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Cleaning Cabbage Patch Dolls

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Whether is it your old treasured Cabbage Patch Kid or your child's newer one, you may need to clean them periodically. This is a guide about cleaning Cabbage Patch dolls.



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Question: Cleaning a Stain on Cabbage Patch Doll's Face

My old Cabbage Patch preemie has a blue stained face, probably due to materials, blankets, sweat, etc. It has bald head. I soaked it in Clorox, used Ajax, used a scrub sponge, and even tried an SOS pad. It's lighter, but the blue stain won't come off around cheeks, mouth, and nose.

Is there anything out there I can try? Her face is just fine after all the cleaning. Ink would be easier to get rid of, believe me. My poor daughter had her 22 years and I wanted to clean her up and get new clothes and a nice clean face. It's not happening. Any pointers? Please.

By Kaymarie


Most Recent Answer

By Cindy Mann06/22/2012

Have you tried a Magic Eraser sponge? I use them for almost everything that nothing else will work on!

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