Crafts Using Pop Can Tabs

Soda or pop can tabs are being reused in a variety of craft projects. This is a guide about crafts using pop can tabs.

Rainbow Bracelet
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This is my latest creation! My fun bracelet is made from soda pop tabs. I used alcohol inks and stretch cord to transform this "junk" into stylish jewelry! They're super easy to make and fun for kids to wear.

Source: I Googled "What can I make with pop tabs?" and got results for purses and bracelets, but none were colored like this.

By Kayla

Rainbow Bracelet

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Use Coke Tab to Hang a PictureIf you get a photo frame and there is no hook on the back, using a screw attach the Coke tab to the back of your frame. Then hang your picture!

By coville123 from Brockville, Ontario

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An inexpensive way to hang items up that are not in a frame like sea shells, ceramics, or really anything for that matter, is to use a soda or beer tab top. Just attach it either by super glue or E-6000 for heavier items. I have done this for years. I always get asked "How did you get that to hang up like that?"

By xintexas from San Antonio, TX

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You can make items using soda tabs, sell them and give a large percentage to the Ronald McDonald House or other children's charities.

By Patricia Bledsoe

Editor's Note: Anyone have some ideas for what can be made with soda tabs?

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I wanted to make a soda can tab belt. But then I was thinking, what should I put on them so they won't rust?


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I was wondering how to make a soda pop tab bag/wallet. I've seen them but they are really expensive, and I have alot of tabs. Can you give me instructions of a pattern?

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 embossed pop tabUsing soda pop tabs for crafting is fun & easy.


  • clear embossing ink
  • soda pop tabs
  • colored embossing powder
  • heat embossing tool
  • pair of tweezers


  1. You will first coat the soda tab with the embossing ink (I do the fronts only.)

  2. Using the tweezers, dip the soda tab into the embossing color of choice.

  3. Hold the soda tab with tweezers and heat the tab with the heating embossing tool until powder is melted. Be VERY CAREFUL, it will be HOT! You will need to repeat these steps 2 or 3 times for a good coating.

These can be used as "buckles" for any craft project. Have Fun!

By KimSecret

 embossed pop tab Red embossed soda pop tab

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What can I do with pop can tabs? I have around 200 pop can tabs that I saved from soda cans and I don't know what to do with them.

By Marlene F.

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If you have a person in your house who makes wood wall plaques these tabs can be attached to the back to hang on the wall.

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I was wondering what i could do with all the soda can tabs my family has. I decided a belt and/or a purse would be cool if it was made out of them. Does anyone have any idea where I
could find out how to make them? Thanks for all your help!

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Sorry Susie, you are wrong. First, your answer did not addresse the posters question, which was about making belts.

There are about a dozen YouTube videos on the topic, and this is the leading Face book page on the topic

Lotta good pictures there, many craft techniques, and more importantly, craft grade tab suppliers.

Now, as for this stupid snopes page calling tab redemption a myth, which is probably the most misquoted page in all of snopes...the only urban myth to the McDonalds Article on snopes, is snopes itself. RMDH (Ronald McDonald's House) has been trying to get the snopes page on this subject removed since 2005, but the pure arrogance of snopes is that they are never wrong.

McDonalds House Charities does in fact still accept pull tabs as part of their fundraising. They have been collecting them since 1987 at MOST McDonald houses. In 1992, the McDonald's Corporation itself joined the tabs for RMDH program, making it simpler to collect tabs. You no longer have to travel to a RMDH to donate tabs, you can just go to the closest McDonalds. Your baggies, cans and boxes of tabs are loaded back on the semi's that drop off the food, and as the trucks report back to Loading hubs, tabs are unloaded, sent to the scrap yard, and the money is used to allow families to stay near their hospitalized youth.

I personally have donated 23.5 million tabs to RMDH, as in I actually walked into the building and donated them, so there is no doubt that I am right, and snopes is wrong. I would add that I account for 2.4% of all the tabs collected in this program by myself, and have organized a dozen Upper Michigan Scouting Units to collect another 40 million tabs.

It is estimated that RMDH will surpass 1 Billion tabs in the first week of August 2014

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I have about 200 pop can tabs; what can I make with them?

By Marlene

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Are you still looking to buy the pop top tabs? Let me know.

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Pop can tab.When you need something to use as a hanger for one of your craft items, just hot glue soda pop tabs to the back of your craft. Use one or two tabs depending on the width and weight of your artwork.

By Terri

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I recently went on a volunteer trip to Jamaica to work at schools in areas with extreme poverty. One of the students at the school made this super-adorable bracelet using only soda can tabs and a shoelace. Unfortunately I don't have step-by-step pictures.

Soda Tab Bracelet


  • soda can tabs
  • 1 shoelace


  1. To make the bracelet, you simply weave the shoelace over and under two layers of soda can tabs. Start by pulling one end of the shoelace up through the top hole of a soda tab. Then thread the shoelace up through the bottom hole of the soda tab. Slide this tab to the middle of the shoelace. This is the beginning of the bracelet.
  2. Thread the top shoelace up through the top hole of a second tab (tab B) and then down through the top hole of a third tab (tab C). Thread the bottom shoelace up through the bottom hole of tab B and down through tab C. Tab C will be on the top row (and offset). Continue to weave the tabs together in this fashion until bracelet reaches the desired length.
  3. Take the each of the shoelace ends and draw them back to the beginning of the bracelet and thread them through tab A (this will allow you to tighten the bracelet).
  4. Soda Tab BraceletSoda Tab BraceletSoda Tab Bracelet
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I am wondering if there is anything out there that's cheap to put on pop tabs so they won't rust. I found a way to make a belt and a purse out of them. But I just know they'll rust.


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if you are afraid of them rusting, go to walmart in auto paint dept and buy a spray can of clear rustoleum and spray on it when done making . hang on clothesline to dry. will be dry in about 10 min. can costs 1$ or less on sale. my hubby uses this on car parts and so i know it will work. make sure the cap on can is clesr.

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If you make homemade jar candles as I do, you can use pop tabs as a weight for your wicks. If you drink pop they are pretty much free!

By Tracey P

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How do you make a purse out of soda tabs?

By Laura from Mesa, AZ

AnswerWas this helpful?Helpful? Yes does exist, but you need to post it right to your line and not go by the link.

First thing you need to know is that you will need "a lot" of pop tabs. The finished purse contained 727 pop tabs. Good luck.

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I want to know if anyone has instructions on how to make leis and bolo ties with the pop can tabs?

By Rosemary from Kihei, HI

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I collect the tabs to donate to Ronald McDonald House. The aluminum content is very valuable, more than the cans (although I recycle those). Please find some other item to use for crafts and donate the tabs for a really good cause.

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By Rebecca Lanham



Make a fashion statement with some pop tabs and ribbon!

Items Needed:

  • A lot of pop tabs
  • thin ribbon (any color)


1. Take one pop tab and place it on a piece of ribbon that is big enough to surround your wrist.

2. Tie it in a knot at the end, leaving at least 2 inches of ribbon loose.

3. Place another pop tab under the first with the "bottoms" which is the side that would be down on your can of pop) facing each other.

4. Slide the 2nd pop tab slightly to the right. You should see an opening in the two pop tabs that is oval in shape. Feed the ribbon up through that hole.

5. Place another pop tab next to the first pop tab. You should see another oval of space when you look at the 2nd and 3rd pop tabs. Feed the ribbon down through that hole.

6. Keep repeating the "add pop tab, feed ribbon" until you have a long enough string of tabs to encircle your wrist.

7. Tie the loose end of the ribbon in a knot around the last pop tab.

8. Tie the extra ribbon at the ends into a knot so that the bracelet fits your wrist, but can easily be slid on and off.

You can add to this bracelet by stopping pop tabs occasionally and adding a charm or beads to the ribbon. You can also keep the excess ribbon on the ends of the bracelets and add beads for decoration.

This craft is rather difficult and time consuming. It would work wonderfully as a project for a crafter's workshop. Nice project when you are working with teens.


Pop Tab Bracelet

I love it, so cute! (09/08/2008)

By Jayce

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I would like to make some crafts with pop can tabs. What is a strong adhesive to use? I need something that is going to hold up.

Rettta from Mentor, OH


Crafts Using Pop Can Tabs

This is what I made from pop tabs: (02/08/2010)

By Babasfarmlife

RE: Crafts Using Pop Can Tabs

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What are some good uses for pop tabs?



Uses for Pop Tabs

In Ontario, I save all my pop tabs and give them to a friend who then takes them to a place where they are then melted down and used to make wheelchairs. If you are from the States, I don't know if you have a program like that. Check out the local children's hospital. That is where ours end up. (10/16/2004)

By Darlene

Uses for Pop Tabs

Use them for hangers for arts and crafts projects.
Harlean from Arkansas (10/16/2004)

By Harlean from Arkansas

Uses for Pop Tabs

My ex-husband, notice I said EX! He gave me a pop tab from a beer can for a wedding ring! How nice huh! (10/16/2004)

By redrobbin44

Uses for Pop Tabs

I have used pop tabs as a buckle for a ribbon that I attach to a home-made greetings card. You can colour the tab with permanent markers (or if you're very crafty and you have embossing powder, you can use that) then thread the ribbon through and stick on to card. Looks really good! (10/16/2004)

By Elaine

Uses for Pop Tabs

You can use pop tabs in your scrapbook pages. Use it as a "buckle" for ribbon. You can paint or emboss it to match any color scheme.

It could be the buckle on a Santa suit for Christmas cards, decorations or children's artwork.

Place tabs in a circle to create a "flower".

Line them up for railroad tracks for toy trains.

Donate them to McDonalds for their Ronald McDonald houses that help families of sick kids.

By Cheryl from Missouri

Uses for Pop Tabs

I believe all Ronald McDonald Houses collect the Pull Tabs to raise money to support the house expenses. The Loma Linda CA House collects all year long but has a big promotional day and they bring in over 10 million tabs. It is a very easy and free way to support a very worthy cause. People don't ask to get sick. Call your local House or Hospital to see where the nearest House is located.
The tabs are recycled. (10/16/2004)

By Lois

Uses for Pop Tabs

Kristi asked what to do with pull tabs on drink cans, at my job we save them and a lady takes them to school and children get Cancer treatments with them.

Brenda Hilton (10/17/2004)

By ThriftyFun

Uses for Pop Tabs

Ronald McDonald house here takes pop tabs, as does the local domestic violence shelter, both use them to raise funds---check in your area for those and other fund raisers that use them. Some of the dialysis centers use them also--- (10/17/2004)

By Susan

Uses for Pop Tabs

I am designing a handbag made out of can pull tabs for my major work in design and technology for the HSC. I think making belts accessories etc will be a good way to recycle the tabs and will look really good. What do you all think? (03/08/2005)

By maryanne

Uses for Pop Tabs

Actually, as far as charities go, you'd be much better recycling and donating the entire can than the pull tabs - all the charities that accept them do is recycle them and use the funds. It takes around 1000 tabs to make up a pound of aluminum, and only around 27 cans to make the same pound. Do the math, folks. (03/14/2005)

By MoretheFun.

Uses for Pop Tabs

One of the biggest mistakes made with the Tab Recycling Program, is to say "Why not just return the whole can?". to my knowledge, 11 states have Deposit Laws, it is hard to get some people to give up $1.20 for a case of returnables (or $2.40 in the case of Michigan), but to get them to give up 24 tabs, costs nothing, and when you put enough people together, you could be like my 4 member Cub Scout Den, and have collected over 680,000 tabs which we have donated to a variety of charities.

If your in an area that does not collect tabs for your specific charity (I saw 'autism' listed above somewhere), start your own tab drive, once you have your tabs collected, bring them to a recycling center, but dont set your goals too high, it takes 2,816 tabs to generate $1 US at 45 cents a pound. (09/14/2006)

By Cubmaster Pack 526, Iron Mountain, Michigan

RE: Uses for Pop Tabs

Uses for Pop Tabs

I am the guy in the photo three posts down, since that photo was taken, we have added another 1 million tabs, so to the last two people who posted, I would be the guy to contact. coindude1 AT

I am not in N.E.Wisc, but I am in Michigans U.P., so, same thing. (06/28/2007)

By coindude49801

Uses for Pop Tabs

I have donated tabs for kidney dialysis patients & my place of employment is now collecting them for The Ronald McDonald House. Check a Ronald McDonald House in your state, or call a hospital or V.A. Hospital. (01/29/2008)


Uses for Pop Tabs

To the poster who wanted to know where to send tabs in Orlando Florida, Shenandoah Elementary is the largest collector of tabs in Orlando at 1,076 pounds since 2006. Shenandoah Elementary the 4th largest collector of tabs in the United States.

Liv, most hospitals have a dialsis unit that collects tabs, but thge few that do not support McDonald house charities, just bring them to your closest McDonalds.

2,794 pounds and counting up here in Michigan Upper penninsula (03/16/2008)

By coindude49801

Uses for Pop Tabs

I am a leader of a team that raises money to support Diabetes Research. My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 3 and every year since we do what we can to raise money for a cure. If you are interested in sending your pop can tabs to us for Diabetes Research email me at nikkisnagfarm @ thanks so much :-) (05/06/2008)

By Nikkiboyd

Uses for Pop Tabs

Elayna, it is no Urban legend, my Cub Scout Pack is the Largest donator of tabs to McDonalds House Charities at 3,400 pounds so far, plus another 395 pounds to other organizations.

Your tabs are considered 'clean aluminum' by 82% of the nations recyclers, and fetch 50 cents to a dollar a pound depending where you live.

You might have to make a few phone calls before dragging them in though, as 18% of recyclers don't take them.

should you be interested, I have built a web site devoted to tabs. (09/09/2008)

By coindude1

Uses for Pop Tabs

My fiance has an aunt who has cancer in her brain. Not only her aunt, but it has genetic where about in her family. She has not lost only one or two family members to some form of cancer, but six members. They suffered from cancer of the colon, throat, brain, and lungs. We have tried everything to help fund her aunt's kemo. Recently we found out that pop tabs donated to her cancer center can help pay for her treatment. If you are interested in sending your tabs to our cause contact me at dewdrocks32 AT (09/16/2008)

By Stephanie B

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