I spend "writing students up" because their pants have tears in the knees, their t-shirts are untucked, the bosoms are exposed, their underwear is showing, and yes thongs and crack included. Can we get back to the subject of education? These kids are in school to learn how to become responsible citizen in today's society, no matter the country of origin. Let them express their "individuality" in their speech, their writing, and their actions. If they must use clothing as an expression, they can do that after three-thirty and on weekends.

October 12, 20060 found this helpful

Uniforms are a great idea. I wish we had had uniforms when I was in school. We were never very well off when I was young, and I used to get a lot of teasing over all of my hand me down, out of date clothes.

Yes, it is less individual, but shcool is for learning. Expres your individuality on your own time, and if you must be differnt maybe try different hairstyles.

As far as the expense oes, now a days school uniforms are cheaper than regular clothes a lot of the time, they can be found at Wal-Mart, KMart and even in thrift stores. Also, I am sure that you could look on ebay for gently used uniforms.

I hope that my son has uniforms when he starts school.

By Nate Schmidt (Guest Post)
February 7, 20070 found this helpful

Uniforms are bad. they are a waste of money and time

By Random Student (Guest Post)
March 20, 20070 found this helpful

I think uniforms are a great idea! I love the idea of school uniforms, it can cut down on the down grading of students from other students making fun of what they wear. I wish my school would go to Uniforms it be great to see them, especially since it would take the mind off of what they're going to wear and worry about what is important. We come to school to learn not worry about how others are dressed or how you are dressed. I think this can only be taught through School Uniforms.

March 20, 20070 found this helpful

I can see and understand both sides of the issue. I know that in some sense it is supposed to be cheaper for the parents, but when the parents are used to paying a dollar at a garage sale for a pair of slightly worn jeans, and now they have to pay 20 dollars for pants. How is that supposed to be cheaper? I understand that they are beneficial in area schools with high gang problems and etc. but i think when they are not needed, don't do it. I didn't have to wear uniforms when i was going to school, and i was pretty poor, so i didn't have things that didn't come from a thrift store. I know uniforms wouldn't have stopped the teasing i got. Maybe if they get a really cool new shirt (non lewd) for a birthday present, they want to wear it to take the attention off their acne or weight problem. My son goes to a school that requires uniforms, not very bad ones, polo shirts of a certain color and khaki pants, and they try to help accommodate the kids who can't afford them. I think the rules shouldn't be so set in stone with some of this stuff. I have a hard time getting my son's pants right, he had cancer as a baby and now has a large deforming scar at his waist, normal pants don't fit right, they have to be altered, or baggy. He is only comfortable in sweat pants. Besides if the brand name clothes are a problem, uniforms don't always fix it. Think about the kids walking around with the ipods and cellphones, expensive things that the poor kids don't get and do get teased about. Uniforms are just a bandaid on a gaping whole of an issue - Teaching our children and the future generation about being kind and helping each other and not letting the amount of money in our pockets determine who we are. That's what is most important.

By Jaime (Guest Post)
May 3, 20070 found this helpful

i have mixed feelings on uniforms at school for the pure fact that when I went to high school which wasn't to long ago. I never noticed if anyone was being picked on for what designer clothes they wore or didn't. I didn't have much parental support when I was in high school so a lot of my clothes were not designer by any means, and i was never ridiculed for the clothes I wore and my "social status" at school was never compromised for it. So if my kids were ever faced with having to wear uniforms to school I would probably vote against it. You can make even the cheapest clothes look like the most expensive, if you have the latest styles and trends in mind. As long as you don't send your kids to high school wearing "looney tunes" shirts i think that they will be okay.

By Shannon Allen (Guest Post)
May 25, 20070 found this helpful

If school uniforms are such a great idea, and truly do produce some sort of "better" learning environment, by whatever mean, would it not be an excellent idea to have teachers and administrators also in uniform - so as to set an example and allow the children to feel as though they are part of a learning "team"?

July 25, 20070 found this helpful

I wore uniforms for junior high and high school. Let me just say most schools in my state (Louisiana) opt for uniforms that are tasteless and rather than show unity, make other aspects noticeable. For example, if children would "crack" on your clothes, it would be your choice of polo shirt and khakis. Many of the "rich" kids wore ambecrombie and fitch polos and khakis, and although logos are not allowed, these kids got away with displaying the knitted in moose as a status symbol.

Shoes, belts and other accessories just became the objects of ridicule/acceptance. Uniforms don't work. I agree with the teachers wearing them though, if we have to. And if we're going to wear them, make the a lot nicer than a polo shirt and khakis. Like catholic school does. And give us free dress days that aren't so strict when we behave. I was a straight A, never disciplined student and all we could wear was our favorite shirt with the khakis on free dress!

For those of you who have relatives or kids who were ridiculed, I have this to say: it has nothing to do with their clothes, and all to do with projection. Kids ridicule each other because they want to seem cool and also because they remember being like the ones they ridicule. Being made fun of is just part of growing up. Instead, focus on helping your kid feel comfortable in their own style of clothes, uniforms or not. A failure to learn to express yourself in these early years builds the anal retentive straight-laced individuals we all know and pity. An individual cannot be built when you allow your kids' ideas to be strangled by the masses. Call me a liberal, but I strongly believe this. Uniforms, if anything, arouse problems normal clothes do not(have you ever tried to tuck in a shirt into fitted pants? It makes your pants really lumpy.

By sean (Guest Post)
September 13, 20070 found this helpful

when i went to public school the girls wore black skirts and whit shirts with a blur and red bowtie
The boys wore black pants a whits long sleeve oxford shirt and a black tie on fridays we were allowed to wear any kind of tie and any color oxford same with the girls everone in my school was eigther a straight A or B child before there was always fights when we had to wear uniforms there were no fights and people that got F's and D's all the time shoit up to A's and B's i think public school children should wear the same because this might stop gang violence and discrimination because some parents might not have enough money o afford clothes every year also i think just like my school the childrens grades would go up. these are my regaurds toy wearing uniforms to public school.

By Denise Harrell (Guest Post)
October 1, 20070 found this helpful

Wearing uniforms is not that bad like buying two pairs of khakis and a collar shirt isn't that bad my sister rocks it. They solve a lot of problems like gang violence and they save a lot of money. They save a lot of time looking for clothes to wear the next day. Peoples grades shoot up from f, d, and c's to A's and B's YOU DO HAVE THE WEEKEND AND WHOLE SUMMER TO BUY AND WEAR WHAT YOU WANT!

December 31, 20080 found this helpful

Problems with uniforms:
1. Uniforms discourage fashion-related creativity and individuality.
2. Uniforms that are bought from schools or school-contracted tailors are expensive.

Answers to problems with uniforms:
1. Kids have evenings and weekends to wear anything they like. Individuality and creativity come from the mind, the words and ideas, and have MANY outlets other than fashion. Writing, singing, dancing, speaking, acting, drawing, sculpting, painting, designing their own clothing (for weekends and evenings), arranging furniture, decorating their rooms, cooking and baking, poetry, and finding creative solutions to problems -- let the kids focus on those pursuits.
2. Uniforms based on khaki trousers/skirts and white shirts (or school-colors shirts) are less expensive than uniforms bought from contracted tailors or directly from schools. To those who are used to buying clothing for a dollar or two at garage sales or Goodwill, hey, I'm right there with you. But if the older kids are wearing uniforms, they'll be passing those down to your younger and smaller kids, so eventually those, too, will be cheaper. I found a pair of boy's khaki trousers at Aldi for $3 the other day, and it wasn't even on sale. Voila, Chanukah present for my nephew.

Problems with non-uniform attire:
1. Too much time taken up in choosing outfits.
2. Too much money taken up in paying for outfits (if one can't find what one wants or needs at a garage sale or thrift/secondhand store).
3. The ease of wearing gang colors/signs.
4. Social exclusion/ridicule based on wearing the "wrong" thing (as opposed to merely not wearing the "right" thing).
5. A closet full of clothes and "nothing" to wear -- one preppy outfit, one rocker outfit, one surfer outfit, a dozen personalities and only one thing for each of them to wear, instead of ten items that can mix-and-match in several dozen ways.
6. Individual identity. I know that's supposed to be an asset, and it is, in a lot of ways. However, feeling like one is a part of a group is also a positive thing.
7. Immodesty and inappropriateness. How many times do people get write-ups or suspensions for violating the (notoriously lax) dress codes at non-uniform schools? Short skirts, baggy pants revealing equally baggy boxer shorts, low-cut shirts, bare bellies thanks to belly shirts and low-rise or zero-rise pants, piercings no one really needed to know about being visible, obscene language on shirts, immodest and blatant commercialism/spending for brand names just to make other people look cheap and poor by comparison, offensive slogans and symbols (I can't be the only one who went to school with people who actually wore Aryan Nation slogans on their shirts, can I?), people tarted up to look like pimps and whores as if school were a place to network for "job opportunities" instead of a place to learn in the hope of gaining a better profession later...

Answers for problems with non-uniform dress codes or no dress code:
1. School uniforms.

December 31, 20080 found this helpful

I think Uniforms are a great idea. No more baggy pants that fall to the ground. That is just wrong.


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