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Cleaning Down Bedding

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Washing Down Bedding

A feather bed, comforter or sleeping bag needs special care when being laundered. This guide is about cleaning down bedding.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Down Bedding.

Question: Cleaning and Drying Down Comforters and Feather Beds

I have a down comfortor and a feather bed. The direction says dry clean. I have washed down jackets and vests has anyone had any luck washing comfortors or feather beds.

Jo Anne from NY


Most Recent Answer

By robertmgood104/15/2013

You can wash all of them. Make sure there are no holes or you will be sorry. Wash in cold water with light detergent on a very gental cycle. Dry on low heat for about 1.5 hours. It says to dryclean only because you bought a cheaper comforter with a water soluable sizing to keep the feathers from popping out. I'm in management for a drycleaner. Trust me.

Question: How Do I Wash A Feather Blanket?

How do you wash a feather blanket?

By Rose from Berwyn, IL


Most Recent Answer

By susan [33]08/17/2010

Make sure you wash it on the gentle cycle so that it does not tear, feathers are everywhere!

Question: Cleaning a Down Sleeping Bag

How should I clean my feather down sleeping bag?

Erin from New Zealand

Most Recent Answer

By Annie. (Guest Post)11/02/2006

Hi Erin... I wash my down comforters all the time, so a sleeping bag should work just as well.
Take it to a laundromat and wash it on gentle cyle.
Then throw it in the largest dryer with 3 or four clean tennis balls or a very clean tennis shoe. The balls or shoe will pound the down and fluff it up. They dry in no time !

Solutions: Cleaning Down Bedding

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