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Finding the Value of Old Webster's Dictionaries

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Old Webster's Dictionary

Trying to find out the value of old books can be daunting at times. This is a guide about finding the value of old Webster's dictionaries.


Here are questions related to Finding the Value of Old Webster's Dictionaries.

Question: Value of 1955 Webster Dictionary

I have a Webster dictionary, copywrite 1955. It is a huge hard cover book. Is it worth anything?

By Rubie

Question: Value of Old Webster's Dictionary

I have a 1957 Webster dictionary second edition unabridged. I would like to know if this is worth selling, saving, or throwing away.

By Michael

Question: Information on the Webster's Modern Multi-Pictured Dictionary

I can not find a date anywhere on this book, it is of the English language, self pronunciation, edge index, edited by Meine and Koffuer, Columbia.

By Pam

Question: Value of 1940 Webster Dictionary

I have a 1940 Noah Webster, LL.D. dictionary. What is the value of it? The dictionary is volume 1, A-LITHISTID

By Bronwyn from Charleston, SC

Question: Value of 1940 Dictionary with Page Binding Error

The huge 2006 page, plus maps, etc. at end, Websters Universal dictionary I have, has approximately 130 pages in the wrong place. It was bound that way. Does that up the value?

By Roger from Phoenix, AZ

Question: Value of Webster's Dictionary

What is the value of a leather bound Webster's dictionary with 1910 census and illustrated first edition. It is in fair condition, worn, but no loose pages.


Question: Value of Webster Encyclopedia Dictionary

I am interested in finding the value of a vintage 1955 Webster encyclopedia Dictionary 14 book set. It is in very good condition.

By Nana punk

Question: Value of 1953-1954 Webster Unified Dictionary and Encylopedia

I have a 1953-1954 Webster Unified Dictionary and Encylopedia by H.S. Stuttman. How much is it worth?

By Karen from Dawson Creek, BC Canada

Question: Value of Webster's Unified Dictionary and Encyclopedia

I have the Webster's Unified Dictionary and Encyclopedia copyright 1958 by H.S. STUTTMAN CO, in good condition. Can I sell this to an auction?

By Virginia

Question: Value of Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary 1891

View of indexed edge.What is the value of Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary, Enlarged and Revised to 1891 by Rt. Rev. Samuel Fallows DD? It is a huge volume at 5 inches thick and 2083 pages. The outside cover is taped together, but the inside still intact. The pages are also in good condition, not showing any moisture or insect damage. It is very readable. In front are color illustrated flags, seals, and signals. Also in front is a picture of Webster and a memoir of Webster and history of lexicography and list of dictionaries. In the back there are pictorial illustrations and plates, pronunciation of modern geographical names, and population of US cities, over 8000 population, according to 1890 census. The back cover has a recipe for poultry and game under the fabric. Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary 1891

By Judy

Most Recent Answer

By pam munro [447]07/07/2012

Dictionaries were put out in large quantities, so, like Bibles - they often do not have great value - & this is damaged. However, as an unabridged dictionary, it might have some value as a reference & even as a collectible - but don't get your hopes up!

Question: Value of Vintage Dictionary

What is the value of Websters New Collegiate dictionary, copyright 1949? Where can I find collectors for this item and sell it?

By Kathleen

Question: Value of Living Webster Encyclopedia Dictionary

What is the value of the Living Webster encyclopedia dictionary copyright 1977 in excellent condition?

By Kim

Question: Value of Old Dictionary

I have an old Webster's dictionary, it is dated 1876. It is in good condition, is it worth anything?

By Kelley F.

Question: Dictionary Value

I have an 8x11 encyclopedic edition of Webster's New World dictionary. It is 2,070 pages, hardbound, and in good condition. Is it valuable?

By Chris

Question: Value of Vintage Dictionary

I have a blue covered, The Little Webster, A Lilliput Dictionary, dated 1957 by Langenscheidl KG. The publishers are Berlin- Schoneberg. It was printed in Germany. Could someone give me a ballpark figure of what it is worth today?

By John C

Solutions: Finding the Value of Old Webster's Dictionaries

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