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Earning Income for Online Surveys

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It is important to be careful when considering earning extra money with this kind of activity. This guide is about earning income for online surveys.


Solutions: Earning Income for Online Surveys

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Tip: Warning: Swag Bucks Scam

Swag Bucks is a Scam! I love being able to sign up at a site and be rewarded for participating in all of the offers available. It is fun, you meet cool people, and you win prizes. Swag Bucks allows you to search the web, participate in surveys, complete daily polls, find swag codes, and refer friends all the while rewarding you with swagbucks. Swagbucks can then be spent on prizes ($5 Amazon gift card is 450 swagbucks). You can also spend swagbucks on swagstakes (contests). Sounds good so far, huh? Here it comes.

Another way to earn swagbucks is to participate in special offers. These offers may require a purchase or they may be completely free. I participated in several offers. Within the offer description it states that the swagbucks are awarded immediately. I waited 7 days and my account never received credit. I sent a email inquiry and I did not receive a response for two weeks. Once my inquires were addressed, I received lame excuses like, clean out your cookies and remove your browser history. These are not valid reasons why my account did not receive credit. I submitted the email confirmations of the offers and the offer ID numbers to prove the offers were legitimately completed, and still my account has not been properly credited. I have since learned from lots of other members that participate in the site, to stay far away from the special offers because you never receive the swagbucks to your account. This repeated pattern of behavior is fraud.

Swagbucks is a sham. This site receives a nice referral fee from these companies for guiding people to these special offers, but for Swag Bucks to not properly credit accounts for offers that were legitimately completed is foul. Beware of the special offers with Swag Bucks.

Oh, that 450 swagbucks you need to receive a $5 Amazon gift card it is more like 500 to 520 swagbucks to redeem the gift card. If you have 450 the system will not allow you to cash in to receive the gift card. Yeah, this website is foul.

By mg21 from Minneapolis, MN

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Tip: Savvy Accessory Shopping

A great price on a handbag from T.J. MaxxIt's been many years since I purchased a brand new handbag for myself. At first, I searched thrift stores and estate sales and didn't find anything to my liking. Either the purses were too big, too small or too old fashioned.

There is a T.J. Maxx Store that recently opened in my area. I had purchased a few things over the summer months and applied for their TJX Rewards Plantinum MasterCard where rewards can be earned when I shop. The customer can earn 5 points per $1 spent at T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods, or earn 1 point per $1 spent everywhere else where MasterCard is accepted. For every 1,000 points earned the customer receives a $10 reward certificate.

Whenever I went shopping instead of paying in cash I used my TJX Rewards Plantinum MasterCard. Within a short period of time, I earned two $10 reward certificates. I also had an extra $20 check stashed away that I had received from doing online surveys. I went to the bank to cash my $20 check and added that money along with the two rewards certificates. So now I had $40 to spend on anything in the store.

The handbags were located in the front of the store, and didn't really want to spend a lot of time in shopping for one. Some I looked at were really out of my price range, especially those priced at $69.99 and higher. I removed a handbag from the top hook priced at $39.99, and that was the only one of it's kind.

All of the sudden, the alarm lock on the purse started beeping and then I got scared thinking that I would be be accused of attempting to steal the purse. I had to think fast then I took the purse to customer service and explained that I was only looking at it when the alarm went off. The sales clerk assured me that it happens quite often, then she took a key and shut off the alarm.

I picked up the purse, walked over to the display and was ready to hang it up and keep right on searching for one I was to buy. But a thought hit me, the purse was trying to tell me, BUY ME, BUY ME! The purse cost me a whopping $3.20 the price of the sales tax.

What a bargain!


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Tip: Do Online Surveys for Rewards

I signed up for surveys that you get points for answering. They give rewards of either merchandise or cash. For the last 4 years each October, I turn in the points for gift cards or merchandise to be used as gifts. The survey site, My Points is excellent and NFO Surveys. You can also receive points toward merchandise from credit cards IF you used them for gas or shopping. I do a lot of my Christmas shopping this way, its been a big help saving money, and still giving nice gifts to the people I care about.

By Jan from Carleton, MI

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Tip: Paid Survey Site: Opinion Outpost

This site is a site I have tried. I did about two weeks worth of surveys, and earned 100 opinion points. I take that back, I earned 140 opinion points and cashed out through Paypal for fourteen dollars. I chose to redeem. They really do pay. You can choose other methods of claiming rewards such as an card or games or making a donation to the Red Cross. That is really nice but I need the money! :)

A friend told me so I went and checked it out and it was true. So I am passing it on to you guys.


    By Robyn [369]

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    Tip: Do Surveys For Discounts On Your Next Shopping Trip

    When shopping in certain stores, they ask you to complete a survey online or on the phone. If you complete the survey they give you a code and you qualify for a specific percentage off your next purchase. No matter how much you spent.

    By Evelyn from Oceanside, CA

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    Here are questions related to Earning Income for Online Surveys.

    Question: Survey Sites That Pay

    I've joined a couple of survey sites online to earn a few extra bucks. Some award money (haven't seen any yet) and some award points towards rewards. Have any of you joined these survey sites? Which ones have you found really do pay and are worth your while?

    I don't want to waste time with sites that promise rewards (either $ or points) and then don't deliver. Thanks in advance for your kind answers!

    By Jennifer from Tonawanda, NY

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Pixiedust7 7 852 02/18/2011

    Avoid SurveySpot and Toluna, they are total rip-offs. You start a survey, answer a lot of questions, then they say you don't fit what they're looking for, and award you nothing. This is after you've answered enough questions that you've given them usable data. I also got fed up with Lightspeed Panel as they did this too and always found a reason why I didn't qualify for an award.

    You will not be able to make a living answering surveys, and they consume a lot of time for very little reward. I belong to Synovate which is legitimate, you will complete any survey they send you. MyPoints, InboxSurvey, Ipsos ISay and SurveySay often kick you out after you answer Age, Sex, ZipCode and a couple of other basic demographic questions, but they are legit; it will take awhile to earn enough points or dollars in order to collect anything. I also belong to ZoomPanel and NPD Online Research, which seem to be legit, but I haven't been a member long enough to collect enough points or dollars. I have had payments from Synovate and Ipsos ISay, just not very often. If you have time on your hands, this might be worthwhile, but it will not solve any money problems you have. I hope this is helpful.

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    Question: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    Does anyone have any experience with the survey site I have seen it advertised on TV.


    By Scooter from Grand Prairie, TX

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Candace Kowal 14 4 12/02/2009

    Sounds like they're trying to capitalize on the legitimate site, SurveySpot. pays cash to your PayPal account for surveys you take online. They used to send checks, but I think they just use PayPal now. It's free. Surveys will run around $2-4.00 for each one you qualify for & complete. It's not get rich quick (or ever!), but it's $2-4.00 you didn't have 15 minutes before you took the survey.

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    Question: Highest Pay Surveys Reviews

    Has anyone signed up with Highest Pay Surveys, does it really pay you?

    Robin from Indiana

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    Most Recent Answer

    By ijoe 1 02/17/2011

    Survey may refer to: [edit] Quantitative research. Statistical survey, a method for collecting quantitative information about items in a population.

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    Question: Feedback About Online Survey Sites

    Has anyone had results, good or bad, from the online survey sites? Are they too good to be true?

    Roz from Victoria, BC

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    Most Recent Answer

    By sandy 77 431 04/20/2007

    hi i do several surveys. i do get some free food and gift type stuff. i also get some gift certificates that i really like being able to use. i do surveys for epoll rewards .com, lightspeed, mysurvey, erewards and your2 cents.

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    Question: Surveys

    I was wondering. Has anyone ever participated in the get paid to take surveys? It sounds too good. I would like to make some extra money but stay at home for my family (I already work part time). Any advice out there?


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    Most Recent Answer

    By (Guest Post) 08/29/2005

    Another great site is:

    For Canadian Paid Surveys check out:


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    Question: Review of Survey Site

    Is a legit website or is it a scam?

    By cutiepie37 from Dothan, AL

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    Most Recent Answer

    By Pixiedust7 7 852 04/08/2014

    I forgot to add that you can also do web searching from the InboxDollars website, and receive 2-cents credit for each search, up to a daily limit, which I don't remember because I always forget to search through them. I also forget to shop through their website, or I would earn a few cents here and there for shopping. Their website is easy to navigate if you want more information. I don't think you'll regret giving it a try.

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    Archive: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    Has anyone tried those places on line where you get paid to do surveys? Are they on the up-and-up, or are they a scam like the old envelope-stuffing one?

    Mom2fur from Long Island, NY


    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    I wish you much success. I spent almost a year doing a dozen surveys nearly daily. I earned "not one red cent". I have now canceled all of them and am spending my survey time doing other things that are enjoyable, even if not bringing in extra money. I'm sure there are some out there that would send a few dollars, but I am not searching for them. I'll take a walk in the sunshine with my puppy instead. Best of luck. (05/28/2005)

    By MamaJude

    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    I agree with the others. I do do these surveys from time to time, and I have gotten paid for a few. For others, I have been able to test products, and that's been fun, but frankly, even for the ones where I have gotten paid, (and that's through accumulating points,) the amount I have been paid for the time I have put in is so little that the hourly pay would be incalculable.

    It's really time consuming, frustrating, and often extremely invasive. You'd be better off delivering newspapers to get extra money. I have done that, and you get exercise from walking, and you get paid. The drawback there, is that you have to get up so early. There are other ways to make money at home. Babysitting, pet sitting, starting your own home based business, the possibilities are limitless.

    But don't start doing surveys with the hope of getting paid for it, because you will be lucky if you make 50 cents an hour for your labor, and that would be the higher end of what you could expect. These surveys take a lot of time, and when I have gotten paid, I have had to accumulate 1000 points, and that has taken a tremendous amount of time, just to get $10. So unless this is something you want to do largely for fun, you are going to come away from this whole endeavor feeling horribly exploited and incredibly ripped off. (05/29/2005)

    By skbeal

    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    Sign up for You don't get money, but you do get points for taking surveys, buy products you would buy on line anyways and other things. I promise, this is totally worth it. I have received more gift cards for Chili's and other places. I hate to spend money on a dinner out, but now I can use my gift cards. (05/29/2005)

    By Donna

    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    I enjoy doing surveys in my spare time. I earn from $10 to $250 a month in cash/products/giftcards depending on what kind of surveys are offered. I usually do 2 a day, sometimes more.

    Mypoints, e-rewards, and ICOP are my favorites. Don't pay for the surveys. There are good companies out there who offer cash or points or products to get your opinion, they won't charge you to join.

    I actually won a $500 sweep from one of the survey places, but usually only $25 a couple times a year.

    You won't get rich, but you will get to help companies provide the products we will enjoy using.

    Love and Prayers,
    Linda (02/15/2006)

    By lindaljh1

    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    I like NPDOR, Your2Cents, and SurveySpot. I've gotten money and/or prizes from all three. Not a lot, but every little bit helps, right? (02/15/2006)

    By tedsmom

    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    I actually paid $35.00 to do surveys. I did about 10 or so a day. I was promised points only. After 6 weeks I gave up on all of them. At the time another woman who was so disgusted with surveys, started her own website stating how she was duped into spending $35.00 and received nothing. Be warned. $35.00 is a lot of money when you're trying to make a few dollars. God Bless. Juanita (02/15/2006)

    By Juanita

    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    This is the sign up page for Nielsen. They don't pay you in money, they have a gift catalog.

    It involves time to scan every purchase you make. (02/17/2006)

    By Linda

    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    The Nielson group also has a Media Panel which I belong to. It pays you so much a week for wearing a device to monitor what you listen to on the radio or watch on TV. I think I got the invite for this panel because I do the homescan for purchases. They pay you $2 a week for wearing it and, depending on the points you accumulate during the day it can be more. They send monthly checks. It is always at least $5, but I have gotten $13 before. (02/18/2006)

    By Linda

    RE: Making Money at Home with Online Surveys

    I tried many different survey sites and never got paid by a single one. I cannot even think of the amount of surveys I have taken, so much time wasted. A few of the times I even emailed asking where my money or gifts were and received no response. I believe it is a scam. Some of them were recognized companies and I never got anything. (02/18/2006)

    By Sarah

    online surveys rewards

    Most of the surveys have companies they want you to buy from. I skip those, but is cool because you just ask questions about your favorite shows your watch the night before and win points. Every time you play your enter to win 3000 dollars. It's fun and you also redeem your points for wonderful gift cards from different companies. (04/13/2006)

    By Mary

    Archive: Survey Sites That Pay

    Does anyone know any survey sites that really pay for filling out surveys?

    Archive: Survey Sites That Pay

    I've joined a couple of survey sites online to earn a few extra bucks. Some award money (haven't seen any yet) and some award points towards rewards.