What might be causing an itchy ear?

What's wrong with me if my ears itch?

By makenzie


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An Audiologist once told me that if a person uses Q-tip swabs all the time to clean his ears (the wax was meant to lubricate the ear canal) and removes all the wax, the canal will dry out and cause terrible itching. Then, they'll keep using the Q-tips to scratch the ear canal, which might cause an irritation. The Q-tips will also compact the wax at the end of the canal against the ear drum. Infection is usually in the inner ear, not the canal, although you can get "swimmer's ear" which is a fungal problem in the canal. Peroxide will soften wax in the canal. You'll know if some is there cause it will fizz a lot. If you continue to have problems, I'd say to see a doctor, but most have few audiology classes. Do you have a college near-by that has a Speech-Language pathology department? If so, make an appointment to see their Audiologist. The cost at these schools is minimal since they're teaching schools. If you need a referral or medication, they can usually take care of that cheap too.

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By Robin (Guest Post)
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Allergies will cause ears to itch. See your doctor.

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By Maggie (Guest Post)
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My doctor said that pain or itching in ears is sometimes caused by teeth problems. See a dentist.

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October 26, 20160 found this helpful

but when my ears itches so is my throat

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April 7, 20200 found this helpful

I suffered with pain in my ear for over 4 years, had seen a ENT on two occasions only to be told there's nothing wrong.. December 2019 I went to a GP and was diagnosed with a perforated ear drum.. steroids are helping and on the second bottle..

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By Guest (Guest Post)
November 5, 20080 found this helpful
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I have had numerous ear problems my whole life with chronic ear infections being the root cause of my problem. Ear and fungal infections can both cause itchiness in the ear. It is important that you see an ENT to diagnose what you have because treatment is different for ear infections and fungal infections. Ciprodex can help if you have an ear infection.


However, I had used Ciprodex on a fungal infection and it made my ear very wet and itchy and much worse. It was eventually cured with a violet (purple-ish) liquid that an ENT can put in your ear with a special swab. It requires about 3-4 applications. I suggest you speak to your ENT about this. It is important to know what you have before treating it.

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October 26, 20161 found this helpful

my ear itches so badly that my throad start to feel uncormfortable, what will be the problem and what can i do

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January 14, 20092 found this helpful
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I have just gone to an ENT for that specific problem. He said it is dryness and to NOT use peroxide, as it is drying.


Use a drop or two of sweet oil or olive oil. It works. Do not use cotton buds or anything in the ear as you can experience an injury very easily. I know.

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November 7, 20090 found this helpful
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You could possibly have an infection in there. It's not like an inner ear infection where you have to take antibiotics for 10 days. I used to get infections a lot when I was a kid. For me, it was caused by bacteria in the public pool that I went to a lot during the summer. See your doc.

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By wendee (Guest Post)
April 26, 20060 found this helpful

I had something similar, I swore there was a bug in my ear, but the Dr. said it was an infection. I hate the feeling of wetness in my ears after a shower and washing my hair so used swabs to dry them, a "no-no" that caused my infection.


Now I use a a liquid dryer made especially for ears.

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February 15, 20101 found this helpful

My ears get itchy inside sometimes when I have a cold or sinus infection. What helps me alot is to saturate a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and press it to the inside of my ear so that it drips down. Keep your head tilted to allow it to drip and stay in there for a few minutes. It will give a warming sensation and stop the itching almost instantly. Sometimes I use peroxide, or a combination of both. The peroxide will bubble for a minute. The alcohol seems to work better for me at taking the itch away quickly.

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February 18, 20100 found this helpful

It's candida over growth, & if you've got it in your ears, then you have inside where it can do more damage. Look it up.

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December 30, 20100 found this helpful

I just have to say that although I use antibiotics when necessary, I have found that garlic is a very effective way to combat almost all infections. I get a small bottle of garlic oil capsules, prick one end with a pin, drop 3 or 4 drops in the ear and roll my head around, then pack loosely with some kleenex until it has soaked in. Believe me it smells bad enough and you don't want it to leave an oil stain on your clothes, pillowcase, or furniture. After 10 minutes or so it will be mostly absorbed. If not, wipe off the excess, it will have had plenty of time to mix around in there.


While chemistry has helped man incalculably, nature still has a few tricks that we mere mortals are just trying to (badly) imitate. The reason your doctor tells you to use a cocktail of different medicines is that no one compound can addres all of the different buggies out there. Garlic, and a range of other herbs and plants contain natural cocktails of infections fighters that significantly increase the success of treatment, as well as significantly reducing the likelihood of development of resistant strains of buggies.

There is a place for man made drugs, but if you really stop and think about it, where did the chemists get the idea for the drug in the first place...from a natural source that they are trying to isolate ( and make a profit on), cause you can't patent an unadulterated natural compound such as garlic or echinacea.

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April 7, 20110 found this helpful

I have had itchy ears for years. I read all of the remedies here and decided to try the Drandruff shampoo remedy. I put a little Head and shoulders shampoo on a Qtip and put it in the inner ear, not to deep.


It worked right away, stopped the itch and has not itched for the passed 4 hours. Thank you for the relief.

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June 2, 20110 found this helpful

Well I had an itchy ear for 20 odd years or so as well as lumbar back pain. 3 weeks ago I had diarrhea from having very rich buttery food in a 4 star Hotel. That night I vomited and went to toilet all night in the hotel till 8 am.

Next day I only drunk mineral water until late in the evening, somehow I noticed that my energy levels were up and my backpain diminished, next day I drove 300 miles and noticed no back pain and still had energy to go out straight away after checking into another hotel. Then I realized and said to myself "hey, my ears are also not itching", plus there are no dry stuff inside that I used to find.

Now the itching is minute about 1 % depending I think on my diet. Somebody please explain what had happened. I am puzzled. It's been 3 weeks no back pain and not much of an ear itching. I feel fresh physically!

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June 14, 20110 found this helpful

This may not be the case for everyone however, when my ear was itching bad I decided to 'google' remedies ad came across this site. I was inspired to find an answer. I couldn't find anything really except for more peoples stories about the itchy ear mystery. Well I ran into my mother-in-law (always wise for herbal remedies) so I thought she may know something. "Sounds like allergies". I never would have even thought about allergies. So she gave me an allergy pill and the pain is completely gone. All that is left is the raw feeling in my mouth from massaging the itch. I hope this helps someone out there!

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July 22, 20110 found this helpful

When the ear itches & the roof of the mouth itches-and then goes away, it could be an allergic reaction. For me, the sinuses go haywire next. I wash my sheets every week or so to get rid of dust mites - they (their feces) can cause allergic reactions that no Q-tip can relieve, but an immediate in the morning shower does.

I've also had reactions from drinking fountain sodas from gas stations. I went to one that had clear dispensers on the soda machine, and I could see MOLD growing in them. I'm allergic to mold, so of course it would cause itchy ears, itchy roof of the mouth, and out-of-control sneezing and runny nose. I informed management and stick to bottled/canned sodas now.

All of these symptoms went away after a day. If you have a chronic, 24/7 condition, it's more likely a fungus or infection.

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July 23, 20110 found this helpful

My solution was to clean my outer ear each day with a finger wrapped in a rubbing-alcohol-soaked paper towel. After about a week the itch disappeared.
Try it.

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December 28, 20110 found this helpful

Extra Virgin Olive oil. My left ear itches like crazy because it is dry. I have tried everything, debrox for wax, prescription drops, but the best thing that absolutely stopped the horrible itch was olive oil.

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December 7, 20120 found this helpful

I have allergies. I have cats and am allergic. I get the shots that work well, but my ears still itch like crazy, tonight especially because someone cleaned the carpeted stairs that were full of cat hair with the vacume and the allergins must be in the air. I just tried the olive oil in ear with Q tip and 50mg Diphenhydramine (benedryl) and itch gone fast. The Diphenhydramine makes me very sleepy. (it's also used as a sleep aid)

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January 1, 20130 found this helpful

In my left ear canal I had this persistent itchy tickling sensation. Sometimes this itch would feel like a bug laing eggs under my skin. Then at times it would feel like a little hair growing tickling my ear canal. The itch just wouldn't go away. Coming back a few seconds later or sometimes if I was lucky a few hours later but just couldn't get it itched! Yup it took me a few years to figure it out, but I did, yay.

After exhaustive Internet searching with no good answers. I bit the bullet for the over priced doctor which yielded little results. Increasingly concerned with my hearing, I began to notice something odd with hearing in that left ear. Immediately I visited a hearing specialist, and sure enough, part of the hearing in my left ear was worse than the right!

Quietly I panicked (but you don't have too, I'll explain) I swore that if I ever figured out what was causing this insidious itching, I would publish my finding! Yes, I figured it out... ya mostly. I know you probably just want the answer but I think the answer will be respected with the efforts put in. I have had that same itch twice so far in life.

The first time this itching symptom was there for about six months then off for six, then back on for a tear! The first episode was relieved by one of two things, or so I thought. Here is what I found. I tried Lamisil cream, an antifungal. And Elidel by Rx I had from a previous unrelated skin issue. I applied each once a day each, switching every morning and night. After a week I stopped to see if the symptom persisted. Success but wait, there's more.

Six months later, again the symptoms returned. This time I would use one cream for a week to see which one did the trick; I hadn't yet published my promised findings. Neither worked so I tried them just as I had previously and yet it still persisted! If it didn't work this time then maybe it was never the cure in the first place. So I began to think, what had changed six months ago that might help figure this out... Ok ok I'll shorten this up... now I am about 95% sure of what was causing the itching feeling.

I noticed I was lazy depressed bla bla spent a lot of time in bed watching tv. I tell you this cuz im confident my life style had something to get that whole itching episode started years ago. Keep your ear flaps clean and just once apply a little mineral oil to your canal using just your pinky should do the trick. Stay away from the q-tips!

This time I bought new sheets and pillows and even changed laundry detergent. (advisable every six months or so, same with shampoo) But most importantly, I believe it had something to do my lack of daily showers and my head frequenting the pillow. As I mentioned earlier about my hearing, with out realizing it. I favored my left ear to the pillow so my right could hear the tv better and subsequently allowing it to breathe. Yes I was in bed so much I watched the entire season of lost in eight days. I now believe my hearing loss happened as a dumb youth.

So keep your ears and bed sheets clean, switch laundry and hair soap every so often. Let others know if helps.

Oh, I just read someone talking about vinegar here, don't, its an acid. Water is a neutral ph.

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March 20, 20140 found this helpful

Oddly enough I have fortunately never had an ear infection, even as a child. But, I have had some fierce inner and middle ear itching, places you can't really get to safely. Fast forward to around age 38; I went to an allergist and was tested, after breaking out in hives for which I could not find a cause. Among about 40 other things, I am allergic to dairy, and I already knew I was allergic to all sorts of pollens and ragweed. Well, something strange happened when I stopped ingesting dairy-my ears stopped itching. Growing up I thought it was the pollen that made my ears itch, but it wasn't-it was the dairy. I still sometimes have dairy just for the calcium-if it is cooked in something I don't have much issue, but if I have a glass of milk or some yogurt or something like that, I will have itching, and it is worse during pollen season. If I have no uncooked dairy, I have no problems. If you have other random allergy symptoms such as itching other than ears, sneezing, etc, it may be worth getting checked by an allergist. I don't even have the eye symptoms any more during pollen season if I avoid dairy. A crazy link of health issues, but it has been tested and proven by me!

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In my case my ENT said it was a secondary symptom of allergies and gave me drops for it. Yes, I have many allergies. I never noticed the ear itching was happening at the same time as my sinus issues. And the ear drops helped quite a lot.

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June 23, 20170 found this helpful

Itich and ringing very ittrable can't sleep and itches evetday please help because sores are comeing into my ears both left and right please help me

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