Feeding a Puppy

Making sure that your new puppy gets proper nutrition is important. This guide is about feeding a puppy.

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I am looking at a puppy that is 8 weeks old and still wants mom's milk. He won't eat puppy food. Any suggestions?

By Pam from San Diego, CA

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My family raised 21 puppies totally by hand from the time they were two weeks old. The vet's office gave me a recipe consisting of evaporated milk, boiled water, white corn syrup, and infant vitamins instead of suggesting I buy the prepared formula (he knew we couldn't afford that for 21 pups). When the pups reached about 6 weeks of age we started feeding them puppy chow that we had made soggy with warm water. All of the pups survived, and we kept one who is still quite healthy. I can't remember the ratios, but I'm sure most, if not all, vets know this recipe or something similar.

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I have a 5 week old Blue Nose Pit Bull. I just got him yesterday. The ones who sold him to me told me that he liked milk with Puppy Chow. We tried feeding him Puppy Chow with warm water, but he refused to eat it. I have read that milk is bad for puppies and can cause diarrhea. But milk is all he wants to drink. What should I do?

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Puppies should stay with their mother for at least 8-10 weeks for the best mother's nutrition, proper development and care, and play with siblings. I hope the seller did not sell you such a young puppy that may be sick or have a difficult and possibly expensive medical problem.

The puppy wants only milk because that is what his mother gave him and he is not ready for solid food. However, as you have the puppy now, the most important plan is to immediately purchase puppy formula at a pet store and follow the instructions carefully. The next on the list is to take your puppy to a veterinarian now to check his development, medical status and future requirements, and any possible problems he may have. The best (and least expensive) medical care is preventative medical care.

There are many online sites that provide excellent information on raising puppies. However, there are many books that provide much more important information to raise a successful and well-behaved dog. The site below will provide some information for now. Good Luck!!!:

http://healthypets.mercola.com/site ... -to-be-a-confident-balanced-dog.aspx

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So my family has a teacup Morkie and she is about 11 weeks old and is only 1.5 pounds. We would like her to grow so she will gain some weight. Help!

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also, I want to add there is no such thing as a teacup Maltese or toy Maltese. they are naturally small. using teacup or toy for a Maltese is just a way of enticing people to buy them with the teacup and toy craze.

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If you are tackling the job of mama for baby puppies or cats, don't let them aspirate (breath in) their milk, as it can cause respiratory problems and death. Feed only small amounts, and more often without allowing pup to overeat then vomit, and can inhale it into their lungs.

Don't use cow milk, but goat milk for babies is as good as the stuff from vet, easy to digest. Use l/2 goat milk (canned) for babies and 1/2 water. Remember to burp as with a baby on a bottle. Good growing.

Source: My experience with a tiny Boston bull terrier pup started at 2 days.

By fuzzytufts from south GA

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to cricketnc (455) I had puppy milk from the vet but he couldn't tolerate anything except the goat milk. When I finally gave him up I had over 200 dollars in him so I didn't spare the money we did without to feed the baby. Thank you anyway

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Can I feed my 6 week old puppy cooked eggs? It is half Sheepdog/half Pyreneese.

Paula from Townville, SC

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An egg is a good source of protein, but with any new food, I suggest you do what you'd do for a baby. Introduce it gradually, just a small bit at first and watch for any adverse reactions, i.e., stool changes, lethargy, etc.

Because of the cholesterol content, it should be limited too, just a bit, to a few times a week.

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My Pit Bull puppy is 4 weeks old going on 5 weeks. My question is, do I still have to feed him goat milk? And I want to start him on wild life dog food, but what kind is the right one?

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If he's doing well on the goat milk, keep up with it. He can drink it until 8 weeks. Then feed soft food. If you don't, you risk him getting diarrhea that won't easily go away. If he seems to be hungry all the time you can supplement feedings with a little softened, very high quality dog food, but not the cheap stuff.

Do you mean Taste of The Wild or Wilderness? I'm not familiar with Wild Life.

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I just got a two week old Pit Bull puppy and the mama died. How and what can I feed her to help keep her healthy? I tried using a spoon with evaporated milk and water mixed, but she won't take it. Plz help me cuz my son is in love with this dog.

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Go to walmart and buy milk replacer plus and bottle feed the puppy. Ive been bottle feeding 8 puppies for over a week cuz the day the mom had the puppies she died. Its been working good for us.

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My Pit Bull had her first litter of pups and was caring for and nursing them fine. But this week she no longer wants to sit and nurse them until they get full, so I started to feed them puppy food, and they seem fine.
Are they gonna be okay?

By Angel

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At four weeks weaning usually begins by offering the puppies a slurry of puppy formula and kibble. The solid food is soaked in the formula or a food processor is used to make "smoothies". Pour the mix onto a large flat pan with a low rim, feed the puppies 4 times day.

Five weeks: the mixture should be like cooked oatmeal.

Six weeks: the mixture has chunks of solid food for them to begin chewing.

Seven weeks: the kibble is soaked in formula before serving so it is slightly softened.

Eight to ten weeks: sprinkle powdered formula over kibble and add warm water just before serving.

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The puppy is a week old, but doesn't latch on to her mother like she should. What to feed the puppy if not ' milk? Pet milk diluted with water? Baby formula? What is safe for the puppy?

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You could get a better answer from your Vet but if it were me i would get milk replacer at the pet store. I would not dilute it, but follow the directions on the package.

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My 14 week old Maltese will only eat if she is hand fed. We got her 2 weeks ago and rescued her from what we think is a puppy mill. She is healthy, weighs 43.5 oz today (9/26/15). She runs around, plays, and has lots of energy. I am soaking her puppy food until it's very soft and that's what she eats. She also won't drink. I give her liquids from a syringe.

How do I get her to eat on her own? I'm afraid to just stop feeding her as I worry about hypoglycemia and dehydration.

I put pieces of her soft food on the table for her to eat on her own, but she won't touch it. She has no idea that eating is something that she can do on her own.

When we went to pick her up from the breeder she was squeezing honey water into her mouth from a pointed squeeze bottle. She told me that she had been feeding her cooked chicken. My vet had a fit and told me that it was a poor diet and get her on a good food, which I did.

How can I train her to eat on her own? Thanks!

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Your dog is used to being hand fed. She has never really had to eat on her own.

I would suggest giving her plain water by syringe so she doesn't dehydrate in the meantime. Stop hand feeding her. Put her softened food down where she can get it. Lead her over there about every hour.

Don't worry if she doesn't eat for more than 24 hours. Dogs can go that long without eating. There is no need to worry about blood sugar if she doesn't have diabetes. Humans and animals can handle occasional fasts.

Scatter food around if you need to but don't hand feed. When she gets hungry enough she'll eat.

Once she gets the hang of the food, give her a water dish as well. When you're teaching her about the water, give her a bowl of fresh water and change it twice a day. Put it near her food. To be sure she doesn't dehydrate completely, give her one or two syringes of water a day but not too much. if she doesn't get really thirsty she won't drink it.

The idea is that she has to get hungry and thirsty enough to eat and drink of her own.

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I have two puppies that where taken by two very young children, who were trying to sell them. I am trying to find the owners. I have fed them chicken and beef broth mixed with Purnia chow. One is throwing up and has runny stool. I know it is because they both need to be with their mother. What can I do?

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