Caring for a Dog and Her Puppies

When your dog has delivered puppies, you want to make sure she has a safe and warm place to nurture them. This is a guide about caring for a dog and her puppies.


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My dog just had her puppies last night, a total of 11. Anyways I never planned for her to mate, but it happened. Will they all nurse at once? Or should I pull some out to ensure they are all eating? I'm very new to this and any advice with taking care of them and whatnot will be very useful! Thanks.

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We actually had a surprise puppy born throughout the night, so now we are at 12. I check on them every hour or so and it seems they all get in there to eat, but my problem now is that the mom doesn't seem to want to eat. I take her in a secluded room and shut the door with a bowl of food so my other dog doesn't try eating it too but she doesn't care for it.

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My Pit Bull just gave birth to 9 puppies, but I am scared that she might smother them or suffocate them while she moves around. Should I move the puppies or let her take care of it herself?

By Lina from Phoenix, AZ

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These posts are great answers to your questions. Please keep in mind that the mama will have to eat at least 4 times a day as the puppies will take all her nutrients. She will want a break from them so don't be surprised if she just gets up and leaves them alone. Please make sure she has enough food/water at her disposal 24/7. Watch the puppies to make sure she is not shoving one off to the side and not feeding it. Also, please call your Veterinarian as soon as the puppies are old enough to leave their mom (7-8 weeks old) and make her appointment to have her spay. Good luck.

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My neighbor's Pit Bull had puppies 5 weeks ago; a total of 10 in all. She has sold seven of them. She began weening them at 3 weeks. She is keeping three. She won't let the mom nurse the ones she is keeping. Is this safe and legal?

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Thank you for responding. I know some states say it is illegal forbpuppies to be sold before 8 weeks. My neighbor mated her dog with a family members dog and only because she needed money. Im just surprised that she would do this to them at such a young age. Do you know what kind of behavioral and or psych problems this can cause. I have two sons and dont want anything to happen to them

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March 8, 2015 Flag
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My dog had puppies two weeks ago and today she started biting people. This is not her first set of puppies. She was her normal playful self this morning. At lunchtime we went out to check her food and she bit my daughter. We do not mess with the puppies. Then when I went again later on to check her food she bit me. She still jumps up like she wants to be petted like usual, but then she bit me and as I was moving away she was still trying to bite me.

By Linda

February 16, 2015 Flag
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My Pit Bull just had her babies and I am worried because she usually has 13 or 10, but this time she only had 4. One died because she was laying on it. It's her third litter; should I be worried?

By Perla from San Antonio, TX

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How often do you breed your female? Does she get high quality food for breeding bitches? Does she have regular veterinary care? How old is she? All these things will affect the number and health of her puppies, as well as her health.

Your dog should not be bred more than once a year. She needs special food for herself and the pups, and regular veterinary care. If you can't provide these things for her have her spayed. Otherwise you may lose your dog and any puppies she may have. There are a lot of backyard breeders out there who breed for money and care little about their dogs. It's a club you don't want to join.

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Palypen with dog bed inside.Used playpens make a great place for your small pet to have their litter. My sister's Chihuahua had puppies a few months ago and she wanted her momma dog to have a safe place to have them and to keep the pups away from the daddy dog and cats in the house. Chihuahua puppies.

She cut a small hole big enough for the cord to a heating pad to use for the puppies when "momma" needed a break. Also, another good idea is you can drape stuff on the sides for privacy so the momma dog doesn't get to nervous with the other pets looking in. Worked great! Closeup of Chi puppy.

By Sarah from Chattanooga, TN

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My mother bred dogs all my life and when I was younger I used to breed them too. Both of us always used a playpen! They are a real life saver for doggy moms and their little families. One thing to specify tho, is that it has to be the kind with the netting, not the wooden slats. Before they came out with the netting ones, Mom used to attach sheer fabric all around the inside of the playpen.

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My Pit mom isn't wanting to feed her pups anymore and I can't afford the replacement milk what can I do?

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Make your own pup formula. It's easy, inexpensive and good for growing pups

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Can I take my Cavalier and her 2 week old puppies on holiday with me to my caravan 2 hours away by car? Will she be OK?

By Linda

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No, she will not be okay. You must try not to disturb a mother dog and her puppies. If there's too much stress she may reject the puppies and stop feeding them.

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My dog had 5 puppies, but only 1 made it. She's only 5 days old and we can't get her to eat from the mom. Should we start to bottle feed her? And what kind of puppy formula should we get?

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You really need to see a Vet. to rule out other problems. He/she can recommend a formula for you.

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My Pit mom isn't wanting to feed her pups anymore. There are 7 puppies and they are 3 weeks old. What is a subsitute that I can use for them to stay fed and healthy? I live in the Tulsa area of Oklahoma. What's the best solution and where would be the best place to look? Thanks in advance.

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They have replacement milk you can give them that they sell at the pet store

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Pit and her litter.We kind of inherited a pregnant Pitbull. So this is an honest question. Please don't tell me to read up on the breed and all of that or tell me to get rid of her because I don't know what I am doing. If I knew the answers I would not ask.

She had a litter of 8 pups 3 weeks ago. But she is being mean to them, really mean. She was very sweet and non aggressive before the pups were born. What do I need to do?

By Lisa from Northeast, Ga

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There could be any number of reasons why she is 'being mean' to the pups. A little more detail would have been helpful.

If you are handling the pups too much you may be causing the mom stress. When stressed dogs do strange things including killing their young.

It could me that she has no clue what to do. Some dogs just don't. In which case taking the pups away may be the best thing to do. But then YOU will need to take over for mom.

It could be that she knows something you don't, like she may be ill and not showing it yet. She may not have enough milk to provide for all the pups.

Bottom line is it could be anything. If you really DO want to help her and the pups - get the advice of a VET not the net.

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My female Pit had her first litter. At first she was a great mother, now she is being more aggressive with the pups, biting their little heads, etc. and she is not wanting to sit down at all. Her breasts are dry, chapped of course, and at one time bleeding just a very little from the pups sucking so hard.

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