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Cleaning Flip Flops

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Cleaning Flip Flops

A favorite summertime slip-on foot covering for many people. This guide is about cleaning flip flops.

Solutions: Cleaning Flip Flops

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Tip: Cleaning Flip Flops

I live in Florida on the beach, where flip flops are pretty much a uniform. When mine get dirty and sort of unmanageable, I either throw them in the wash or put them in the dishwasher. The dishwasher is better for the firm soled ones. Just remember to only use a cool dry cycle! If you use the washing machine remember they will dry better in full sunlight, or you can just leave them on top of your clothes dryer. Radiant heat will handle it.


Tip: Cleaning Flip Flops

Pink flip flop with a Magic EraserFlip flops tend to get dirty, especially my white and pink ones. I have tried many cleaners and the best is the Magic Eraser.

By Louella from Billings, MT

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Here are questions related to Cleaning Flip Flops.

Question: Cleaning Flip Flops

What is the best way to clean flip flops?

By Jo

Most Recent Answer

By jean leiner [14]08/25/2012

For plain flip flops without any trim, wash in the washer with a load of rags or denims. Let air dry. For those with trimming such as flowers, beads etc., wipe the sole, and footbed with an all purpose cleaner that does not need rinsing, then wipe the beaded trim with a rag dampened with water. If there is silk flower trim which needs cleaning, put a 1/2 cup of dry cornmeal in a bag along with the now otherwise clean flip flops, and shake vigorously, then take out the shoes, and shake off the cornmeal. Hope this helps.

Question: Cleaning Flip Flops

What is the best way to clean flip flops?

By Betty

Best Answer

By Lewissan [30]08/08/2012

Rinse the dirt off and toss them in the top rack of your dishwasher. Works for me.

Question: Cleaning Flip Flops

Has anyone has any tried washing flip flops in the washing machine? Did it work? Was it a tragedy? I am too lazy to wash them by hand and I've always wondered if the washing machine works?

Harleychic From SLC, UT

Best Answer

By gator10tx (Guest Post)05/27/2006

Many things have been used over the years. I usually used is a nail brush or the largest brush that'll fit between the straps; I've used Dawn detergent or shampoo. If you have crusty oil or tar spots, from walking along the ocean first apply an ice cube to freeze the spot then scrape off as much as you can before using other solvents/stain removers. If you have a solvent made just for removing heavy grease or tar, use that and it should work. Also use alcohol for ink stains; dry-cleaning solution for heavy-duty stains such as Magic Marker spots. If yours are the plastic flip-flops, you're safe using a variety of dirt/stain removers. If yours is made of other material, follow directions for stain removal for that fabric or leather.