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Help With Pimples on Forehead

I have pimples on my forehead. They fade away sometimes, but reappear in full strength and what's really bad about this all is I'm 51 years old. You'd think I would have grown out this at puberty. But when I was 20 years old I was covered. It was same with 30 then 40 years old. They came and they started too disappear, now their just on my forehead.


By taursethebull2 from Pittsburgh, PA

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Wash your face three times a day if you can. At least twice a day. buy some face wash and a sponge. My very favorite product is clean and clear oil blot sheets. They are blue sheets you rub on your face and you can actually see the color of the sheet change as it takes the oil off your skin. Another trick I learned when I was younger is to apply tooth paste to pimples. Let it dry on them. It will dry out the pimple! I read in an article that even though Beyonce is rich she still uses this trick. For big pimples apply a hot washclothe to them and old it on there for a few minutes. best of luck. Hope this helps!

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I would go see a dermatologist.

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I like to use a bar of dove soap and wet my palm of my hand and get a lather up. Then I put it on my forehead and face. The trick of the forehead is to use the palm of your hand and move it in circles and press on it enough to make a suction. This seems to help me in my forehead breakouts. The forehead skin is so thin and sometimes it gets clogged up. Also it is most exposed to the sun and sweats the most of all the facial skin. The suction seems to help. I like the feel of it too. robyn

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Blemishes are caused by hormonal imbalances in body. Not everything works for everyone. I get so tired of people with nice skin telling me what they do--it simply will not work for me and my skin type. I would love to scream if another person tries to sell me their skin care system--they all think they know more than leading professionals. Extremely oily skin is caused by an adrenal imbalance; you would have to see an endocrinologist to get it straightened out. He might not be able to fix the problem, even after years of expensive treatments (drugs). I'm your age too, and have battled extremely oily skin with breakouts since I was about 9 years old. I've gone the dermatologist route, with no satisfaction.


I've also been on steroids, etc for years (endocrinologist)--the side effects can be serious. The average person doesn't realize how difficult this can be to treat. I make sure to never use anything with oil in it on my face. I never wash my face with my hands. I keep my face and hair clean. I change my pillowcases every other night. I don't wear make-up if I can get away without it. I always use an acne system. I regularly steam my face and use a drying mask. I try to never eat junk or greasy foods. I drink water, no soda (pop). I regularly use astringents and blotting paper. You get the drift. It's like being an eternal teenager. On the bright side, I have no wrinkles and am often thought to be younger than I am. My skin still has tone and isn't sagging either.

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I suspect an underlying hormonal problem, so please consider seeing an endocrinologist.

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The dermatologist told my family to not wash the face extra times a day. Once or twice is good. Sometimes you can stimulate the oil glands to produce more oil when you massage them by washing.

Benzoil Peroxide dries up pimples and red bumps. It is sold under different brand names and may even have a store brand formula. Viola! Pimples gone.

Check your hair to make sure your style doesnt cover your forehead. Just a few whisps is ok, but when bangs lay on the forehead they can make it greasy.


As your doctor for Retin A cream prescription. Its not expensive and takes care of your problem.

REJOICE! You probably wont have as many wrinkles as those with dry skin. I have oily skin and I dont. (smile) I'm older than you are.

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I have all these tiny pimples and bumps on my forehead and around my eyebrows! I've tried almost everything but they just won't go away. So can anyone please help me? I'm desperate! and I'm only ten!



Help With Pimples On Forehead

Try not to lean your head on your hand while you are reading, at school, etc. Get a bath puff scrubby at the Dollar store and use it only on your face and keep it clean. Get an anti-acne product from the drug store to wash your face with. (03/01/2005)


By Linda

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I agree with the previous feedback. When I was younger, I had to try hard not to touch my face with my hands, especially leaning on my hand during class, but it worked. Also, make sure you wash your face when you get up in the morning, before bed, and maybe even after school. I think face wash that includes anti-acne ingredients (salicylic acid 2%) and little beads or gritty, scrubby stuff works well. My favorite is Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub.
Some people say that toothpaste works, if you put it on the affected area before bed, but I never had much success with that.

Do you have bangs? These could bring oil from your scalp to your forehead, causing breakouts. Keeping your hair really clean will help, if that is the case. You could even consider growing out your bangs. (03/02/2005)

By Allison

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Everything already said is very true. When I was a teenager I found that I was getting pimples on my forehead because of the type of hairspray I used. When I used the cheap stuff especially Rave I would break out. So if you use hairspray maybe try a different kind. Salon Selectives worked well. Also cover your forehead with your hand when you spray your bangs. Good luck. (03/02/2005)

By Dani

Help With Pimples On Forehead

My teenagers have always used Dail antibacterial soap to wash their faces with. They are prone to break outs but this puts the skids on it. (03/02/2005)

By klr2080

Help With Pimples On Forehead

After washing your face with an anti-bacterial or anti-acne soap, use a cotton ball saturated with Sea Breeze to go over your face. That is an excellent astringent, and as others have already said, you can get benzyl peroxide creams to put on the blemishes. When I was your age, I would have had to have a prescription, so thank goodness there are over the counter products that help. I am wishing you the best, and know that you will soon have a clear complexion! (03/02/2005)

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I agree with the previous advice to avoid touching your forehead (especially if your hands are less than clean) and try not using styling products

I actually have had a bit of success using toothpaste to dry out pimples. It is cheap and not harmful to sensitive skin as some acne-fighting products can be. This having been said, it takes a couple of days. Dab a little on the pimple itself, and try not to let it be rubbed off. Wash in the morning, or after several hours.

In addition to keeping grease, dirt, and styling products away from your skin, I think it's important to find a non-irritating cleanser that is right for you. My skin needs something gentle and not too drying. I have had good results from Jason Satin Soap, which comes in a pump container. I like the chamomile and tea tree oil varieties. Simple glycerin soap is good, too. If your skin is very oily, you might need to crank it up a notch, but in my experience, anything harsh or irritating causes more problems than it solves. (03/02/2005)

By Papillon

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Yep, I had them too, still do at my advanced age though less. I found that by using my mom's
Maalox or generic brand will do fine, it is for tummys, and I washed my face then put the Maalox on my face and it dried like a mask. It had some drying effects, that work without using alcohol products that will hurt your skin. Trust me, I still use this and have some drying now and I will wash off with a clean washcloth. Good luck. You can, also put some oatmeal in a sock and use it to wash your face, I used it for face and back. (03/02/2005)

By meoowmom

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I have two teenage girls, they have used every trick and product out there. They have their favs. Bottom line for a preteen or teen, lots of water, water, water. No sugar (drinks especially). This works every time. (03/03/2005)

By Beckie

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Go to the Health Food store and get some vitamin A and zinc tablets. Give it a week or so and the pimples will be gone. You shouldn't have any more outbreaks! Make sure you talk to your mom and only take the recommended amount for your age. (03/03/2005)


Help With Pimples On Forehead

Make a thick paste of baking soda and liquid soap and scrub gently twice a day. This surprisingly gentle but frugal and effective scrub really works! Over a couple of weeks the pores will unclog and you should start to clear up. Be sure to dab acne cream on the area at night. Check ingredients very carefully on every product you use on your face including soaps, makeup, etc. Never, under any circumstances, use any product that contains mineral oil. Mineral oil has been proven to worsen acne conditions and cause breakouts where none existed before.

You absolutely don't need a moisturizer if you're breaking out. It means you already have oily skin! Be careful, keep your face squeaky clean and good luck. If the acne doesn't respond to home treatments, you need to see a dermatologist. Don't wait around to do it. The treatments doctors provide nowadays are hugely effective and can make your teenage years happy instead of miserable. I'm speaking from experience here. (03/04/2005)

By Mary

Help With Pimples On Forehead

If you're only 10 and breaking out like this, it could be the precursor to a much more serious acne problem in your teenage years and beyond. Ask your parents to take you to a dermatologist now to get on a program to help keep your skin clearer. They have wonderful treatments nowadays, which will help you feel good about yourself and the skin you're in.

Poor diet is seldom the cause of breakouts. It has more to do with heredity. I speak from experience. From the age of 12 to 25 I never ate chocolate, desserts of any kind, potato chips, French fries, or drank pop. I ate tons of vegetables, fruit and healthy foods. I was constantly broken out, although I washed often, kept my hair scrupulously clean, never touched my face, etc.

Quit smoking if you smoke. It has been proven to aggravate acne. Stay out of the sun and use the highest power, grease free sunscreen. Go see a doctor and get started with solving the problem! Best of luck! (03/04/2005)

By Jayleen

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I have problems with my pimples and I find if you put on some tea tree oil it dries out the pimple really well. Hope they get better. (03/28/2005)

By Marney

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Been there-- A doctor told my son to use Neutrogena soap. It contains Benzol Peroxide. Not just for the face but to bathe in. It works, don't experiment around with your face. Another tip: when washing hair lean backwards so that shampoo doesn't run down your face. (04/17/2005)

By MamawKC

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Excessive washing of the skin is also a cause of breakout. You see the skin gets dried after the wash and it says okay put the oil in we are dry here. If you use too harsh an astringent it will go berserk and order double the oil to correct itself. Some people, like myself cannot use scrubs as it irritates the skin. I have been dealing with breakouts since about 12 years old. So that is over thirty years for me. If you have the occasional breakout. Don't go crazy, spot treat. If it is constant you really should see a dermatologist.

Now about the big huge boil like stuff. Try this it really works and it works on styes too.
Make a regular cup of tea, like Lipton or Redrose. Not a flavored tea. After steeping the tea bag, take it out and put on a clean plate, (make up the tea and drink it.) Take the tea bag while still warm and put on the boil or huge pimple. It will feel way warmer on the boil then on the surrounding skin. Hold it there as long as possible. If the tea bag cools warm it up for 1 second in the microwave, make sure it is cool enough to put back on you. Do this like 3 to 4 times a day for a day or so. (about 15 minutes each time) Re-use the same tea bag, keep it in a baggie. Just dampen and reheat.

I feel a tingle sensation within the affected area and it starts shrinking within 12 to 24 hours and it heals up nice. Large boils can be cyst based. So you should be careful. There is something in the tea that takes down the inflammation in cyst. My sister learned this from a herbologist.

Good luck! (07/04/2006)

By caraing

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I have heard that you can get Epsom salts, dampen your face, and dab the Epsom salts on your face, leave for a little while, then rinse off. Do this nightly, and your pimples will clear up after a few nights. My daughter-in-law swears by it! (11/11/2006)

By fishingal

Help With Pimples On Forehead

There is a treatment called "MicroDerm Abrasion". I had the same problem as you and have been doing these treatments for nearly a year now and my face has shown great results. You must remember that these kinds of problems take time, and time will show great results. It costs roughly $50-$70 a session. It is very worth it and I can honestly tell you that it has worked for me and you should definitely try it.

If you live in Old Brisbane let me know and I can give you details of the lady I go to. Treatments are usually fortnightly. Take care and good luck. (11/14/2006)

By Christina

Help With Pimples On Forehead

First see a dermatologist. The doctor will give you topical medicine to put on your acne or they might give you pills to take to help get rid of your acne. Next, don't wash your hair with dandruff shampoo. That only makes your forehead pimples worse. But make sure you wash your hair every day to help ease the dandruff and oils in your scalp. Finally, drink 6 glasses of water a day to clean out your system. Don't forget to wash your face. But be sure to see the dermatologist. You may need a doctor's help. (01/14/2007)

By Angela

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I'm 15 and had pimples on my forehead, well I still do but their not that noticeable. I didn't really use to care about them till I had more of them than I used to. I used to try acne creams but they wouldn't work. My mom read this article in the newspaper and told me to try scrubbing my forehead or the whole face if you want with lemon. Cut the lemon from the middle and gently squeeze it till the juice starts to come out. When it does, start rubbing it on your forehead/face and in some days you'll see the difference. I just started using it. (01/29/2007)

Help With Pimples On Forehead

The reason you get pimples on your back and upper chest and forehead is because of conditioner. The conditioner adds a layer of shine to your hair and if the conditioner touches your body or face clogging your pores it causes acne. So my help to you is try taking a quick shower with not cold, but not hot water. And don't use so much conditioner. Best if you don't use it at all. At a young age you shouldn't have bangs because your hair always tends to get oily, clogging pores in your forehead which causes breakouts. Hope I was a help. (04/08/2007)

By Mina

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Years ago I had very oily skin (be thankful for it in the long run, as your skin ages well!). I used medicated soap, then astringent and gradually I came to use Sea Breeze or Bonnie Bell's alcohol-based cleanser by itself. Then I used benzyol peroxide ointments on bad pimples to dry them up. Later, for less oily ones, I found I could use ordinary hydrogen peroxide! Don't touch your face. It spreads germs. Use blotting papers during the day to get rid of excess oil.

Only use cosmetics/powder, etc. meant for your oily skin (like Cornsilk). Take your vitamins! Don't try to cover up your skin with makeup - as it generally only makes it worse! Keep your hair clean and away from your face! Don't pop your pimples, as it will cause scarring could cause infection!

If cleansing is too drying, use a non-oily moisturizer to restore skin balance. Use cleansing masks - like oatmeal - to cleanse skin, once a week or so. Watch your skin and become your own skin scientist. If you develop the habit of taking care of it now, you will have the gift of lovely skin later! And follow all the suggestions above, too. You can do it! Good luck. (07/26/2007)

By pamphyila

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Accutane. If you use it your pimples will go away, this is for everyone, even if you have terrible skin. My best friend had very, very bad acne and he took it and it all went away. (11/08/2007)

By ll

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Keep your head up, especially for those teenagers! I'm 15 years old and I used to have acne like really, really bad for like age 11-14. But after drinking plenty of water daily and weekly too, and washing your face 3-4 times a day. Its a lot better. And believe me you will feel more confident and determined as well.

Hope I helped. (11/15/2007)

By Keyshiera

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Tea Tree Oil Works! Put spread it on your forehead after you've cleansed our face. Then apply your moisturizer. It must be done in this order to work. All treatments must be applied under your moisturizer in order for them to have an effect.

You can find Tea Tree oil at heath food store. Good luck

By Jenn

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Well, one thing I find useful is steaming. Pop the kettle on, and meanwhile get a largish basin or bowl and a largish towel. Then fill up the basin with the boiling water, and stick your head over it so you are looking down into the bowl (but be careful!), then put the towel over your head so there are no gaps, which ensures you catch all of the lovely steam. It's great for unclogging pores. Make sure you cleanse before, but don't tone or moisturize, just cleanse. Then when 7 minutes is up, splash your face with cold water to close the pores up again, then tone and moisturize. (04/05/2008)

By Mandy

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Hey all! I would like to say, I for one had pimples on my forehead too! It was disgusting! I soon found out that it was...Vegemite! I used to have it on my toast every morning and so as soon as I stopped they cleared! I would also advise you to watch what you eat and slowly eliminate each food and hope you guys all agree! Ah, and drink lots of water and stay away from all those products! Go natural ladies! (05/23/2008)

By Ria

Help With Pimples On Forehead

Talk to your doctor about it. My 12 year old daughters pediatrician prescribed a benzoyl peroxide wash and a topical antibiotic. She also just started her on Differin gel. It has only been a week and she looks slightly better. We were told that its takes time and patience because it could get worse before it gets better as the remaining bacteria makes its way out of the skin. I'll let you know what's happening in a few weeks from now.

By Robin

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I also suffered from pimples since I was 22 up to now I am already 33. Number one cause is stress and worries and depression. But now It doesn't bother me at all. I tried Himalyan Goji Juice. Aside from drinking it, I apply it on on my face overnight and in just one week there is an effect, all my pimples are getting dry and the skin is so good, everyday I also feel alive and good. More info, please search on "lycium barbarum". Thank you and and have a healthy life. (11/03/2008)

By Zol

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I have heard that putting deodorant on them overnight works.
Also try:

  • soak a cotton ball in warm water and put salt on it
  • toothpaste
  • proactive
  • ice

I hope these work because I know how you feel. I have horrible skin problems so I know where you are coming from. Also, don't put makeup on unless you have to and when you do, don't cake it on. Don't use liquid foundations either, try non pore clogging powder type foundation. (01/25/2009)

By Bethany

Help With Pimples On Forehead

I have the same problem. I tried proactive it help with acne on my cheek but not on my forehead. One of my Thai friends gave me a power she got from Thailand. I mixed the power with water and dab it on the bump and it helps a lot. It dry up zit and some just disappear overnight. I think if you got nothing to lose you should try it. I guess you could buy it on ebay, Pises powder. You can find anything under the sun on ebay. I also try to drink lots of water. I think that also help. Good luck (02/01/2009)

By Angela

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