Removing Mold/Mildew from Baby Clothes?

I have a keepsake outfit that has molded when baby's clothing was spit up on in daycare and placed in a plastic bag. The bag was forgotten about and the mold took over. I have washed it and used color safe bleach. It doesn't necessarily have to be worn again but I would like to save it. Help? TIA!


Jacqui C.

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By Ann (Guest Post)
September 13, 20040 found this helpful

Try applying lemon juice to the stained area and setting the outfit out in the sun. I haven't had any problems with items getting bleached but it is a possibility. I have done this with many old stains, sometimes you may have to do it several times to get all of the stain out.

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September 13, 20040 found this helpful

I recently had a similar problem. What I did was soak the fabric in OxyClean according to package for laundry stains.

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By Jacqui (Guest Post)
September 14, 20040 found this helpful

Thanks so much. I don't mind it being bleached out. That's better than ugly mold! Thanks again!

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By Sandra (Guest Post)
October 17, 20041 found this helpful

White vinegar is the best. The acid kills the mold. My husband was in the military and we had things in storage in Louisana for twelve years while we were overseas.


Talk about mold! We had to get rid of most of it, but I wanted to keep my kids baby things, my daughters doll collection, etc. I found that vinegar and bleach for white things, is the only thing that works!

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By My name is Mud (Guest Post)
November 8, 20041 found this helpful

My neice sent me home with 2 of her baby's outfits because they had mold on them to see if I could get it out. One was a pink outfit and the other a yellow sleeper. The pink outfit had a lot of mold on it on both the top and the pants. I started by pre-treating all of them with shout and left it like that overnight. The next day I washed them all in warm water with some bleach and detergent, but I kept stopping the machine as it was ready to rinse and turning it back to the beginning to let it wash through again. I also pulled out the clothes one at a time throughout the wash cycle and took a q-tip and used straight bleach on the mold marks while the clothes were soaking wet.


It is important that they are wet so that the bleach doesn't leave a bleach stain. I kept on doing this with each piece of clothing one at at time and restarting the machine basically until I couldn't see any more stains. In all, I probably spent 1/2 hour doing this. Then I let the machine run through totally one more time. When they came out of the washer, they were perfect. The colours were still fine-no bleach stains and all the mold was gone.

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By kel (Guest Post)
June 1, 20050 found this helpful

does it have to be fresh lemon juice

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By anonamus (Guest Post)
November 25, 20050 found this helpful

i got mold on my soccer jersey, and its white. should i use bleach and vinegar aswell?? thanks.

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By Sara (Guest Post)
December 20, 20050 found this helpful

I have some clothes that got mold on them there all dark how could i remove the mold.

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By GAZI (Guest Post)
March 21, 20060 found this helpful

The only thing i have had success with removing mould from clothes is the bathroom mould remover . i sprayed it on wet clothes and they will fade a bit but at least theres no disappears in front of your eyes.


Spray it on for couple of mins then wased it off with plenty of water

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By overworked (Guest Post)
May 1, 20060 found this helpful

We came back from Austria and I had forgotten about some clothes in a bag...when I got to them a week later, they were covered in yicky black cccmold. I used the help of this forum and used Oxiclean.. so far so good...most of it is out and will use the diliuted bleach method next on the remaining spots..

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By Winnie (Guest Post)
June 3, 20060 found this helpful

I have a yellow t-shirt that i can't bleach and i'm too scared to use any of those products mentioned because it's an expensive t-shirt. I was wondering how i should remove these mold stains formed from ice cream cake.

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By Angie (Guest Post)
July 1, 20060 found this helpful

I have the same problem. The daycare put my baby's outfit that she spit up on in a plastic bag.


I have tried several things and it won't come out.

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By tired t (Guest Post)
August 26, 20060 found this helpful

if you are in the uk or eire the best thing i find is milton steralising fluid ( to steralise baby bottles ect) try it on asmall bit 1st to make sure the colours dont fade, i had aquilt that was covered as it was left in the caravan all winter yuck. poured it on and watched it disappear!! brilliant. put it on a nave buggy aswell and worked wonders.

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By Meghann (Guest Post)
January 8, 20070 found this helpful

Hi, my son has a thomas the tank engine shirt that is red, blue and white striped and it got mould on it from a wet bib being thrown in the wrong laundry sorter. I washed it once to clean the item and get rid of any excess then I got rid of the rest in a couple of mins by waiting til the washing machine was full and rotating then putting the shirt in to saturate it and pulling it out and spraying it with bathroom mould remover, rubbing gently with my finger for about 20sec then rinsing in the water and continuing the process until the mould was gone - this way the bleach didn't have a chance to attack the colours.


Good Luck! I hate mould it is my enemy!

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By Jennifer (Guest Post)
August 10, 20070 found this helpful

Thank you thank you all for your info. My son puked on a brand new outfit that he has only worn once and I figured my sister rinsed it off and put it in a bag. I just put it in his hamper and did laundry a few days later. I didn't pay any attention to the outfit when i washed it. When i was folding his laundry I noticed all the mold all over it. I came across this site and tried my bathroom mold remover. I sprayed it on and have been letting it set for about 10 min at a time and it is coming out. I have the works mildew remover. It isn't even fading the outfit. Thank you all so much for your wisdom.

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By cassi (Guest Post)
October 9, 20070 found this helpful

I got to tell you I didn't believe it but it worked great. I used two gallons of warm water and 1/4 cup dry one cup liquid all fabric bleach and 1/2 cup 3% peroxide. It's the cheapest and easiest way to get it out. Just mix the water, bleach and peroxide and then put the clothes in

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By Steed UK (Guest Post)
October 13, 20070 found this helpful

Hi All,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the advice. For all those in the UK I found that the Dettox Mould and Mildew remover (in the green spray bottle) works an absolute treat on all types of clothing, well all the clothing I have tried it on so far ;-)
Be warned though it does have active bleach in it so don't let it stay on the clothes for too long!

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By .jackie (Guest Post)
January 31, 20080 found this helpful

I just used exit mold bathroom cleaner on mold stains caused by orange juice, and it works like magic. Keep the item wet at all times spray it leave it for a few seconds, then rinse and spray again. I did this 5 or 6 times and it looks brand new. Thanks

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By Bella's Mom (Guest Post)
April 8, 20080 found this helpful

Thanks for all your ideas. I had a yellow shirt that got left in the laundry bin wet for few days. I tried Tilex Mildew and Mold remover. It worked and did very minimal fading.

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By (Guest Post)
May 22, 20080 found this helpful

Hello I am from the uk and tried the baby sterilising (milton) stuff on a buggy that had been left in the boot of my car for months with an unknown water leak! The buggy was covered with mould, after taking of the fabric parts I put them all into the washing machine, this got rid of all the horrible flakey mould but it was left really stained, and I was thinking about throwing it away. I have just poured some mothercare steriliser all over it and given it a scrub, after half an hour there is no stains left at all and the buggy looks like new! I am going to pop it in the washing machine just to get rid of the chlorine smell. I am over the moon

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May 22, 20080 found this helpful

Hello, just wanted to thank the person with the idea for using baby steralising fluid on fabric to remove mould. I had left my buggy in the boot of my car for a few months and was unaware of water leaking into the boot. When i got it out this morning it was covered in mould. I removed all the fabric from the buggy and washed it in the washing machine, whilst this got rid of the clumps of mould there were still terrible stains all over it. I have just poured Mothercare steriliser all over it and after half an hour there are no stains left!! Hooray i don't need to throw a very expensive buggy away. Thankyou so much

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By teresa (Guest Post)
June 11, 20080 found this helpful

I was so frustrating dealing with mold spots on some clothes, only not really expecting it to be there. I just typed in 'how to remove mildew & mold from clothes'. I couldn't believe it! So many sites popped up! But I absolutely love this site. Lots of great ideas from so many people. Thanks so much to everyone who helped me. Hope I can do the same.

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By christina (Guest Post)
June 14, 20080 found this helpful

I found 2 of my daughters onseies in the bottom of the laundry basket with a bunch of wet towels on top. I don't know how long they were there. My fiance thinks if hes in a hurry and has to wash his uniform the best thing to do is take whatever is in the washer and throw it in a basket so he can hurry up and wash his uniform. I usually find the wet nasty clothes later, but her clothes were covered in mildew bad and they were brand new so I didn't want to throw them away. So I tried the bathroom mildew remover and it got most of it out, but there is still some in there. Any suggestions? Thanks

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By Rebekah (Guest Post)
June 22, 20080 found this helpful

I think with any of these methods, persistence is the key. I started with the oxygen type bleaches mixed with hydrogen peroxide in some water. That started the fading process but you could still see the small spots. I now have my baby clothes outside, hanging in the sun with some lemon juice on them. This is the second round of lemon juice and slowly the stains are beginning to lift.

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By christine barnett (Guest Post)
July 7, 20080 found this helpful

Thanks for the tip on the milton sterilizing fluid. My baby walker was left in the shed for a number of years since my other little girl was finished using it. When I went to bring it back out for use on my second baby, the seat cover was all moldy. I tried to scrub it with bleach, but it did not shift. I then used the milton and about 10 mins later it had lifted I thought I was going to have to buy a new walker. Thanks again.

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By Melissa W. (Guest Post)
August 25, 20080 found this helpful

Thank you so much for the tip of steering fluid. My buggy was only a couple of weeks old and was fairly expensive. I also had a leak in the boot of my car and the fabric was covered in mold it has taken it out completely. Thanks again.

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By Stacey (Guest Post)
September 1, 20080 found this helpful

Amazing! Milton fluid is just magic! I was about to throw out my girls fabby white Salt Rock surfing T-Shirts cause there horrible black mold on them (forgotten about at the bottom of the wash bin). When I thought I would have one last try at saving them (they've been thru two 75 degree washes) and before my eyes, using a paintbrush and pure milton the mold disappeared :) Thanks for that x

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By Pat (Guest Post)
September 5, 20080 found this helpful

THe best thing that I found for removing mould from baby clothes was weed killer! Make sure you wash it out well afterwards though!

Editor's Note: Although I've heard of this for removing mold from outside bricks, I would CAUTION against using this on clothing, especially baby clothes. Look at the warnings on the weed killer.

Here are warnings on Pesticides and Herbicides:

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By trish (Guest Post)
September 6, 20080 found this helpful

Great advice on the Milton Sterilizing liquid! It does work wonders, as many of the other posters have found! However you do need to be a bit careful, becuase it will fade/bleach colors.
But when you are in need of getting rid of the gross mold and mildew - it works like a charm! Thank you for the idea!

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By magy (Guest Post)
September 11, 20080 found this helpful

I have a moldy cashmere sweater and I don't know how to treat it. My gave it to me for x-mas and had it stored, now it has nasty green mold and I don't know what to do. The sweater is a light pink and don't want it ruined.

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By Aisling (Guest Post)
September 29, 20080 found this helpful

Hi I just noticed there is green mould growing on the underside of the cushions and on the front part of the settee in our play room. The cushion covers can be removed but the rest of the sofa is covered in fixed material. Any ideas how to get rid of the mould ?. I hoovered most of it off but there's still stains. Would steam cleaning remove this ?. The room isn't damp so I don't know if maybe something was spilled..

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By Adrian (Guest Post)
November 23, 20080 found this helpful

Where can I find the Milton Baby sterilizing fluid in the United States?

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By Mariko (Guest Post)
December 23, 20080 found this helpful

When I picked my son up from daycare there was mold in the nipple of the bottle, what should I do?

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