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Cleaning Musty Smelling Carpets

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Musty Smelling Carpet

Carpet that has gotten wet or flooded can have a musty smell even after it dries. This is a guide about cleaning musty smelling carpets.



Here are questions related to Cleaning Musty Smelling Carpets.

Question: Carpet Smells Musty

My carpet is 1 year old. It has not gotten wet, however, it suddenly smells musty. It is very prominent under furniture that lays flat against the carpet. It is throughout the house. Most of the articles I have read indicate the musty smell comes from getting your carpets wet. Could it be the actual carpet?

By Wendy


Most Recent Answer

By redhatterb [1]12/10/2014

Is the floor under the carpeting cement? I have noticed that if I leave a box of something sitting on my carpeting that covers cement floors, when I move the box the carpeting feels damp. However, I do have some furniture that sits flat on the floor and I have never noticed any odor. I never experienced that damp feeling with carpeting that covered wood floors.

Question: Musty Smell from Travel Trailer Carpet

Our travel trailer has a musty smell and we want to get rid of it. It seems to be on the carpet. We don't want to replace the carpet.

By Anne

Question: Removing Musty Odor On Flooded Carpet

Is there any way to get a musty mold smell out of carpet? The roof leaked at my job. We just moved into a new building (5000 sq. ft.). It is all carpet. The roof leaked in the back corner and a 2ft. by 3ft. area got wet. We dried up the carpet, but the odor is still in the store. What (if anything) can we do to get rid of he smell? Our building has been empty for years. We are a thrift store. Thank you.

By Helen from Oroville, CA


Most Recent Answer

By lynda [12]05/11/2010

Twenty Mule Team Borax works well to remove odors purchased from the Hispanic Grocery. Sprinkle evenly and med. coverage, let dry if damp, then vaccuum off, but wear a disposable face mask taping the edges to prevent breathing the dust, and do this with good ventilation. I've left it on my carpets for two weeks before vacuuming it off and it's working great to this day.

God bless and help you. : )

Question: Musty Smelling Carpets

I clean my carpets with a Hoover steam cleaner and my carpets come clean, but they smell musty. What can I do to make them smell fresh? Thanks.

By P.W. from League City, TX

Question: Getting Rid of Wet Carpet Smell

The other day while replacing the element in the water heater, my darling husband flooded our bathroom, closet, and part of our bedroom. This means wet carpeting. While the carpet is nearly dry, there's a nasty stench in the rooms now. Any idea how to get rid of that? Thanks for the help.

By shosha from Berrien Springs, MI

Most Recent Answer

By Paula Jo C. [7]09/04/2009

Hire a professional to extract the water out of not only the carpet but the sub flooring. They guarantee their work so the expense should be nil to none. Also check with your home owners insurance they should pay the extractors for you. It won't hurt you to check into it, but good luck and let us know how it turns out for ya!

Question: Musty Smell In House After Professional Carpet Cleaning

I recently had carpets professionally cleaned and now my house smells musty. Any ideas what happened or how to get rid of the smell?

TK from AZ

Most Recent Answer

By Katie [3]11/14/2005

Two things popped into my head. One, the water in the cleaner might have reactivated some old mold from a water leak or something like that that had dried, and now it smells again. Two, your carpet might not have gotten dry enough this time, allowing the carpet to start to mold/mildew. I'd call the cleaner back and see what he/she can do since it is probably the latter case.

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