Cleaning Uses for Denture Tablets

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Denture cleaning tablets have many other cleaning uses. This is a guide about cleaning uses for denture tablets.


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Tip: Denture Tablet for Cleaning

Denture tablets work wonders for cleaning glassware, ceramic type ware, and tile. Dissolve a couple of tablets into a sink of hot water and wash glasses sparkling clean. I drop one into the toilet bowl. It also works on the bathroom sink, bathtub, and tile.

Drop one into a vase after the flowers have completed their cycle and the tablets clean up the vase. Ceramic type baking dishes such as Corningware are easily cleaned with one tablet and hot water. Do not use for stainless steel. I purchase a large bulk box of a store or generic brand, cheapest!

Source: My aunt passed this tip to me when she was cleaning up some old bottles she had collected.

By zippypotter from Ojai Valley, CA

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Tip: Denture Tablets for Toilet Cleaning

To clean stains from the toilet bowl, drop 1 or 2 denture cleaners in and allow to sit overnight.

By fossil1955 from Cortez, CO

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Tip: Clean Crock Pot With Denture Tablets

To clean a crock pot, fill it with water. Drop two or three denture tablets in and leave overnight to soak.

By duckie-do from Cortez, CO

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Tip: Denture Cleaning Tablets for Coffee and Tea Cup Stains

Clean coffee or tea stains from cups using denture cleaning tablets, can also be used in other ceramic containers.

Source: I saw it on a TV program on how to clean things on a low budget.

by John from Lanarkshire, Scotland

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Tip: Second Use for Denture Cleaner

Here's a quickie toilet cleaning tip I use. After having soaked my dentures in denture cleaner, I pour the used cleaning mixture right into the toilet, let it sit a few minutes than give it a quick swish with a brush. This way you get 2 uses out of those expensive denture cleaning tablets!

By Marilyn

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Question: Clean Jewelry with Denture Cleaning Tabs

Could denture cleaning tablets be used to clean gold and diamond jewelry? Would it harm the jewelry?

N.V. from DeRidder, LA

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Most Recent Answer

By Cricket [205] 07/17/2009

A jeweler once years ago told me about using denture tablets to clean my jewelry. I have been using them for 40 years now and my jewelry is still beautiful.
I place one denture tab in a vibrating cup, put in enough water to cover my jewelry, add the jewelry and turn it on. I let it run for 30 minutes, then rinse everythng really good and let it dry. I do this about once every 1-2 months depending on how dirty my jewelry has gotten.

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