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Cat Won't Poop in Litter Box

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Litter Box

It can be very frustrating when you do not understand your cat's behavior. This guide is about cat won't poop in the litter box.



Here are questions related to Cat Won't Poop in Litter Box.

Question: Cat Won't Poop in Litter Box

Closeup of grey and black tabby.I have a 6 year old tabby cat that will pee in the litter pan, but poop on the floor near her litter pan (which is in the bathroom). It seems to me she does it when I clean out the litter pan and put fresh litter in it. How can I get her to use the litter pan to poop in it?

By Christy


Most Recent Answer

By Patty [11]01/19/2011

My cat, also, hates using the litter box. I tried the shredded newspaper idea. He used it alright and every other newspaper in my house! Just make sure you put your 'good' newspaper where the kitty can't find it! :)

Question: Manx Male Cat Poops on The Floor

I have a 3 year old manx male cat. He is an inside house cat. He has never been outside very much. (He will not go out unless I pick him up and put him out.) The problem is he poops on the floor all the time sometimes as much as 3-4 times daily.

I have done everything. He has had different litter boxes, I even bought an electric Littermaid, changed litter, changed litter box locations. NOTHING HELPS. I have tried punishing him, by speaking to him in a deeper tone of voice (he is a very smart cat and understands when you talk to him.)

I have tried rewards when he has not pooped on the floor. Like treats, brushing etc. He is worse when company comes over, especially my grandchildren (he is very jealous.) I am at my wits end with him. I love my cat, but not his pooping.

Can anyone help with an idea or solution.

Alecia from GA


Most Recent Answer

By LML (Guest Post)02/21/2009

HI, there is a powder used to treat swine for diarrhea and it is and old fashioned remedy, but it works. You can get it from a regular vet or if there is a pet pharmacy like we have here in Florida, they will be able to fix the proper dosage for you. It is used for Manx diarrhea and has been used for many years. We had to buy the smallest clear capsule to put it in, but it cleared up the diarrhea in no time.

Manx have bowl problems and have to be properly taken care of. The cat will not like the taste, I assure you, so wrap it in a piece of cheese or meat. Some kitties have to have this daily for awhile, so be very patient. And find a new vet who has actually dealt with the Manx breed. My last one was 19 years old. They are very special cats and deserve good care. They will return your love and affection.

Question: Kitten Only Uses Litter Box to Pee

We adopted a kitten from the Humane Society and she is 4 1/2 months old. She easily trained to the litter box and used it fine for 2 months. Then 2 weeks ago she started defecating outside of the box (usually right next to or near it), but not in the box.

She urinates in the litter box just fine. Nothing has changed with her box or the litter. She's been to the vet and has no medical issues. Any suggestions? I cannot figure out why the sudden change in behavior and why she only uses the litter box to urinate. Please help, how do I get her to use the litter box for all eliminations?

By lilpaw from San Diego, CA

Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]11/09/2009

My first thought was add a second litter box, and I see most everyone has already mentioned that. Someone also mentioned not having too much litter in them. Very true! Cats do not like to sink up to their little ankles in the litter! Definitely scoop every day.

Question: Kitten Won't Poop in the Litter Box

My 5 month old male kitten won't poop in the litter box. He always used to use the litter box, we never had a problem. Then the past couple days he started using the litter box for pee, but not poop. His box is very clean, so that is not the issue. He normally does it when someone is home. What could I do to get him back in the habit?

By Scarlet B.

Most Recent Answer

By Rae B. [2]10/26/2014

Ok, when was the last time you cleaned that litter box? You must either scoop out the clumps and poo every day. If you are using old fashion clay litter you must clean daily and do a complete dump, wash and refill with fresh clay litter once a week. If you do not clean the box once a day and everyday (clay litter or 'scooping' litter), your pet will refuse to use the box and will opt for other locations.

Cats always smell about while deciding where they will do their business. You probably hate using a chemical toilet, right? Well try having a cats more sensitive nose and having to smell a dirty litter box. Yuck.

Question: Kitten Has Stopped Using Litter Box

My kitten skips using the litter box at night. She poos behind the sofa, not on furniture. What do I do? I tried spraying Keep Off on the furniture and the carpet, but it is not working.

By Tonya from Arnaudville, IA

Most Recent Answer

By Amanda M.01/19/2014

I have 2 new kittens aged 8 weeks. One uses the litter tray no problem but the other is a law unto himself. I find him sniffing around areas around the house and I recognise the fact he is needing to toilet, so I pick him up and put him in the litter tray and he does use it. But why wont he go there to start with. Why does he insist on trying to do it elsewhere. They are brothers and came from the same household so why is one litter trained and not the other.

Question: Special Needs Kitten Won't Use Litter Box

I have a special needs kitten who we named TommyLynn. She will not use the litter box, even if it's fresh litter. Can someone help me? She will pee and poop on our clothes, paper, and plastic bags. Basically anything sitting in our floor.

By Felicia

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]12/28/2014

Your vet can help you with the kitty's problem. Have her evaluated for any possible medical problems and then the vet can assist with very good suggestions for you to teach kitty good kitty behavior.

Question: Kitten Not Pooping in Litter Box

My kitten has been pooing where it is not allowed to. It is pooing behind the TV and on the lamp cord.

By Rebecca from Holbrook Way

Question: Cat Not Using Litter Box

Our small cat has started using the front room carpet. We know for sure that she has used it for #2, and it's has happened more than once. We think it may have been that there was not a clear path to her box, so our son has made it easier for her. We would appreciate any help regarding this. Thanks.

By Lois B.

Question: Cat Not Pooping in Litterbox

What makes your cat start pooping in your basement after living its first five years with you? She pees in the litterbox, poops everywhere else. This is a female, five year old, American short haired cat. She vomits a lot, mostly hairballs though. This has been going on since we got her.

By MaiaMaia

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