Dog Pooping and Peeing on Concrete

Dog on Concrete

Often dogs that have been raised in kennels with concrete floors are reluctant to use the grass rather than your patio or driveway for their duties. This is a guide about dog pooping and peeing on concrete.



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Question: New Dog Pooing and Peeing on the Concrete

We just got a new 2 year old dog from a breeder, he was in a pen with concrete, no grass. We have acres of grass, but he only uses the concrete to poo and pee which is making me cross because the concrete is all around our front and back door. I cannot catch him in the act. I have tried vinegar everywhere, but it didn't stop him. Please does anyone have a cure?

By gcastle

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By Sherri [10] 07/15/2013

PLEASE DO NOT scold him for only doing what he was taught.
if you want him to potty on the grass, then take your time and train him. You say you don't see him go potty on the concrete? Take some time to get to know him amd stay out with him when he does his business. Thank you for adopting him I hope you provide a loving and caring home for him. Sorry to be so harsh but your question is just a matter of common sense.

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