Selling Cabbage Patch Dolls?

I have a 1985 Cabbage Patch doll with signed butt, original box, adoption papers, and original sales receipt. It has never been used. Waldo Bellamy doll. I am looking for the value.


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Not what you are hoping for. PBS Antique Show says trend or society chased after SOME DAY VALUE, usually means waiting a 100 years or more to see increase from what you bought. Often, it is much lower than what you bought. Value is when it becomes the small handful, still museum quality. Someone who has an original Barbie from the first molds, unopened...etc example. Just cause it was hard to get when you got it does not mean it has value. Ask your home owner insurance what you could insure it for in value. That tells you alot.

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Right now the online markets like eBay and Esty are flooded with dolls just like this. The average price a person has sold the dolls for ranges from $15-25. My daughter has a lot of these dolls and she found it a lot easier to just sell them at a swapmeet or at a garage sale.


She sold them all in a day and when a child sees them they are easier to sell than listing them online and hoping a person will buy them from you.

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Cabbage Patch dolls can fool you - some of even the more 'common' ones occasionally sell for $50-$100.
You never really know what brings this on but apparently the buyer has a special reason for wanting that particular doll.
Earlier Cabbage Patch dolls do not usually run like other dolls and some can be worth more. Of course, all dolls are still a slow selling item (most of the time).
eBay presently has over 2,000 1985 dolls listed for sale and asking prices are all over the place.
Sold listings are the only way to find current value.Check out the latest report.


If you check out eBay's sold listings you'll see a wide range of prices.

I did not find a Waldo Bellamy doll listed but since there were so many dolls made that is not unusual.
It does seem that boys and especially 'bald' babies do sell faster.

I would suggest you list him on local venues like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, offerup, letgo and any others you know of.
You can list him on several sites and start your price at $100 and wait a few weeks to see if anyone is interested. If not, lower the price.
You will need several good pictures or he may not sell. Check out some of the listings to see what type of pictures they show.
Be sure to check on shipping cost - do not guess.

Good luck - he's cute!

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August 21, 2020

I would like to sell my Cabbage Patch doll. I have had it since 1984. It is in good condition and has the birth certificate with it. Could you please tell what the value is and where and how I might be able to sell it?

Thank you.


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March 4, 2020

These belonged to my mother. I would like to get rid of them, but have no idea what they are worth. They are all new in the box.
Any help appreciated.


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Your dolls are the Cabbage Patch Kids and these were sold before 1990.


Some of these may be worth more money but you will have to research each doll and that is very time consuming as many of these did not have a name and many people selling these dolls do not know the name if the doll did have one.
This just means you may have to do a 'visual' search and eBay is the best place to start. You can narrow the search by using the eBay tools shown on the left side of the screen - size - boy or girl - ethnicity - year.
Still - all sellers do not show all of this so you may miss some but if you find one of your dolls you can place a 'watch' on the listing to see if it sells as only a sold item can give you current value (asking prices are just prices a seller would like to receive for their doll).

Here is a link to Cabbage patch Kids presently located for sale on eBay.
Be sure to check the side bar to narrow your search.


Here is a link to dolls sold over the past several months and if one of your dolls are in this group then you will have a 'current value'.

Generally it is best for an inexperienced seller to list dolls on local venues like Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, Facebook Marketplace as you can list these as 'pick up only' and not have to ship.
You can start prices high and lower them if no one shows an interest.

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CPK are fun and the values are all over the place. For example,
it looks like your twin infants without the box just sold for $22 with free shipping. With the box, they would fetch more, most are selling upward of $60 with the box (never opened).

The twin girls in the blue dresses are getting $26-$50, in the box, never opened.

The single dolls are all over the place, but typically much lower, like $10-15 in the box never opened.

Best to take each and match year and style and condition with eBay solds. SOLD price = value. Asking price is just what a seller wants to get for something.

The boxes are very fragile so shipping these can be a pain. If you have a local venue like a consignment store, you won't get as much, but if you are not an experienced on seller and have what you need to package these correctly, you risk having unhappy buyers.

If you are an experienced seller, eBay is the best way to sell.

I suggest doing 7 day auctions, run Sunday to Sunday and start at the least you would want to get for them and see what the market bears.

Post back how the sales go!

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January 29, 2020

I'm selling the Cabbage Patch Dolls my grandmother has collected for years. There is a whole truck full, I'm talking a semi truck full. They are all in the original packaging and some have birth certificates. I have accessories in the original packaging as well. My question is what are they worth how much do I sell them for? Where do I sell them?


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You have a few choices to sell them. Considering you have so many of them I would consider selling them locally. You can list them on Craigslist, hold a garage sale using an app that can be download and installed on your phone, or you can try your luck on eBay. Before taking the next step to sell them I would contact an appraiser first. You could have some dolls that are more valuable than others ones. Normally these average around $25 a doll online. Check your local area for appraisers to see what they have to say. They might even help to hold auctions for you to help sell these dolls.

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WOW!! That is a whole lot of CPK if you have a semi truck's full of them. That is huge and amazing!! I would love to see them all as they are so much fun!!

My question for you is are you an experienced seller (either on eBay or Etsy or Facebook Marketplace) and do you have 6-12 months to sell these off on your own?

If not, I strongly recommend getting a professional estate sale company in and having them sell off the lot for you.

Yes, they will take a percentage of the sale for their time and they do this because of what's involved which is:

--their time
--researching to make sure you have no dolls that have a higher value (most sell for less than $10, but there are a few (NOT MANY, but a few) "ringers" out there that are quite valuable
--listing the items or holding an in person sale
--if selling online, they have to take photos, find boxes and packing materials, and then when the item ships, wrap it, take it to the post office and tell the buyer it is on the way
--then if the buyer isn't happy, they have to process a return
--YES it is A LOT of work--I know because I used to do this for a living, now I am just a hobby seller

The above is why I suggest having a professional estate sale person hold a sale for you and sell them. First, they can probably get it all done in a month or less (depending on their schedule and how they work their sales) and second, it will get this off your plate and you will still get some money back for the items.

You need to assesss if there are other things of your grandmothers you need to sell too and do this as one LARGE estate sale--probably best over 2 days or if you truly have a semi worth of dolls--2 different weekends or 4 days.

Estate sales are not just for people who have died...people who are living and moving or downsizing have estate sales also...really the biggest differnece betwen and estate sale and a yard sale is that an estate sale is usually INSIDE someone's house or a hall where a person's belongings have been moved and are being sold off vs a yard sale which is held OUTSIDE or in a garage and is just a small selection of person's stuff.

Where I am, estate sales get huge crowds and a lot of antique and vintage dealers and pickers come out, vs. yard sales where people who need something may stop by to see if you have the do hickey they need.

Ask friends and family for recommendations for reputable estate sale companies in your town and get 2-3 bids from them before you proceed.

They should give you an easy to understand contract.

The contract will tell you exactly how the sales will go and what percentage they get and you get and when you get the money.

They will also need to tell you what happens to what is LEFT from the sale, because there will be a lot left no matter how big or long or good the sale is. I have never held or been to and estate sale where everything was gone--ever--and I am not a spring chicken in age.

In the contract you will need to work with them on how they will "clean up or clean out" after the sale.

Be aware that estate sale companies that charge you to remove items after the sale are doing so for a reason--again--it is their time and is a little behind the scenes of why they do this....

So first off, YES, MOST take the unsold items and sell them on their own and YOU DO NOT GET the money from those sales...BUT, what everyone forgets is you got their TIME UPFRONT to clean out the place and take all the stuff away.

They had to get people, trucks, then a place to store the unsold items. Most good estate sale companies also offer to do minor repairs (like pull up ratty carpet or paint the walls), most also do a physical cleaning of the place at the end--meaning vacuum carpets or broom sweep non carpeted areas, leaving the place empty and clean.

They charge you a fee to do this because they have to pay all of this upfront (people, supplies, trucks, dumpsters, etc.)

So yes, they make up the balance of their money if they sell the items off on their own

An example of the math is a clean out costs the company $3,000 for everything (see above)--they charge you $1,500--take everything left and hope to make the other $1,500 to make the $3,000 cost back at the end. If they make a little more, they are happy, but most barely make back the money needed to GET TO that $3,000.

You can help have a successful sale and less left for the clean out if you work with the estate sale company to promote the sale IN ADDITION to how they promote it.

For example, you can post about the sale on your social media, you can join Facebook groups that allow self promotion and promote the sale there, etc.

If you need help understand the contract when you get one with an company, post back and I can help you!!

Wishing you all the best with your sale!! I think you will feel much better about things if you leave it to a pro!!

Otherwise, you are going to have a full time job selling these that may last a year or so and not give you a really good return on your investment of time.

Best wishes and prayers for success!

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WOW that's incredible. In your case, I feel they would sell better as a huge batch to a shop that prides themselves on vintage dolls. I've seen them sold individually around $25 but I think you can go further by doing the above. Good luck. That's so awesome.

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May 23, 2020

I wanted to pick everybody's brains as I have no clue. I came across these 3 Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls. I was curious if anybody can help me know their names and value. Also 2 of them have a signature on the butt, I believe in black color.


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Finding out the name will be very difficult unless you have found the birth certificates that came with the dolls when they were boxed up. Each doll was given a name when they were made and to find out the name now will be impossible. The value of the dolls in today's current market are around $25 each. That is the average selling price of the dolls a few months ago. Right now dolls are not selling and I do believe the price of them will decrease soon because of the economy and people will not be interested in investing in dolls like this for a little while.

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$25-$40 seems the range. Check out all the eBay listings for them here:

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I have 2 perfect, still in the box, Cabbage Patch Kids from 1984. Both signed with birth certificates. Never opened. How much can I sell them for?
Thank you!


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Each doll is an individual and the value will vary depending on condition and accessories. You say yours is still in box with certificate and both are signed so that would mean that yours could be valued at whatever the current sold price for that particular doll.

For any type of information about how many of this particular doll is currently listed for sale (and a seller's asking price) you can check out each of your dolls on eBay and if you see any that matches you can place a watch on that listing to see if it sells.

Just remember that a seller's asking price is just a price that they would like to receive for their items. Only a recently sold identical item can represent a current value but that still does not mean another same type item will sell for that amount, it only means someone was willing to pay that much for the item.

You can check out your particular dolls on eBay's sold listings to see if any have sold - if so - then you can consider that sold price (or an average if more than one sold) to be what your doll may be worth in today's market.

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October 18, 2019

I have a 1983 Coleco Cabbage Patch Kid doll named is Stephen Elwin. It is brand new in the box, with the birth certificate and everything, but the front plastic. It is very rare. How much is it worth?

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October 1, 2019

I have the red haired green eyed girl with the green signature on her rear. The date is 1978, 1982. There are no clothes or box. She has a very clean soft body. Does it have any value?

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May 8, 2015

I acquired this Original Cabbage Patch Kids Designer Line doll by Xavier Roberts, from a tenant. I'm not able to find it online anywhere. Anyone had any idea of the value?


May 8, 20150 found this helpful

I am not sure but with the condition of that box it will not be as much as your quoted.

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May 4, 2020

I have 4 Cabbage Patch Kids in excellent condition still in their boxes with birth certificates, signatures, and original tags. I have looked all over the internet and I'm seeing different prices. How do I determine a reasonable value?

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