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Buying Shower Power Cleaner

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Shower Power Cleaner

Shower Power cleaner is a popular cleaner for removing soap scum in your shower. Find where to buy Shower Power near you. This is a guide about buying Shower Power cleaner.


Solutions: Buying Shower Power Cleaner

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Tip: Where to Buy Shower Power Bathroom Cleaner

Shower Power is a popular bathroom cleaner that does a fantastic job removing soap scum. Here is great deal on a 2-pack of Shower Power Bathroom Cleaner.

Shower Power Bathroom Cleaner 32oz Spray Bottle (pack of 2)

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Here are questions related to Buying Shower Power Cleaner.

Question: Buying Shower Power

Where can I buy Shower Power in my town, Hemet, CA?

By Christine


Best Answers

By Lizzyanny [9]08/21/2014

I bought some online. Just google it. I am so glad it is still available. There is nothing quite like it.

Best Answers

By weinerdog41 [33]08/20/2014

What is Shower Power?

Editor's Note: Bathroom cleaner and soap scum remover.

Question: Buying Shower Power In Arizona

My store where I shop stopped carrying shower power, where can I buy it here in arizona. I shop at Fry's Food store. Why did they stop selling it? I use this to clean my shower, It works really well.

Theresa from Mesa Arizona


Most Recent Answer

By robert (Guest Post)02/10/2009

I had moved to Washington and couldn't find shower power in any of the stores up here. so I went to the internet, if you don't mind paying for shipping and handling or have a friend to share the cost and buy bulk you can go to there web site "" it cost about $65.00 for 12 bottles, this includes shipping and handling. Not a bad price for a product that really works!

Question: Where Can I buy Shower Power?

Where can I buy Shower Power in my area? I live in San Jose, CA area.

By Donna from San Jose, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Marty Dick [151]10/11/2009

I went to Home Depot yesterday and found Industrial Strength 409. It is in a white bottle with bright blue lettering. It works great on soap scum if you can't find your other product. It's not vile smelling like a lot of powerful cleaning agents.

Question: Buying Shower Power in Bulk

Where can I buy Shower Power bathroom cleaner in bulk?

By Dana from Cape May, NJ

Most Recent Answer

By liz02/01/2010

This is the Shower Power web site:
You can ask them there. You can email or telephone them.

Question: A Request for Shower Power in Watertown N.Y.

Please ask Price Chopper (Watertown N.Y.) to carry Shower Power. We in Canada are eager to find this marvelous cleaner again.

Helen Thomlison

Most Recent Answer

By Joyce Murphy [7]07/13/2005

I don't know if you are a BJ's member or know someone who is, but BJ's carries it in two packs. Assuming there is a BJ's Wholesale Culb close to you. HTH

Question: Buying Shower Power Cleaner

Where can I buy Shower Power in the Provo Utah area?

By Pataricia

Question: Who Makes Shower Power Cleaner?

Can someone please tell me who makes Shower Power Cleaner? It comes in a blue spray bottle, has a minty smell? Thank you very much.