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Buying Bluing

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Liquid bluing is a laundry product used to improve the appearance of whites. Although less commonly used than bleach for whitening, bluing is generally easy to buy. This is a guide about buying bluing.



Here are questions related to Buying Bluing.

Question: Looking For Bluing

Years ago we use to buy a product called Bluing. It made white clothes brighter and cleaner looking. Have not been able to find it now and really need it. Seems the bras and other whites turn dingy and nothing we have tried will bring the whites back to life. Any one here know where i can find this product again?



Most Recent Answer

By Linda [1]09/24/2008

For info on bluing check out this link.

Question: 'Bluing" Product Used to Make White Fabrics Whiter

I am looking for a product called 'Bluing' to use in the washing machine to help get whites whiter. I read in 'Dollar Stretcher' that someone recommended this and said it cost $3.00 for 16 oz but the only website I found for it wants you to buy 12 bottles.

Kim from Joppa, MD


Most Recent Answer

By smithc272911/07/2013

You can find this bluing at Safeway. It's called Ms Stewarts.

Question: Shopping for Mrs. Stewart's Bluing

I need to find a location for Mrs. Stewart's bluing in Waco, Texas.

By Charles

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]07/18/2011

Bluing is available in all of our local Co-op and other chain grocery stores, in the laundry section. If, for some reason, your local stores don't carry it there, you could try a farm supply, as people who show calves in 4H tell me that they use it to whiten the hair on their show calves. I should think you would have lots of calves to show in Texas!

Question: Where Can I Buy Laundry Bluing?

I am looking for a laundry whitening product and the name of it is "Miss ___"? I need to know the name and where can I purchase it.

By Linda G from Greensboro, NC

Most Recent Answer

By jane09/09/2010

I have found Mrs. Stewarts in several stores: Albertsons on west coast and Dillons and Price Cutter, in Missouri. It's in the laundry isle and usually up at the top of the shelf. You can also find it on the web in places like Lehmans.

Question: Do They Still Make LaFrance Bluing?

Does anyone know if they still make LaFrance Bluing? I haven't seen it in the stores in a long time and it is the only bluing that ever really worked well for me. I think it was made by Dove. Thank you.

By Connie from Vandalia, OH

Most Recent Answer


I Googled it and don't see it available anymore, just mainly nostalgia sites about the product.

It wouldn't hurt to try Mrs. Stewart's Bluing and here's a PDF that's only a couple of years old with the manufacturer's 800 number to see where it's for sale now or if you could get it directly. There are other sites that sell it but personally I would try the manufacturer first ;-)

Question: Buying Bluing

Where can I buy laundry bluing?

By Lauren

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]11/19/2014

I find it in my local grocery store, in the laundry section. If your store doesn't have it, check others. Another use for bluing is to whiten the hair on show cattle, (like the calves kid show for 4H) so you may also find it in places that sell supplies for ranches and farms.

Question: Shopping for Bluing

I need to find bluing in Odessa Texas. Wal Mart does not carry it.

By Mollie H

Most Recent Answer

By Patricia Eldridge04/12/2012

You can buy it online at

Question: Looking for Bluing

Where can I find liquid bluing in Modesto?

By Susan G

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