Caring for a Puppy

When there is a new canine member of your family, everyone needs training and patience. This guide is about caring for a puppy.


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My Pit Bull gave birth to 11 pups 2 days ago and things seemed to be going well until I realized that one of the pups had not been cleaned and the mom wasn't even nursing the pup. The mom was sitting this pup to the side all alone. This pup is also much smaller and seems to be breathing differently than the others. I tried leaving this 1 pup and mom alone, but the mom just stared at the pup. What can I do to keep this pup alive?

By Drall from New Orleans, LA

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Who knows why the mother won't help her pup? You must take the pup to your vet now as it is failing fast and needs help. You also need help in learning to feed and help it survive!

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I got a new blue nose Pit Bull puppy. We adopted him from a worker that works with my dad. When it's night and everyone is sleeping he starts crying and barking and won't stop. It's been going on for 3 days and I don't know what to do. We leave him downstairs in a cage and it still doesn't stop. Does anyone know what to do or when he will stop crying?

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Try putting a ticking clock near him. It works sometimes. Also try a soft stuffed animal he can cuddle up to. Pet stores have cuddly toys that mimic a mother dogs heart beat. Other wise do what the rest of us do, let him get in bead with you.

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If you don't quite want him in the bed, put the cage near you by your bed. You can talk softly to him or even sing to him and that will comfort him. He is just lonely. He went from being with a bunch of hyper, noisy, playful siblings and a comforting mom to complete isolation in a deserted cage! You will do fine as a substitute but you will have to step up your involvement! He's like a newborn baby! He needed your attention and reassurance as often as you can give it. Don't mistake me though, you must still be the in charge leader he can depend on...but that can be done while still being gentle and loving! Enjoy your new baby!

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I found a puppy, who is maybe 1 week old as he doesn't have any teeth, so I gave him milk. The first 3 days he drank milk alright, but after the 4th day he lost interest in drinking the milk. Someone gave him human cookies and he ate that. Is it the cause he lost his appetite for milk, or is it OK to give him cookies? It is been 7 days he is here with us. Today I saw little blood in his stool, is it serious? What shall I do now?


By Gulru

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Do not feed a puppy that young any solid food. It must have the right kind of nutritional value equal to its mother's milk. You do not give a human infant milk from the jug, but baby formula. So, there's formulas on the market just for animals. I would also visit a popular pet store or a feed and grain business that has well informed staff to assist you in choosing the right type of formula or ask a vet. Also, keep puppy away from a lot of people and other animals if it's not had its parvo shot.

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You need to get him wormed by a Vet soon. The parasites will ruin his health. Get some proper puppy food for him and get his vaccinations before too long. A vet will know when he should have them.

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How can I raise a German Shepherd puppy? He was taken from his mum. He is six weeks old and he barks a lot.

By profmessi from Sudan, Khartoum

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You might get the pup a stuffy dog to lay beside him in the bed. Pups snuggle against each other and are cozy and feel safe.

Put a collar and leash on the pup and take it for short walks often for daily exercise. A German Shepherd needs a lot of exercise when they are in their youth and early adult years.

Keep in mind hot pavement or sand can burn a little puppy's paws. If you can't walk on the surface barefoot; don't put your pup on it.

Puppies are like babies, they pee, they eat, they sleep and they play and get baths and cry. A baby is comforted and feels safe close to their parents and so does a puppy. Rub its tummy and ears; this is relaxing to pups. The more hands on attention you provide, the more trusting the puppy will be around you and its new surroundings. Read up about this breed of dog and learn what they need to make a happy pet.

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Poor little baby doggie. He wasn't old enough to be taken away from his mother in the first place, and now with no one to cuddle up to, he is alone, lonely, and no doubt terribly frightened.

He needs you to do a lot of cuddling him, petting him, stroking him, and generally paying the attention to him as his mother would be doing if she were there.

You're in warm enough climate, so he's probably not suffering from cold, but he still needs something soft to cuddle up to. A couple of fairly large stuffed toys and maybe a couple about the size he is would be ideal, but at least, give him a few small stuffed things; even an old pillow is better than nothing.

If you want to housebreak him, start now by taking him outside frequently, and let him exercise as much as possible so that he is tired when you bring him in. He will sleep better and longer.

If you can provide a crate for him that he is able to see you while being safe and secure, that will help a lot too.

Someone else here said that just think of a little human baby's needs, and do your best to treat your fur baby the same way. They need to be safe, clean, fed and happy. For now, that's all there is to it.

Remember, you are raising a "family member", so start out by treating him like a family member from the beginning, and he'll make a good one.

Wishing you the best.


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We have a mother dog, mutt, who had a litter of 3 pups. She stopped feeding the runt when he was about 4 weeks old. My daughter has been softening dog food in water, feeding the pup, and has warmed regular milk, I think twice. I told her she probably shouldn't give the pup the milk, so she stopped. This morning, the pup was moaning, like it had a stomach ache and has been doing this most of the day, on and off, laying like it is really, really weak. I think it may be dying. Is there anything we can do?

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Please take the pup to your vet immediately! He is so young and small and you do not know how to care for him!

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If you can't afford veterinary care for your puppy, the best thing to do is surrender it to the Humane Society. They will get it the care it needs. It will be fostered by a volunteer and adopted out when it gets old enough.

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I just bought a 13 week old dog and it's scared and shy. It does take food from my hand and feels somewhat comfortable at that time, but when I move or something or it's around people it gets really scared and runs to hide. It doesn't wanna go walk. What should I do?

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Talk to the puppy a lot, in a low and reassuring voice. Stroke slowly and gently, and brush the puppy very carefully, especially around the face. Never strike the puppy - they don't need to be "taught" with spankings.

Make sure the puppy knows you are in charge by keeping a set schedule for feedings, especially at first. Take puppy for short walks for some exercise (you don't want it to become fearful of going outside!).

Relax. Puppy will know if you are nervous or worried about it. With time, patience, consistency and a lot of love, your pup will probably come around and become more confident.

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You say you bought the dog. That worries me a little, since you don't give more information.

Did you get the dog from a petshop? Was it from a "backyard" breeder or a licensed, reputable breeder? Did you see the home it was raised in and meet the parents of the dog?

It is possible you have an unsocialized puppy. Put it in a basket with a towel and wherever you go in your home, bring that basket with you.

Keep the puppy warm. Feed it little pieces of food from your hand.

Keep noise and chaos to a minimum. Use a low, calm tone of voice.

The puppy will get used to you eventually.

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I was given a Min Chi pin a few days ago. He is 5 weeks old, and I didn't know he was suppose to be with his mom until 8 weeks. Can someone give me advice on the best way to care and train my dog?

By AnDria R

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A five week old pet can eat wet dog food. I went out of town to get my dog when he was 5 weeks old. I agree that it's best if they stay with their Mom longer but my dog is now 4 and he's healthy, happy, and sociable. He ate wet canned food when I brought him home and shortly after was eating kibble.

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Note that it is okay to socialize him with people who are gentle, but be careful taking him around other dogs until he has had his shots. A friend of mine introduced a five-week-old puppy to some other dogs and the puppy got distemper and died.

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If you can't get your puppy to drink water, try ice cubes. I found that I can get my puppy to even lick Pedialite in ice cube form. Hope this helps!

By Rachel from TX

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My daughter sat up all night with her dog, feeding him droplets of water from an eyedropper. He was so sick, he could barely move. Well, it worked.

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Can you help give me some info on how to know when a 5 day old puppy is hungry and when it is full? Also how regularly do I need to feed them? Thank you.

By Dexster from Alberton

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Sorry I forgot to tell you how I was feeding my kitten; there was a bottle with the milk replacement kit. At the beginning I was giving 1/2 the bottle. After a couple of days I was giving her a full bottle. At 3 weeks old I started mixing the milk replacement with a teaspoon of can of kitten food. You it would be a can of puppy food. Then you will see he will be able to eat just from the can. At that stage you could feed him 4-5 times a day but not more than one small can a day. No more nightshift.


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Please take your new fur baby to the Veterinarian and he.she can instruct you on how to care for your baby.

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